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Find your key to life We produced a TV commercial that doesn’t show Urban Constructs product, but entices you to learn more.

Urban Construct required a new advertising campaign. Their Port Adelaide redevelopment Newport Quays was well underway and the project needed greater promotion with a fresh, innovative approach. With a pitch outlining that we are not an adverting agency, and don’t think like them, we won the client. The first project was to generate an advertising print campaign to ‘promote with urgency’ the final properties remaining on the market for Stage 1 Edgewater. We produced a newspaper advert with the aim to sell the last remaining apartments left at Edgewater. It was appropriate to take a sophisticated and strategic approach moving away from the busy, noisy, retail-like adverts

that had been used previously. We purposely avoided using accommodation imagery like an artist’s impression of the development opting to show emotive visions that projected the dream, lifestyle and aspirations on offer. This approach was in keeping with level of investment sought. Urban Construct then engaged us to develop a TV commercial for the release of stage two; Marina Cove. The client requested us to “Make it shit hot.” As we saw it, the TVC needed to achieve two things. One; establish Urban Construct as a leading designer and developer of elite properties, elevating the brands position, and two; promote the release of stage two; Marina Cove. This was achieved using stock footage, post production polish and a distinctive sound-track.

Again the dream is explored using desirable images to generate emotions reflecting the lifestyle on offer. Results • Stage 2, Marina Cove has sold so well that stage 3 is being fast tracked • The scheduling for the TVC has been extended to further consolidate the company’s brand and product awareness. • Feedback on the TVC has been that the intentional change in tempo is inquisitively noticed and said to stop the busiest of households in their tracks. • Raised brand profile and improved brand awareness • TVC repurposed for display at information and sales centre

Brand Experiences Le Cornu Lewis and Hancock Changing the image of accountants



Le Cornu Lewis Hancock provides quality personalised financial services to family owned businesses. They are a traditional accounting firm. One of the founding partners from Le Cornu Lewis Hancock approached us to update their brand identity. Needing to convince other partners of the branding issues we met with them to pitch for the work. They came on board and wanted to refresh their existing brand identity. Challenge The new brand needed to demonstrate the expertise and quality of the company, something that the existing maroon coloured quill was not achieving. However in a client meeting, one partner mentioned to a client that they were updating their identity and the client stated “I hope you don’t get rid of the quill.”

Solution Keeping the quill and loosing the maroon was the start. We took some inspiration from the partners themselves; in one meeting someone was wearing a black shirt with a gold pen in the pocket. This colour combination was striking and when combined with white became the brand’s new colours. Black and white aptly represents this profession. The quill has been simplified and gilded, communicating quality. Applied to building signage and all stationery the next step was a website. We have created an easy to navigate website that provides just the essential information about Le Cornu Lewis and Hancock. The symbols of chess are used to show skill, strategy and thought. The limited colour palette again communicates quality.

Black and white photographic images of the team members show personality avoiding the dry accountant image. Copy on the site has been written to be inviting, warm and personal. Results • Brand has been modernised yet still holds traditional values • Improved company image with brand fitting quality of services offered • Office signage creates the right first impression • Website improves communication

Brand Experiences Austereo Annual report communicates blue sky thinking

Challenge As a listed company, Austereo needs to publish an annual report every year. With a clever tactic Austereo invited us and two other companies to provide a costing and quote on their previous year’s annual report. We presented this and invited them to our Carrington Street office to discuss our range of capabilities. In doing this we won their trust. They liked our energetic approach and can do attitude. It suited their organisation’s culture. The project was every designer’s dream with an open brief, only outlining the use of their corporate blue. Yet we wanted to think strategically about their annual report and ensure it reflected Austereo’s brand. In the past the company’s annual report had been entrenched in radio symbols. The red tuning dial had featured, as had aerials of many descriptions and even radio waves.

This imagery was too literal and product focused and did nothing to communicate Austereo’s brand and vision. Austereo are an innovative, young, edgy, celebrity focused market leader pushing their industry forward.

unlimited sky, representing the future, and the future is digital.” The chairman looked directly at David and said, “You’ve got it, OK, we can end the meeting now.” The annual report features beautiful blue sky, plenty of white space and lots of celebrities. We provided copywriting which is upbeat and positive. We also helped to put together a DVD to accompany the report.

Solution We felt they needed to project themselves into where radio is going. This is digital radio, therefore our concept was; the future is digital. One of our director’s David Zhu, Results flew to Sydney to present the concept to • The annual report is on brand and sends the chairman. Immediately after shaking the the right message for the future and man’s hand David was confronted with, vision of the organisation. “So you want to tell me to change the blue?” • “At all times, the Fusion team were very motivated to achieve our objectives Taken aback by this sudden direct statement and there was always a good balance David replied, between accepting our suggestions and “No, we will look at the blue colour in a maintaining their design principles.” said different way, we aren’t looking at the blue Kathy Gramp – Chief Financial Officer. as a flat colour, we see it as the sky, the

Savings and Loan Credit Union Chat room style Intranet

Challenge Savings and Loans Credit Union had an existing intranet that was under utilised and poorly designed. After migrating their corporate website to our content management system Helium®, they wanted to reap the same benefits to manage their intranet. Savings and Loans wanted to increase ownership of the intranet’s content within the organisations different business units.

Solution To provide quick access to information Mysali is based on a metaphor of rooms. Depending on your position, committee membership and project involvement you can access different rooms. Each room is a micro-site offering team members a one stop shop to the information relevant to that room’s topic. Mysali’s home page is customised offering staff a snapshot of activity within the rooms they belong to.

The Credit Union needed to improve knowledge management, providing quick and easy searching and access to the most used functions: policies, procedures and the staff contacts list. It was also necessary to provide a flexible and multi-tiered permissions system to access intranet content and files. The redesign also needed to empower staff to maintain their own commonly changing information to reduce the work load on IT staff.

The security of rooms is managed through permissions within Helium® continuing through to the room’s associated notices and documents, ensuring classified information is not made public. When a document needs to be made public, global permission can be given. Mysali’s search feature is completely customised depending on who you are and what rooms you are a member of.

Helium® manages filters, only presenting the information team members have permission to see. Helium® manages a live feed, keeping snippets of information current as the intranet is updated. Mysali enables employees to update their own details ensuring that staff information is current. Useful functionality such as the ‘my tool’ and ‘my quicklinks’ features permit the team to tailor their intranet providing quick access to frequently used information, documents, pages and applications. Results • Mysali is a highly utilised effective communications tool • Implementation of a system to provide archiving of documents and projects • Team members can self manage their own information reducing work load on IT • Effective search feature saves time • Permissions module permits global and private classification of information

Brand Experiences Krix

Study Adelaide

Marketing simplicity blows away competition

Boof hits six to India

Krix manufactures a large range of high quality loudspeakers for home and commercial use. Krix asked us to put together an advert in line with their new branding that we designed for them. The aim of branding is to build an association with a name; this establishes a market position and aids the human mind in remembering. Krix’s brand strap line ‘Experience sound’ sells the benefit of Krix’s products, it’s an experience, you feel it, it’s emotional. ‘Experience sound’ also positions Krix’s products at the serious audiophile end of speaker manufacturing. But how can you communicate this in a press ad?

Krix’s advertising needed to differentiate them from their competitors and establish brand positioning. The advert needed to be emotionally engaging. Solution Using a tight close up of a Krix speaker cone, the back and foreground blurred, the image draws you in. The words ‘Experience sound’ are subtlety moved to illustrate sound waves, making the invisible, visible. It is a simple idea, focusing on sound.

Results • Flag ship image for brand has been created, point of sale posters are in progress. Journey • Unique URL on advertisement measures Their competitor’s adverts and their effectiveness previous approach had been product • Brand association is made and orientated, focusing on the product’s remembered features and showing off the entire speaker. • Simple effective advertisement stands out from cluttered magazine pages.

Study Adelaide promotes the benefits of studying in Adelaide to overseas students. Study Adelaide represents a wide range of educational institutions including the Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy. Darren Lehmann is a popular Australian cricket player, particularly in India; you may also know him as Boof. Challenge To coincide with the Australian cricket tour of India, Study Adelaide wanted to create a viral campaign with some footage of Darren playing cricket on Adelaide oval with students from India. The idea was to send out seed emails at the time of the tour that linked to the footage. The footage would entertain his Indian fans while promoting awareness of his academy and Adelaide as a study destination.

Bailey Ladders Campaign against dodgy ladders

Solution The original footage needed some work. Logos were updated, we added a sound track and sound effects to make it more engaging. We created a webpage for the footage and branded it in keeping with Study Adelaide’s identity. We incorporated a tell-a-friend form into the page, enabling the footage to spread amongst fans and a check box can be ticked if viewers want information. Results • Narrow target audience reached with 400 hits within first two weeks of launch and 180 views on You Tube. • “A lot of our University partners have been really excited by the campaign and delighted that we are trying something different. It really does look great and you did a fantastic job at pulling it all together on time.” Danielle Jervis – Marketing Coordinator, Study Adelaide.

Challenge Bailey Ladders’ advertising agency wanted to create an online campaign for their client. The online offering would run in conjunction with staged events, press ads and motorcycle billboards. The agency approached us to develop and manage a website that would be found really easily, engage audience participation and create a viral-like referral effect spreading information about Bailey Ladders. Solution With the idea of an authority fighting the use of dodgy ladders in the community the National Ladder Authority presents a public awareness campaign on the website. We have enabled visitors to join in the fight subscribing to become a part of the National Hit Squad receiving a secret starter pack. Ladder lovers can upload their own dodgy ladder pictures

and clips to win Bailey ladder prizes, view ‘suggestive’ dodgy ladder footage, play an online game, and tell their mates about the cause. “We are managing a campaign, achieving the first search result position with Google ad words to ensure as much web exposure as possible. Using lots of interactive rich content on the website makes it entertaining, particularly as the topic is very left of centre.” Said Damien Mair, Fusion Principal. Results • Creation of an innovative marketing and promotions tool • Raised brand profile with target audience

News AGDA Awards

Network now

State Theatre night

We enjoyed the night at the AGDA national awards held in Canberra recently. With comedian Shaun Micallef hosting the night there was plenty of laughter in the great hall at Parliament House.

The University of South Australia (UniSA) is in its third year of running “Network Now” bringing together students, graduates and alumni industry leaders for dinner.

The Fusion team and clients recently enjoyed a night out at the State Theatre. The night started off elegantly with drinks and finger food in the shade of the rotunda in Elder Park.

We kept celebrating when we won a total of four awards including two distinction awards. The Leadbetter Interactive DVD won a distinction award for graphics and also for software. In the motion graphics category our cinema commercial Eat, Talk, Live, Share Yalumba was a finalist together with the Elephant Tales feature film’s opening title sequence.

Our founding principals John Chaplin and Damien Mair were among the alumni guests enjoying the evening. Around a table and over dinner, John and Damien experienced a progression of table quests that chatted, questioned, and then moved on….to the next table. Fusion donated a 30GB Video iPod as a door prize to the event, which was happily won by student Julianne Brown.

We enjoyed Noel Coward’s ‘Private Lives’. The witty banter and awkward scenarios were compelling. When you consider the play was first performed in 1931, its subject would have been shocking. There is nothing like a love hate relationship on honeymoon, complete with amusing complications to keep you entertained and laughing. Thanks to everyone who joined us and helped make the night a success.

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