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Solomon’s Knot New Art Gallery Walsall Until 30 December Jodie Carey’s practice often revolves around themes of time, memory, materiality and absence, her ultimate artistic concern constantly returning to the notion of fragility and the vulnerability of human life. Her latest exhibition, Solomon’s Knot, specially commissioned for the New Art Gallery, is no exception to this rule, each work representative of the monumentality yet fragility of human life. The starting point for Carey’s latest exhibition, Solomon’s Knot, stems from a simple bouquet of flowers and its multifaceted, oxymoronic nature: a symbol of life, vitality and celebration, whilst simultaneously posing a strong symbol of mortality through the way the flowers are instantly decaying once cut, and are commonly used to commemorate the dead. The title of Carey’s exhibition is poignant to the message of the whole show. The Solomon’s Knot can be traced back as far as Roman mosaic works, and has always been a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, its structure having no end or beginning commonly being seen as symbolic of immortality and eternity. The most striking piece of Carey’s exhibition, ‘Untitled (bouquet)’, a hand-crochet piece, coloured using dyes from the individual flowers of the original inspired bouquet, suspended from the ceiling of the gallery, and sweeping across the floor, is the piece from which the exhibition gains its name, being entirely made up of hand-stitched Solomon’s Knots. This epic work really embodies Carey’s message for the whole exhibition; the crochet piece, a skill Carey learnt especially for this piece to celebrate the traditional craft, is visibly full of flaws and imperfections on its surface, seeking to challenge the integral motif of immortality that the Solomon’s Knot exudes, casting new aspersions onto the nature of human life. CW 04



Maybe you can live on the moon in the next century New Art Gallery Walsall Until 30 December The magical Fiona Rae has been given a 12 painting exhibition that includes works completed between 2000 – 2012. It begins with Rae’s translation of the digitally-obsessed world into beautiful art, containing signs, symbols, typography and graphic shapes instantly relatable to a post-Photoshop generation. Rae’s trip to Tokyo in 2004 rekindled her relationship with Asia and inspired a movement in her art. Her post-2004 paintings are spliced with small figures and cartoons such as panda bears, adorable but ambiguous in setting. These characters function as a visual inversion of the elephant in the room idiom; they’re small but prominent and we search for their meaning amongst the contradictory elements of the painting. Since gaining a BA Hons in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in 1987 Rae has built up a distinctive international reputation; from being chosen to exhibit in Damien Hirst’s seminal Freeze group show in 1988, she was also shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1991. Since her rise to fame she has exhibited at some of the greatest museums and galleries in the world and at the end of 2011 she became the first ever female Professor of Painting for the Royal Academy Schools in London, and she is currently the recipient of the Tate Members’ Artist Commission for 2011–2013. AS 06



For the first time outside of London, 200 works from the prolific Government Art collection will be removed from their usual dwellings in government buildings across the world, and united under the roof of Birmingham’s Gas Hall, in their upand-coming fascinating exhibition, Revealed. This rare opportunity will see some of the most famed artworks from the collection brought together, giving you the chance to see works from the likes of Edward Lear, L.S Lowry, John Piper, Vanessa Bell, Callum Innes, Andy Warhol and Tracey Emin on your doorstep. CW

Guest curated by Sam Belinfante and Third Ear, The Voice and the Lens features representations of the human voice through film and performance by artists including Turner prize-nominated Elizabeth Price, Venice Biennale Golden Lion winner Christian Marclay and Yoko Ono, exploring the voice through innovative ways of colour and focus, as well as sound. Throughout the weekend, Ikon’s first floor gallery will be taken over by five new film commissions by both established and emerging filmmakers collaborating with leading vocal performers, all wrestling with the intricate relationship between voice and camera, creating works that shed new enlightenment upon the human voice. CW

Gas Hall, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, B3 3DH 16 November - 24 February, 2013


Ikon Gallery, B1 2HS 8 – 11 November



Wolverhampton Art Gallery Until 5 January, 2013 It is the turn of Wolverhampton to host this year’s biannual West Midlands Open exhibition and having received works from over 150 artists across a range of mediums it’s set to be a great one. Running since 2008 this year promises a showcase of vibrant work chosen by a panel of selectors including Caroline Douglas, Head of the Arts Council Collection, Prof. Dew Harrison, Associate Dean, Wolverhampton School of Art and Design and Prof. David Rayson, artist, curator and tutor at the Royal College of Art.

THE DINOSAURS ARE HERE! The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum Until 6th January, 2013

Travel back 250 million years and discover some of the most iconic and awe-inspiring creatures ever to walk the Earth. Come face-to-face with the skull of the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex, witness the strength of the Stegosaurus’ armour plating and be astonished by the Triceratops’ three horned might. Featuring amazing life-size dinosaurs, real and replica fossils and holographic video presentations by wildlife expert Chris Packham, this thrilling exhibition will help you uncover the truths about dinosaurs and the world they dominated. Packed with exciting interactives and touch screen technology, visitors can design their very own dinosaur skin and piece together dinosaur skeletons.




Southside, Birmingham @eyecandyfest

So popular were several of the works produced including pieces by Jon Burgerman (pictured), Pete Fowler, Golden Boy (pictured), Lucy McLauchlan (pictured) and Tankpetrol that they will be sticking around the area for quite a while longer. While 10,000 people were in Southside over the weekend one of the most talked about pieces had to be the 16ft giant green tentacles that appeared creeping out of the undercroft of the Hurst Street gateway. The piece by Filthy Luker was commissioned by Eye Candy. Make sure you check out the pieces around Southside while you can. 010

Jon burgerman

Taking place on the streets of Southside in Birmingham works of art literally popped-up overnight on windows, buildings and walls. Several thousands of people participated in a programme of events that took in talks, workshops, live draw events and a zine fair.

Brothers of the Stripe

During a beautiful autumnal weekend in October the team behind the very publication you are holding, along with our sister publication Fused, launched the very first Eye Candy Festival of Visual Culture.

Lucy McLauchlan Golden Boy



TIM BURGESS The Charlatans lead singer Tim Burgess has been having an interesting time of things lately. I mean, there was that one time he formed a supergroup with Carl Barât and members of the Klaxons, Primal Scream and Razorlight. Then there was that time he appeared on Joaquin Phoenix’s much-slated rap mockumentary I’m Still Here. Most recently he’s been hanging out with Lambchop frontman Kurt Wagner, in Nashville, Tennessee. While there he and Wagner sat down and wrote a whole heap of material. Two months later those songs were recorded, and they have now been released as Burgess’s second solo album ‘Oh No I Love You’. We caught him for a quick chat about the process. How was working with Kurt? Fantastic! We have known each other for quite a long time and I didn’t think that it was going to be awkward and it was quite natural. He hooked me up with a good hotel, I went there for two weeks and we would meet every morning for coffee. That seems to be reflected in the music – it is quite upbeat? It could be upbeat – it was a very enjoyable experience. There are probably three that are not so upbeat and three are probably somewhere in the middle. It was a reflection of a certain part of my life. I was just getting out of one relationship and into another. I was in between living in LA and living in London. You played around with some interesting instruments on this album, can you tell us about that? I think once a song is written and the backing tracks are down you can start looking at anything that can go down. There was just room for four horns on ‘White’ and I always fancied a string arrangement so I wanted to get them involved. Why did you decide to release your record on your own label O Genesis rather than with PIAS, who released your first solo album? I have had the label for a year and a half and over time it just got really big. People wanted to come and get involved and the label has had up to twenty five, thirty releases. It’s had a phenomenal number of plays worldwide and it would have seemed really weird for me not to. *Tim’s postponed Birmingham gig at the Glee Club is due to be rescheduled. Check his site for new dates. RW 013



The Library at the HMV Institute 12 November Nottingham, like Birmingham, is often overlooked as a creative powerhouse yet the East Midlands city has delivered and fostered luminaries such as Paul Smith, Shane Meadows, Tindersticks and…er, Su Pollard, but the less said about her the better. It’s amid a landscape of the bleak industrial old and the 21st-century new here that the verve of Bob Dylan, the candour of Alex Turner the tone and delivery of and Paolo Nutini have all seemingly converged to find a home with eighteen-yearold singer-songwriter Jake Bugg. Bugg’s self-titled debut album is littered with plenty of naïve contemporary references and social snapshots, from the declaration of going back to Clifton to ‘skin up a fat one and hide from the feds’ on ‘Two Fingers’ to partying at ‘a local house belonging to a gangster’s crew’ on ‘Seen It All’, but push past them and you’ll discover great wordplay and a whole lotta thigh-slapping skifflerockabilly-country-style guitar riffs. At the time of writing, the is heading to number one album charts, thanks to of airplay alongside high appearances and sessions, 014

record in the a lot profile kicking

releases by Leona Lewis and Mumford and Sons into the dust. Bugg has produced plenty of anthems-in-waiting and it’ll be interesting to see if songs make the jump from recording to live experience – reports from the road where he is opening for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds point to the affirmative. A future guitar-pop pin up and definite contender for the This Is England 2012 soundtrack. LB

In possession of a hugely versatile voice and playing style that ranges from stirring and often sorrowful acoustic melodies to searing amplified blues numbers, and a gift for creating achingly beautiful arrangements, the Wolverhampton-born musician is a singular talent – a fact borne out by the Ivor Novello sitting on his mantelpiece, awarded for Best Song Musically and Lyrically in 2007 for the brilliant Elusive, which featured on debut full-length release Passing Stranger.

SCOTT MATTHEWS Town Hall, Birmingham 1 December

It’s all too easy to draw comparisons with Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley when describing Scott Matthews, thanks to the singer-songwriter’s enviable ability to deliver songs straight from the heart with ease, somehow capturing the mysterious, the spiritual and the other-worldly qualities of human emotion through music.

Opening slots for mate Robert Plant and Alison Krauss (Plant appeared on the mesmerising track ’12 Harps’ on Matthews’ 2009 album Elsewhere), the Foo Fighters and Rufus Wainwright amongst others help give a flavour as to the musical path the 36-year-old has taken to date, as well as an open acknowledgement of influences such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell on his work. The grand surroundings of Birmingham’s Grade I listed Town Hall offer the perfect setting in which to see and hear Matthews’ perform, especially given the evening is split into one half with full band and one half solo. One very special singersongwriter, one very special gig. LB


EASTERN ELECTRONICS FESTIVAL Various Venues - Birmingham 19- 24 November

Shaanti’s Eastern Electronics Festival is a multi-platform celebration of diverse British-Asian culture through a plethora of engaging events. The festival has been dubbed an invaluable platform for emerging artists, amplifying 21st century ideas regarding British-South-Asian culture, and celebrating heritage to become a focal point for local pride; this November’s festival is set to live up to this ethos indefinitely. The festival sees a variety of events aimed at inspiring younger generations including a link with Heartlands Hospital to give under-privileged children a chance to develop musically under the guidance of top hiphop music producer, Steel Bangelz. The festival reaches out further to Birmingham’s youth with ‘engage’, which, as the name suggests, will give children the chance to engage with music like never before, guest speakers including Apache Indian, Metz & Trux, Arshia Riaz, and founder of Shaanti, Manga Singh, aiming to give young adults confidence in their musical endeavours through a series of school talks throughout the week. Celebrating the long-standing traditions of South-Asian culture ‘An audience with Malkit Singh, MBE’ on the 21st offers an opportunity to explore the successes of one of the world’s best-selling Bhangra artists in his adopted city. Alongside tradition, the festival is set to live up to its name as an invaluable platform for emerging artistic ideas. The 22nd sees Richard Price hit the streets of Birmingham in Outside The Box, challenging the preconceptions of art, making it accessible to the public as we trace Price’s Bollywood to Birmingham coming to life before our eyes. The 23rd showcases great emerging female musical talents at the Bulls Head in In New Music We Support, with artists such as singer-songwriter Sheena Ladwa, DJ I-Candy, and The Shama Rahman Band, with their reinterpretation of the Beatles classic, ‘Eleanor Rigby’, performing exclusively for Eastern Electronics. Coming to a crescendo with its closing party on the 24th is an impressive line up headlined by Faithless’ Sudha, to get you partying till the morning and truly celebrating all the great achievements of the global South-Asian culture in our region. CW 016



GIGS COMING UP Deaf Havana, with support from Canterbury and There For Tomorrow Kasbah Primrose Hill Street, Coventry, CV1 5LY 8 November A great chance to see some of the best talent the UK has to offer. Deaf Havana will be playing some acoustic and alternative versions of songs from Fools and Worthless Liars, that can be heard on the Deluxe Edition. For fans of You Me At Six and The Xcerts. Rock Sound Riot Tour 2012: Billy Talent with support from AWOLNATION and Don Broco Birmingham Institute 78 Digbeth High Street, B5 6DY 10 November After proving they still rock, with triumphant performances at Reading/Leeds Festival and the release of their fourth record Dead Silence, the first Billy Talent album to buck the self titled trend, this monster Rock Sound Riot Tour will hit Birmingham hard. Architects with support from Deez Nuts, Bury Tomorrow and Acacia Strain Birmingham Institute 78 Digbeth High Street, B5 6DY 11 November After disappointing many, including themselves, with their lighter effort The Here and Now which saw them achieve commercial success. Architects went back to a more technical metal sound with Daybreaker, released this year. With hip hop meets hardcore Australian band Deez Nuts supporting, the party is sure to kick off sooner rather than later. Feeder (pictured) Civic Hall North Street, WV1 1RQ 21 November Hit after hit after hit. Feeder do not let up on the crowd pleaser’s when they play live and with nearly two decades of service to rock they have a plethora of pop hits to choose from. Attendees are likely to leave feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside. 018

SoiL & Fozzy, with support from Breed 77 and Never Means Maybe Birmingham Academy 2 16-18 Bristol Street, B1 1DB 29 November Essex boys Never Means Maybe are living their dreams on tour with wrestling superstar Chris Jericho’s Fozzy. They have no worries getting in front of a crowd of people new to the band and have promised to ‘break down the walls’ opening up for the all American double header that is SoiL/Fozzy. Craig Charles Hare and Hounds High Street, B14 7JZ 8 December When he is not aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf or spending his time off having a drink at the Rovers Return Inn Craig Charles does music. Yes that’s right, he is famed for his love of dub, and when questioned whether he preferred acting or music he can’t quite decide. So if you’re a fan of the dub, fancy a dance, or like to party as hard as Craig is infamous for, best get down the Hare and Hounds. BC 019




Birmingham Hippodrome 16 & 17 November For someone who has made his way through life as a waiter, reportedly dabbled with the idea of becoming a priest, and who has struggled with alcohol abuse and depression before achieving major success as a stand-up comedian, you’d think Jack Dee would look happy. But he doesn’t…and that’s one of the reasons why we still love him. Nobody does dour deadpan delivery like our Jack, and despite years of prime-time TV through shows like BBC 2’s Lead Balloon, countless appearances on panel shows like QI, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, 8 Out Of 10 Cats and Have I Got News For You, as well as a long spell hosting BBC Radio 4’s I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, he is still as miserable as sin. The multiple British Comedy Award winning comic has mellowed slightly over the last few years as evidenced by a couple of intimate shows at The Glee Club this time last year, where new material was delivered with a smile, although the real sparkle came from banter with the audience. We’re still on the familiar ground of sharp observational comedy and day-to-day annoyances with Jack, such as why supermarket assistants now cater to your every whim, even though you just want to know where the poppadoms are, or why people seem to want to share every uninteresting detail of their life with you, leading to the only logical response (a Dee-ism if there ever was one) of ‘So What?!’ A guaranteed great night out with one of the best British comedians performing today. LB





12 November: Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham 18 November: Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry Since the last series of ‘Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show’ the irrepressible south London wide boy geezer has banged seven birds, if you want to be number eight you can catch him on the road at in Brum and Cov... Qwaliteeeee!!! Hi Lee, what’s a typical day for you at the moment? Tuesday. Is being famous all that it’s cracked up to be? All and more innit! Birds, partying and celebs. Qualityyyyy! What is the best thing that happened to you lately? Last Thursday - all clear at the STD clinic. If you weren’t doing what you are doing now what do you think you’d be doing? Bermondsey McDonald’s assistant manager. Were you ever a Goth/Crusty/Emo/Raver? I was a little bit of a raver, nothing major, just a 40-pillsa-weekend man. Have you ever been arrested? I’m saying nothing til I’ve spoken to my lawyer. Where’s the best place to go to meet a member of the opposite sex? Croydon NCP car park, Friday’s, 9pm. Would you like your son, Stairwell, to go to Uni when he’s older? What would you like him to be? As a dad it’s important to not put pressure on your kid so I don’t mind what he does so long as he’s a 023


well rich Premier League footballer and married to a stunning 6 foot tall blonde RnB star with massive tits. Any style tips you can offer? A sick looking cap always makes you look like a legend. What records always get you onto the dance floor? Don’t matter so long as I’m off my box. What are you like after five Tequilas in the bar? Ready for the next round. When you were at school what did you want to be when you left? A full time legend. If you were on the Internet for one hour what websites would you look at? That Tulisa vid innit! What jobs have you done in the past? I worked in B&Q. It was the best job ever coz you got to tell all the customers to do it themselves.

When Ronald McDonald visited my local Maccie D’s Is there anything that’s shocked you when you’ve met other famous people? Just how fit Jessie J is up close. What should everyone shut up about? Me not having any car insurance. If you could ask another celebrity a question who and what would you ask? I’d ask Amy Childs to take all her clothes off. Any life tips to pass on to our readers? Stay hydrated. Catch Lee Nelson on his nationwide stand-up tour ‘Lee Nelson Live’ throughout November and December. COMPETITION We have 5 copies of Lee’s brand new DVD to giveaway. To be in for a chance of winning a copy just tell us: What is Lee’s son called?

Why do people have it in for students? Coz they reckon they’re cleverer than everyone else yet they pay £10,000 a year, for 3 years, to not get a job at the end of it.

Send your answer along with your name, address and date of birth to Please put “Lee Nelson” in the subject box. Deadline for entry is: 30/11/12.

When was the last time you were star struck?

The DVD of the show is available to pre order now



REMEMBER REMEMBER In 2001 a small number of god crazy fruit loops flew aircraft into prominent buildings in America. That day the yanks joined an all too big, and growing, club of countries that have had to put up with people who can’t keep their massive invisible friend their own business and are willing to kill and die to let people know how forgiving and lovely he is. That day people said that America ‘lost its innocence’ and wrote moving and hand wringing articles asking if it would ever be the same again. What they forget is that as terrible as an event like that is (and it was a grotesque and unspeakable act) that humans move on, eventually, and this is a good thing. In England, we’ve been celebrating a (albeit failed) act of terrorism by religious extremists for over 400 years. 026

Guy Fawkes is now remembered in mask form as a reference to Alan Moore’s sublime bit of storytelling made into a surprisingly watchable movie now used by the Anonymous movement to symbolise rebellion and protest. But its worth noting that Guy Fawkes was a pro-catholic looking to re-establish a strict religious rule in a country that regards all organised religion as a bit silly and definitely not something to talk about in public. You could say that Guy Fawkes is a very early example of antidisestablishmentarianism, but only if you’ve been waiting ten or so years to crowbar the word into a conversation*. We celebrated by torturing and killing him, throwing him on a fire, and then getting drunk. And then every year after by burning wicker effigies and letting off fireworks. Which goes to show that not only did we not want Catholicism in England, but actually would probably just prefer to have the druids back so we could dance naked under the moon and be done with it. Scratch the surface of any British citizen and you’ll find a screaming pagan bastard waiting to drink, fight, and try to hump anything that wiggles in a 100 yard radius. Although recently the shadow of this glimpses through when a dad with too much whisky in his hot chocolate decides that he can get his moneys worth out of dud firework by throwing it on the bonfire.

When I think of bonfire night a rush of sensory information overwhelms me. The feeling of being wrapped up tight and warm against the crisp new winter air. The colours of the fireworks burnt onto my retinas as the sounds of ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhhs’ spring forth with no irony from everyone there. The taste of hot chocolate in plastic mugs and burnt baked potatoes that no one really eats because the same tipsy dad reminds everyone that they look like one of the hedgehogs he didn’t bother checking the kindling for. And the weird feeling of one half of your body having first degree burns because your standing too close to the fire, while the other is freezing cold. Birmingham used to hold several public bonfires but due to cut backs only the Pype Hayes event remains. So other than the flashy theme park organised events we’re going to have to go back to holding them ourselves, yes they’re smelly, dangerous, and an affront to our beautiful Ground Force inspired back gardens. But it’s a connection to our historical roots, shadows of our pagan past and a chance to make new connections with our local community. So get planning and please don’t forget to check the leaves for those idiot hedgehogs, if only to spare the kids of the mental image of the distraught faces while one slowly screams itself to death before the fumes take it. *Do forgive the indulgence. RG 027


CATHY COME HOME Barber Institute 10 November ÂŁ7.00

The revolutionary, documentary style film, Cathy Come Home, directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker, Ken Loach was first broadcast on 16 November 1966 on BBC1 as part of The Wednesday Play. Watched by 12 million people; a quarter of the British population at the time, the film addressed issues of homelessness, unemployment and poverty in postwar, inner-city Britain with some of the scenes filmed in Birmingham. The impact of the film at the time prompted huge debate and alerted not only the public but also the widermedia and the government to the scale of the housing crisis and issues around homelessness. The charities Crisis and Shelter were set up soon after the first broadcast and the film went on to be rated as the best British television drama ever made. The film screening will offer a unique opportunity to listen to a talk from Birmingham born producer Tony Garnett along with prominent historian Dr Chris Upton who will examine the context of the film to highlight Birmingham’s involvement with this landmark moment in British history providing further response to life in the city. 028


SHOUT FILM FESTIVAL Various venues throughout Birmingham 9 - 17 November


Birmingham LGBT’s SHOUT announces the programme for its first dedicated film festival featuring documentaries and short films in venues across the West Midlands including mac at Cannon Hill Park, The Public in West Bromwich, Loft Lounge, Old Fox and Queer Street in Southside’s Gay Villahe and Wolverhampton’s Light House. Featuring the best in recent international queer cinema, the festival opens with the award winning romantic road movie Cloudburst (pictured). While concepts of relationships and identity are explored in the feature films  Mosquita Y Mari, Gayby, Kiss Me, Beauty and the award winning gritty New York drama, Keep the Lights On. The festival also includes documentaries such as Vito, Hit So Hard and the premiere of Pull Yourself Together, which explores the experiences of five LGBT people from Birmingham as they bravely share their experiences of mental illness. Retro indulgence can be found with a special outdoor screening of the 1983 classic vampire romp  The Hunger, and Charlie Hinds (aka Kandi Kane Baxter) will host the 9 To 5 Experience. A preview to the film festival will take place on Thursday 18th November at the Birmingham Library Theatre as part the West Midlands Human Rights Film Festival with the screening of Call Me Kuchu, the powerful and moving documentary about the struggle for equality by LGBT activists in Uganda. Abbe Robinson, SHOUT Co-ordinator says of the upcoming event: “We’re really excited to announce the film festival programme and to be bringing such a range of fantastic Queer films to audiences in Birmingham and West Midlands.”  Neil Anderson, Chair of SHOUT comments: “The SHOUT Film Festival portrays examples of love and passion, it explores what is important to us and how the relationships we forge delight, inspire and move us to examine ourselves and the world around us. It’s great that the programme covers the entire spectrum of LGBT generational experiences and gives us a chance to present films which are likely to become future classics.” HE 031


LAST SHOP STANDING ‘The Independent Record Shops are true gems of our culture – who would want them thrown away’? So asks Smiths guitarist, Johnny Marr in new Birmingham made documentary Last Shop Standing. Indeed, the independents have always been at the heart of the British Music scene, but in recent times their number had plummeted from 2200 to just 269...but all is not lost.  ‘Last Shop Standing’ charts the story of their rise, fall and now their rebirth, and it has been meeting with five star reviews from some of the countries top critics on its first tour of the UK. But why should anyone care about these places when we have HMV?  The film shows us that the independents are not just places where you go to buy music; they’re where lovers of music go to learn about and discover genres both new and old.  They’re where Jimmy Shannon at Birmingham’s own legendary store The Diskery on Bromsgrove Street serves up his own unique brand of strangely 032

encyclopedic musical knowledge along with free tea and toast for his loyal base of customers. They’re the places that have long supported local artists, and so over the decades they have thrown up the truly authentic voices that have made Britain’s vast, eclectic and thriving music scene, the envy of the rest of the world. When local filmmaking company, Blue Hippo came across Graham Jones’ book of the same name, they were inspired to base a documentary on it, but weren’t prepared for what was about to happen. For many years, it had been Graham’s job to visit these shops so he had long been witnessing the reasons for their decline for a long time.   As the film says it was ‘death by a thousand cuts’.   The internet and downloads came after chart hyping and strange conspiracies around the introduction of the CD.  Graham tells us that one day an auntie of his asked him: “‘Are record shops going the way of the candle stick makers?  There used to be one on every corner but nobody talks about them now’. I thought: ‘Wow, that can’t happen – and I’m in a position to do something.’” When word got around of what they were making, they started receiving offers of support from huge international stars such as Paul Weller, Johnny Marr, Billy Bragg and Fatboy Slim (or Norman Cook as he now likes to be called).  All of these people and many more ended

up featuring in the film offering up their take on why these places are so significant.   The fact that Blue Hippo managed to raise 90% of the money needed to make the film from donations from the public alone, goes to show just how many people felt strongly enough that a film like this needed to made. But the story is less about the celebrities who feature in it and more about the quirky characters who have kept these stores going.  From Britain’s oldest record shop to the pioneers of the new wave of shops that are making a big comeback – and it is this that makes the film such a joy to watch.   Rather than leaving you feeling bereft of something that may well have passed you by the first time, you feel uplifted by the energy of those people who are making a success of pulling these places back from the brink. Last Shop Standing is currently touring the UK. For further info on dates see www.lastshopstanding. com. JH 033



A SUPERSONIC FEAST When you are invited out to dinner alarm bells should probably start ringing when you are handed a black bin liner to wear. Tres chic didn’t really cut it but then having drink poured down your throat using a ‘porron’ (or Catalan wine decanter if you prefer) and subsequently your chin. As you gargle down a mic (that part is mandatory) you realise you are probably not going to get served steak and chips at this joint and all of a sudden the bin liner seems like a good idea. This is our first course. As 30 or so of us are sitting wrapped in plastic on tables of six we’re about to embark on a night of culinary and sound experimentation as Supersonic’s special ‘Sonic Feast’ begins. Curated by Companis, who offer ‘memorable dining experiences to challenge the norms associated with eating’ we’re about to be immersed in an all-new dining concept.

Images by Katja Ogrin

Each bubble wrapped table has its own mic in the centre that guests can swizzle around to make noises with using their food. Or in my case the irresistible popping of the table cloth. Our mistress of ceremonies circles the room shouting instructions through a megaphone with a marvelously clipped wartime English accent while our servers bring out course number two. ‘Opus in Pea Minor’ is a bowl of sweet peas in a broth. We’re encouraged to suck and slurp our way through the meal with the use of just a clear straw. The odd pea crosses the room thanks to a well-aimed pea shooter - it’s all friendly foody banter. 035


‘Do it Yourself Handjob’ is probably the noisiest of the courses. Each table is given a set of tools and a bowl. From carrots and graters, herbs and scissors and, for our table, bags of peanuts and rolling pins, we’re given the task of prepping our contribution to a salad that will be combined in a wheel barrow and then served on chopping boards with a feta and spinach pie topped with crunchy filo. There is no cutlery and we’re told to dive in with our hands. It’s a little primal and pretty messy but we’re grateful for the hand sanitiser that pops up every now and then. 036

Our servers appear with helium bottles and balloons for ‘Oooooh Muthapucker!’ After the balloon has gone around the table and everyone has had a suck of the fruity aroma we giggle at the sound of high-pitched squeaks coming out of everyone’s mouth. It’s time for dessert and once again we’re able to act like big kids and get stuck in with ‘How To Make a Mess’. Our box of instructions comes with a mini hammer and whisk for us to prepare our own Eton Mess. Whipping up the cream is hard work; mine stays the consistency of milk but tastes great non-the-less. Our final course of this food symphony is the cheese board, or at least Companis’s take on a cheese board. Popcorn is served with grated Parmesan and an infused oil. It’s tasty and a great end to an unusual and, what will be a memorable, meal. Companis and Supersonic make a perfect match and a fitting tribute to the festival’s 10 year achievement. The Sonic Feast was a thank you to the people who pledge £150 or more to Supersonic’s We Fund crowd source campaign. 037



Tutored Whisky Tasting Upstairs at the The Old Joint Stock 22 November 7pm start £25 per person There is a small scene of increasingly female-led drinking events and experiences that have been popping up over the last 18 months and one is the Birmingham Whisky Club started by Amy Seaton. Rather than sit around waiting for something to happen Amy’s get up and do it yourself attitude, and love of whisky, gave her good enough reason to start a tasting club and help kick-start a whisky scene in Birmingham. “The drink is growing in popularity around the world and amongst younger people,” comments Amy. “Other cities already have a lot going on and I thought with the burgeoning independent food and drink scene this would be a good fit. I found Craig Mills, a whisky expert with over 20 years experience in whisky retail and a great lover of the drink himself, and together we run the club.” The regular monthly tutored tastings are based on themes such as ‘Whiskies of the World’, ‘Tour of Scotland’ or ‘Rare and Vintage’ and distillers are also invited to host events. November’s ‘Peat Freaks’ event offers a tutored tasting for fans of more peated whiskies with Isle of Islay distillers; Ardbeg, Laphroaig, Bowmore and Lagavulin. A mini whisky festival is planned for the 1st December with a larger festival to follow next year. 038

SIMPSONS & PURITY DINNER EVENT Simpsons, Edgbaston 28 November 7pm Tickets ÂŁ85 per person 0121 454 3434 to book

Five specially-created gourmet dishes are being created by Andreas Antona, Head Chef and owner of the Michelin-starred restaurant Simpsons, to match the flavours and aromas of Purity’s award-winning beers and specialist imports. Forget the wine list as each secretly devised dish will be paired with a different style of beer inkeeping with a formal dining experience As part of the ticket guests will also receive a Purity gift pack and drinks to take home.




Dark and eerie yet dripping in glamour, the gothic trend has arrived

Photography: Kate Davis-Macleod Stylist: Pip Edwards Make-up: Abigail Johnson Hair: Zoe Irwin @ Frank Model: Bridget @ Elite Images courtesy of

Opposite & p.44: Fringed shorts - River Island, £30, Lace Shirt - New Look, Studded jacket - Zara, £99.99, Cross pendant - Thomas Sabo, £269. p.45: Black leather dress - French Connection, £350, Bag - Topshop, £35 Rings - Freedom at Topshop, from £6.50, Fur shawl - Debut at Debenhams, Black pearl collar Necklace - New Look, £12.99. p.46 & 47: Leather Waistcoat - Topshop, £42, Tutu dress - Miss Selfridge, £40, Bracelets Thomas Sabo, £149-159, Rings - Thomas Sabo – £119-159








Rockport £150

Rockport £120

GAP £14.96 £30

Criminal at House of Fraser £30

For Her New Look £39.99 H&M £129

H&M £19.99

046 £160

Tatty Devine £30 £47

Kangol £38.99 Helly Hanson £550


Helly Hanson £200

H&M £99 New Look £24.99 £150



Thursday 1 November ART Practical Workshop for Adults Ikon Gallery 2.00pm MUSIC Insolito, She Screams Murder O2 Academy 3 6.30pm MUSIC Bat for Lashes HMV Institute 7.00pm MUSIC To Kill A King, Lula, Fitz Hare & Hounds 7.00pm

Friday 2 November Works 7.00pm MUSIC Terra Naomi HMV Institute 7.00pm MUSIC Lostprophets Civic Hall 7pm THEATRE Blood Brothers 2012 Birmingham Hippodrome 7.30pm

CLUB Icandi The Fox Bar 7.00pm

COMEDY Pete Johansson, Dan Nightingale, Joe Rowntree, The Noise Next Door Glee Club 7.30pm

CLUB Sam Kelly Rainbow 7.00pm

MUSIC The Killers LG Arena 7.30pm

MUSIC Muzikstan Lounge The Old Print

MUSIC Soul Cafe Sunflower Lounge 8.00pm


MUSIC Moselele Prince of Wales 8.00pm COMEDY Patrick Monahan Hare & Hounds 8.30pm CLUB Manhattan Loft The Victoria 9.00pm CLUB Moschino Hoes Versace Hotties The Victoria 9.00pm

MUSIC Lunchtime Guitar Concert Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery 1.00pm EVENTS Ghost Stories at Church St Urban Coffee Company 5.00pm EVENT Bonfire & Fireworks Display Hickman Park, W-ton MUSIC The Frank & Walters, Ha Ha Tonka HMV Institute 6.30pm MUSIC David J, Joe Black The End 7.00pm MUSIC Third Place Victory, Scream Don’t Whisper

Saturday 3 November Sunflower Lounge 7.00pm MUSIC Live Music Friday Urban Coffee Company 7.00pm THEATRE Blood Brothers 2012 Birmingham Hippodrome 7.30pm

Kill For A Seat mac 8.00pm MUSIC Jazz @ Ort Ort Cafe 8.00pm CLUB Just A Groove Rose Villa Tavern 8.00pm

COMEDY Martin Mor, Trevor COMEDY Crook, TopPete J ohansson, Dan ping & Butch, Toby Hadoke Nightingale, Joe Rowntree, Highlight The Noise Next 8.15pm Door MUSIC Glee Club The Carpet 7.30pm Cutouts, Kill Timers, The CLUB Grey Quotes Remedy The Actress & The Jekyll and Bishop Hyde 8.30pm 7.30pm MUSIC Among The Echoes The Flapper 7.45pm COMEDY

ART Screen Printed Christmas Cards Birmingham Printmakers 10.00am ART Creative Crafts Fair St. Martin in the Bull Ring, 10.00am ART Curator’s Talk Ikon Gallery 12.00pm

MUSIC Yes Sir Boss HMV Institute 6.30pm MUSIC Twin Atlantic O2 Academy 2 7.00pm MUSIC 3oh!3 O2 Academy 2 7.00pm MUSIC 2:54, Pins Sunflower Lounge 7.00pm

ART Family Saturday: Family Workshop Ikon Gallery 1.00pm

MUSIC Escape in Paris, This Burning Age, Bolshie, The Scribers The End 7.00pm

SPOKEN WORD Poets’ Place Birmingham Central Library 2.00pm

MUSIC JD and The FDCs, Lipshock O2 Academy 3 7.00pm

THEATRE Blood Brothers 2012 Birmingham Hippodrome 2.30pm

MUSIC Blood Brothers 2012 Birmingham Hippodrome 7.30pm 049

Sunday 4 November COMEDY Pete Johansson, Dan Nightingale, Joe Rowntree, The Noise Next Door Glee Club, 7.30pm MUSIC The Traps The Flapper 7.30pm

COMEDY Martin Mor, Matthew Osborn, Topping & Butch, Toby Hadoke Highlight 8.15pm

MUSIC The Enquiry, Ollie Rudge, Heroes of THEATRE Hanoi Much Ado The Actress & About Nothing Bishop, 8.30pm Crescent Theatre 7.45pm CLUB Vertigo COMEDY The Victoria Steve Hughes 9.00pm The Public 8.00pm MUSIC Gateau Funk MUSIC Le Truc Cafe Jim Moray 9.00pm mac 8.00pm MUSIC Enei CLUB Hare & Hounds Dr Jekyll’s 9.00pm Potion The Jekyll and MUSIC Hyde, 8.00pm Big People Band, The CLUB Roughneck JuQebox Riot Rose Villa Tavern Wagon & Horses 8.00pm 9.00pm 050

MUSIC Soul Sunday The Lord Clifden 12.00pm

MUSIC Chill Out The Fox Bar 7.00pm

MUSIC Sunday Jazz The Old Joint Stock 1.00pm

MUSIC Chris Helme Hare & Hounds 7.00pm

MUSIC Folk @ Ort Ort Cafe 2.00pm THEATRE Much Ado About Nothing Crescent Theatre 2.45pm MUSIC The Sunflower Sessions Sunflower Lounge 6.00pm COMEDY Dan Clark Glee Club 6.45pm MUSIC Metal Hammer Razor Tour O2 Academy 3 7.00pm

MUSIC The Bots The Flapper 7.00pm MUSIC Joshua James The Yardbird 7.00pm COMEDY Dara O Briain Craic Dealer Birmingham Hippodrome 7.30pm CLUB Club Bebop Hare & Hounds 8.00pm

Monday 5 November

Tuesday 6 November

EVENT No Bangs Bonfire Night Avoncroft Museum 6.00pm

MUSIC Open Acoustic Session Café Blend 6.30pm

MUSIC Motown Monday The Lord Clifden 7.00pm THEATRE The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Crescent Theatre 7.00pm

COMEDY The Laughing Sole Comedy Club The British Oak 7.00pm MUSIC Broadway, Violet The End, 7.00pm

MUSIC Oh Sleeper, Social Suicide O2 Academy 3 7.00pm

MUSIC Pulled Apart By Horses O2 Academy 2 7.00pm

MUSIC The Twang Wulfrun Hall 7pm

MUSIC Nightwish O2 Academy 2 7.00pm

MUSIC Motorhead Civic Hall 7pm

MUSIC Yardbird Acoustic Session The Yardbird 7.00pm MUSIC The Cribs HMV Institute 7pm

Wednesday 7 November MUSIC Birmingham Café Scientifique The Jekyll and Hyde 7.00pm MUSIC Claudia Brucken: The Lost Are Found Tour O2 Academy 3 7.00pm MUSIC Savages Rainbow 7.00pm MUSIC Broadway, Violet, Atlantis & Aurora The Flapper 7.00pm

ART Conservation Tour of the Staffordshire Hoard Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery 12.30pm EVENT Tea Dance The Public 1.00pm MUSIC Mike Peters of The Alarm - Red Poppy Tour O2 Academy 3 6.00pm MUSIC Spector, Swim Deep, Splashh HMV Institute 6.00pm

MUSIC Acoustic Club The Bulls Head 8.00pm

MUSIC Jack White O2 Academy 2 6.00pm

CLUB 90’s Night Rainbow 8.00pm

MUSIC Punch Brothers O2 Academy 2 6.30pm 051

Friday 9 November

Thursday 8 November COMEDY The Laughing Sole Comedy Club The Public 7.00pm MUSIC Andy Oliveri, Heinz-Sight The Yardbird 7.00pm COMEDY David O’Doherty Glee Club 7.30pm MUSIC The Likely Lads Sunflower Lounge 8.00pm MUSIC Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap Screening and After Party Hare & Hounds 8.00pm

ART Winter Tour Soho House 11.00am

MUSIC Soul Cafe Sunflower Lounge 8.00pm

ART Autumn Almanac: The Voice and the Lens Ikon Gallery 6.00pm

MUSIC Jazz Juice Presents Holly Thomas The Yardbird 8.00pm

CLUB Icandi The Fox Bar 6.00pm THEATRE La Bohème Birmingham Hippodrome 7.30pm MUSIC Emeli Sande Symphony Hall 7.30pm

COMEDY Dave Fulton, John Gavin, Owen O’Neill, Dominic Frisby CLUB Glee Club Big Wednesday 7.30pm Snobs Nightclub 10.30pm MUSIC Evanescence The NIA, 7.30pm 052

CLUB Manhattan Loft The Victoria 9.00pm

SPOKEN WORD Ghost Stories at Church St Urban Coffee Company 5.00pm MUSIC Devlin, Krept & Konan HMV Institute, 6pm MUSIC Maximo Park HMV Institute 6.30pm MUSIC Maybeshewill O2 Academy 3 6.30pm MUSIC Angel Witch, Enforcer, Age of Taurus HMV Institute 6.30pm MUSIC Holograms, Eagulls Hare & Hounds 7.00pm MUSIC Nerve Centre, The Grade Sunflower Lounge 7.00pm

Saturday 10 November MUSIC Vaults Of Eagles, This Wicked Tongue, Mansize Rainbow 7.00pm COMEDY Dave Fulton, Jonny Awsum, Owen O’Neill, Dominic Frisby Glee Club 7.30pm CLUB Remedy The Jekyll and Hyde 7.30pm MUSIC Heathen Zoo, Passives, Purple Stereo, The Procession The Actress & Bishop 7.30pm COMEDY Paul Foot Glee Club 8.00pm MUSIC Jazz @ Ort

Ort Cafe 8.00pm CLUB Lucha Libre Bodega Bar 8.00pm COMEDY Mike Wilkinson, Ron Vaudry, Jojo Sutherland, Wayne Deakin, Jonnie Price Highlight 8.15pm MUSIC Greg Wilson Hare & Hounds 9.00pm MUSIC Seedy Sonics Rainbow 11.00pm

ART Silk Screen & Textile Printing Birmingham Printmakers 10.00am ART Talks and Screenings Ikon Gallery 11.00am FILM Cathy Come Home The Barber Institute 1.00pm EVENT Diwali Celebrations The Public 1.00pm MUSIC Billy Talent HMV Institute 6.00pm MUSIC Tungsten Dead Beats, Framed O2 Academy 3 6.00pm CLUB The Fox Saturday Night

Party The Fox Bar 7.00pm MUSIC Go Primitive The End 7.00pm MUSIC Lovers Rock Monologues The Drum 7.00pm MUSIC Wide Eyed, Heavy Waves Sunflower Lounge 7.00pm THEATRE La Bohème Birmingham Hippodrome 7.30pm COMEDY Dave Fulton, Jonny Awsum, Owen O’Neill, Dominic Frisby Glee Club 7.30pm MUSIC Primer The Flapper 7.45pm 053

Sunday 11 November CLUB Dr Jekyll’s Potion The Jekyll and Hyde, 8.00pm EVENT The Looking Glass Burlesque Island Bar 8.00pm COMEDY Jojo Sutherland, Dave Twentyman, Wayne Deakin, Andrew Ryan Highlight, 8.15pm CLUB Vertigo The Victoria 9.00pm MUSIC Hot Club de Swing, The Electric Swing Circus Comes Home Hare & Hounds 9.00pm MUSIC Gateau Funk Le Truc Cafe 9.00pm 054

MUSIC Soul Sunday The Lord Clifden 12.00pm

CLUB Chill Out The Fox Bar 7.00pm

ART Talks and Screenings Ikon Gallery 12.00pm

MUSIC Coheed & Cambria O2 Academy 2 7.00pm

MUSIC Sunday Jazz The Old Joint Stock, 1.00pm

MUSIC Lauren Pryke, Ricardo Thompson O2 Academy 3 7.00pm

MUSIC Folk @ Ort Ort Cafe 2.00pm ART Don Boyd Ikon Gallery 2.00pm MUSIC Sea of Bees, Barbarossa Hare & Hounds 6.00pm MUSIC Architects, Deez Nuts, Bury Tomorrow, Acacia Strain HMV Institute 7.00pm

COMEDY Alexei Sayle Glee Club 7.30pm MUSIC Mods & Sods The Junction, Moseley 7.30pm MUSIC Aruan Ortiz & Michael Janisch ‘5’ ft the Legendary Greg Osby Hare & Hounds 7.45pm COMEDY Kevin Bridges

Birmingham Hippodrome 8.00pm CLUB Club Bebop Hare & Hounds 8.00pm MUSIC Attention Thieves, Versus The Actress & Bishop 8.30pm

Monday 12 November

Tuesday 13 November

Tuesday 13 November

Wednesday 14 November

MUSIC Trio Rosbifs Café Blend 6.30pm

SPOKEN WORD Tuesday Talks Birmingham Cathedral 1.00pm

MUSIC Swampmeat Sunflower Lounge 8.00pm

MUSIC DJ Fresh HMV Institute 6.30pm

MUSIC Acoustic Club The Bulls Head 8.00pm

MUSIC Parkway Drive The Ballroom Birmingham 7.00pm

MUSIC Jake Bugg, Findlay, Tom Odell HMV Institute 7.00pm MUSIC Motown Monday The Lord Clifden 7.00pm MUSIC Marcus Foster Hare & Hounds 7.00pm COMEDY Lee Nelson Live New Alexandra Theatre 7.30pm COMEDY Lenny Henry Solihull Arts Complex 7.30pm

MUSIC Young Man Rainbow 7.00pm MUSIC Buck 65 HMV Institute 7.00pm MUSIC Yardbird Acoustic Session The Yardbird 7.00pm

CLUB High Fidelity Hare & Hounds 9.00pm CLUB 90’s Night Rainbow 10.00pm

MUSIC The Karma Suits, Tape, Mellor Adam And Eve 7.00pm MUSIC Exide O2 Academy 3 7.00pm

MUSIC Saint Saviour, Wall Hare & Hounds 7.00pm

MUSIC Chris Moyles Live 02 Academy 2 7.00pm

MUSIC Revoker O2 Academy 3 7.00pm

COMEDY Arthur Smith Exposed! Glee Club 7.30pm MUSIC Jazz Morley Hare & Hounds 7.30pm 055

Wednesday 14 November

Thursday 15 November

MUSIC The Stylistics The Jam House 8.00pm

MUSIC Calories The Bulls Head 8.00pm

MUSIC VeXXen, Moody Bomber O2 Academy 3 6.30pm

COMEDY Laughing Cows Kitchen Garden Cafe 8.00pm

MUSIC Nurvrax Jam: The John Morris Trio The Yardbird 8.00pm MUSIC Duncan Reid and the Big Heads, TV Smith The Actress & Bishop 8.30pm

MUSIC The Wedding Present O2 Academy 2 7.00pm MUSIC Mad Dog Mcrea, Cosmo Jarvis HMV Institute 7.00pm MUSIC Band of Horses HMV Institute 7.00pm MUSIC Icandi The Fox Bar 7.00pm MUSIC Fucked Up Rainbow 7.00pm COMEDY Daniel Sloss, Kai Humphries Glee Club 7.30pm


COMEDY Andy Askins, Martin Mor, Ian Coppinger Glee Club 7.30pm MUSIC Club Smith The Flapper 7.30pm MUSIC Soul Cafe Sunflower Lounge 8.00pm MUSIC Moselele Prince of Wales 8.00pm CLUB Manhattan Loft The Victoria 9.00pm ** BIRMINGHAM’S FRANKFURT CHRISTMAS MARKET OPENS **

Friday 16 November SPOKEN WORD Ghost Stories at Church St Urban Coffee Company 5.00pm MUSIC [spunge] O2 Academy 3 6.30pm MUSIC Blood On The Dancefloor HMV Institute 6.30pm MUSIC The Vignettes, Bella Diem, Naked Remedy Sunflower Lounge 7.00pm MUSIC Mumiy Troll, Echotape Rainbow 7.00pm COMEDY Andy Askins, Martin Mor, Ian Coppinger, James Mullinger Glee Club 7.30pm

CLUB Remedy The Jekyll and Hyde 7.30pm

Friday 16 November

Saturday 17 November

COMEDY Phil Butler, Brendan Dempsey, Daliso Chaponda, Danny McLaughlin Highlight 8.15pm

ART Vintage and Craft Fayre Rowheath Pavilion 9.00am

ART Lino Printing, Blind Embossing – Making Concertina MUSIC Books Nick Pride & Birmingham Printthe Pimptones, makers, 10am The Titanics Hare & Hounds ART 8.30pm Hoard Open Day MUSIC Birmingham Freestyle: 4oz Museum & Art GalOf Groove, lery, 10.30am Dubcherry, Danieal MUSIC The Bulls Head Speech Debelle 8.30pm HMV Institute 6.30pm CLUB Roller Disco MUSIC The Tower Rizzle Kicks Ballroom O2 Academy 2 9.00pm 7.00pm MUSIC Adam Ant & The Good The Mad & The Lovely Posse The Ballroom Birmingham 7.00pm 057

MUSIC The Crookes, Hey Sholay, Black Market Empire Sunflower Lounge 7.00pm MUSIC Pint Shot Riot O2 Academy 3 7.00pm CLUB The Fox Saturday Night Party The Fox Bar 7.00pm COMEDY Andy Askins, Martin Mor, Ian Coppinger, James Mullinger Glee Club 7.30pm COMEDY Jack Dee Birmingham Hippodrome 7.30pm CLUB Dr Jekyll’s Potion The Jekyll and Hyde. 8.00pm 058

Saturday 17 November

Sunday 18 November

CLUB JuQebox Rose Villa Tavern 8.00pm

SPOKEN WORD Don Letts Hare & Hounds 9.00pm

COMEDY Phil Butler, Brendan Dempsey, Daliso Chaponda, Danny McLaughlin Highlight 8.15pm

MUSIC Gateau Funk Le Truc Cafe 9.00pm

ART Friends’ Craft Fair and Carols Botanical Gardens 10.00am

CLUB Habit - Final Party of 2012 The Bulls Head 9.00pm CLUB Example & DJ Wire Gibb Street Warehouse 9.00pm CLUB Professor Green Gatecrasher 10.00pm

EVENT The Vintage Home Show Fazeley Studios 11.00am MUSIC Soul Sunday The Lord Clifden 12.00pm MUSIC Folk @ Ort Ort Cafe 2.00pm ART Themes of Love and Death in the 1860s Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery 2.00pm EVENT The Spanish Riding School of Vienna The NIA 3.00pm

Sunday 18 November

Monday 19 November

Tuesday 20 November

MUSIC Rizzle Kicks O2 Academy 2 7.00pm

MUSIC Seether O2 Academy 2 7.00pm

MUSIC Juan Zelada O2 Academy 3 7.00pm

MUSIC Trampled By Turtles Hare & Hounds 7.00pm

CLUB Chill Out The Fox Bar 7.00pm

MUSIC Open Acoustic Session CafĂŠ Blend 6.30pm

MUSIC Motown Monday The Lord Clifden 7.00pm

MUSIC LA Shark O2 Academy 3 7.00pm COMEDY Andi Osho Glee Club 7.30pm COMEDY Gigglebox Comedy Night The Actress & Bishop 7.30pm MUSIC Zappa plays Zappa Town Hall 7.30pm

MUSIC Mystery Jets HMV Institute 7.00pm MUSIC Passion Pit HMV Institute 7.00pm MUSIC Tyler James Glee Club 7.30pm MUSIC Jam Jah Mondays The Bulls Head 9.00pm


Tuesday 20 November

Wednesday 21 Wednesday 21 Thursday 22 November November November

MUSIC Yardbird Acoustic Session The Yardbird 7.00pm

MUSIC Buckcherry HMV Institute 6.30pm

COMEDY Robin Ince Glee Club 8.00pm

MUSIC Sam and The Womp O2 Academy 3 7.00pm

COMEDY John Shuttleworth: Out of Our Sheds Town Hall 8.00pm

MUSIC The Feelers O2 Academy 3 7.00pm MUSIC Dirty Three Glee Club 7.30pm MUSIC Swampmeat Sunflower Lounge 8.00pm MUSIC Acoustic Club The Bulls Head 8.00pm COMEDY The Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club The Cross 8.30pm

BALLET BRB Cinderella Birmingham Hippodrome 7.30pm

SPOKEN WORD Birmingham Storytelling Cafe Kitchen Garden Cafe 8.00pm MUSIC The Likely Lads Sunflower Lounge 8.00pm MUSIC Bread and Circus Patrick Kavannagh Bar 8.00pm

BALLET BRB Cinderella Birmingham Hippodrome 2.00pm SPOKEN WORD Book Club Urban Coffee Company 6.00pm MUSIC Sonic Boom Six, Imperial Leisure O2 Academy 3 7.00pm CLUB Icandi The Fox Bar 7.00pm MUSIC Crystal Castles HMV Institute 7.00pm MUSIC Mad Caddies The Ballroom Birmingham 7.00pm SPOKEN WORD In Conversation With


Thursday 22 November

Friday 23 November

Friday 23 November

Darcey Bussell Burlington Hotel 7.00pm

MUSIC Soul Cafe Sunflower Lounge 8.00pm

COMEDY Stand Up Comedy Showcase mac 7.30pm

BALLET BRB Cinderella Birmingham Hippodrome 7.30pm

CLUB Manhattan Loft The Victoria 9.00pm

SPOKEN WORD Ghost Stories at Church St Urban Coffee Company, 5.00pm MUSIC Levellers O2 Academy 2 6.00pm

COMEDY Andy Robinson, Mick Ferry, Joe Lycett Glee Club, 7.30pm

COMEDY Andy Robinson, Mick Ferry, Joe Lycett, Sally Ann Hayward Glee Club 7.30pm MUSIC Luke Daniels & John Dipper Hare & Hounds 7.30pm

MUSIC Therapy? - A Brief Crack of Live Tour O2 Academy 2 6.00pm MUSIC Matt Corby HMV Institute 6.00pm MUSIC The Lieutenants, The Scholars, Framed The End 7.00pm BALLET BRB Cinderella Birmingham Hippodrome 7.30pm

CLUB Remedy The Jekyll and Hyde, 7.30pm COMEDY Greg Davies: The Back of My Mum’s Head New Alexandra Theatre 8.00pm COMEDY Gavin Webster, Ron Vaudry, Andrew Bird, Ray Bradshaw Highlight, 8.30pm MUSIC Eastern Electronic Festival x Freestyle The Bulls Head 8.30pm


Saturday 24 November

Sunday 25 November

EVENT Birmingham Alternative & Burlesque Festival The Ballroom Birmingham 12.00pm

COMEDY Andy Robinson, Mick Ferry, Joe Lycett, David Hadingham Glee Club 7.30pm

BALLET BRB Cinderella Birmingham Hippodrome 2.30pm

MUSIC New Killer Shoes, Sixtyfours, Purple Stereo The Flapper 7.45pm

MUSIC Ben Howard, Willy Mason HMV Institute 7.00pm MUSIC The Complete Stone Roses O2 Academy 2 7.00pm MUSIC Ronin, Khaos Theory O2 Academy 3 7.00pm BALLET BRB Cinderella Birmingham Hippodrome 7.30pm 062

CLUB Dr Jekyll’s Potion The Jekyll and Hyde 8.00pm CLUB JuQebox Rose Villa Tavern 8.00pm MUSIC Hustle VI: Cold Fields, Prisms & Red Bulls Hare & Hounds 8.00pm COMEDY Gavin Webster, Mark

Maier, Ron Vaudry, Ray Bradshaw Highlight 8.30pm CLUB Club A-Go-Go The Victoria 9.00pm CLUB Vertigo The Victoria 9.00pm CLUB The Penguin Club Hare & Hounds 9.00pm MUSIC Gateau Funk Le Truc Cafe 9.00pm CLUB Lojak, Ben Nott & Al Mackenzie The Bulls Head 9.00pm

MUSIC Soul Sunday The Lord Clifden 12.00pm BALLET BRB Cinderella Birmingham Hippodrome 12.00pm MUSIC Sunday Jazz The Old Joint Stock 1.00pm MUSIC Folk @ Ort Ort Cafe 2.00pm EVENT The 2012 Birmingham International Tattoo The NIA 6.00pm MUSIC Blueprint Café Blend 6.30pm MUSIC The Milk O2 Academy 2 7.00pm

Sunday 25 November

Monday 26 November

Tuesday 27 November

CLUB Chill Out The Fox Bar 7.00pm

EVENT BBC Good Food Show NEC

MUSIC Rodrigo y Gabriela HMV Institute 7.00pm

EVENT The 2012 Birmingham International Tattoo The NIA 6.00pm

MUSIC Motown Monday The Lord Clifden 7.00pm

MUSIC The Soft Moon, Dracula Lewis Hare & Hounds 7.00pm

MUSIC The Live Box Hare & Hounds 7.45pm COMEDY Steve Hughes Glee Club 8.00pm MUSIC Ben Calvert & The Swifts, Simon Fox Kitchen Garden Cafe 8.00pm CLUB Club Bebop Hare & Hounds 8.00pm

EVENT Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre Ludlow Castle

MUSIC Converge, Touche Amore O2 Academy 2 7.00pm MUSIC Akala O2 Academy 3 7.00pm MUSIC Beth Orton, Sam Amidon Glee Club 7.30pm MUSIC Elliot Brood Hare & Hounds 7.30pm MUSIC Chris Tucker Symphony Hall 7.30pm

MUSIC Yardbird Acoustic Session The Yardbird 7.00pm MUSIC Ryan Leslie HMV Institute 7.00pm BALLET BRB Cinderella Birmingham Hippodrome 7.30pm CRAFT Stitches and Hos Hare & Hounds 7.30pm SPOKEN WORD Poetry Bites Kitchen Garden Cafe 7.30pm MUSIC Acoustic Club 063

Thursday 29 November

Wednesday 28 November The Bulls Head 8.00pm MUSIC The Acoustic Sessions The Jam House 8.30pm CLUB 90’s Night Rainbow 10.00pm

EVENT BBC Good Food Show Winter The NEC 9.30am BALLET BRB Cinderella Birmingham Hippodrome 2.00pm MUSIC The Staves, Luke SitalSingh Hare & Hounds 7.00pm BALLET BRB Cinderella Birmingham Hippodrome 7.30pm MUSIC Jazz in the Bar The Old Joint Stock 7.30pm SPoken Word Dickens Tales: Bleak House The Old Joint Stock, 7.30pm


MUSIC Elbow The NIA, 8.00pm MUSIC The Likely Lads Sunflower Lounge 8.00pm MUSIC Tantrums DJs Sunflower Lounge 8.00pm MUSIC Nurvrax Jam: The John Morris Trio The Yardbird 8.00pm MUSIC Jazzlines: Trio VD and Threenil Hare & Hounds 8.30pm

EVENT BBC Good Food Show Winter The NEC 9.30am MUSIC SOiL & Fozzy O2 Academy 2 6.30pm MUSIC Subtotal O2 Academy 3 6.30pm MUSIC Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly Hare & Hounds 7.00pm MUSIC Evan Dando & Julian Hatfield HMV Institute 7.00pm COMEDY Alun Cochrane Glee Club 7.00pm CLUB Icandi The Fox Bar 7.00pm

Friday 30 November COMEDY Comedy & Curry Paragon Hotel 7.00pm MUSIC The Vaccines O2 Academy 2 7.00pm MUSIC Jersey Budd The Flapper 7.00pm BALLET BRB Cinderella Birmingham Hippodrome 7.30pm COMEDY Neil Delamere, Kelly Kingham, Roger Monkhouse Glee Club 7.30pm MUSIC Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson The NIA 7.30pm MUSIC Soul Cafe

Sunflower Lounge 8.00pm MUSIC Jazz Juice Presents Leo Appleyard The Yardbird 8.00pm CLUB Manhattan Loft The Victoria 9.00pm

EVENT BBC Good Food Show Winter The NEC 9.30am

Sunflower Lounge 7.00pm

BALLET BRB Cinderella Birmingham Hippodrome 6.30pm

SPOKEN WORD The Nubian Readers Book Club The Drum 7.30pm

MUSIC The Roz Bruce Infusion O2 Academy 3 6.30pm

CLUB Lucha Libre Bodega Bar 8.00pm

COMEDY Neil Delamere, Kelly Kingham, Roger ART Monkhouse, African The Boy With Textiles Study Tape On His Day Face Museum Glee Club Collections Centre 7.30pm 10.00am CLUB MUSIC Remedy Boat To Row The Jekyll and O2 Academy 2 Hyde 6.00pm 7.30pm

MUSIC Murder of Crows The Flapper 7.00pm MUSIC PNW

COMEDY Sean Meo, Sean Percival, Trevor Crook, Johnny Candon Highlight 9.00pm 065

Venue Directory MUSIC VENUES Actress & Bishop 36, Ludgate Hill, B3 1EH 0121 236 7426

0121 444 2081

BIRMINGHAM BALLROOM 52-54 Dale End, B4 7LS 0121 448 0797

HMV Institute 78 Digbeth High St, Digbeth

BOTANICAL GARDENS 12A Westbourne Road Edgbaston, B15 3TR 0121 454 1860 BULLS HEAD 23, St. Marys Row, Moseley, B13 8HW Civic/Wulfrun Hall North Street, WV1 1RQ. 0870 320 7000 The Flapper Kingston Row, B1 2NU. 0121 236 2421 The Fox Bar 17 Lower Essex Street, B5 6SN, 0121 622 3213 Hare & Hounds 106 High Street, B14 7JZ.


The Jam House 3 - 5 St Pauls Square Birmingham, West Midlands B3 1QU 0121 200 3030

Town Hall Victoria Square, B3 3DQ 0121 780 3333 The Victoria 48 John Bright Street, B1 1BN. 0121 633 9439 thevictoriabirmingham. YARDBIRD Paradise Place, Birmingham, B3 3HJ ART VENUES

Jekyll & hyde 28, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham, B4 6BJ KITCHEN GARDEN CAFE 17 York Road, Kings Heath. 0121 443 4725 O2 Academy 08444 772 000 o2academybirmingham. SUNFLOWER LOUNGE 76, Smallbrook Queens way, Birmingham, B5 The Rainbow 160 High Street Deritend, B12 0LD

Birmingham Printmakers 90 Floodgate Street, B5 5SR, 0121 766 8545 birminghamprintmakers. org/ BM&G Chamberlain Square, B3 3DH, CUSTARD FACTORY Gibb Street, B9 4AA The Drum 144 Potters Lane, Aston, B6 4UU, 0121 333 2444



EASTSIDE PROJECTS 86 Heath Mill Lane, B9 4AR, 0121 771 1778

The Glee Club The Arcadian, B5 4TD. 0871 472 0400

BODEGA 12 Bennett’s Hill, B2 5 0121 448 4267

Ikon Gallery Oozells Square, B1 2HS 0121 248 0708

HIGHLIGHT 259-262 Broad Street, B1 2HF

CAFE BLEND Unit 4, Orion Building 90 Navigation Street, B5 4AA 0121 633 3460

THEATRE VENUES The Lighthouse The Chubb Building Fryer Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1HT 01902 716 055 MAC Cannon Hill Park The Public New Street, West Bromwich B70 7PG 0121 533 7161 Wolverhampton Art Gallery Lichfield St, WV1 1DU 01902 552055

Alexandra Theatre Station St, Birmingham 0844 847 2302 BIRMINGHAM HIPPODROME Hurst Street 0844 338 5000 birminghamhippodrome. com

FAZELEY STUDIOS 191 Fazeley Street, B5 5SE, 0121 224 8484 ORT CAFE Moseley Road PARAGON HOTEL 145 Alcester Street, B12 0PJ 0121 627 0627

CRESCENT THEATRE Sheepcote Street, B16 8AE, 0121 643 5858

ROWHEATH PAVILION Heath Road, Bournville B30 1HH The Old Joint Stock 0121 458 1711 Pub and Theatre 4 Temple Row West B2 5NY, 0121 200 1892 Birmingham Rep Centenary Square, 0121 236 4455


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Area Culture Guide November 2012  

This is the Area Culture Guide for November 2012 with a round up of art, music, comedy, fashion and film for the West Midlands region.

Area Culture Guide November 2012  

This is the Area Culture Guide for November 2012 with a round up of art, music, comedy, fashion and film for the West Midlands region.