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Fusion at the new Adelaide Airport Fusion worked with Arts SA, the SA Tourism Commission, Hassell Architects and Adelaide Airport Limited to bring colour, culture and achievement to the new Adelaide Airport.

Adelaide finally has its own purpose built contemporary airport where you don’t have to walk on the tarmac to get to your plane. The team at Fusion are particularly proud as the main concourse features a large scale project by the design and branding team. Fusion was engaged to design 14 glass panels for each of the gate lounges in the 750 metre long concourse. The panels had to represent several themes including industry, innovation, culture, environment and tourism. “To try and portray the vast diversity of the agreed themes within only 14 panels was seen as a real challenge” - said Jennifer from Arts SA. Fusion felt it was important for the glass panels to convey an idea or story within themselves that related to the brief. Arts SA and the SA Tourism Commission

provided several landscape images that were stunning, but needed something else to inject interest, movement, and personality. The idea to include transparent silhouettes pushed the design further. Each of the 14 glass panels tells a story from the iconic hills hoist set within a dramatic farming landscape, a desert camel train, celebration with festival fireworks, juggling food at the central market and a school of fish darting about underneath our clear ocean waters. Whether you are arriving for the first time in Adelaide or leaving your home, the glass panels give you a taste of the culture to be experienced within South Australia. “I wanted to add colour and personality to the Airport’s very large open space. The images offer warmth, movement and texture to complement the modern airport interior while depicting South Australian achievements” - said designer David Zhu.

Solutions Krix


Unified brand makeover

National TV Commercial

Challenge Krix manufactures a large range of high quality loudspeakers for home and commercial use. Krix’s great product range had really sold themselves, as their branding efforts did not reflect the quality, passion and ethos of the company. With increasing international distribution and major inroads into the commercial cinema industry, Krix needed a unified branding makeover to reflect their innovative products. Solution The new Krix logo is modern, clean, smart and timeless. A brand strap line was written, ‘experience sound’ that now accompanies the logo. A system for the entire range of speaker cartons

was designed as well as the redesign and rewriting of sales brochures, owners manuals, warranty cards and point of sale materials. Results • Revenue has increased • All Krix communications now reflect the passion of the company • The Krix brand is now on the same professional level as their international competition • Krix presents a completely unified message to the marketplace • The Krix team has experienced an invigorated passion and excitement for their business

Fusion has recently completed the post production and visual effects on a series of national branding commercials for Bridgestone. Shot by well known director of photography Ernie Clark , the commercials originated on 35mm film and went through a high definition post production pipeline at Fusion. The commercials see the return of the Bridgestone Gecko, created in 3D and composited by Fusion into the commercials. Stay tuned for the next in the series expected to be on our screens mid 2006.


iBot TV Commercial

Strengthens bond with investors

Challenge Within a year of implementing an outsourced website management tool, Santos found maintaining its website cumbersome and costly. The task of performing frequent updates, even adding simple links, was difficult and time consuming. It was critical for the publicly listed company to keep market analysts and shareholders updated in an efficient and timely way.

Wins award and readers

will see Santos fully recoup its investment The advertising agency KWP! worked in under two years. Helium enables with Fusion to run four successful and Santos to proactively communicate with award winning promotional campaigns its shareholders and analysts. The Investor for their client, The Advertiser/Sunday Centre is a hub for news announcements, Mail. Directed at the youth market, presentations and weekly drilling summaries. readers were offered a programmable The Interactive Production History facility robot to build. allows analysts to create spreadsheets of Fusion brought the iBot to life on TV, Santos’ production history. directing and filming the robot on HDCAM Results and completing post production and visual Solution • Website traffic tripled in five months effects. The iBot’s features are explained Santos selected Helium , Fusion’s website • Santos have gained a simple to use in a rotating 3-dimensional build up in a content management system, to dramatically content management system stylised environment that has the iBot simplify and speed up maintenance of its • Easier for investors to interact duel with an old-school type robot. website. The new site features rich media, with the company The iBot TV commercial won first place such as flash videos, easy-to-read drilling • Interactive production history at the 71st INMA International Newspaper maps and an Investor Centre that provides data system Marketing Awards for promoting youth a comprehensive outline of its financial • Refined email marketing alert system readership. performance. Helium ’s email marketing • Return on investment within two years system has replaced a costly fax service that




Solutions The Caterpillar Wish

Great Southern Rail


Opening film titles

National TV commercial

International Cinema Commercial

Fusion has completed the opening title sequence for feature film ‘The Caterpillar Wish’ distributed by Palace Films (released mid 2006).The brief from Wish Productions was simply “Everything is not quite what it seems in this sleepy dockside town.”

Fusion completed the post production on the branding commercial for Great Southern Rail.

The advertising agency KWP! approached Fusion with the grand vision of bringing the characters they developed for Yalumba to life on the big screen. Fusion developed the story of the four main talk eat live laugh characters.

A combination of wide location shots and beautifully shot macro details of textures were filmed for the sequence. Fusion crafted an elegant and refined title sequence that sees credits roll in and out of focus with the live action. The film’s title is delivered as a shadow across a curtain being moved by a breeze. The director commented, “We all LOVED the shadow on the curtain idea, magic! Really well executed.”

Fusion helped bring together what was a technically challenging project with some complex compositing. One of the hero shots of the commercial took footage of a train leaving Keswick station that was transformed into a storm filled outback environment. Fusion added mood, warmth and feeling to the commercial. The client was thrilled with the end product and the commercial received great feedback while on air.

The characters journey takes place in a surreal 3D environment at a variety of scales. Each character’s brief cameo crosses into the next with playful uses of scale and perspective culminating in the characters joining together to deliver the key message. The quality of the finished picture was acknowledged by Dream Light who handled the film transfer as ‘Simply stunning.’ Initially intended for Cinema release in Australia, the quality of the work has lead the commercial to be used internationally.

Savings and Loans

Annual report on CD-ROM

Redesign improves sales

Challenge Savings & Loans Credit Union wanted to explore new technologies and media formats to present their annual report to their members and stakeholders. The Credit Union was looking for a refreshing and informative way that was more compelling, persuasive and engaging to experience over traditional printed annual reports. Solution Engaging Fusion, the Credit Union decided to distribute their annual report in an Interactive CD-ROM format supported by a 50 page two colour printed document. The CD-ROM contains video presentations by the Credit Union’s directors, executives, chairperson, CEO and deputy CEO. Each section of the CD-ROM is introduced by one of these

key people, providing the viewer with an engaging and interesting presentation. The combination of music, animation, video footage, design and interactivity communicates and engages the viewer. Results • Savings & Loans Credit Union is marketed at the forefront of technology • Benefit from the reduction of distribution and printing costs through the use of a smaller medium and unit costs • Corporate and financial information is presented in an exciting format • Template system has been created for future annual reports with a significant cost benefit

Australia’s number one travel portal required an extensive redesign to improve the online customer experience and invigorate sales. Fusion worked closely with Travel’s team to define the online customer experience requirements. Using historical data from website log files, extensive customer interviews and task based usability workshops, the user interface, architecture and content delivery were thoroughly designed. The hard work and thorough preparation has paid off ten fold as the new website has increased online sales, improved time to market with new deals, and greatly reduced customer support enquiries.

Solutions Helium® website

Eventful Adelaide


Fusion promotes Helium

TV commercial


With Helium you gain real ownership and control of your website. Helium is a website content management system designed and developed by Fusion. Helium permits you to easily create, edit and publish your own website content without any technical knowledge.




We wished to promote Helium , our flagship software item. What better way to do this than with a Helium powered website? The website acts as a sales tool offering a Helium tour, and case studies, listing the challenges, solutions and results Helium has achieved for its clients. A full list of features, modules, and products is listed and you can register to receive the latest news about Helium . The website also allows you to download a Helium brochure and contact Fusion.







Helium websites are formed around content rather than pages giving you more flexibility and greater control. A Helium powered website is easily adapted for new company branding, new product ranges and new website functionality ensuring your website is future proofed. Helium currently powers over 100 websites for international and national companies, including Santos, Konica Minolta, Yalumba and Shiels.



At industry celebrations there was a buzz about the new SA Tourism commercial for “Eventful Adelaide”. The client’s brief was to take advantage of the much awaited aerobridges at Adelaide’s new airport to promote a series of events coming up in early 2006. The commercial has a flyover of the aerobridges at the airport, showing the guests of all the events walking, driving, riding, dancing and performing in glass aerobridges as they arrive in Adelaide. Fusion developed an innovative way of achieving the flyover effect, using only two photographs of the incomplete Airport and less than traditional 3D to achieve the finished result. Fusion’s ability to provide a solution to achieve the creative vision has both the agency KWP! and client thrilled with the outcome.

Konica Minolta


Website merger

Annual Report

When world renowned imaging companies Konica and Minolta joined forces, they required a series of websites in just two weeks to globally rollout the merger. Konica’s existing Fusion developed website was re-branded as Konica Minolta.

Challenge AARNet is a not for profit organisation with multiple research and university based investors. AARNet develops and provides a highly advanced network of Internet services to its shareholders. With a new CEO and new vision for the future, AARNet required their 2004 annual report to reflect change in the organisation. It was also necessary for the document to grab the attention of readers, not look like a typical report and be succinct and effective at communicating AARNet’s activities and strategies.

The original Konica website was powered by content management system Helium . Helium ’s modular structure made for an easy transition. Minolta’s product content was simply entered into Helium , and new branding adopted. The resulting site features clearly defined product areas, a dynamic search engine to locate products, services and store locations and a product comparison facility seamlessly presenting the merged businesses.




Solution Designed to look more like a gift pack than a report, AARNet’s 2004 annual report invites you to touch it. Embossing the organisation’s positioning statement on the front cover not only makes your eye read it, but also ensures you pick it up to caress the letter forms.

The information design inside the report is also a surprise as you are succinctly informed about who AARNet is, what they have been doing and what their strategy is. Full bleed, full colour images of fibre optic cable and transparent fly sheets add to the pleasure of experiencing this annual report. Results • Annual report is well received by shareholders • Communication is effective • AARNet’s image is improved • Annual report reflects change and improvement • Received Bronze AADC Award

Fusion Ten years in business

In 1995 two bright eyed university graduates, John Chaplin and Damien Mair hung out in a spare bedroom with a couple of Macs and some big visions. The vision was Fusion, a business marrying design integrity with the latest technology. Fusion’s first project was a CDROM for The State Theatre Company of South Australia. 1995 also saw the development of the Internet into the World Wide Web, offering Fusion a great opportunity to grow. Not being limited by one medium has opened up many opportunities for Fusion.

Partnering with industry experts to broaden the range of Fusion’s services has enabled growth and diversification to offer clients an extensive range of design services. Ten years and a lot of hard work later, Fusion has grown to 26 team members. Fusion has delivered more than 500 solutions that have improved their client’s businesses and won many awards. “Turning ten is a milestone, a great achievement for the team. We would like to say a big thank you to all of our clients and suppliers who have supported us

along the way, we wouldn’t be here without them.” said Damien Mair, Fusion Principal. To mark the 10th year in business Fusion celebrated with a big party in the new Carrington Street office. With more than 200 Fusion supporters in attendance the crowd enjoyed live music from The Holeproofs, great food and wine plus the Fusion illusion cocktail. Thanks to everyone for coming and making the night a great success.

New Appointments

Fusion has built a reputation as one of Australia’s pre-eminent design consultancies offering a range of creative and strategic marketing communication solutions. Fusion’s multidisciplinary team provides: > Strategic Consulting > Design & Branding > Web Site Development > Intranet & Extranet Applications > E-Commerce Solutions > Interactive Media Development > Pre Visualisation & Animatics > 3D & Visual Effects > Post Production > Streaming Media > Animation & Flash Design

99 Carrington Street Adelaide SA 5000 Australia T+ 618 8235 7900 F+ 618 8235 7977 Subscribe to Fuse online:

©2006 Fusion Enterprises Pty Ltd. The Fusion brand is a trademark of Fusion Enterprises Pty Ltd. All other trademarks and brand names are properties of their respective owners.

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