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Cover story Enticing parents to attend WONDERWEEK took some ingenuity, so Fusion created an innovative mixed media campaign.

SPW Mixed Campaign In February 1999, two schools became one with the merge of St Peters Parish School of Glenelg and Woodlands Anglican School for Girls. St Peter’s Woodlands (SPW) was born, and emerged with a mission – to build on their strengths to conquer the future.

about the school. SPW were open to new ways of engaging the parents of prospective students – Fusion found a way to make their budget work harder by spending less on traditional media, which historically had limited measurable success, and refocus funds on an innovative integrated campaign.

Fusion was initially engaged to conduct a brand focus process with SPW, which enabled them to learn further who they were and why parents would choose SPW over another school. During the process, it was identified that SPW wished to attract more prospective parents to their Open Days.

The strategy, branded WONDER WEEK, enabled the school community to promote the event by spreading their love for the school through love for their children, creating a sense of joy and enlightenment surrounding the school and promising a great experience of the brand.

Previously, SPW only used press ads and radio for promotional purposes. SPW had insightful data on the various channels that were used by people to find out

We asked every student to draw a picture of what they loved about their school on poster templates designed to contain information about WONDER WEEK. Hundreds of these WONDER WEEK posters

were displayed in the broader community through local businesses, and were also promoted as a banner ad on the SPW website. Each drawing was scanned and parents were invited by email to send an e-card containing their child’s illustration. Selected drawings were also seen by prospective parents driving by the school on reproductions attached to the main fence. The campaign had great results, with 66% of people who received the e-newsletters about Wonder Week clicking through to the e-card, with 30% of those forwarding it to friends and colleagues an average of two times.

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