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Savings & Loans

Fusion redesigns the Savings & Loans website to coincide with the launch of their new brand identity

Cover story Savings & Loans new brand identity rollout required a redesign of their website, a primary customer touchpoint

Fusion extends Savings & Loans community brand focus to their Annual & CSR Reports

Savings & Loans Website

Savings & Loans Annual Report

Savings & Loans approached Fusion to undertake a major redevelopment of their website in order to reflect their new brand identity, while also adding user-friendly functionality to benefit members. A large proportion of Savings & Loans customers use the website for online banking purposes, making the website the key information portal for Savings & Loans products and services. The website is also used to promote and highlight Savings & Loans’ community involvement through blogs and community activities.

Fusion host the Savings & Loans website (powered by Helium, Fusion’s CMS) through a dedicated server. As a direct result of the website redesign, Savings & Loans have experienced a significant increase in the amount of loans written directly from website customers, creating the largest channel for loan writing within the business.

For the Savings & Loans Annual and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports, Fusion recommended that Savings & Loans include their community in the creation of content. As a result, Savings & Loans asked customers about their ideas of community by giving them the opportunity to share their views through physical branches as well as online. There were hundreds of responses, proof that the essence of community is alive and well. Staff were asked their views on corporate responsibility, and these were included in the CSR report. A winner was drawn who was able to choose a charity that Savings & Loans would donate $1000 to on the customer’s behalf. The creative was inspired directly

Create a user-friendly, information-rich Intranet system to improve National Pharmacies internal communications

National Pharmacies Intranet from customer views on community, with the answers being integrated into the design of the Annual Report. Both reports were not just financial – they gave a snapshot on respective community feeling. As in previous years, both reports are available online within a dedicated microsite in HTML and PDF format, in line with green initiatives. Microsite visitors can view more of the customer responses online. Fusion is currently in the process of designing the 08/09 Annual Report.

National Pharmacies had an Intranet that was being ignored by employees due to it being difficult to use and lacking up-to-date content and functionality. The Intranet was not being managed effectively as content administrators found it difficult to add fresh content due to the complicated nature of the content management system (CMS) that was in place. National Pharmacies wanted to replace the CMS, as well as providing functionality that would improve communication and help make peoples’ work easier across the business. National Pharmacies came to Fusion as they were looking for a partner who could help to develop and implement effective digital solutions for many areas of their business.

The new Intranet, powered by Helium®, allows people to easily log-in to access the latest information using Helium’s activedirectory account authentication. One of the most popular modules within the Intranet is the People Connect module, which allows people to find other people based on their areas of responsibility or specialisation, as well as by name, business unit or location. Intranet content such as ‘news, events’ and weekly ‘alerts’ is augmented with training, social club and operation process information. The Document Library makes it simple to find specific forms, policies or procedural documents critical for performing day-today activities.

Fusion helps Krix create an effective marketing and advertising strategy executed across multiple communication mediums

Krix Integrated Campaign Fusion guided Krix through a branding process that created an understanding of their current brand and enabled them to reposition themselves in a unique market space. The brand identity was refined through this process, and was then applied to a redesign of all communication and marketing collateral. Fusion redesigned an A4 product brochure into a prestige DVD-sized booklet that communicates the upmarket product range and wrote copy that set the tone for all future brand communications. Krix packaging went from 4 colours to 2, significantly decreasing printing costs and providing Krix with a strong information design system that enables easy identification of products on shop floors. Fusion came up with an innovative unboxing experience that provides quirky

messages inside the box, delighting the purchaser with an unexpected brand experience. The brand experience was further developed through speaker badging, revised user guides, redesigned rear speaker panels to make them more user-friendly, print advertisements, a humorous cinema commercial and the creation of an innovative website that provides a raft of information to the consumer regarding the Krix product range. Point of Sale posters and collateral were created for Krix’s dealer network to further promote the brand offering. The result is a reinvigorated brand experience that is relevant to both customers and Krix’s dealer network across all mediums. Especially effective has been the customer product review section on the website that provides

word-of-mouth testimonials that work to further enhance the brand image and has increased sales of their home theatre and domestic products by 80%. The Krix integrated experience is another instance of Fusion thinking beyond the promotion of products – we constantly look for ways to improve customer interaction with the brand at all touchpoints.

Create a costeffective online training solution for Santos

Fusion takes the lead in the development of innovative iphone applications for the business sector

Philmac engaged Fusion to redesign their website to further engage their customers

Santos LMS

iPhone applications

Philmac website

Previously, Santos were using classroombased training programs that were expensive and ineffective. With approximately 5000 people being trained every year, Santos required an innovative solution to their training requirements.

With record sales (end September Quarter, 2008) of almost 7 million devices globally, the Apple iphone is revolutionising the way people use mobile phones. No longer a mere spoken communication tool, the iphone is a modern-day platform for applications that can be customised to any organisation’s needs.

The Philmac website required the provision of relevant regionalised product information.

Santos came to Fusion for consultancy services to ascertain their needs and find a solution, which was Fusion’s Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS allows people to do training at their own pace; users can log in or out at any time and return to the same point in their training. Content for the training is created in-house at Santos with PowerPoint and is then uploaded into the LMS.

Santos and Yalumba have engaged Fusion to build iphone solutions that are directly related to their communication goals: we are currently creating an iphone version of the site that provides relevant information to stakeholders and a sales tool for Yalumba’s distribution business (Negociants) that will be used by sales reps to demonstrate their product portfolio.

As Philmac have a large product catalogue, from items such as electrofusion equipment down to micro sprinkler parts for the home handyman, the challenge was to make the catalogue efficient and easy to access for product dealers as well as consumers. The result was a catalogue that enables fast finding of products as well as google maps for store locations to enhance the user experience, and virtual product installations that provide a visual representation of a working model.

The LMS has been an outstanding success, saving Santos over $1 million per year in training and salary costs.

Adelaide City Council engaged Fusion to take a bold step into the world of social networking

Strategic branding is one of the most important tools for a successful business. Fusion explains the branding process

Council Facebook Application

Fusion Branding Process

With the global phenomenon that is facebook poking its head into the lives of people from all walks of life, it’s no wonder that clients are identifying the need to seek out opportunities to promote their products and services through such a popular social media platform.

Fusion have helped clients such as the Jam Factory, DMAW Lawyers, St Peters Woodlands Grammar School, DTED and to establish their brand positioning – a vital marketing process in today’s information-rich world.

Adelaide City Council took a bold step into the digital realm by engaging Fusion to create a facebook application that provides instant access to their library catalogue. The application enables the user to easily search books by a range of search categories.

With consumers being exposed to an average of 3000 brand messages per day, it has never been more important to find a clear space for your brand to communicate in, and it has never been harder for people to choose a brand to purchase from (or work for).

This solution is only the tip of the iceberg – with facebook applications, the possibilities are endless!

New channels of information are opening up all the time; brands that are successful are those who have steered their business in a direction that makes them a clear choice over their competitors.

At Fusion, this happens through our branding process, where we help businesses focus on their current thinking and actions, which helps to define their brand essence. By discovering and articulating what drives an organisation and what it delivers, a clear choice can be provided for consumers. Fusion’s brand focus process helps organisations gain a clear picture of the kind of experiences they need to create that people will love. As Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


AADC Awards Night

Rundle Lantern Launch


Fusion were proud to be nominated as finalists across a number of Adelaide Advertising & Design Awards (AADC) categories this year. Categories included: Typography - Adelaide Festival of Arts, Website -, Experiential Campaign - Savings & Loans and Mixed Media Campaign nominations - Adelaide Festival of Arts and Savings & Loans Annual Report.

The culmination of 18 months of hard work, a highly innovative Fusion project was realised on 24 October 2008 with the much-anticipated launch of the Rundle Lantern. The Adelaide City Council Mayor and councillors opened the event, with the motion graphics and soundscape created by Fusion.

Early this year, Fusion’s David Zhu embarked on the Governor’s Leadership Foundation (GLF) program. The program, the brainchild of the Leaders Institute of South Australia, seeks to establish a network of highly capable leaders throughout organisations and the broader community of South Australia.

The night was an outstanding success, demonstrated by the fact that the Lantern is quickly becoming one of Adelaide’s iconic landmarks. Fusion’s vision for the project has been realised through hundreds of people taking photos of the beauty they see in the digital canvas of the Lantern.

The one-year program has taught David to understand the bigger picture as well as to challenge his own opinions and values.

We were especially chuffed with our achievements in the Experiential and Mixed Media Campaign categories. The awards night celebration was a fantastic night all round!

“This program has made me realise that as a responsible citizen, it is my duty to contribute to society in a meaningful way, inspiring others to achieve their dreams”.

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We design brand experiences for forward thinking organisations. We think beyond. Every experience contributes towards how your brand is perceived. People see, learn, visit, buy, interact and ultimately tell other people about your brand. Fusion’s brand experiences are designed to deliver results.

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