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creating experiences people love autumn 2009


St Peter’s Woodlands

Fusion creates an innovative mixed media campaign for St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School using the talents of their greatest asset: students.

Cover story Enticing parents to attend WONDERWEEK took some ingenuity, so Fusion created an innovative mixed media campaign.

SPW Mixed Campaign In February 1999, two schools became one with the merge of St Peters Parish School of Glenelg and Woodlands Anglican School for Girls. St Peter’s Woodlands (SPW) was born, and emerged with a mission – to build on their strengths to conquer the future.

about the school. SPW were open to new ways of engaging the parents of prospective students – Fusion found a way to make their budget work harder by spending less on traditional media, which historically had limited measurable success, and refocus funds on an innovative integrated campaign.

Fusion was initially engaged to conduct a brand focus process with SPW, which enabled them to learn further who they were and why parents would choose SPW over another school. During the process, it was identified that SPW wished to attract more prospective parents to their Open Days.

The strategy, branded WONDER WEEK, enabled the school community to promote the event by spreading their love for the school through love for their children, creating a sense of joy and enlightenment surrounding the school and promising a great experience of the brand.

Previously, SPW only used press ads and radio for promotional purposes. SPW had insightful data on the various channels that were used by people to find out

We asked every student to draw a picture of what they loved about their school on poster templates designed to contain information about WONDER WEEK. Hundreds of these WONDER WEEK posters

were displayed in the broader community through local businesses, and were also promoted as a banner ad on the SPW website. Each drawing was scanned and parents were invited by email to send an e-card containing their child’s illustration. Selected drawings were also seen by prospective parents driving by the school on reproductions attached to the main fence. The campaign had great results, with 66% of people who received the e-newsletters about Wonder Week clicking through to the e-card, with 30% of those forwarding it to friends and colleagues an average of two times.

Property Council of Australia engaged Fusion to create a large-scale online service portal.

Fusion creates an innovative extension of the cultural canvas that is the Rundle Lantern.

Property Council of Australia

Rundle Lantern Simulator

The result is a content-rich portal that services PCA’s national and statebased divisions, highlighting the raft of information PCA produces and distributes for its advocacy role in championing the interests of the property sector.

The Rundle Lantern Simulator is the next step in the Adelaide City Council’s (ACC) innovative plan to enliven the city centre and create a community masterpiece of digital urban art. makes use of Web 2.0 concepts and technologies in the form of Blogs, YouTube videos, Google maps, Micro-site engine and Podcasts, ensuring a rich and informative web experience. Thousands of articles, submissions and multimedia elements are maintained using Helium®, Fusion’s .NET based Content Management System. Within the portal, targeted third party advertising provides revenue generation for the Council, as well as alerting visitors to sector-relevant services, products and events.

Fusion have developed a rich-media web application that allows people to upload and preview how their video content would be represented if delivered on the Rundle Lantern. The first use of the simulator was La Lumiere, a Fringe event that brought together a select group of 20 South Australian digital artists to create content that was showcased on the Lantern throughout the duration of the Fringe Festival. The simulator now provides a globally accessible online gallery of current and archived content that can be viewed by

anyone in the world. The next use of the simulator will consider a younger audience for this year’s Come Out 09 Australian Festival for Young People. All future events planned by the Adelaide City Council will use the simulator for the testing and submission of content from the community.

Fusion helps StudyAdelaide to bring their brand to life across multiple communication platforms.

StudyAdelaide StudyAdelaide is funded by the State Government’s Department of Further Education, Employment Science and Technology (DFEEST), the Adelaide City Council, 36 private education institutes and South Australia’s public universities: The University of Adelaide; Flinders University; and the University of South Australia. StudyAdelaide is charged with developing and expanding South Australia’s share of the national education export market, promoting Adelaide as a centre of education excellence and highlighting the many advantages for international students who choose to live, study and work in Adelaide. In the past decade, SA’s international education industry is the

4th largest export earner, generating $741 million to the state’s economy last financial year; increasing 16.5% from 2006/07. Adelaide continues to attract record numbers of international students, with more than 32,000 expected to choose Adelaide as their study destination in 2009. This represents an increase of 14 per cent on 2008 figures, and demonstrates the vital role StudyAdelaide plays in positioning Adelaide as an education ‘destination’. Fusion has had a working partnership with StudyAdelaide since 2005 and have acted as the catalyst to make their marketing ideas a reality – from refreshing their brand to the creation of a vast array of marketing collateral, Fusion

have helped StudyAdelaide build on their brand success. Some collateral is multilingual and has been translated into 12 different languages to enable overseas students, their parents and advisors learn more about South Australia as a study ‘destination’. This is most obvious when the point of sale material stands out amongst other states and countries at educational exhibitions and trade fairs. The StudyAdelaide brand is now highly recognisable - the many compliments they receive at events prove the effectiveness of a great brand experience. The StudyAdelaide website uses social media tools to further engage potential students, including active blogs whose most recent posts are displayed on the

homepage, as well as links to facebook and Flickr. These tools enable overseas students living here to share their experiences and act as advocates for the state. Further tools include a Discover Adelaide section that uses google maps to show what Adelaide is like from the ground, an online student directory and course guide, as well as masses of helpful content that provides information on how to get here as well as the support services available to students once they arrive. StudyAdelaide’s Survival Guide, designed by Fusion, is now in its third reprint as it is a very popular tool for orienting students within Adelaide when they first make the move here to study.

Over 5 million Australians are on facebook. With 175 million active participants globally, it’s easy to see why it is the 5th most trafficked website in the world and the 3rd highest trafficked website in Australia.

facebook: Marketer’s friend or foe? Obviously facebook is currently very successful, but what is it, why are people using it, and how can you add facebook activity to your branding toolkit? What is it? facebook is a social utility website that connects people. It allows you to keep up with your friends, share links, photos, and videos, and provides an array of applications that you can interact with in both mindless and meaningful ways Why are people using it? facebook allows people to connect on two levels: interestdriven and friend-driven. Interest-driven people are looking to make connections with others based on their passions, regardless of location, though these people are in the minority when compared to the majority, who are friend-driven. Friend-driven people have ‘interests’ that are derived from their friends. They use facebook to connect with people they

already know, or have known in the past, and they use the platform to reinforce and grow these relationships. How can marketers use it? facebook can be used in a variety of ways by marketers, ranging from carrying out insight research to see if commentary exists on the topic of your brand, to attempting to persuade people to engage with facebook ads or applications that promote your brand. Between these two extremes, there are a myriad of innovative strategies that can be pursued. facebook can be used to create alumni networks for existing and past employees, or to alert people to events relevant to your brand. facebook has an ad placement engine that provides granular targeting and placement of ads based on a raft of demographic and location-specific settings. We conducted a few trial ad campaign using this

functionality, and have found that trying to track conversion goals is pretty immature compared to the bar set by Google analytics. There are further possibilities to combine the two tools; however, this process is not as elegant yet as it could be. Fusion’s view on using social media for marketing purposes is that it is better to focus your efforts on providing something worth talking about rather than trying to coerce a conversation by pushing messages down peoples’ throats. Brands should avoid trying to be everyone’s friend or butting into conversations with irrelevant views at all costs. Social platforms such as facebook provide a fantastic opportunity to really listen to what people are saying and use these insights to improve your brand offering. If you get that right, people will start spreading the love for you all on their own!

Fusion helps Flinders promote their commitment to excellence in education to the world.

SA Water provides an educational tool for householders to learn about their water use.

Flinders University Prospectus

SA Water Interactive House

The redesign of the Flinders International course guides was an opportune time to effectively position Flinders as a preferred international university brand. We identified an opportunity to help the university to streamline and centralise course information through Helium©, Fusion’s Content Management System.

The recently launched SA Water Interactive House enables householders to calculate their weekly water use and access easy ways to save water around the home. The Interactive House and Garden has more than 35 helpful hints and tips for saving water in and around the home, including how to care for our wastewater network.

With a tight deadline, Fusion provided Flinders with Helium© so they could start collating their data and editing content in a shared online environment enabling concurrent drafting rather than having to wait for stakeholders to provide individual content. The course information was then exported from Helium© using XML and imported into InDesign for layout and printing. Further applications of the Helium©-powered system include the development of dynamically generated PDFs of course information for online delivery of information.

The interactive solution provides plenty of ways to save water from things as simple as taking shorter showers and purchasing water efficient devices, to larger projects like installing rainwater tanks. The content is aimed at a wide range of people from adults to school children, and offers three different options: Waterwise Tour: A tour of water saving information around the home; Play the Game: An interactive water saving game; and, Your Home: A water use calculator to calculate real water savings.

The use of flash animation and userfriendly navigation ensures an informative and engaging experience. The Interactive House is a practical teaching tool that will make up part of SA Water’s new school education program, where kids can interact with the tool at school and then introduce family members to it at home. To coincide with the launch, SA Water ran a competition that asked people to answer questions about what they had learned from the website, placing them in the running to win a 12-month House & Garden magazine subscription.


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DTED gateway hits million mark.

SACA Auction Site Goes Live

Social Club Carpark Cinema

The Fusion-developed Department of Trade and Economic Development’s (DTED) business gateway website has recorded more than 1 million visits in the 18 months since its launch, with a 200% increase in traffic in its first 30 days of operation. Chief Executive of DTED Brian Cunningham said, “The site, which consolidated a number of existing websites, has built a subscriber base from zero to 9,000 ... and it’s continuing to grow. The website is an incredibly successful project and I look forward to its ongoing expansion and penetration into our target markets”.

Fusion recently helped the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) create an equitable way for their members to secure a piece of Adelaide Oval history. The challenge was to see what auction functionality could be implemented within the tight two-week timeframe. The result is an auction site that enables SACA members to bid exclusively on over 500 items through a secure login facility that is integrated with backend administration and payment gateways. Wider applications for this type of auction microsite include clearance sales, promotional activities or excess stock auctions.

In February, Fusion held its very own ‘outdoor’ cinema night. The double feature of Wall-E and the Dark Knight was conducted on ‘the water-friendly lawns’ in the Fusion carpark, with Maltesers, popcorn and refreshments supplied to the Fusion ‘family’. There were plenty of kids on hand to cause chaos during Wall-E, and everyone had a great time!

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