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Catch up, get ahead, try something new!


summer! Make the most of your

We know how stressful it can be to keep up with heavy course loads, prepare for important tests, and balance academics and free time. One-toone classes allow students to go at their own pace, in a truly personalized environment. Our customized scheduling makes it possible to take family vacations, sleep in, and catch up for the fall semester. Whether your child wants to sharpen their reading and writing skills, prepare for their next algebra class, or have a blast learning the guitar – they can make it happen here.

Catch up

Last Semester

not go as planned?

Classes for Credit Afraid your child isn’t going to graduate on time? We offer over 250 courses to keep students prepared for their math, English, or other core class goals over the summer. Tackle tough courses with one-to-one, personalized instruction and pace to truly learn the material and boost confidence before next semester.

Readiness Program Counteract summer learning loss or ease back into a healthy school routine with our two-week Readiness Program. Transitioning from summer into a new year can be tough, and this program prepares students for success in the fall by reviewing skills from the last year, or by laying a strong foundation for a difficult, upcoming class.

Skill Building Does your child struggle with material comprehension or feel unable to thrive academically? Our teachers provide personalized help with: writing, reading, test-taking, executive functioning, study skills, budgeting and money management, college and career management, and more.

Take a class for credit, prepare for a big test, or retake a class.


for your future.

Classes for Credit

10 Session Intensive Program

Is your child feeling stressed out by their course load? Lighten the next year or prepare for future advanced courses by taking a couple of classes for credit this summer. We offer over 250 courses that range from core material like math, science, and English, to electives in music, wellness, and the arts.

Prepare for your next year with one of our intensive programs: College Writing, Leadership, or Study Skills. Each one is a 10 session, non-credit program designed to develop key skills for success that all students can benefit from as they prepare for college and other post-secondary plans.

Test Prep

Post-Graduation Navigation

Improve your child’s scores on the next big test or exam. Our teachers know what to expect for standardized tests, and our one-to-one environment allows the learning to be customized to students’ needs. Tutoring sessions are customized by quantity, frequency, teaching method, and subject concentration. Build study skills and review techniques for success!

Need help preparing for college applications, job applications, or gap year opportunities after high school? We’ll help your teen feel confident navigating life after high school with our specialized post-secondary courses that guide college essays, budget planning, time management, scholarship exploration, self-efficacy, and more.

Start planning for success in college, life after high school, and more!

get Ahead

try something new


new passions!

Summer Exploratory


Want to “try out” Fusion this summer? Our Summer Exploratory allows students to experience the vibe and style of learning at Fusion in just 4-6 weeks. Earn credit for a semester course, sample an art or music elective, and sample two other electives of your choice.

Is your child looking to impress college admissions, or dive deeper into a subject they’re interested in? An Endorsement track will allow them to do that. Fusion offers six options for students: STEM, STEM-Technology, World Language, Humanities, Visual and Performing Arts, and Leadership.

Roadtrip Nation

Art & Music

This course takes students on a journey of self-construction and discovery. They explore concepts like success, failure, and risk, while discovering or honing their passions. The class culminates with an interview of a local leader in a field the student is interested in, allowing them to learn more and practice professional interaction.

At Fusion, we heavily invest in our arts programming. Every campus features a state-of-the-art recording studio along with a full mixed media art studio where students are able to explore their passions and build their portfolios. Popular classes include: digital photography, recording arts, graphic design, guitar, and more!

Art, music, or adventure!

summer? Why Choose Fusion for

In a survey of our students, 47% felt they weren’t getting



the academic support they needed to be successful prior to Fusion. In a survey three months into their new educational path, 95% of our students felt academically supported.

Before Fusion

After 3 months at Fusion

Getting the academic support they need to be successful. 90%

During the summer, students can feel disconnected or struggle with a change of routine. Our focus on positive relationships provides a safe environment for each student. Before coming to 45%

Fusion, 45% of our students felt emotionally supported by their previous school; after just three months at Fusion, that number doubled to 90%.

Before Fusion

After 3 months at Fusion


Felt they were receiving the emotional support they needed. 50%

After just three months at Fusion, 94% of students describe themselves as likely to ask questions or offer thoughts in class. Our personalized environment helps students quickly build confidence and curiosity to engage in their own learning.

Before Fusion

After 3 months at Fusion

Likely to ask questions or offer thoughts in class.

Three years ago, my son attended Fusion Academy to brush up on his math skills during summer break. He quickly fell in love with the one-to-one teaching methods, learning style promoted at Fusion, along with the warm and nurturing academic staff. It was an easy decision to move him to Fusion full-time to start his 8th grade. Our son has always loved school but this environment allowed him to focus and move forward at his own pace. His time management skills improved and he is now able organize, prep and study for tests on his own. This is reflected in improvements in standardized tests such as the PSAT. Fusion Academy met our goals of finding a school that would instill good study skills, teach our son how to organize his work, and how to self motivate so that he can be successful in college. - Dena Williams, Fusion Houston Galleria Parent

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Fusion Summer Brochure 2019  

Check out our summer brochure for our unique offerings.

Fusion Summer Brochure 2019  

Check out our summer brochure for our unique offerings.