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creating experiences people love autumn 2008


Rundle Lantern

Fusion wins a six-way pitch for an Adelaide City Council project with world class innovative excellence

Austereo wanted to extend their entertainment brand positioning to arguably their least entertaining document – their annual report

Cover story Reinvigorating a public space gives Fusion the opportunity to put Adelaide on the world stage

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Rundle Lantern Fusion were one of six firms invited to pitch for the opportunity to invigorate the corner of Pulteney and Rundle Streets, creating a gateway to Rundle Mall. We were a definite “wild card”, the only nonarchitectural firm asked to submit concepts. Our pitch focussed on transforming the car park on the corner of Rundle and Pulteney Streets, a well known city building. Our design solution was to create a “lantern” for the city to use as a dynamic cultural canvas. The lantern will be made up of 748 square panels, each illuminated by two huge LED lights. They will come to life at dusk

Austereo Annual Report to display a myriad of moving images, providing an ever changing piece of art for the people of Adelaide to enjoy.

The second year Austereo asked us to design their annual report, they wanted something a little bit different.

The competition was tough, but our bold, simple ideas engaged the Adelaide City Council. The other concepts submitted all required new building, landscaping or form. Our vision was to add beauty to people’s lives without affecting the environment, to work with current structures, and to put Adelaide on the global map.

Austereo positions itself as an entertainment brand, so our creative focussed on the delivery of its stars through radio, TV and internet. Using promo shots of the stars was a mandatory, so we digitally turned them into cardboard cut-outs and inserted them into lifestyle images. The resulting images are not only funny, they fit Austereo’s brand perfectly.

The Lantern is due to light up late in 2008.

We suggested Austereo back up the printed report with the creation of a microsite with downloadable entertainment pieces, so shareholders could score themselves a “best-of” gag reel. Austereo’s Kathy Gramp described the work as “excellent”, and we’re sure Austereo’s shareholders would agree.

To create an online introduction and gateway to South Australia we had to turn 15 existing websites into one

Fusion designs for designers in our reworking of the Royal Institute of Architects quarterly magazine

PLACE architecture + design + placemaking


FEATURING Aboriginal Housing in South Australia


2007 South Australian Design Awards


2007 SA Planning Awards


The Jeffery House experiment


‘Hanging Gardens’ of Adelaide



ISSN 1832-5882 PRINT POST APPROVED PP 535515 / 00075


Vol 2 No 7 December Quarter 2007 The Department of Trade and Economic Development had over 15 websites offering information on business in South Australia. Realising this made it complicated for visitors to source the information they required, DTED asked Fusion to take on the challenge of merging 15 websites into one business gateway. This we achieved – creating The site now saves visitors time and energy. Whether you’re a current business in South Australia looking for help, or an interstate business looking to relocate or open a branch in SA, the site is the helpdesk destination. You can search for and book places in a range of business related seminars in SA through the site.

Place Magazine Our content management system Helium has vastly improved the administration and management of the site. DTED administrators can now easily manage content and deliver targeted e-marketing campaigns that engage site visitors. is now an easy-to-use, efficient business portal. And DTED have also discovered an additional, unexpected benefit of the site – internal document management. According to Kevin Foley MP, the website “reflects the South Australia of today – vibrant, business friendly and innovative.”

For many years now Fusion has worked with the Royal Institute of Architects, branding their annual award presentation night. This long association with the Institute recently culminated in our being asked to rework the layout of Place, their quarterly industry publication. We refreshed the look and feel of their architectural magazine, adapting the typography and layout to create a more enjoyable, readable experience. Place magazine is currently available from over 300 newsagencies in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Fusion’s David Zhu believes the magazine “succinctly communicates the value of architecture to the community.” (We think it looks good, too.)

For the ďŹ rst time ever, the Adelaide Festival of Arts chose just one agency to create their complete brand experience. That partner was Fusion

Adelaide Festival of Arts Each biennial Adelaide Festival of Arts needs to be positioned as more dynamic and engaging than the cluster of alternative arts events which surround it. Knowing this, Artistic Director Brett Sheehy came to Fusion with a commissioned 3D object by artist Michael Kutschbach. It was our job to bring it to life. Our response was to create intrigue by representing it as realistically as possible in a neutral environment. We created the campaign line “what are you seeing?” to empathise with the target audience and to add to the intrigue. We also didn’t want to imbue the Kutschbach object with context or personality – we wanted to leave the audience wondering and allow them to create their own

meaning. The line was picked up by sponsor Adelaide Bank for a competition to guess the meaning of the object. The “what are you seeing?” line also created buzz for the festival performances themselves. We felt the object needed to be linked with every aspect of the festival with care and subtlety, so we developed intricate, ornamental headline typography to tie all the elements together. It has become one of the most beautiful and memorable parts of the Festival’s brand experience, and its delicately curling tendrils wind their way across bus sides and shelters, event programmes, the Festival TVC, newspaper advertising and signage. A project of this size is never without it’s challenges, and we had both – creative and technical. One of the main issues we encountered in developing the website

was that the site had to represent a diverse artistic community while maintaining a consistent brand image. Helium, our advanced Content Management System, allowed Festival staff to manage the website content in-house. Because they were always in control, they could ensure it was consistently relevant to sponsors, the artists and the public. And the response to the site was exceptional – staff at the Adelaide Festival reported that once the website was live, they recorded the best online ticket sales in the event’s history.

Fusion helps Lottery winners get faster results by making SA Lotteries website more user friendly

Following the success of the SA Lotteries website, Fusion was engaged to develop an Extranet for their Agency network

SA Lotteries Website

SA Lotteries Extranet

Trawling through scores of web-server log-files may not sound like the most fun activity in redesigning a website, but this is where we found the best insight for changes to SA Lotteries corporate site. We discovered that people want results – literally. We learned that most people visit the SA Lotteries site for one reason only – to find out if they’ve won. With the primary goal of making the site more relevant to SA Lotteries customers, we redesigned the homepage to deliver the most recent game results upfront, in a format that emulates the games’ offline look. So now you log onto au and the first thing you see are the lotto results. You can also click links to read

stories about people who have won, and an animated banner tells people about SA Lotteries contribution to the community. To make this experience even more relevant, you now have the ability to set the homepage to default to your favourite game. For those who like number crunching, we’ve made it easy to review and download past game history. This means you can analyse offline to find those magic numbers. According to website analyst Hitwise, is now one of the most popular websites in South Australia and the most visited government website.

The Extranet is a secure website with Agency only access and it has become the primary communication tool to reach the 530 agencies located across South Australia. Agents are now kept up-to-date with the latest information, and the files and tools to help run and grow their businesses are available at the click of a mouse. Published content ranges from policy & procedures to police alerts, marketing materials and training information. The Agency Extranet is powered using Helium, Fusion’s content management system. Agencies are able to publish their own content to the Extranet, which has improved knowledge sharing and helped build a sense of community within the network.

How Fusion turned one photograph on a small budget into an epic cinematic experience

Fusion’s idea for SA Water’s Royal Show exhibition stand attracted concerned water conservationists with innovative interactivity

Fusion help SA Water take their search for quality staff to an international audience

State Theatre TV Commercial

SA Water Exhibition Design

SA Water Recruitment Branding

We wanted to broaden HAMLET’s appeal beyond typical Shakespeare theatre lovers. We achieved this with a single photo – and an engaging idea.

We felt SA Water needed a display that encouraged people to conserve water without preaching or shouting at them. We helped them captivate showgoers with an interactive experience that helped them learn about saving water in a “grass roots” kind of way.

Like many other South Australian businesses, SA Water has taken its search for high quality employees to an international audience. Part of their campaign to attract the best candidates was participation in UK recruitment fairs.

With a menacing soundtrack and dark glimpses of the tortured face of Hamlet, emotive words thundered onto screen – each one building the story and leaving behind one letter. The floating letters reformed to create the word HAMLET. By advertising one of the world’s best known plays in the same way you’d advertise a movie blockbuster, the viewer is kept engaged to the end – regardless of their appreciation for Shakespeare. This fresh approach to promoting Shakespeare resulted in a great run and ticket sales.

We developed a huge wall of magnets that attracted people to the exhibition stand and drove home the conservation message. We kept them engaged by providing attractive take-home ideas like shower timers, and we asked for feedback about water and how people felt they could best save this precious resource. The stand was a huge success. Now it’s up to all of us to practice water conservation in our homes and lives.

Their exhibition booth needed to provide a clear, simple and easily comprehensible message to an audience that was not necessarily familiar with SA Water. We wanted to target people interested in both environmental conservation and their own career development. The brochures and postcards we developed are clean, corporate and contemporary in their style, and are printed on environmentally friendly recycled paper. They showcase the opportunities available with SA Water as well as selling the benefits of South Australia as a life destination.


Business SA Networking Event

Trees for Life Newsletter

SA Great Board Appointment

Recently Fusion had the opportunity to host over 200 South Australian Business leaders in our studio, as part of Business SA’s series of networking events.

Trees for Life wanted a redevelopment of their quarterly newsletter, Releaf.

Fusion’s John Chaplin was recently nominated by leading state business and media personalities to join the Board of SA Great. He has accepted the three year term and is excited about the strategic direction SA Great is taking.

We decided to create a fun way to network with a game of Business Card Bingo and our infamous Fusion Illusion cocktail. Our version of bingo encouraged guests to exchange business cards so they could win an iPod Nano. Fusion’s Gavin Klose also spoke to the crowd about our brand story and philosophy of “creating experiences people love.” All in all a great night!

Our approach was to use their newsletter as a vehicle to position Trees for Life as a goodwill brand of choice. We redesigned the masthead and transformed the look into a contemporary magazine format. “It is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the State I live, work and play in,” says John. Fusion’s Gavin Klose wanted the newsletter “I look forward to contributing all I can to “to be the sort of magazine you’d want the board, SA Great and South Australia.” people to find on your coffee table.” The trend in the charity sector is falling Board members have a unique opportunity memberships and Trees for Life is now to shape the future of our state. It’s a great bucking that trend with flourishing growth. honour to be invited to sit on this board and we’re very proud of John’s appointment. “The feedback... has been resoundingly positive,” says Glenys Perri of Trees For Life.

New Appointments

We design brand experiences for forward thinking organisations. We think beyond. Every experience contributes towards how your brand is perceived. People see, learn, visit, buy, interact and ultimately tell other people about your brand. Fusion’s brand experiences are designed to deliver results.

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