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Church Street Square & St Paul’s Square, Birmingham | @findingsbham Until 19 July The act of discovery; the tools of an artisan; the revelation of something new; all are bountiful definitions of the word ‘Findings’ which serves as the inspirational term behind the latest project by internationally acclaimed photographer Tom Hunter. And whilst the phrase has connotations a plenty, all of Hunter’s findings have been found amongst the public squares, spaces and some of the lost places of Birmingham where his pictures aim to reveal hidden histories amid glimpses of life. However, whilst digital cameras decorate many a shop shelf, Hunter has very much opted for the non digital, the simplistic in fact. The whole body of work has been shot using a pinhole camera - a wooden box without a lens or shutter. This arcane and archaic instrument links Hunter’s work to the pre and early stages of the evolution of photography but is modernised through his use of colour transparency film. This combination is used by the artist in an effort to elevate photography to an art form in which overall aesthetic effect is more important than detail. Hunter aims to create the atmospheric qualities of paintings, capturing the many tales that these buildings tell in far more sensitive and impressionistic images. Throughout the month of February, Hunter was given unique access to the cities’ listed and public buildings, where he sought to explore diverse cultures, the industrial heritage and the many mixes of architecture on offer. The commission, which will be on display across the two sites, offers the visitor a chance to make their own journey of discovery on either side of the footbridge which linked the two districts. KP 04



THE NATURE OF THE BEAST Walsall New Art Gallery | @newartgallery Until 30 June

Around half of the British population reportedly now own a pet (including some six million dogs, seven million cats and eighteen million goldfish); David Attenborough is as near to a TV demi-god as is possible, an ownerdog duo can win one of the decade’s most-watched talent show contests and UK animal rights groups are amongst some of the most active in the world. We’re an animal loving country, no doubting it. But it’s our darker and complex relationships with the animal kingdom, and by association the natural world, that form the basis of a sizeable, challenging and thought-provoking contemporary art exhibition at Walsall’s award-winning New Art Gallery, presenting a slightly more macabre and subversive view of how we engage with and regard our non-human counterparts. As violent fairy-tale inspired creations by Tessa Farmer (pictured) detailing acts of mischief and torture with the animal world and Mat Colinshaw’s voyeuristic portraits capturing of the moment of death for butterflies in Insecticides demonstrate, Animals Do The Funniest Things this exhibition is not. Our fixed perspectives of the many species which we share the planet with also woven into the exhibition’s narrative, through Mark Farnington’s majestic paintings of bulls which explore the notion of animals as commodities, and the taxidermy of Polly Morgan – influenced in part by the dry, unemotional appearance of many animal and natural world museum exhibits. The overall feel and flow of this new exhibition, which also draws on collections from Manchester City Art Gallery, Leeds Museums & Galleries, Compton Verney and the Horniman Museum amongst others, may be a gallery experience that offers up wonderment and oddity in equal measures for the curious animal lovers out there. Just remember to leave the dog at home…LB Image credit: Tessa Farmer, Nymphidia (detail), 2011, insects, plant roots. Photo: the artist. Courtesy Danielle Arnaud, London 06


DAVID HANCOCK: COSPLAY Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Lichfield Street, WV1 | @WolvArtGallery Until 1 June

ZED NELSON: LOVE ME Light House, Fryer Street, WV1 1HT | @lighthousemedia Until 8 June

The work of Manchester based artist David Hancock focuses on youth subcultures and in this latest solo exhibition he focuses on the world of ‘Cosplay’. Short for ‘costume play’ the relative recent craze is one that people have adopted to dress up as characters from various computer games, comic books and films. For this exhibition Hancock has chosen to render his subjects using photo realistic style water colour portraits. Even though the theme of Hancock’s work is modern, his style has its roots firmly based in the PreRaphaelites with signifiers taken from various historical sources. SP

Nelson presents the idea that an increasingly limited beauty ideal is shipping its way around the globe one billboard, glossy mag and cosmetic counter at a time. It is becoming universally accepted. And with this, men and women and teens, are undergoing a myriad of unnatural processes in order to obtain a prescribed package of natural beauty and youth. In order to formulate his ideas, the multi-award winning documentary photographer has spanned his research across a period of five years, 18 countries and five continents exploring what he considers to be a new form of globalisation. KP




Ikon Gallery, 1Oozells Square, Brindleyplace, Birmingham, B1 2HS | @ikongallery 0121 248 0708 1 May - 14 July 2013 Go big or go home? Well, French artist Francois Morelett has certainly opted to go big, with a new selection of paintings taken from his 2006 series which replicate paintings created by the artist more than 50 years ago, but scaled up 4:1. Magnified, enlarged and bold, these geometric paintings aim to display the sensibilities of Pacific barkcloth - a highly ornate and decorative material also known as Tapa - which Morelett describes as a formative influence on the development of his distinct type of abstract art which has developed throughout the past 60 years. A self-taught artist, Morelett began painting in the 1940’s where his early work prefigured Minimal and Conceptual Art. Later, throughout the 50’s, his work became known within the realms of Abstraction for its systematic compositions which spanned from drawings and paintings to sculpture and installations. His


artwork follows themes of rigor, precision and exactness and have played an important role in geometrical abstraction over the past half century. The artist’s aim was for the new versions of the paintings to show the significance of tapa more evidently and in far more detail. When asked why he hadn’t created the paintings to a larger scale back in 1952, Morelett described a certain “lack of space, lack of encouragement and perhaps lack of courage” that he and the other European “post war” artists endured. This selection of new paintings compliment a new cultural environment for the artist. KP Image credits: Top left: “52 x 4 n°3 (quand j’étais petit je ne faisais pas grand)” (n°52010 “Cercles et demi-cercles” - 40 x 70 cm multiplié par 4). Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy the artist Above: “52 x 4 n°11 (quand j’étais petit je ne faisais pas grand)” (n°52006 “Lignes grises et noires” - 40 x 70 cm multiplié par 4). Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy the artist



METROPOLIS Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery | @BM_AG Until 23 June

CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Jordan Well, Coventry, CV1 5QP | @The_Herbert Until 7 July

The representation of densely populated areas and the imcomprehensible number of lives, interactions and happenings contained within cities is obviously a significant part of art today, whether through the aweinspiring and instantly recognisable photograph Lunch atop a Skyscraper, the fearful expressionism of Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis, L.S. Lowry’s scenes of industrial life in the North of England or the Chicago house music derivatives produced from ghetto culture clashes. Visions of modern cities and urban life by internationally-recognised artists including Miao Xiaochun (pictured). LB

Exploring how artists grapple with both the brutality of war and the desire for peace Caught in the Crossfire takes the viewer on a challenging journey from the home front to the frontline and back again, as seen through the eyes of artists, soldiers and people affected by conflict. Taken from the Herbert’s own collection, and focusing on recently acquired pieces, the exhibition includes historical works by John Piper, Eric Kennington and Muirhead Bone alongside contemporary works by kennardphillipps and Banksy and works from a private collection featuring Peter Howson, Matthew Picton and Cornelia Parker.





Glee Club, Hurst Street, Southside 0871 472 0400 8 May 2013 has been a breakthrough year for Birmingham born Laura Mvula, her debut album Sing To The Moon has been revered by critics and fans alike, and it is no wonder why - her rich and soulful voice, coupled with layered and subtle musical compositions have led to her being hailed as the “the voice of 2013”. She inevitably invites comparisons with other great soul artists such as Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone – but that is actually a great injustice, her velvety vocals mean she has her very own unique style and should not be seen as some sort of easily labelled, anonymous, post-Winehouse act. With a background that is steeped in music, coming from her jazz loving father and singing in her aunt’s female choir Black Voice while in her teens, she also went on to study composition at Birmingham Conservatoire. All these influences are very much apparent as she creates vast soundscapes which are wrought with emotion with songs such as ‘Father, Father’ and the lovely ballad ‘She’, meaning that the lyrical content very much stands up to the musical arrangement of the songs. To celebrate an incredible start to the year and to say thank you to her supporters, Laura Mvula will play her first ever regional headline tour and a concert in her hometown is sure to be a special evening. As one of the most exciting new musical talents to come out of UK, her incredible live performances are an opportunity to witness a night of delightful harmonies and immaculate musical arrangements. SM 015


REGGAE CITY FESTIVAL 2013 Rainbow Venues 18 May

Mention reggae and Birmingham in the same sentence to most people and invariably the familiar names will crop up: UB40, Steel Pulse, Musical Youth, The Beat, Aswad, Pato Banton, Bitty McLean and Apache Indian. These bands and artists were an incredibly important part of the musical fabric of the city throughout the late 1970s and up until the mid-1990s, representative of the Caribbean community who had chosen Birmingham as their home since the first waves of migration from Jamaica and other West Indian islands in the 1950s. Although UK mainstream chart success for traditional reggae artists – not just from Birmingham but in general – has declined considerably in the last fifteen years or so, aside from big crossover artists who flirt with rap and dancehall such as Sizzla, Sean Paul and Vybes Kartel, dub, roots, ska, rocksteady and reggae in the city is thriving both under and over the radar. Returning for the third year running, Birmingham’s Reggae City Festival delivers a sweetly-curated showcase of the new and traditional, using Digbeth’s now sprawling Rainbow Venues complex as a location. This year, the festival presents over twenty artists ranging from the established like JA reggae legend Johnny Clarke to more underground sounds such as Scottish soundsystem collective Mungo’s Hi Fi (pictured), as well as taking in artists representing genres including ska (The Selecter ft Pauline Black and Gaps Hendrickson), punkyreggae (Hollie Cook) and old skool jungle (Mickey Finn). Spread across three stages, with live graffiti, food and stalls in the mix, the festival also offers up the perfect opportunity to discover artists from across Birmingham’s flourishing reggae community, with Jam Jah ft Olbi Iyah and Little Richie, Overproof Soundsystem, 1EYE, Jinx and Aries on the bill. The old guard would be proud. LB 019


Troumaca are the latest hot new band to come out of the melting pot of talent that is Birmingham right now and the first [BAND] signing to Gilles Peterson’s label, Brownswood. With a new EP out The Virgin Island and an album planned for later in the year, it’s all going on for team Troumaca. Frontman Sam Baylis fills us in. You must be very busy boys? What do you think kick started things for you? Yes, we’re incredibly busy boys, when we aren’t in the studio recording the album we are on the road and that’s how we like it. We played Mostly Jazz festival last summer, Gilles caught our set and he loved it. A few weeks later we met the Brownswood team and signing to them made total sense. So I guess you could say Moseley Park is where it all began with the Brownswood family. What’s it been like working with Gilles Peterson? Gilles is a cool guy. He has so much enthusiasm for the music, it’s really inspiring to be around, and his knowledge is craaaazy! We get to catch up 021


with him every couple of months to talk about the tunes and where things are going. We always come back feeling great. The first time I saw you live my friends and I described your music as ‘sex music’ the modern equivalent to putting on a Barry White record could be sticking on some Troumaca. I don’t think anyone touches Barry White when it comes to sex music, so the comparison is an honour. Say hi to your mates for us. Someone once told me we sound like a can of Rubicon, I don’t know what that means, but it sounds good. We describe our sound as Bass Escapism, we just wanna get lost. We love the video for Lady Colour which is filmed underwater, how did that come about? Did you all become experts at holding your breath? In our spare time we free dive, so the shoot was a breeze. Being under water is like floating in a dream, somehow time changes. The song has a dream like quality, we tried to evoke that sensation through the video and I think it goes some way to achieving that. You have several festival slots coming up this year. You’re playing Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival alongside Hudson Mohawke and Goldie. Which other festivals would 022

you most to like play and who else would you like to see on the bill? We can’t wait for Worldwide, it’s at a skiing resort in the Swiss Alps, we’ll need to sort out our snow plough technique before we go. The line up looks sweet, hopefully we get to catch Hudson Mohawke. Neneh Cherry is playing too, would love to see her perform. Our fantasy festival set would be on a makeshift mobile stage at Burning Man, in between Steel Pulse and UB40, the orgainsers would pay us with wine and honey, ‘cus we are so free and easy. What do you think of the other bands/producers coming out of Birmingham at the moment, any unknown/unsigned acts we should look out for? Birmingham is in a really good place at the moment, lots of interesting stuff coming out and some great parties too. Lorenz System is producer I’m in to at the moment, he’s on that wonky hip hop vibe, niceness. I’ve heard he’s working on a project with Stuart and Josh from Tantrums, imagine that! Troumaca host new night VENUS at the Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath on May 18th. They play festivals throughout the summer including Live At Leeds and Great Escape during May, Mostly Jazz in July and Shambala in August. www.troumaca. MS


LG Arena Tickets are £60, £65 and £70 or 0844 338 8000 28 June This summer marks a very historic gig for one of the world’s most famous bands, The Who. On their UK tour, they will perform their iconic 1973 double album Quadrophenia in its entirety, along with some other classic anthems. Following on from a hugely successful tour of North America demand is always high for the band that defined its generation. The Quadrophenia album influenced every avenue of British culture and its legacy is still visibly marked on our country’s style, art, and fashion. From music legends like Paul Weller to Olympic heroes like Bradley Wiggins, many notable people have been inspired by this album. Rolling Stone described it as one of the band’s “boldest and most fully realized albums” – It was critically acclaimed and reached #2 on the UK album chart. Directed by frontman Roger Daltrey, the new concert version of Quadrophenia pays homage to the album, while experimenting with vivid, powerful imagery projected on an array of massive screens. This invigoration of the senses is designed to compliment and enhance the musical content on display. See Roger, Pete Townsend and the rest of the band as they dazzle the LG Arena. CH




With high praise from Q Magazine, Zane Lowe and many more it seems like Evil Alien are set to be the next big thing exploding out of the region this year. Their trippy dark synth-led beats combined with an indie edge have led to varied comparisons to the likes of Kasabian, Depeche Mode, Portishead and even Kraftwerk. You’ve said your music is inspired by your love of films, can you tell us about your favourite/most influential films? And what are your favourite film soundtracks? Glenn: My favourite film is probably The French Connection and it probably has the best sequel ever too. I think that Gene Hackman is the coolest cop ever in it. We also share a love of foreign films‚ there’s one in particular that Me, Dave and Adam ‘smiley’ Dufrane down at the studio, love called Come and See. It’s a dark and brutal Russian war film. Anything with that sinister cold war, secret service vibe and I’m in. As for film soundtracks we’re obsessed with them! Ennio Morricone, Bernard Herrmann (the guy who did the Hitchcock films) and Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead; he did a great score for There Will Be Blood. There was a great interview with Scorsese, It was produced for Sky Arts, where he just talks about the marriage between film and music. I urge people to watch. Dave: I love films that are very dark, brutal and honest. One of my favourites is a BBC film called Threads. It’s filmed in the old documentary style and depicts what would have happened if a nuclear bomb would have gone off in Sheffield c1984. It follows the days leading up to the event and then goes in to the future after the explosion. As you can imagine, everyone dies or becomes horrifically mutated. Society is in turmoil and nothing good comes out of it. The BBC even banned it for a few years as it was too realistic. The music is scarce but when there are parts it’s eerie; a bit like in The Long Good Friday, the music to that is ace. 025

If your new single Higher than the Sun could be on the soundtrack to any film, what film would you choose and which scene? Glenn: I guess it’s a bit of a euphoric song, but with an underlying sinister feeling‚ so I reckon Inception, but maybe Breaking Bad would be more suitable where Jessie’s girlfriend dies of a drug overdose in bed after getting high. Actually that’d be perfect. Dave: I would love to see the music to the chorus being used on one of the BBC’s David Attenbourgh productions. I know it’s not a film but they are as good as.


Having described yourselves as the ‘odd couple’ or even ‘Murtagh and Riggs’, we’d love to know, who is the crazy risktaker and who is the sensible one and how did you end up working together? Glenn: I think I’m the madder one but saying that Dave can hold his own.. haha. I think if I’m like Travis Bickle and he had a sidekick that’d be a good description for him. I called Dave ‘Doc’ once out of Back to the Future which I don’t think he liked. We ended up working together after years of being at Muthers studio together. We’re good friends and as a musician/producer I put him up there with the best. He has got an electric brain, constantly beavering away in the studio.

Dave: Glenn is definitely the man with the plan. I’m the guy who co-ordinates it all. It can all be a bit good cop/bad cop sometimes working as a duo and as far as risk taking goes we both have to take chances because if you don’t take risks trying to get places in music nothing is going to fall at your feet. In the studio you work together as a duo, how does it work as a live show? Glenn: Sorting the live show is what’s held us back until now really. We’ve been like Fleetwood Mac with all the line up changes. Now we have had enough of posturing and it’s time to actually go out and do it. Evil Alien is the two of us in the studio writing and recording. Our live show however is more of a band. Dave: We treat our live show as a totally different entity to writing and recording. Glenn writes a lot of the original ideas and I play most of the instruments and program most of the rhythms in the studio, then we need some skilled musicians to be able to interpret it all live. As Glenn said, we have been through a lot of different line up changes. They have all had their flaws and advantages but going through it has helped us to get where we are now.

Getting fellow friend and producer Kristian Smart on board to help sort out the live show has been a blessing as he is a whizz kid at knowing how we can be interactive on stage with accompanying visuals and the incorporation of electronic sounds with acoustic instruments. We are sounding very strong live now and I’m glad we went through all of the different changes we did. There’s a lot of hype about Birmingham or “B-Town” at the moment, what do you think of this latest label for the scene? Dave: B-Town doesn’t really bare any relevance to us really as it’s just media hype and a silly name somebody has given it all. People like to brand things. I heard a lad in a band labeling it as surf music the other day because of the Hawaiian shirts the bands wear! I asked him if he meant the Beach Boys and he said “no, I mean Peace and Swim Deep.” That made me chuckle as Brum is about as far away from the sea as you can get in the U.K isn’t it? Glenn: B-Town is the worst nickname for this great city I have ever heard and it makes me cringe every time I hear it. I don’t for one minute think any of the bands from that scene came up with it, well I hope they didn’t. Your new single is out now, what’s next for Evil Alien? Is there an album in the pipeline? Glenn: The album is 99% done, so we’re just looking forward to putting it out there. It’s got some big singles on there but also some more left field electronic tunes. It’s a cross between Depeche Mode and Massive Attack in my mind but we just want to put the cat amongst the pigeons and play as much as we possibly can now. I think we’ve got some cool shows lined up now as well and some festivals to go. We’re ready to go to war on the music world. We’re also scoring our first film called ‘FUMES’ which is by Tom Werber who directed the video for Higher than the Sun. Evil Alien play The Yardbird, Birmingham on 5 May and The Hare and Hounds Kings Heath on the 25 May. ‘Factotum’ EP is out June 10th MS




Winter in this country is as long and brutal as a Victorian bare knuckle boxing match. It’s no surprise then that by the time summer arrives the English are ready to head into the fields and worship our fickle sun god in three day explosions of decadence, music and terrible food served in polystyrene trays. Unfortunately even though our thoughts are only just turning towards the summer now our vitamin D deprived brains are treated to snatches of spring sun, the big festivals are all sold out; Glastonbury sold out in less than two hours. Filling your festival with the type of squares that are able to plan seven months ahead is a mistake. You’re likely to end up with a field full of accountants, bopping grey heads in time while counting the net cost of a smile. But there is still hope*. It is possible to have that life changing festival experience even though you were under a duvet drinking Bailey’s and hot chocolate while the smug forward planners were hitting refresh and forking over hundreds of pounds they don’t have.


Volunteering: Some big festivals and organisations that have a presence at the bigger festivals ask for temporary staff to work shifts, in return you get time off to explore the festival. Jobs include picking litter, handing out flyers and general stewardess. The shifts can be long, quite boring and, in extreme weather, really unpleasant. But, hey, free festival right? Google around and look for opportunities. If you’re thinking about signing up, getting in the festival, then disappearing, forget it. You’re not the first and organisations are well aware of your plan, some even ask for a deposit.

Touts: Expensive, not guaranteed to work, and you have to speak to a tout, which is never pleasant. Although a tout still with tickets on a Saturday morning after the festival has started will probably be willing to haggle... Working security: This is a tough gig. The shifts are normally 12 hours long and at the oddest times. The work involves being shouted at by some foppy haired drip from Kent when he doesn’t think that any of his friends need backstage passes because ‘they’re, like, with me?’. But the pay is good and if you can manage not to pass out from exhaustion after an extensive shift on your feet, you get the run of the festival, including VIP areas if your mate is on the door. With the added bonus of 40 or so bored heavies with hair trigger tempers a phone call away should the situation demand it. Nowadays of course most security companies require a license which can cost around £250 and a couple of days training. And you may end up with a scar on your chest after a drunken hippy smashes a wine bottle on the ground and drags you down on the floor for a roll around. Make ‘friends’ with a band: Use whatever charms you have at your disposal to be on someone’s guest list. Warning: may lead to chlamydia, bad tattoo decisions, and even three day weddings.

Turn up and try and blag, bribe or sneak your way in: Needs: Charm, luck, and bottle.Risking: Police record, dignity, and a comprehensive kicking. Smaller Festivals: While the bigger festivals may be sold out, Birmingham is lucky to sit in the centre of a country full of smaller, more intimate, and authentic festivals. All the blood, sweat and beers of a big name festival, none of the TOMIE obsessed haircuts YOLOing and gambolling ticking off another box on their ‘youth culture’ check-list before they disappear to be middle management civil servants, ambassador’s clerks and judges. See – Nozstock and Bearded Theory. As long and as unflinchingly brutal the English winters are, our summers can be as fleeting and ephemeral. But the memories you make during a festival can last you through the winter months to come. With luck, smarts, and a little bit of mouth there is still time to give you a summer to remember. *terms and conditions apply; Area cannot be responsible for instances of failed hope or disappointment encountered. DS 029


WIN FESTIVAL TICKETS Win Tickets to one of 35 festivals listed over the next 17 pages. How to enter: Unless otherwise stated answer the following question... Which Birmingham festival will you be able to see Soul II Soul live this year? Send your answer along with your name, address and date of birth to competitions@ Please put the name of the festival you wish to be entered in to in the subject box. Deadline for entry is 2 weeks prior to the start of each festival. Competitions marked with * require entry before the 13/05/13


Bearded Theory WIN: 1 x pair of tickets* 17-19 May Kedleston Road, Derby | @ beardedtheory Bearded Theory’s main stage hosts an extensive number of major artists including New Model Army, Reverend and the Makers and Stourbridge’s finest Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. Saturday’s billing is topped by the legendary Asian Dub Foundation. Joining them are Seth Lakeman, Macka B, The Quireboys, Ruts DC, Citizen Fish, AHAB and Zombie Met Girl. Levellers will close the festival in style on the Sunday night. They are joined on the bill by Stiff Little Fingers, The Farm, Goldblade, Ezio, New Groove Formation, and The Lancashire Hotpots. A great way to spend 3 magical days watching over 100 high quality bands for little more than the price of a major gig or sports event ticket. LOVE SAVES SUNDAY WIN: 1 x pair of tickets* 26 May Castle Park, Bristol Due to popular demand and just ahead of Love Of Saves The Day Festival selling out, a second brand new day has been added - LOVE SAVES SUNDAY -  in Bristol’s Castle Park. Another amazing festival were you’ll be able to Enjoy CHIC featuring Nile Rodgers, DJ Derek, Ghostpoet, Trojan Sound System.

Slam Dunk Festival WIN: 4 x pairs of tickets* 27 May Civic Hall, Wolverhampton | @ slamdunkmusic Now in its 8th year the event has expanded to a full 3 day touring festival. We have 4 pairs of tickets to the Slam Dunk date in Wolverhampton on May 27th. Post rock 6 piece Devil Sold His Soul make a return to Slam Dunk this year for only their second ever performance at the festival. This time armed with the much heralded, Kerrang! Magazine 5/5 new album ‘Empire Of Light’, expect some epic sing alongs, the best light show on the day and one of the best UK heavy bands stealing the show. They will be joining Kids In Glass Houses, Cancer Bats, Bury Tomorrow, Heights, Heart In Hand and loads more! Wychwood Festival WIN: 1 x pair of tickets* 31 May-2 June Cheltenham Race Course, Gloucestershire | @ wychwoodfest Wychwood Festival boasts an eclectic programme that includes indie, folk, rock and world music with some of the most talented emerging artists on the UK’s music scene at the moment appearing alongside industry veterans and cult classics across an exceptional weekend of entertainment. Wychwood prides


itself on its breadth of onsite activities and which further solidifies its position as the UK’s leading family festival providing a unique experience for family members of all ages. Line up: Soul II Soul, The Human League, Kate Nash, Bill Bailey, Craig Charles’   Funk & Soul Show, Sam Lee,   Lucy Rose, Mausi, The Beat and many more. Goodwood: Three Friday Nights WIN: 5 x pairs tickets to each date Goodwood Racecourse, Chichester, West Sussex As one of the world’s most beautiful and highly regarded racecourses, Goodwood has truly reinvigorated horse racing by juxtaposing a classically British sport with the current passion for live, outdoor music events.   After an exciting evening of horses thundering down the straight, the usually sedate Parade Ring turns into one of the most glamorous dance floors in the UK, complete with spectacular laser show. Now in its third year Goodwood has seen the likes of Mark Ronson, Mike Skinner and Boy George take to the decks and fill the countryside with the sound of music.  This year’s DJ sets and dates are: Friday 31 May: Rudimental (DJ Set)* Friday 14 June: Andy Cato (Groove Armada) Friday 21 June: Trevor Nelson 032

Happy Days WIN: 2 X VIP tickets* 1-2 June East Molesey, Surrey | @ happydaysfest Soul Saturday and 80’s Family Fun Sunday make up this family friendly festival. Carleen Anderson, The Fatback Band, Loose Ends and Jocelyn Brown go head to head with Ali Campbell, Jimmy Somerville, Dawn Penn, Imagination and The Real Thing. The Festival will blend three decades of music with other entertainments including themed retro bars, pyrotechnics, games area, family fun activities and an exclusive after show party. Parklife Weekender WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 8-9 June Manchester | @Parklifefest Now in its fourth year the Parklife Weekender is set to celebrate the biggest line-up in its history. Taking the reigns as the musical Mecca of the north Parklife announces a lineup of globally renowned artists. The Line-up includes: Plan B, Example, Rita Ora, The Horrors, Disclosure, Jessie Ware, Jurassic 5, TEED, Rudimental, Johnny Marr, Aluna George, Four Tet, Everything Everything, The Macabees and more.

The Isle of Wight Festival WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 13-16 Jun Seaclose Park, Newport, Isle of Wight | | @ IsleofWightFest Fancy heading to this year’s epic Isle of Wight Festival from 13th – 16th June, to see headline performances from The Stone Roses, The Killers and Bon Jovi?   Plus witness a weekend of spectacular appearances from the likes of Paul Weller, The Boomtown Rats, Emeli Sandé, Ke$ha, Jake Bugg, The Script, Bloc Party, Paloma Faith, The Maccabees, Ellie Goulding, Palma Violets, Happy Mondays, Blondie and many more.  We’ve teamed up with the legendary Festival to give one lucky reader the chance to win a pair of tickets to kick-start your summer in THE best possible style.  Famed, year on year for mixing iconic artists with the hottest up and coming acts, and with the best atmosphere around - 2013’s event is shaping up to be one of the best yet!  BEACH BREAK LIVE WIN: 1 x Pair Tickets 20-24 June Newquay Beach Break Live, the original music holiday, is returning this summer for the 6th year and is set to be the freshest, biggest and boldest event yet, featuring a huge number

of artists including AlunaGeorge, Jake Bugg, Lulu James, Lucy Rose, Devlin, DJ Format, Scratch Perverts and loads more! For the first time Beach Break Live will combine a carnival feel with multiple entertainment venues around the surfer paradise of Newquay. What’s more, for the first time ever there will be a stage on Newquay’s very own Fistral beach.  Beach Break Live is proud to host the largest combined extreme sports competition in the UK, hosting events in kitesurfing, surfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing on every day of the festival. All this plus taster sessions, rider clinics and pro demos; ensuring the Extreme Games will be kicking off at Beach Break Live this summer! Gottwood WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 20-23 June Anglesey, wales | @Gottwood Gottwood Festival returns for another weekend of electronic music aceness and treats. Set in a forest clearing in Anglesey, this is a festival for the musically experimental and open-minded festival goer. With two open-air stages running until 4am the musical Highlights include, Extrawelt, Ben UFO, Crazy P, Luke Vibert. Whitehaven Festival  WIN: 5 x pairs of one-day tickets for 22 June



We have tickets to check out the Saturday line-up at Whitehaven which includes appearances by Slade, The Sweet and Bruce Foxtons Out of The Jam. The festival also showcases the ‘Best of British’ with culinary delights from some of the UK with chefs; Jean Christophe Novelli, Rosemary Shrager, and Coronation Street’s Sean Wilson (aka Martin Platt), with special appearances from music mogul and the Festival’s good friend Louis Walsh! Ludlow Arts Festival WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 23 June Ludlow Castle, Castle Square Ludlow Arts Festival are offering you the chance to win a pair of tickets for The Last Night of The Proms, a fabulous summer evening of wonderful music, on 23 June 2013 at 7.30pm (doors open at 5.30pm). The Last Night of the Proms will be performed by the English National Philharmonic Orchestra, hosted by Gyles Brandreth and close with a spectacular fireworks display  against the stunning backdrop of the historic Ludlow Castle. The 2013 Ludlow Arts Festival features over 14 outstanding events, over ten days. This year they present ten events in a Big-Top-Style theatre, which is fully seated as well as outdoor concerts in the outer bailey of the Castle. Ludlow Arts Festival runs from Friday 21st June to Sunday 30th June.


The Garden Festival ‘The Next Step’ | Electric Elephant WIN: 1 x pair of tickets to each event 3-10 July & 11-15 July Tisno, Craotia | The Garden Tisno site is set in a gently hilly area which overlooks a beautiful bay below, complete with sandy beach and crystal clear waters, with onsite accommodation available including luxury Shikar tents, Podpads and apartments. Tisno itself - split between the mainland and the island of Murter, joined by a 20m rising bridge – is just a ten-minute walk away, a charming picture-perfect town with a host of restaurants, cafes, apartments and hotels. It’s situated pretty much right between Zadar and Split airports, with lots of flights from Europe to each, and continues to attract a global crowd of sun-seekers and musiclovers to what is widely considered one of Europe’s best boutique festivals, nestled on a tiny stretch of Croatia’s beautiful coastline. Ryanair, easyJet, Wizz Air and Jet2 all fly to Croatia from a variety of UK airports to Croatian cities. The line-up for Electric Elephant includes: Carl Craig, Frankie Knuckles, Mr Scruff, Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston, Michael Mayer & Tobias Thomas, Horse Meat. *please not that the prize does not include travel to the festival.

Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul Festival WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 5-7 July Moseley Park, Birmingham | @mostly_jazz Birmingham’s brilliant festival is back with its biggest lineup yet. Taking place in the leafy splendor of Moseley Park some stellar names will be coming to the Midlands this July, including Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, American soul sensation Candi Staton, UK icons Soul II Soul and 6 Music’s Craig Charles, Bonobo and local groovers Troumaca (see p.20) offering a full weekend’s worth of jazz, funk and soul grooves. 2000 Trees WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 11-13 July | @2000trees This family-friendly festival raises awareness of green issues and is an ethical alternative to the more mainstream music events. Now in its seventh year this years line-up includes Frank Turner and friends, Mystery Jets, Future of The Left, Stornoway, Funeral for a Friend, and Brum’s own John J Presley. Frank Turner says: “I’m very excited about coming back to 2000trees. It was very early days for me when I played the first ever festival in 2007, I remember it was a really exciting, cool, new festival to do and to be involved in, it was a good time. I’m bringing with me some of my

closest, favourite musicians in the world. I’m going to be there for the whole festival and I’m just really looking forward to being part of 2000trees again, it’s a beautiful festival.” Benicàssim WIN: 1 x pairs of tickets (4 day festival tickets which both include 8 days free camping) 18-21 July Benicàssim, Spain Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (FIB 2013) takes place in Benicassim on the east coast of Spain between Valencia and Barcelona. So put on your shorts and sunglasses and get yourself down to Benicassim for one of Spain’s biggest parties. Music lovers can make a holiday of it with 8 days free camping included in the ticket. They can explore all the different activities, sights and beautiful beaches that Benicassim has to offer during the day and then rock out to the music entertainment at night. This years line up includes Beady Eye, The Killers, Johnny Marr, Primal Scream, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Arctic Monkeys & Queens of the Stone Age. Please note that travel is NOT included in this prize. Latitude WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 18-21 July Henham Park, Suffolk | @LatitudeFest


2013 will be the eighth edition of Latitude, the UK’s favourite multiarts festival. First to headline on Friday will be Bloc Party, German electronic pioneers Kraftwerk top the bill on Saturday, performing their highly celebrated 3-D concert and taking centre stage on Sunday will be Foals, one of the UK’s most dynamic and accomplished bands of recent times. Latitude also offers an unrivaled selection of innovative arts programming, with eleven dedicated arts spaces offering comedy, film, dance, theatre, literature, poetry and cabaret. Heading up the stellar line-up in the Comedy Arena will be offbeat Irish stand-up Dylan Moran, the multitalented poet, film maker and comic Tim Key, Brighton’s finest motormouth Seann Walsh and South London tearaway Lee Nelson. GLOBAL GATHERING WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 26-27 July  Long Marston Airfield, Stratford Upon Avon | @GlobalGathering GlobalGathering, the epic two-day electronic festival that was crowned Best Dance Event at the 2012 UK Festival Awards, returns to Long Marston Airfield. Join the two-day party with headline performances from Plan B, Rita Ora, Example, Disclosure, Katy B, Rudimental, Sub Focus, Wiley, Carol Cox, Annie Mac,


Jamie Jones, Nicky Romero Steve Aoki, Seth Troxler and more. This year promises to be the highlight of the summer for all dance music fans. With even more acts, two all-new outdoor arenas to take advantage of the ever-reliable scorching weather and exciting new production still to be announced, it’s gearing up to be the greatest party ever at GlobalGathering. WOMAD WIN: 1 x pair of weekend camping tickets 25-28 July Charlton Park, Wiltshire  After celebrating its 30th birthday in 2012, at an unusually sun-drenched event in the middle of a sodden summer, the original and biggest world music festival returns for another glorious year in 2013.  Expect first class musicians, performers and artists from every corner of the Earth entertaining festival-goers across the weekend on 7 stages in the lush and leafy surroundings of Charlton Park in Wiltshire. From the mouthwatering Taste the World stage to the thumping San-Fran disco bar, via extensive workshops and children’s activity areas, WOMAD will be bursting with something to enchant the whole family.  Line up for 2013 includes: Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 (Nigeria), Toots & The Maytals (Jamaica), Parov Stelar Band (Austria), The Heavy (Uk), Gilberto Gil (Brazil), Rokia Traoré (Mali),

Alice Russell (Uk), David Roigan Mbe (Uk), Asif ali Khan (Pakistan), Bwani Junction (Uk), Jagwa Music (Tanzania), Osibaba (Ghana/Antigua/ Jamaica/Usa) And Sam Lee (Uk – Nominated For Mercury Music Prize 2012). More artists to be announced. Farmfestival WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 26-27 July  Gilcombe Farm, Bruton, Somerset | @Farmfestival In 2006, a small group of friends native to Somerset made the decision to host an intimate, costeffective festival for their friends as an alternative to the events dominating the English summer. Farmfestival’s subsequent success has seen attendances grow organically through word of mouth, from an initial 400 to its capped 4500 capacity.  This year’s festival sees pioneering French dance rockers Black Strobe making the trip over The Channel to headline Farmfest along with Ghostpoet, Art Brut, The Skimmity Hitchers, The Skints, The Lovely Eggs, Gramme, Thumpers, Chicken Lips, Luke Unabomber and DJ Die. KENDAL CALLING WIN: 1 x Pair Tickets 26-28 July Lowther Park, Lake District This award winning, innovative, independent festival has become the festival of choice for those who


prefer a more intimate event. Set in stunning surroundings at Lowther Park Deer Farm in the Lake District, Kendal Calling features pioneering contemporary music and art alongside traditional rural entertainment. This is fun the old fashioned way, great times, great entertainment and great friends all in one place! This year the festival has Gone To The Movies for it’s production and fancy dress theme. Line-up: Basement Jaxx, The Charlatans, Primal Scream, I Am Kloot, Mystery Jets, Lightning Seeds (Acoustic), Ash, Fake Blood, British Sea Power, Mr Scruff, Foreign Beggars, Roni Size, Willy Moon. Lounge On The Farm WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 26-28 July Merton Farm, Canterbury | @ loungeonthefarm Lounge on the Farm is an awarding winning festival in the rolling Kent countryside now entering its 8th year on the idyllic working farm that is its home. 2013 promises to be even more deliciously diverse than ever before and heading it up will be the utterly diverse yet jaw dropping legends Seasick Steve, Duke Special, Soul II Soul feat. Caron Wheeler, Scratch Perverts and Aswad. If that’s not eclectic enough for you Shaun Williamson (Barry from EastEnders) also does karaoke there. Lounge has always been about more than just the music, and you don’t


have to spend all your time dancing in a field. It’s everything else that makes Lounge so special - places you can escape to and blow your mind on the magical mayhem that is all around. Nozstock WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 26-28 July Herefodshire This small family-run event now in its 15th year is set in a beautiful rural part of Herefordshire. It started life as a party for relatives and friends and has grown organically over the years into an experience where a sense of belonging still holds true. There is a warm, inclusive welcome, synonymous with the small festival experience, an ethos of fun and participation, and an incredible array of entertainments. With over six stages and many nooks, crannies and secret wooded glades to discover Nozstockers are invited on a journey of discovery through the dingles and the dells of this magical site soundtracked by Line-up include: The Strypes, The Computers, The Dub Pistols and Cockney legends Chas & Dave. Camp Bestival WIN: 1 x family camping ticket* 1-4 August Lulworth Castle, Dorset | 0844 888 4410 Area has teamed up with Camp Bestival to offer a family ticket to

their festi-holiday jamboree this summer. The multi-award winning fourday festival takes place from August 1st-4th at Lulworth Castle and is the ultimate family festival with something for everyone, including this year’s all-encompassing Around The World theme. Musical treats include Labrinth, Richard Hawley, Billy Bragg, Ash, DJ Yoda and Beardyman and one of the best DJ line-ups anywhere in the world with Grandmaster Flash, Sasha, Fabio & Grooverider and Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston’s A Love From Outer Space. There’s plenty of disco action to be had too with Kid Creole & the Coconuts’ high octane live show and The Cuban Brothers rolling out the good times from across the decades, so you’re guaranteed to be dancing round your handbags long into the night. And we haven’t even touched on the festival exclusive Horrible Histories show, comedy headliner Alan Davies, kids’ discos every day in Bollywood, kids faves Mr Tumble and Dick N Dom, the brand new Dance Space, Art Town, 100s Of Things For Kids To Do, the redesigned Dingly Dell, The Guardian Literary Tent, TATE workshops, BFI Film Club, delicious food with Young British Foodies and amazing camp



sites. There are also lots of brand new magical attractions for 2013, and so much more to keep you and your family smiling all weekend long. [*Family ticket is 2 x adult tickets plus up to 4 children.] BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL Win: 1 x pair of tickets 8-11 August Catton Hall, Derbyshire Join over ten thousand metalheads in the hallowed grounds of Catton Hall for a wild weekend of metal celebrations. The award-winning BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL is shaping up to be the fullon metal event of the summer, with all your favourite hard rockers confirmed to join 2013’s headliners, Slayer, King Diamond, and Lamb Of God. Bloodstock captures the spirit of the classic Monsters Of Rock shows which used to take place at Castle Donington during the 1980’s and 1990’s and as well as heavy metal bands Bloodstock offers a large selection of merchandise stalls, metal karaoke, a campsite and a wide selection of food and bars to keep any headbanger happy. Croissant Neuf Summer Party WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 8-11 August Usk, Monmouthshire | @CroissantNeuf Croissant Neuf Summer Party

is a totally solar powered, multiaward winning festival situated in the stunning hills near Usk. Turning sunshine into music, the festival is a haven for families with a bursting lineup of music, circus, fun and games. The deliciously eclectic line-up, including a mix of folk, roots, ska, reggae, jazz and world music, will be blasting from the solar-powered stages to keep festival goers dancing both day and night. With a Saturday circus-spectacular, a dedicated kidszone, an outdoor trapeze rig and the Sunday night lantern procession and fire-show there’s more going on than you can shake a stick at! WILDERNESS FESTIVAL WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 8-11 Aug 2013 Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire | @ WildernessHQ Following last year’s sun-drenched success the award-winning festival of music theatre, talks and panel debates is back with a line-up that includes some of the most respected visionaries in music, food, theatre and the literary arts. Empire Of The Sun (with a UK festival exclusive), Noah and the Whale, Rodriguez, Michael Kiwanuka, Martha Wainwright, Ghostpoet and Tribes, amongst others, soundtrack the Weekend. Add to this Banquets, Feasts and Gastronomy as well as Theatre and you’re in for a treat. 041

Strawberry Fields Festival WIN: 2 x pairs of tickets 9-11 August Cattows Farm, Leicestershire | @SFFestival Now entering its fourth year, Strawberry Fields Festival is widely regarded as one of the fastest growing and most exciting independent festivals in the UK. Nestled in the heart of the National Forest in beautiful rural Leicestershire, its Cattows Farm home is within easy reach of the M1 and A42 and all major cities in the East and West Midlands. From it’s inception in 2010 SFF has always sought to avoid being pigeon holed in its musical offering and has pushed the boundaries each year by offering an eclectic mix of styles and genres across multiple arenas. The 2013 festival theme is, The Call of the Country - Saturday is officially fancy dress day where dressing up as Lords & Ladies, Tweed & Twitchers, Cocks & Hens and everything in between is actively encouraged. Line-up: The Enemy, Jaguar Skills, The Cuban Brothers, X-Press 2, The Other Tribe, Discopolis, The Lines, Troumaca, Andy H, 2 Bad Mice, Secret Life presents – Pete Gooding.

created in recognition of Bob Marley’s famous 1978 ‘One Love’ concert, is the UK’s only annual Reggae Camping Festival. U-Roy, Black Uhuru, The Orb Sound System, Aba Shanti Soundsystem and Coxsone Sound System will be providing the bass driven vibes to Upminster for an irie atmosphere.

One Love WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 16-18 Aug 2013 Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Upminster Now in its sixth year the festival,

TAURON NOWA MUZYKA WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 22-25 August  Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Poland’s principal electronic music festival,


Beacons WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 16-18 August Funkirk Estate, Skipton Beacons is back! The cutting-edge music and arts festival will once again be taking place in the picturesque setting of the Funkirk Estate this August. Beacons is set in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside; an affordable festival brought to you by a collective of tastemakers who, for years, have been bringing the best music to reputable Northern venues such as Leeds’ Nation of Shopkeepers and Brudenell Social Club, Sheffield’s Bungalows and Bears, Club Pony and the Shipping Forecast. They’ve also got the organisers of London-based festivals and events like Underage and Field Day and the Shacklewell Arms venue on board.

hosts some of the most innovative and underground electronic music acts, celebrating new sounds and musical ideas and promising spectacular, multi-dimensional artist performances incorporating visuals and sounds. Moderat, LFO and Squarepusher will headline, joined by CHK CHK CHK, Zebra Katz, Venetian Snares, electronica musician Jon Hopkins and BBC Radio 1 DJ Skream. There will also be a very special Kompakt Records 20th Anniversary showcase with DJ Koze, Mathias Aguayo Band, Sid le Rock and Coma. Set in an abandoned coal mine in the town of Katowice, TNM is undoubtedly one of the most spellbinding European festivals with arenas and parties taking place in exhaust towers, furnaces and warehouses, adding to an unforgettable atmosphere. TNM breaks conventions creating an unbelievable festival experience at an amazingly affordable price.  *Prize does not include travel to the festival


Galtres Fsetival WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 23-25 August Duncombe Park, Helmsley, York Irish punk-poppers The Undertones will be playing this summer’s Galtres Parklands Festival, joining them will be The Stranglers on Sunday 25 August. With Maximo Park topping the bill on the Saturday, and Friday’s big headliner still to be announced, over 100 more bands will be slotted in to the 7-stage programme, which runs over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Bingley Music Live WIN: 2 x pairs of tickets 30 August-01 September Myrtle Park, Bingley, West Yorkshire | @BingleyFestival 2012 was a phenomenally successful year for Bingley Music Live. Highlights included being shortlisted for the UK Festival Awards Best Medium Sized Festival; achieving a raft of positive feedback from performers and festival-goers alike. 2013 sees the likes of Primal Scream, The Cribs, The Wonder Stuff headlining the main stage.

ArcTanGent / Day of Damnation WIN: 2 x pairs of tickets 29-31 August Fernhill Farm, Cheddar, Somerset The 5,000 capacity festival has a bill that includes some of the heaviest metal, post-rock, progressive and experimental sounds around, including Friday headliner 65daysofstatic, and Saturday headliners Fuck Buttons. Damnation organiser Gavin McInally said, “ArcTanGent is already shaping up to be one of the best weekends of the summer and we’re delighted to host a Day of Damnation at its inaugural event. Although Damnation is predominantly a metal festival, we do venture into the world of postrock, progressive and experimental music too so there is a natural crossover with ArcTanGent.”

Festival N06 WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 13-15 September  Portmerion Manic Street Preachers have been persuaded to end their self-imposed two-year exile to headline one of the nights at this year’s event, which will be a UK festival exclusive. The musical bill at Festival No.6, recently named Best New Festival at the UK Festival Awards and Best Small Festival at the NME Awards, will again combine a blend of iconic acts alongside the freshest emerging talent and a stunning DJ line-up. Other live acts confirmed in the first wave of announcements for 2013 include James Blake, Everything Everything, I Am Kloot, AlunaGeorge, Laura Mvula, Mount Kimbie, Caitlin Rose, Chapel Club and Dutch Uncles.


Arts and culture is another integral part of Festival No.6, and this year’s lineup is even stronger. Guests include John Cooper Clarke, the punk poet who is now a national treasure, name-checked by everyone from Alex Turner to Plan B, plus Man Booker Prize winner DBC Pierre, award-winning novelist and Times columnist Caitlin Moran and author and Review Show critic Paul Morley. Red Rooster WIN: 1 x pair of tickets 13-15 September Euston Hall, Suffolk The beautiful grounds of Euston Hall will be the location for the new and exciting Red Rooster festival, which launches this September. Embracing the sounds and lifestyle of the American Deep South, Red Rooster aims to become the premier boutique festival for Rhythm and Blues, Americana, Soul, Roots and Country music.  With music from The Jim Jones Revue, Heartless Bastards, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis and the best BBQ joints outside of Mississippi make this one not to be missed!


Burton Agnes Jazz & Blues Festival Burton Agnes Hall, East Yorkshire, YO25 4NB 5 -7 July The UK’s ONLY independent, boutique, 3-day green field jazz festival is set against a peerless backdrop of the beautiful grounds and great halls of the stately and family home Burton Agnes Hall. A varied line up of funk, traditional jazz, blues, dreamy vocals and everything in between will grace the courtyards and stages. Festival goers will be mesmerized with its diverse and premium bill, which brings together jazz greats and international legends alongside cutting edge and new artists. The Hall’s East Lawn hosts the Festival’s main stage. Inside the Hall, intimate acoustic performances mix with original Elizabethan carvings and French Impressionist art to create an inimitable festival experience. The old stableyard will hum to the strains of rhythm and blues guitar during the weekend, too. Local food and drink feature strongly at the festival, and festival goers can indulge in home-baked treats, barbecued local meats, freshly prepared meals and salads grown in the neighbouring walled garden. A campsite in the field adjacent to the Hall offers welcome hot showers and panoramic views of the Yorkshire Wolds for those wishing to pitch a tent for a night or the whole weekend. For the chance to win one of 2 x Family FULL weekend festival tickets consisting of: 2 x Adult tickets + 1 x Concessionary ticket + 1 x Weekend Camping pass (Families need only obtain 1 concessionary ticket for all children 12-15 years old - under 12’s FREE) Value £218 Please answer the following question: Which Irish blues guitar hero will headline the festival on the Saturday evening? See page 30 on how to enter. 046

WIN T IN THE PARK TICKETS AND RETURN TRAVEL WITH CITYLINK T in the Park is gearing up to celebrate its 20th year in epic style this summer, with over 200 of the world’s biggest acts set to descend on the fields of Kinross over the weekend of 12–14 July. The stellar line-up features the hottest acts and breakthrough talent including headliners Mumford & Sons, Rihanna and The Killers, plus Kraftwerk, Frank Ocean, Foals, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bastille, Chvrches, Palma Violets, Peace and many more. Don’t miss out, get tickets now from Thanks to festival organisers DF Concerts and founding partner Tennent’s Lager we’re giving one lucky winner and a mate the chance to experience the 20th year of T in the Park with a pair of weekend camping tickets and return travel with Citylink! To win, just tell us which year festival organisers DF Concerts and founding partners Tennent’s Lager founded T in the Park? A: 1992 B: 1994 C: 2000 For more updates from The T Lady visit: For the facts about alcohol: Over 18s only Citylink travel is valid from designated Citylink depots. See p.30 on how to enter. 047




He’s the former sweet factory security guard who turns songs about such things as the pitfalls of eating shepherd’s pie and treacle sponge in the right order (‘I Can’t Go Back To Savoury Now’), being able to cross the road to go to the corner shop (‘The Man Who Lives On The M62’), and cleaning paintbrushes after using oil-based paint (‘Smells Like White Spirit’) into pure comedy gold, peppered with deadpan observations in a thick Sheffield accent. Way more than just a novelty act, John Shuttleworth – aka comedian Graham Fellowes – is up there with the best of typically British fictional comedy characters like Alan Partridge, Brian Potter and Frank Gallagher in terms of popularity and style, and has plenty of appearances on BBC 6 Music and BBC Radio 4, gigs on Later With…Jools Holland, countless national tours over the past twenty years, plus Sony and Perrier award nominations to prove it. The bespectacled and roll-necked Yamaha PSS keyboard virtuoso and pigeon fancier, also resident organist at Ken’s Carvery in his home town, perfectly captures the essence of the slightly awkward, occasionally fantastic and always hero-of-themundane nightclub entertainers from the 1980s. This latest tour, Out of Our Sheds, which the pigeonfancier has been out on the road with since November last year, features brand new material mostly asking: which is better: city life or country living? Whichever side of the fence you sit on, you can be guaranteed of one thing: a feel-good live comedy experience from a man well on his way to becoming a national institution. LB 049


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WIN A TED BAKER WATCH Ted Baker, the quintessential British brand, brings a quirky sense of humour and attention to detail to the world of watches. Known as No Ordinary Designer Label, Ted Baker has created a collection of timepieces that is as whimsical and colourful as the company’s ready-to-wear line. To celebrate the launch of the new Ted Baker collection, we giving away he following watch. Classic elegant styling , the watch features a 38mm stainless steel case, white dial and black leather strap.  To win just tell us: Where in Birmingham would you find the Ted Baker store (not concession). Send your answer along with your name, address and date of birth to competitions@fusedmagazine. com. Deadline for entry is: Friday 31st May at 12noon. Available from Ted watches.

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Direct from London’s West End, Europe’s biggest burlesque show is coming to The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton on 24th May. We have teamed up with the producers of the superb An Evening of Burlesque to give away two pairs of tickets to see the show. Showcasing award-winning talent from across the country, it’s an opportunity to see some of the world’s biggest burlesque stars in the flesh. Theatregoers are promised corsets, killer heels and stockings aplenty. An Evening of Burlesque features an all-star cast of beautiful and elegant performers. Sparkling with couture costumes recalling the golden eras of burlesque, it’s the most glamorous show on tour. Prepare for a combination of sultry vocals, breathtaking choreography, mischief, magic, frivolity and fun.It’s all tease, no sleaze, bringing variety back to the theatre, combining musical and theatrical parody, magic, comedy and dance with the art of striptease. ENTRY DETAILS To win tickets to this amazing show answer this simple question: In which French city is the Moulin Rouge to be found? The first 2 entries drawn will each win a pair of tickets to the show. Send your answer, name and address to Closing date: Friday 17th May, 2013 at 12noon. To buy tickets contact: The Grand Theatre box office: 01902 42 92 12 or visit   064


WIN TICKETS TO BBC GOOD FOOD SHOW SUMMER The BBC Good Food Show Summer is running from 12–16 June at the NEC in Birmingham and to celebrate we have teamed up with the organisers to offer you a pair of general admission tickets to enjoy a day* at the Show. The Show is packed full of celebrity chefs including Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry, James Martin, John Torode and Gregg Wallace demonstrating live on the Super theatre. Plus see your favourite TV programmes brought to life including The Great British Bake Off, MasterChef and Saturday Kitchen. Shop till you drop from over 200 food stands. Visit the Producers’ Village and the Good Food Champions area to find small and artisan produce that you won’t see on the high street and Don’t forget your ticket also gets you free entry to BBC Gardeners’ World Live where you can learn how to grow your own from some of the nation’s top gardening experts! ENTRY DETAILS: We have 5 pairs of tickets to giveaway. To enter tell us the name of the show that includes the judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Send your answer Send your answer, name and address to competitions@ Closing date: Friday 31st May, 2013 at 12noon. *Tickets can be used any day except Saturday 15th June. Not a winner? To book tickets and for more information on the BBC Good Food Show Summer please visit or call 0844 581 1341


Venue Directory MUSIC VENUES Actress & Bishop 36, Ludgate Hill, B3 1EH 0121 236 7426 BOTANICAL GARDENS 12A Westbourne Road Edgbaston, B15 3TR 0121 454 1860 Bramall Music Building University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, B15 2TT BULLS HEAD 23, St. Marys Row, Moseley, B13 8HW

Institute 78 Digbeth High St, Digbeth The Jam House 3 - 5 St Pauls Square Birmingham, B3 1QU 0121 200 3030

The Victoria 48 John Bright Street, B1 1BN. 0121 633 9439 thevictoriabirmingham. YARDBIRD Paradise Place, Birmingham, B3 3HJ ART VENUES

Jekyll & hyde 28, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham, B4 6BJ KITCHEN GARDEN CAFE 17 York Road, Kings Heath. 0121 443 4725 O2 Academy 08444 772 000 o2academybirmingham.

Barber Institute Univeristy of Birmingham Edgbaston, B15 2TS 0121 414 7333 BM&G Chamberlain Square, B3 3DH CUSTARD FACTORY Gibb Street, B9 4AA

Civic/Wulfrun Hall North Street, WV1 1RQ. 0870 320 7000

The Rainbow 160 High Street Deritend, B12 0LD

The Flapper Kingston Row, B1 2NU. 0121 236 2421

Suki10c 21 Bordesley Street Digbeth, B5 5PJ

The Fox Bar 17 Lower Essex Street, B5 6SN, 0121 622 3213

SUNFLOWER LOUNGE 76, Smallbrook Queens way, Birmingham, B5

EASTSIDE PROJECTS 86 Heath Mill Lane, B9 4AR, 0121 771 1778

Hare & Hounds 106 High Street, B14 7JZ. 0121 444 2081

Town Hall Victoria Square, B3 3DQ 0121 780 3333

Grand Union Fazeley Street Birmingham B5 5RS


The Drum 144 Potters Lane, Aston, B6 4UU, 0121 333 2444

THE HERBERT Jordan Well, Coventry, CV1 5QP 024 7683 2386

The Glee Club The Arcadian, B5 4TD. 0871 472 0400

BIRMINGHAM HIPPODROME Hurst Street 0844 338 5000 birminghamhippodrome. com

HIGHLIGHT 259-262 Broad Street, B1 2HF

CRESCENT THEATRE Sheepcote Street, B16 8AE, 0121 643 5858

The Lighthouse The Chubb Building Fryer Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1HT 01902 716 055

JONGLEURS 240 Broad Street Broad Street B1 2HG

The Old Joint Stock Pub and Theatre 4 Temple Row West B2 5NY, 0121 200 1892

MAC Cannon Hill Park

AE HARRIS 110 Northwood Street Birmingham, B3 1SZ

Ikon Gallery Oozells Square, B1 2HS 0121 248 0708

The Public New Street, West Bromwich B70 7PG 0121 533 7161 WARWICK ARTS CENTRE University of Warwick Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry CV4 7AL 024 7652 4524 Wolverhampton Art Gallery Lichfield St, WV1 1DU 01902 552055



BLUE ORANGE THEATRE 118 Great Hampton Street Birmingham B18 6AD, 0121 212 2643 HALL GREEN LITTLE THEATRE Pemberley Road, Acocks Green, B27 7RY NEW Alexandra Theatre Station St, Birmingham 0844 847 2302

THE OLD REP Station Street Birmingham, B5 4DY 0121 605 5116 RSC

Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Waterside, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6BB OTHER BODEGA 12 Bennett’s Hill, B2 5 0121 448 4267 ORT CAFE Moseley Road 067

Area Culture Guide - May 2013  

This is the May 2013edition of Area Culture Guide for the West Midlands featuring music, art, comedy and fashion. This edition also includes...

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