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Editors: David O’Coy & Kerry Thomas | @davefused | @kerryfused Writers: Choncey Boddington, Sally Watson-Jones, Siobhan Palmer, Danny Smith, Danielle Taylor, Ross Timms Cover Image: Courtesy of Parklife (competition on page 45) Content Image: Courtesy of Latitude Festival (competition on page 48)

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Marvellous Machines:

The Wonderful World of Rowland Emett Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery | @bm_ag Adults £5, Children £3, Concession £3, Unwaged £2, Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) £10 Until 21 September 2014 Rowland Emett was an inventor who specialised in creating eccentric and whimsical machines that have been fascinating adults and children for decades. Emett’s most famous works are the inventions of Caractacus Potts, the inventor portrayed by Dick Van Dyke in the children’s classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The kinetic machines were inspired by his cartoons that soon evolved into automata and the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is displaying the largest ever exhibition of his works. The exhibition includes not just his fantastical creations but also a selection of some of his most exciting cartoons and paintings. Emett, who studied at the Birmingham School of Arts and Crafts, regularly published his cartoons in Punch magazine across the 40s, 50s and 60s, before dedicating more time to his ‘things’- his eccentric mechanical contraptions such as the famous water-powered musical clock; The Aqua Horological Tintinnabulator, built in 1973, which was installed in the Victoria Centre in Nottingham and is still working. The gigantic clock can also be seen as part of the exhibition, which will be temporarily on display at Millennium Point until September. Other contraptions on display at BMAG include items from the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, fantastical flying machines and a bicycle for cycling across the moon. Alongside the exhibitions there are events and activities taking place for visitors of all ages to get involved in. SWJ 05


True to Life?

New Photography from the Middle East Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery | @bm_ag FREE 7 June – 2 November This exciting new exhibition of photography explores life in the Middle East but also the notion of photography itself. It examines the ideas of real, staged or imaginary documentary photography with visitors being challenged to question whether what they are seeing is real or not. As well as works from Birmingham’s own collection, the exhibition also comprises of major works on loan from the Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Museum, with works from established artists alongside emerging talents. The works come from Tunisia to Iran and the ideas of migration and depictions of women are threaded throughout the exhibition. The theme of what is true to life is especially pertinent to the political landscape of the Middle East in contemporary culture as the region is analysed and scrutinised across the globe and through international media on a daily basis. More than ever it is important for viewers to in turn scrutinise the footage and images they are shown to decide for themselves whether they are being presented with the whole picture or only a fragment of perceived truth. The exhibition is free and is being run as part of The Art Fund Collection of Middle Eastern Photography, an initiative from 2011 for the V&A and British Museum to acquire a number images by Middle Eastern artists. SWJ


Images Season

Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square, | @LibraryofBham Until September 2014 Conveyed in words, captured on film or conjured in your mind, images stand as perhaps the most universal form of human communication. The Images Season, hosted in Birmingham’s dynamic library building, explores how texts, photographs, diagrams and illustrations can express ideas, rouse passions and fire the imagination. The season’s centerpiece, and its inspiration, is a major photographic exhibition, portraying an astonishing record of urban life in Britain in the 1970s and 80s. The exhibit, Daniel Meadows: Early Photographic Works, brings to Birmingham the work of the photographer who spearheaded the independent photography movement in the early 1970s. The exhibition, which opened in May, covers Meadows’ major projects plus recently discovered work from his archives, and is accompanied by a book published by Photoworks. The Images Season also sees the premiere of 3 Summers, a new musical written and directed by local playwright Euan Rose, which kicks off its national tour at the Library in June (17-21). Set in the psychedelic 60s, the story follows four girls seeking fame and fortune. As the third season of events and exhibitions put on by the library since its opening last September, the Images Season promises to keep the library as busy and vibrant as usual, with plenty of connected family events for the summer holidays, including family craft workshops, a 70s selfie day and much more. See the library website for details of individual events. Advance booking is strongly advised for all events, even free ones, to avoid disappointment. SP


Image credit: Butlin’s by the Sea: Butlin’s Filey, Yorkshire, July and August 1972, picture by Daniel Meadows.



Digbeth First Fridays

independent culture this unique part of Birmingham has to offer.

Launched in May the creative district of Digbeth is ‘coming alive’ on the first Friday of each month with exhibitions, late-night openings, special events, culture in unexpected spaces, live music, street food and more.

As a taster the first event included the award winning Digbeth Dining Club who hosted Birmingham’s finest streetfood producers. Late night exhibitions, music and performances took place at Minerva Works with Vivid Projects, Grand Union and Stryx; Edible Eastside cooked pizzas in their earth oven, and Bill Drummond invited visitors to enjoy tea & toast, topped with marmalade at Eastside Projects. 6 June, 4 July, 1 August, 5 September, 3 October and beyond

With different things to see and do each month anything can happen on a First Friday night out and visitors are invited to grab a Disloyalty Card and collect stamps from different participating venues to trade for treats as they sample the great 010

You can find out what else is happening and more detailed information on the Digbeth First Friday website.

Michel François Pieces of evidence Ikon Gallery | @IkonGallery Until 22 June 2014

Ikon presents the first UK survey of work by Belgian artist Michel François. Comprising sculpture, film, paintings, prints and photography, it exemplifies the artist’s conviction that the meanings of a work of art are determined through its combination with others in relation to an exhibition space. The exhibition title, Pieces of evidence, refers to the artist’s fascination with a netherworld, drawing comparisons between the ingenuity of artists and criminals. This involves a projected film in which the hands of a magician skilfully examine everyday objects – drinks cans, cosmetic bottles and the like – before revealing hidden compartments and illegal substances within. The objects themselves are exhibited in vitrines nearby. Image credit: Michel François. Briser (2009). Photograph. Courtesy Thomas Dane Gallery, London.



Symmetry in Sculpture Zarah Hussain Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery | @bm_ag FREE Until 2 November 2014

Artist Zarah Hussain creates intricately beautiful works of art based on repeating patterns formed of simple shapes that are often found in Islamic art. For her biggest ever solo exhibition, Hussain has created a series of wall sculptures with complex patterns that form beautiful pieces of art, combining the traditional influences of Islamic art and contemporary graphic impact. The sculptures expand on the idea in Islamic art that the abstract shapes based on geometry and numbers represent the never ending and indescribable – a perfect repeating pattern that has no beginning or end as a metaphor for the divine. Hailed as one of the most exciting British Pakistani artists working in the UK, Hussain studied Islamic traditional art at the Prince’s School For Traditional Arts in London. She perfected the mathematical geometric art form before honing the contemporary edge to produce works that resonate not just with those familiar with Islamic art and culture, but for anyone interested in texture, colour and harmony in art. SWJ



Scifest Science and Engineering festival University of Wolverhampton, City Campus | @wlv-uni FREE 1-5 July

A giant robot will star at the week-long ‘Scifest’ the Science and Engineering festival at the University of Wolverhampton. Titan the Robot will be joined by former children’s television presenter Johnny Ball and The One Show’s resident Scientist and Inventor Dr Marty Jopson on Scifest family day. Titan the robot is an entertainment concept utilised by event management companies worldwide to add something very special to any festival. For many, Titan is known for his presence in the Big Brother Series in 2010. He has also appeared on TV shows such as Daybreak and The Gadget Show. Since then, he has attended many prestigious events including the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix and the UK premiers of iRobot and Real Steel. Titan has also worked alongside superstars including, Rihanna, JLS, Will Smith and Jackie Chan. Other events taking place include; The Classroom Medics, Think Tank Planetarium, Animal Man, Dr Musgrove’s Marvels, Mysteries and Mayhem, Lego Education, Computer Games Workshop, Who Wants to be a Science Millionaire?, Crime Scene Forensics, Robot Workshop and the chance to try your hand at a range of science and engineering experiments and activities. There is plenty to give budding scientists a step in the right direction. DT 015

BASS FESTIVAL 2014 Various venues 1-14 June

BASS festival is back for its ninth year to celebrate the world of black arts, music and entertainment with a theme for 2014 of “Made In Britain” and a timely focus on all things British. The event kicks off with award winning record producer Curtis Lynch who will be using midlands only talent to create a BASS14 theme tune in one day and have this premiered on local radio. Other highlights include a special screening of the acclaimed 1980s British movie ‘Babylon’ (4th June), with an entry fee at 1980s prices (£1) 016

and an exclusive Q&A with its star and former lead singer of Aswad, Brinsley Forde. There’s a chance of a lifetime to hear Instagram giving tips and advice on how to improve your social media standing; A look and listen to Grime as you have never heard it before with ‘Grime Unplugged’ (9 June) showing the versatility and range of the music and artists as they go acoustic with some of the biggest artists in the genre (look out for Ghetts, Blizzard and Eyez), and if comedy is your thing expect a night of laughs with the Upfront Comedy Club’s ‘Made In Britain’ Special, featuring Curtis Walker. There’s a packed and varied programme so keep an eye on the website for event details.

Taking Your Mum To A Festival “I fancy going to one of them.” My mum’s talking about the advertisement on telly that features Mumford and Sons singing to a festival crowd on a sunny day. Immediately I flash back to be being out of my head on a rainy night at Glastonbury: covered in mud, staring at the lasers in the sky, trying to phone the police and hand myself in because I was ‘too wasted.’ Missing what apparently was a storming set by the Chemical Brothers. That and a thousand other, unprintable, stories come to mind.


“Probably best you don’t really,” I say to my mum. “That’s a shame,” she says, “I like camping.” But then I think back to the last few festivals I’ve been to - a far cry from the chemical and mud jamborees of a decade ago. I think about the creature comforts I take and wouldn’t be without, like brushing my teeth with bottled water. The last time I ate cold greasy noodles out of a polystyrene tray for five pounds a pop. Then I realise, it’s not so ridiculous to take your mum to a festival - hell, I’ve become my mum going to a festival. So here is how to do it properly. You don’t have to come back from a festival malnourished with frostbite or sunburn like a Shackleton explorer and only remembering a man in a suit made of lights playing a gig on broken toys for five minutes between blank spots. Pick your festival If you fancy being herded from one crowd to another while the world’s biggest artists play truncated sets in the distance by all means go for one of the bigger festivals. But also be sure you enjoy watching thirty or so men contribute to a river of wee, or a scallywag snort suspicious white powder off the back of his hand before starting an argument with a group of drunk nurses wearing angel wings. Big festivals

are dead, they just don’t know it yet. Lumbering zombies kept animate by the money of the next generation wanting to say they were there. Smaller festivals are cropping up all over, so forego the long cues, overloaded facilities, and sets by over rated ‘legends’. Festivals to look out for Hop Farm – An eclectic mix of acts from the last 40 years of music with lots going on. 2000trees – Great for discovering the biggest bands you’ve never heard of. Y Not? - Award winning, attracting some great artists this year and with a stunning Peak District setting. Drive Drive, or convince one of your mates to drive. Hitch-hiking isn’t as dangerous as legend would have you believe, but sitting next to a balding salesman called Darren, listening to him recount stories of his ‘wild’ youth is a hassle. Sitting in the toilets dodging the fare is smelly hassle. The uncomfortable amount of waiting, walking, and getting lost is more hassle than you deserve. If you’re the driver, not enjoying a travel beer is mildly inconvenient, as is waiting on Sunday until you’re under the limit to set off again, but setting your own schedule and taking the extra quilt is worth it. 021

Taking the right gear Leave the expensive tent at home, really, even the friendliest festival will have a fat hippy just waiting to trip on your guy rope and elbow drop your £550 Stormforce Megaplex tent into a broken hang glider. But that doesn’t stop you turning your rubbish petrol shop tent into a cuddle nest of comfort. Take an air bed: not only is blowing the thing up worth the effort, but the resulting head rush is the equivalent of having two open bottles of poppers sellotaped under your nose. Quilts are a little hassle to carry, but when you’re sleeping you’ll be the one laughing. Take a cool box with food: sandwiches, packets of processed ham, pack monster munch for all I care. Having food not only makes you able to handle your intoxicant intake better, but it’ll work out cheaper than being caught short and starving on the Saturday blowing the last of your cash on something you’ll probably be ejecting into the bushes later. Other useful things: Sun cream, ear plugs, bottled water. Handle yourself Being a grown up doesn’t mean never having fun again, It’s refining your tastes to the point you know what is actually fun and not just mediated expectations from ad companies or baseless peer pressure that advocates oblivion. Eating is not ‘cheating’, drinking to the point where you become everybody else’s problem isn’t the point here. Enjoy whatever chemical lubricant you can, but handle yourself. Remember the event you’ve paid money to get into? Actually see the bands, enjoy the company of others. Find your limit and tread that. Drunk enough to dance all night, laugh, and not spend two days recovering. Go to bed when you’re tired. True hedonism, is doing what makes you most happy at any point even if it is crawling into your snuggle den. Tips: Drink water, eat food, find a nice level of wasted 022and try and maintain that, talk to people, dance.

See the bands When you arrive make a list of the bands you want to see, keep it flexible and factor in exploring time. Your phone will not last all weekend so knowing and arranging meeting points with your mates makes sense. As much as it’s easy to miss the good stuff it’s as likely you’ll discover something new and interesting. The point is when you lose focus from the music and try to get lost in the seductive ideal of ‘the experience’, this is actually when you watch yet another transsexual sword swallower doing poetry at four in the morning instead of catching the performance of the summer. Tips: Grab a programme early, arrange meeting points and times, stay flexible, see stuff you wouldn’t normally but see the bands you like. So I’ve become my mum. This isn’t a bad thing, I’ve earned it. By going out and making the mistakes, by searching for the ‘authentic’ festival experience, by going out and having the maddest, wildest time a young hedonist can wring from mud, stages, and thousands of strangers I’ve come to learn that mum was right all along. DS


Win tickets to one of the 50 festivals listed over the following 26 pages. HOW TO ENTER: Unless otherwise stated answer the following question... Name one of the headliners at this year’s Reading Festival. Send your answer along with your name, address and date of birth to Please put the name of the festival you wish to be entered in to in the subject box. IMPORTANT: To be entered in to the prize draw you MUST follow us on Twitter @FusedMagazine & @AreaGuide and LIKE us on Facebook at facebook. com/fusedpublications. Deadline for entry is 2 weeks prior to the start of each festival. Competitions marked with * require entry by 23.5.14.


Glastonbudget* WIN: 1 of 2 X pair of WEEKEND tickets 23 - 25 May 2014 Turnpost Farm, Wymeswold, Leicestershire The line up for the tenth Glastonbudget is the biggest and best yet. None other than 30+ award winning tribute acts, 100+ additional artists set across five stages will take you on a musical journey over the May Bank Holiday Weekend. Tickets: £72 for weekend with camping Slam Dunk* WIN: 1 X pair of tickets for your chosen venue 24 May: Slam Dunk Festival North. Leeds University. 25 May: Slam Dunk Festival South. The Forum, Hertfordshire. 26 May: Slam Dunk Festival Midlands. Wolverhampton Civic. Slam Dunk Festival, the UK’s favourite and biggest independent touring festival is back for a ninth year. Not only does it return to run over a few days – Leeds, Hatfield and Wolverhampton - it will be the biggest yet! The seven stage event uses a combination of indoor and outdoor stages across urban sites to create a totally unique festival experience. This year’s headliner is the platinum selling, The All American

Rejects. This will be their only UK performances of 2014, playing a plethora of hits from their four albums which have sold over 10 million copies worldwide including ‘Dirty Little Secret’, ‘Gives You Hell’, ‘Swing Swing’ and more. Joining exclusive headliners All American Rejects will be the wonderful Kids In Glass Houses. Having announced their impending split earlier in the year, this was the one festival they truly wanted to do a final time. In celebration of which, they will be exclusively playing their massive debut album ‘Smart Casual’ in it’s entirety. Tickets: £35. Farm Feast Livestock* WIN: 1 X pair of WEEKEND tickets 25 - 26 May Claremont Farm, Old Clatterbridge Road, Bebington, Wirral, Cheshire Guests include Peter Hook and The Light, Stealing Sheep, Emilio Pinchi, Charley Blue, David Hirst and The South Band. Previously known as Wirral Food and Drink Festival, this year the event evolves into a fully fledged family festival with two music stages, providing the perfect start to a summer of fun.



Wychwood Music Festival *WIN: 1 X pair of WEEKEND tickets 30 May - 1 June Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham Guests include The Stranglers, Levellers, Lee Thompson’s Ska Orchestra Plus Justin Fletcher aka Mr Tumble returns to the main stage on the Saturday. Wychwood Festival is relaxed, family-friendly, intimate and inclusive for audience and musician alike, blending world, roots and contemporary music, and encouraging new collaborations. The Wychwood Music Festival boasts four music stages with over 100 bands, plus comedy, 100 workshops and events for all ages, kids literature festival, healing and sculpture gardens, The Headphone Disco until the wee hours, great food and real ales, and much more. Tickets: £145 for the weekend with camping. Red Rooster* WIN: 1 X pair of WEEKEND tickets 6 - 7 June Euston Hall, Thetford, Suffolk Guests include The Jim Jones Revue, Big Boy Bloater, Miraculous Mule. Embracing the sounds and lifestyle of the American Deep South, Red Rooster aims to become

the event for fans of Rhythm and Blues, Americana, Soul, Roots and Country music. All food and drink on offer will be based around the theme of the Deep South too - expect to encounter one of the best BBQ joints outside of Mississippi! Lunar Festival* WIN: 1 X pair of WEEKEND tickets 6 - 8 June Umberslade Estate, Warwickshire | @LunarFestival Guests include Donovan, British Sea Power, The Polyphonic Spree, Tim Burgess, Temples, The Magic Band, Linda Perhacs, Toy, Crazy World of Arthur Brown and many more, plus late night club parties. Lunar Festival is a brand new eclectic weekend camping adventure set in the spiritual home of Nick Drake (Tanworth In Arden), from the same production team behind the riotously successful Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul and Moseley Folk festivals. Lunar Festival takes place in an idyllic rural setting, with a full working farm and a stunning landscape for a weekend boutique retreat. In the day, the Lunar Festival offers a myriad of activities for all ages including The Lunar Olympics, Green Crafts, 360 Cinema Dome, Yoga Sessions, Cigar box Guitar Lessons and Sausage Making workshops. As the night falls, Lunar festival comes alive with some of the best Midlands


club nights including Magic Door with The Jukes of Hazard & Deano Ferrino, Sensateria with Andy Votel & Richard Norris, Silver Dollar with Don Letts, Balkanic Eruption with The Destroyers and This Is Tmrw with DJ Food. Tickets from £35 to £85. The Big Noise WIN: 1 X pair of tickets & backstage passes 14 June The Bussey Building/CLF Arts Cafe, Peckham The Big Noise Festival returns this summer, and promises to be bigger than ever! This one day event, fully supported by The Big Issue Foundation, will feature live music, comedy, theatre, spoken word and art. It will give you the opportunity to enjoy a great selection of shows, while addressing the issue of homelessness in the UK. Headliners include one of the current best live dance acts in the UK, The Correspondents, and the respected and revered drum and bass artist, Dillinja, plus many more artists will perform across five stages. Don’t miss this fantastic day of entertainment, all in aid of a very worthy cause. All profits from the festival go to The Big Issue Foundation Charity.


Dinefwr Literature Festival WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 20 - 21 June Dinefwr Park and Castle, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire Dinefwr Literature Festival, a celebration of words, music and landscape, returns to Dinefwr Park and Castle in the Carmarthenshire countryside in June. The bilingual festival proudly presents an eclectic programme of national and international writers, award-winning poets and emerging English and Welsh literary talent, along with ground-breaking spoken word, comedy, music, art, cinema and activities for children. The line-up includes Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys plus singer and songwriter Charlotte Church; BBC Radio 1 DJ and writer Huw Stephens; Cate Le Bon. Also on the bill are: Helen Dunmore; Costa Award winner Nathan Filer; performance poet Steven Camden aka Polarbear and a new generation of feisty women discussing feminism. Tickets: £65 for an adult w/e ticket, £10 for children (6-16), 5 and under free + £20 for camping. Sonic Rock Solstice WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 20 - 22 June Penmaenau Farm, Builth Wells, Powys, Wales

Guests include Spaceseed, Electric Moon, The Narcotic Daffodils, Lene Lovich Band, Debroah Bonham Band, Alan Davey’s Bedouin & Gunslinger, Pre-Med, The Enid, Wrathchild. A mere 15 minute walk from the centre of Builth Wells lies Penmaenau farm, launch site for Sonic Rock Solstice 2014. Here during 20th - 22nd June the Welsh countryside goes supernova as a nucleus of Space Rock, orbited by Psychedelia, Prog, Punk, Rock and more lifts off. To counter any meteor shower, sonic attack, or rain that may arise the two permanent stages are hosed within converted farm buildings. Space suits are therefore not essential. Also within these areas are food outlets, a bar, and miscellaneous stalls. Tickets: £75 per ticket, children under 14 free. Bristol Summer Series WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 26 - 27 June Bristol Harbourside, Canon’s Marsh Amphitheatre, Bristol Bristol Summer Series comes to Bristol’s Amphitheatre this summer and Area has teamed up with organisers for an exclusive giveaway for the only South West performance from Celtic punk and Irish band The Pogues on 26th June. One lucky reader will win a pair of tickets to be dancing the night away


with the backdrop of Bristol’s harbourside. A night sure to be a fairytale in Bristol! The winner will be selected at random from all eligible entries and will allow the winner and one guest to join the Bristol Summer Series on Friday 26th June. Tickets: £34.50. The Garden Festival ‘One Step Beyond’ WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 2 – 9 July The Garden Tisno, Tisno, Croatia Guests include Eats Everything, Craig Richards, Bicep, Wolf and Lamb, Soul Clap, Francois K, Ewan Pearson, Darshan Jesrani, Crazy P Soundsystem, Kink, Session Victim, Justin Martin, Prosumer, Levon Vincent, Greg Wilson, Axel Boman and many more. The Garden Festival returns to its new home in Tisno this summer, reaching its ninth season in beautiful Croatia as the country’s founding and pioneering electronic event. There’s no better place than The Garden Festival to experience its unique unison of festival and holiday into an inspirational adventure, dancing under the sizzling sun and starspeckled sky with like-minded people from around the world drawn to the region’s stunning


beauty. Sound-tracked by some of the world’s best live acts and DJs, there’s an intimate ethos found at the idyllic odyssey on the beautiful Dalmatian coastline, where beyond shimmers the enticingly crystal clear Adriatic. Twice daily boat parties on The Argonaughty, the stunning open air club Barbarella’s, main stage and Tiki beach bar host seven days and nights of amazing music. Tickets: £120. Hop Farm WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 4 - 6 July The Hop Farm, Tonbridge, Kent Hop Farm Music have certified pop culture icon, Grace Jones, as their UK Festival Exclusive Sunday headliner! Joining the event’s previously announced lineup, which includes fellow icons, Ray Davies and co-founder of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, who is also a UK Festival Exclusive. Other appearances come from Deacon Blue, James Blunt, Caro Emerald, Squeeze and many, many more, Grace’s unstoppably unique and flamboyant performance will be an unmissable climax to Hop Farm’s biggest weekend ever. Hop Farm Music Festival’s Neil Butkeraitis commented: “We’re really excited to announce world superstar Grace Jones as our exclusive Sunday night headliner, completing the line-up for this year’s Hop Farm Music Festival.

Alongside Beach Boys cofounder Brian Wilson and Ray Davies, our headliners represent some of the greatest timeless pop ever produced. And with a packed line up of classic old favourites and great new bands, as well as lots of new attractions on site, we’re set to take Hop Farm to new heights in 2014”. Tickets: £165 with camping. Maverick Festival WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 4 - 6 July Easton Farm Park, Easton, Suffolk Set amongst the picturesque Victorian farm buildings of Easton Park Farm, in the idyllic Suffolk countryside yet less than two hours from London, the Maverick Festival celebrates the best in Americana and roots music from both sides of the Atlantic. The festival presents an array of world class musical talent, comedy, dance, film & workshops and showcases more than forty international artists across five stages, indoors and out, which includes the brand new outdoor Sweet Home Alabama stage.The line up includes Winter Mountain, Police Dog Hogan, Mary Gauthier, Larkin Poe, Peter Bruntnell, Canyon Ride, Brooks Williams and many more. Tickets: £75 for adult weekend, kids (10-15) £10 children under 10 free. 031


Love Supreme Jazz Festival WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 4 - 6 July Glynde Place, Glyne, East Sussex Fast becoming one of the mustsee live music events of the year, the Love Supreme Jazz Festival will present an array of international stars when it returns to Glynde Place this summer. The acclaimed threeday event delivers a world-class programme that boasts the likes of multi-million-selling Grammy and Golden Globe winner Jamie Cullum, double Brit Award nominee Laura Mvula, a special 25th anniversary show from legendary R&B outfit Soul II Soul, and Grammy-winning soul sensation Gregory Porter. Tickets: £125 with camping, junior (6-17) £70, under 5’s free. 2000trees WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 10 - 12 July Upcote Farm, Withington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Guests include Band Of Skulls, The Bronx, Frightened Rabbit, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip & Turbowolf. Created by a group of friends in 2007, 2000trees was borne out of frustration with the ever

increasing corporate sponsorship and ‘musical merry-go-round’ nature of the larger mainstream British festivals. Disillusioned by extortionate ticket prices and over-priced food and drink, this band of festival veterans vowed to take matters into their own hands and in true punk rock style set about developing the perfect antidote. The festival won the Grass Roots Festival Award in the UK Festival Awards 2010 – voted for by festival fans. In the Awards’ words: “Often the best small festivals spring from an organic labour of love and a long-time dream which has been shared by thousands more. These festivals should be celebrated, not just for the courage and vision shown by their organisers, but also because they never forget where they’ve come from, supporting their local communities and new music along the way while retaining an independent spirit and resisting commercial saturation.” Tickets: £75. Electric Elephant WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 10 – 14 July The Garden Tisno, Tisno, Croatia Guests include Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) DJ set, Simian Mobile Disco (DJ set), Derrick May, Francois K, Norman Jay, Chez Damier, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Horse Meat Disco,033

Prosumer, FCL, Justin Robertson, Ashley Beedle, Rahaan, Awesome Tapes From Africa, Max Essa, The Numero Group, Chris Duckenfield, Sean Johnston, Unabombers and many more. The seventh Electric Elephant is back at The Garden Tisno for another beatific long weekend of electronic music on the enchanting Croatian coastline. Electric Elephant is much more than just a festival; with breath-taking surroundings at one of Europe’s most discerning events, relaxing by day under the sun leads to hedonistic excursions long into the balmy nights. Electric Elephant is a holiday, an escape and an adventure into a land of sublime music, invoking the original spirit of Ibiza’s early years. Tickets: £120. LeeFest WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 11 - 13 July Highams Hill Farm, Sheepbarn Lane, Warlingham, Surrey | @leefest LeeFest has been recognised as ‘Best Independent Festival’ at the AIM Awards ’12 and ‘Best Grass Roots Festival’ at the UK Festival Awards ’09 and is gaining a reputation for its musical discoveries and breakthrough acts. LeeFest is South London’s only weekend camping festival and maintains it’s homegrown roots by supporting local talent, as well as larger names. Lineup so far includes: The Cribs, 034

Frightened Rabbit, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, MØ, Maribou State, Rae Morris, Young Fathers, Krafty Kuts, Years & Years, Childhood & Sivu. With over 100 more artists across six stages. Tickets: £70 for the weekend. Noisily 11 - 13 July Coney Woods, Noseley Hall, Noseley, Leicestershire | @noisilyfestival A woodland playground packed full of electronic music, interactive performance and art, Noisily Festival returns to the idyllic Leicestershire countryside this summer for its eagerly awaited third edition. Revered for its forward-thinking and diverse musical programming, Noisily have undoubtedly secured its strongest, and most innovative, lineup to date. Included on the bill are the unique Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (DJ Set), Max Cooper (live), Slam, Greg Wilson, 2562/A Made Up Sound, Eliphino and Session Victim. This lineup not only demonstrates quality but also cements Noisily as a force to be reckoned with in the UK’s boutique festival scene. Tickets: £95. Truck Festival WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 18 - 19 July Hill Farm, Steventon, near Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Truck Festival is the godfather of the small festival scene and this year’s festival promises to be one of the best. On July 18th and 19th they welcome headliners The Cribs and White Lies, alongside other brilliant bands such as Peace, Stornoway and Los Campesinos. The famous barn will be decked out in all things carnival as it welcomes you to The Rio Barnival with the party animal Andrew W.K. closing the stage while the late night frolics will capped off by the genre leading Julio Bashmore. Tickets: £74 weekend. FARR WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 18 - 20 July Bygrave Wood, Newnham, Hertfordshire | @farrfestival Farr is a boutique festival held in a deserted forest just outside of London. An organically evolving party, it has grown into one of the leading boutique festivals in the country whilst still retaining all the charm, magic and intimacy it started out with. The festival takes place on the Farr family’s stunning rolling fields in Hertfordshire. Farr was meant to begin life as an extended party in the woods for close friends and family, but instead welcomed 600 people to the enchanted woodland for a two-day fiesta in the depths of the countryside. Inspired by the response and love

of Farr’s first outing, the organisers sought to demonstrate their love of music and invited the likes of Ewan Pearson, Julio Bashmore and Lee Foss to join the madness for 2011. In its third and fourth years the word was out. The crazy little party in the woods grew beyond expectation and acted as home to some of the world’s greatest DJs, with Andrew Weatherall, Craig Richards, DBridge playing the music and stage hosts like Numbers, Futureboogie and Just Jack bringing the fun. Tickets: £99 weekend. Splendour WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 19 July Wollaton Park, Nottingham Brit award winning singer-songwriter Tom Odell and Madchester legends the Happy Mondays headline Splendour at Wollaton Park in Nottingham. Scouting for Girls, Foxes and Ron Pope make up the main stage bill while across the park The Rifles join Reverend and the Makers and post-punk legends The Boomtown Rats for the city’s biggest annual music gathering. With a fantastic line up of more than 30 top acts playing across three stages in the beautiful setting of Wollaton Park its natural amphitheatre surrounds the main stage and there is also plenty of parkland to roam and enjoy. The festival’s alternative entertainments include the comedy stage,


children’s fun fair, fringe events and dozens of market stalls. Tickets: £42.50, children under 10 free. Womad WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 24 - 27 July Charlton Park, Wiltshire Line up includes: Richard Thompson, Les Ambassadeurs, Amjad Ali Khan, Public Service Broadcasting , The Invisible, Congo Natty aka Rebel MC, Shingai Shoniwa, Kathryn Williams. WOMAD, the original and biggest celebration of music, arts, food and dance from across the world, returns for another glorious year in 2014. Expect first class musicians, performers and artists from every corner of the Earth entertaining festival-goers across the weekend on seven stages in the lush and leafy surroundings of Charlton Park in Wiltshire. From the mouthwatering Taste the World stage to the thumping San-Fran disco bar, via extensive workshops and the UK’s largest children’s activity areas at any festival, WOMAD will be bursting with something to thrill the whole family. Warwick Folk Festival WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 24 - 27 July Warwick School, and Warwick Town Centre Guests include Richard Thompson, 036

Breabach, Habadekuk, Gordie Mackeeman and the Rhythm Boys, Panic Clowns and A Day’s Work. Singers and musicians, street entertainers and Morris dancers all head to Warwick in July each year. Warwick Folk Festival has developed into one of the most highly regarded folk events on the national and international circuit attracting people from all over the country and beyond. One of the attractions of the Festival is the live music and dance which is programmed around the town centre including hotels and public houses. Tickets from £94 for the weekend. GlobalGathering WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 25 - 26 July Long Marston Airfield, StratfordUpon-Avon The epic two-day electronic festival returns to Stratford Upon Avon to showcase the world’s biggest DJs and discerning live acts. Winner of DJ Mag’s ‘Best Dance Festival’, GlobalGathering will once again pave the way for the clubbing elite and cement its status as a pioneering and influential mainstay on the festival circuit. With the festival’s most diverse and eclectic line-up to date, GlobalGathering 2014 will see performances from dance music royalty The Prodigy, drum and bass masters Chase & Status and

soulful chart-topper Katy B, as well as global dance music stars David Guetta making his UK dance festival exclusive. Also appearing will be Alesso, Knife Party, Pete Tong, Eric Prydz and Jamie Jones. Leaders of the underground will also be showcased with the likes of Eats Everything, Dixon, The Martinez Brothers, Yousef, Maya Jane Coles, MK, Hot Since 82, and Darius Syrossian also gracing the bill. Weekend tickets £130.00. Tramlines WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 25 - 27 July Various venues, Sheffield | @tramlines Sheffield’s inner city music festival, Tramlines, returns for its sixth year with its biggest lineup yet including, Public Enemy, Katy B, The Cribs, Sister Sledge, Annie Mac, Toddla T Sound (Live), Deap Vally, The Gaslamp Killer, Gold Panda, The Wedding Present, Simian Mobile Disco, Benji B, The Rifles, Tiga, Jonwayne, Maurice Fulton, Slow Club, Ms Dynamite, Shift K3Y and dozens more. Weekend tickets are only available in advance from www.gigantic. com at £28 (plus 10% booking fee). Tickets will be available for sale on the door for £16 per day, or £48 for all three days. Tickets: £28 (Weekend) / £12 (per day).

Wickerman Festival WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 25 - 26 July Kirkcarswell Farm, Kirkcudbright, Galloway, Scotland Prices for an adult weekend ticket start at £105 and children aged 12 and under can attend for free Boldly mixing established, emerging and retro artists with top DJs playing until 5am, the Wickerman Festival is one of Scotland’s leading independent music festivals. Hosted on a working farm, in the picturesque Dumfries and Galloway region of Scotland, it attracts music lovers from all over the UK. Its ten stages present an eclectic and often surprising mix of leading artists as well as alternative acts and up and coming talent. From dance and electronica, to rock, indie, reggae and punk, Wickerman prides itself on catering for every music taste. This year’s hotly anticipated line-up is topped with British rap superstar Dizzee Rascal and Scottish poprock band Del Amitri who will headline the main Summerisle Stage. Shed 7, The Feeling, Martha Reeves and The Vandellas, The Zombies, Model Aeroplanes, Big Country and more are also set to give electrifying performances in 2014. Now in its thirteenth year, the twoday Festival will once again come to its legendary and spectacular climax with the Saturday night lighting of the Wickerman, followed by a037

promise to keep the Wickerman party stoked into the wee small hours. Known for being one of the UK’s friendliest festivals, music lovers can also enjoy the host of entertainment and activities on offer throughout the festival’s fields, including a cinema, fun fair, circus entertainment, grass sledging, mountain biking and an array of arts and crafts. Access All Eirias WIN: 1 X pair of tickets to see Jessie J 26 July Parc Eirias, Conwy Bay, North Wales Jessie J will headline the second day of Access All Eirias in Eirias Stadium, Colwyn Bay on July 26, a day after her former co-star on The Voice, Tom Jones who will play his first major outdoor concert in North Wales (tickets Jessie has become a global superstar over recent years with some 15 million sales, two UK Number 1s, a BRIT Award and nomination for another this year, memorable live performances at the likes of Glastonbury, appearing in front of millions on a hit BBC show, and she recently completed a multi arena sell-out tour. Jessie said: “This is going to be my first outdoor show in Wales, and so I’m really excited about coming to Access All Eirias and having a massive party with my Welsh fans.”


Jessie will be supported by pop rock band Lawson. Tickets from £30. Farmfest WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 1 - 2 August Gilcombe Farm, Bruton, Somerset. | @FarmFestival Despite growing from an initial 300 in 2006 to their current 4500 capacity, Farmfest has stuck to it’s original ideals to help preserve a unique and intimate DIY festival experience. Here’s what Farmfest have to say for themselves: “Farmfestival started as a party for friends and has stayed that way nine years on. We’re a festival that doesn’t believe in hype or inflated prices. What we do believe in is a genre-defying selection of music from emerging talents, cult heroes and local gems, inspiring arts activities, amazing charities and great local produce, set to a beautiful Somerset vista. Or to put it simply: Good music, good causes, good times.” Tickets: £52.50 for adult weekend. Y Not WIN: 1 of 2 X pair of tickets 1 - 3 August Mouldridge Lane, Pikehall, Matlock, Derbyshire This year Y Not is set to be epic, with White Lies, Dizzee Rascal and Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls all headlining. Other big names

include De La Soul, Razorlight, The Fratellis, Newton Faulkner, British Sea Power, Palma Violets, Spector, Tom Vek, Shed Seven and many many more. Found in the heart of the Peak District, the multi-award-winning Y Not embodies the Derbyshire Dales from its whirling torsos to its beattapping fingertips. There’s the ales, ciders and all-round chilled-out vibe. And inevitably the odd prank or quirkiness finds its way through – sometimes it’s just about the laugh. This year the festival hosts ten stages, with the best talent from across rock, indie, hip hop, folk, dance, electronic, punk, blues, acoustic, reggae and roots. Y Not continues to support up and coming talent with its purpose-built Allotment Stage. Tickets: £84.50 and includes three days camping. Lounge On The Farm WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 2 August Merton Farm, Nackington Lane, Canterbury, Kent Tickets £55 Lounge on the Farm returns this summer for a huge one-day event. Now in it’s ninth year, LOTF is Canterbury’s biggest music event and one of the most anticipated festivals in the South-East. The big news is that they’ll be leaving Merton Farm‚ their home for the last nine years and will be

saying goodbye in style with a one day event featuring the likes of Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Peter Hook and The Light, The Subways, DJ Yoda and loads more. You can also expect to see the same award-winning level of food and drink, family entertainment and comedy. Nozstock WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 1 – 3 August Rowden Paddocks, Bromyard, Herefordshire | @Nozstock Guest include Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Roots Manuva, The Heavy, James Zabiela, The Skints, Andy C & MC GQ, Friction ft. Linguistics, TC, Charli XCX, Molotov Jukebox, Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club, Sonny Wharton, By The Rivers, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer and many more. Entering its 16th year this summer, Nozstock is a family-run and home-made festival on a beautiful working farm in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside. Fiercely independent and resolutely left of centre, Nozstock brims with diversity, creativity and excitement. Reassuringly welcoming, it has evolved from 50 friends gathered at the inaugural event and flourished into an intimate musical odyssey joining the dots between pop, ska, folk, funk, soul, indie, drum and bass, psytrance, house and a whole lot more and now firmly039

established as one of the country’s leading boutique festivals. Nozstock is a playground for everyone, from seasoned festival goers to newbies setting out for their very first time. Inspirational and intimate, this safe haven offers a broad spectrum of live music, DJs, arts, comedy, alternate, workshops, cinema and performance in a sublime setting, flowing from family-friendly by day to party by night, over various locations across the farm. 2014’s theme is Jurassic Farm. Tickets from £75 teen / £99 adult. Strawberry Fields WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 8 - 10 August Cattow Farm, Heather, Leicestershire Guests include Reverend And The Makers,The Rifles, Mogwai, The Struts and Twisted Wheel. Five years in its stride and Strawberry Fields Festival is widely regarded as one of the fastest growing and most exciting independent festivals in the UK. Nestled in the heart of the National Forest in beautiful rural Leicestershire, it’s Cattows Farm home is within easy reach of the M1 and A42 and all major cities in the East and West Midlands. From its inception in 2010 SFF has always sought to avoid being pigeon holed in its musical offerings and has pushed the boundaries each year, offering an ecletic mix 040

of styles and genres across multiple arenas. In addition to the well known and established acts, SFF embraces emerging and local talent and showcases a diverse mix of musical styles across its many stages. From folk to reggae, punk to hip hop – to radical poetry, the numerous performance areas at SFF offer the opportunity for our festival goers to enjoy a truly diverse live experience. SFF offers a wide range of non musical activities over the festival weekend to suit all moods. Whether it’s a spot of retail therapy with the multitude of diverse Strawberry Fields traders, Fun Fair, experiencing live art demonstrations from some of the UK’s best graffiti artists, getting some much needed R&R in the Healing Zone or kicking back in in the Orange Tree Cocktail, Comedy and Cabaret lounge, they have something for everyone! Tickets: £87 full weekend with camping. Split 9 - 10 August WIN: 1 X pair of tickets August Mowbray Park, Sunderland The Sunderland based festival, which took a break last year, is back with its biggest headliners yet, a new location and a

new date. Dizzee will headline on Saturday 9th August, while The Cribs and Maximo Park will headline the following day. Futureheads band member Ross Millard, who programmes the music at Split, said: “Dizzee Rascal is a British institution, a household name, with countless hits, who has fans across the genres.” He added: “It’s fantastic to have Maximo Park, a North East-based band, as a main stage Sunday headliner. They have a big back catalogue of sing-a-long hits. They’re a perfect way to end the festival. We’ve been courting The Cribs for quite a few years and we’re made up to get them to Sunderland. They are raw, exciting and unpredictable, and again they have a lot of releases from which to draw a festival set list.” Since it began in 2009, Split has brought major names to Wearside including John Lydon’s band PiL and The Charlatans, while also providing a platform for emerging talent. Tickets: £30 for a day ticket and £50 for a weekend ticket. GLASS BUTTER BEACH WIN: 1 X pair of VIP Camping tickets 13 - 16 August Secret Spot, Abersoch, Gwynedd, North Wales Glass Butter Beach takes place in a stunning beachside location

near Abersoch, North Wales. The vibe is very much based around the beach with surfing, wakeboarding, BMX & skateboarding core to the festival’s roots. Pro athletes showcase their sports to the highest level whilst the festival gives you the opportunity to ‘Have a Go’ This also includes Stand Up Paddleboarding, Beach Volleyball, Slacklining, Paint Fights & the new extreme freefall experience called BagJump! Playing this year are Soul II Soul, Roger Sanchez, Wilkinson, Stylo G, Neon Jungle, Norman Jay, Chasing Grace, Major Look, Goldierocks, & many more including a beach arena hosted by international club legends HedKandi. Weekend tickets from £85. One Love WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 15 - 17 August Stockwell Farm, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire Reggae Music is officially the sound track to the Summer with thousands of bass loving fans converging once a year in celebration of peace, love and happiness. Created in recognition of Bob Marley’s famous 1978

‘One Love’ concert, the One Love Festival is the UK’s only annual Reggae Camping Festival. This years event will be a dedication to the memory of Nelson Mandela and as a lasting tribute to him they are Changing the second live stage name from Soul Adventurers to The Madiba Stage. Guests include Cocoa Tea, Sir John Holt, The Wailing Souls, Gary Clail Sound System, Aba shanti I Meets Saxon Sound and The Disciples ft. Junior Bee. Tickets: £140 for the weekend. Voewood Festival WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 15 - 17 August Voewood House, Norfolk Guests include Peter Hook and the Light, Midge Ure, Nadine Shah, Glen Matlock and the Philistines, Mike Heron (Incredible String Band), Chris Salewicz, Mick Wall and more. Voewood is an intimate and magical festival that brings together the best of literature, music, debate and conversation in the beautiful surroundings of an iconic Art and Crafts house and Grade I listed gardens. With a line up that includes musical legends, passionate writers, the established and the emerging this is a festival like no other. Voewood takes its own idiosyncratic path and throws traditional country house garden party, genuine English eccentricity 042

and good old rock and roll into the mix. Weekend Tickets £165. Galtres Parklands Festival WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 22 - 24 August Duncombe Park, Helmsley, York | @Galtres Galtres Parklands Festival celebrates its 10th year over three days on August bank holiday weekend. Guests include The Jim Jones Revue, The Virginmarys, Levellers and The Human League. As well as a mighty fine musical lineup there’s also more than 100 fine beers and ciders all from Yorkshire and all the food is of the finest quality, local, and mostly organic. On top of all that they’re clean loos too! Dimensions Festival WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 27 – 31 August Fort Punta Christo, Pula, Croatia Tickets £140 Guests include Caribou, Darkside, Warpaint, Roy Ayers, Jon Hopkins, Moodymann, Theo Parrish (live and DJ), Gilles Peterson, Metro Area (live), Daphni, Robert Hood, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Nina Kraviz, Goldie and many more. Dimensions festival returns to Croatia for 2014 to showcase the world’s best underground electronic music in the beautiful location of an abandoned 19th century fort right by the stunning Adriatic coastline. With

Croatia now regarded as one of the world’s best destinations for music and travel, Dimensions has evolved into one of Europe’s best loved festivals, creating a truly unique experience in Fort Punta Christo and attracting music lovers, thrill-seekers and adventurous types from all over the world. Close to the stunning city of Pula, Dimensions is a true bastion to electronic music culture in what is arguably one of the world’s most stunning locations. Boat and beach parties day and night, and a variety of settings across the Punta Christo fort, offer a unique experience sound-tracked by brilliant live and DJ talent. A wide range of accommodation options can be found on site in the region, from camping to apartments, and adventure awaits in stunning Croatia. ArcTanGent WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 28 - 30 August Upcote Farm, Withington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire | @


ATGFestival ArcTanGent is the UK’s only festival dedicated to the very best music from the worlds of mathrock, post-rock and noise rock. Held just outside the amazing city of Bristol on the last weekend in August, you’ll get 3 nights camping, over 70 bands across 4 stages, a silent disco and some of the best food and drink money can buy. Headliners are Russian Circles, Mono, This Will Destroy You, God Is An Astronaut and And So I Watch You From Afar. Tickets: £75. The Big Feastival Friday WIN: 1 X of 2 pairs of tickets for Sunday 29 - 31 August The festival presented by Alex James and Jamie Oliver, returns again as a three-day family friendly event combining food from some of the country’s top chefs with a top drawer selection live music acts. The Big Feastival this year takes place at Alex James’ farm in Chipping Norton. The Big Feastival will be raising funds for Jamie Oliver’s Better Food Foundation to help change the lives of disadvantaged young people. Think village fete with a music festival vibe, the event offers a weekend out for the entire family, and all kids can go free. Music artists include Fatboy Slim, Jamie Cullum Kelis, Laura Mvula and


De La Soul and the culinary lineup joining Jamie in the Big Kitchen includes Mark Hix, Rachel Khoo, Natalie Coleman and Levi Roots. Tickets: £140 weekend with camping. Outlook Festival WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 3 - 7 September Fort Punta Christo, Pula, Croatia Guests include Ms. Lauryn Hill, Busta Rhymes, Barrington Levy, Horace Andy, DJ Premier, Buraka Som Sistema, Moodymann, David Rodigan, Goldie, DJ EZ, MJ Cole, and 100s more. Outlook Festival returns to Croatia this September after last year’s best ever event to date, a celebratory fusion of dub, reggae, hip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass, garage, house and more on the dazzling Adriatic coast. Joining the dots between musical legends right through to the next generation of up and coming talent, again some of the finest live acts and DJs descend upon a 19th century fort for five days and nights of amazing music. Close to the historic city of Pula in Croatia’s northern region of Istria, the now iconic Outlook sets the agenda with a world-class array of performers in a collection of truly spectacular locations, set in and around an abandoned fort. Choose from a dungeon, a courtyard, a moat, a boat, the beach or the festival’s main stage set on a

harbour, all forming a breath-taking experience. Many festival goers choose to explore the local region too before or after the festival, with lots of adventure to be found in every direction in the beautiful Istria region of Croatia. Tickets: £140. Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 26 - 27 September | @LPoolPsychFest Now in its third year, the Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia is the leading festival of ‘psych’ in Europe. With headliners including Goat, Woods, Suuns, White Hills, Wolf People and Zombie Zombie, ‘Psych Fest’ brings together some of the hottest contemporary artists at the very cutting edge of sonic exploration. Day time programs of psych symposia and art installations, combined with a knowledgable DJ line up, make for a European Mecca of Psychedelia in the renovated Liverpool warehouse space Camp & Furnace. Four thousand people will decend on the venue on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th September, if you’re not lucky enough to win a pair of tickets in our competition you can find details of tickets and accommodation online. Tickets: £49.50.


WIN a pair of TICKETS TO THE LEGENDARY ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL 12 - 15 June We’ve joined up with the legendary Isle of Wight Festival to give you the chance to be there. This year, three of the world’s biggest bands will headline the MainStage, alongside some of the hottest and most established acts in music today. This is the ONLY place to see Red Hot Chili Peppers in the UK this year, with the Isle of Wight Festival tying down an exclusive appearance. Joining them in headline slots over the weekend are Kings of Leon and Biffy Clyro and closing the show on Friday is DJ superstar Calvin Harris. Enjoy performances from Suede, Rudimental, Fall Out Boy, Katy B, Tom Odell, Travis, Passenger, Ella Eyre, Boy George, Clean Bandit, Duke Dumont, plus many more. Back and bigger than ever is Life’s a Beach, our real beach with all the fun and games of the seaside, combined with 046

live music, DJs & cocktails, while over at the Intoxicated Tea Rooms experience a whole new meaning to high tea. New for 2014 is The Whisky Sessions and the Hard Rock Rising Stage, which features over 30 up and coming acts throughout the weekend. The Butlin’s Ballroom is the place to go for spectacular family entertainment during the day and by night, the party gets into full flow with celebrity DJs battling it out with their best tunes. Grab some headphones and pick a side for a silent disco battle and much more. As well as amazing music, campers can soak up the atmosphere in Hot Tubs with Bathing Under The Sky, or discover a world full of surprises in the Bohemian Woods. Weekend tickets are on sale now from, priced at £190. The Isle of Wight Festival is the place to be this Summer – BE THERE!

Parklife Weekender* WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 7-8 June Heaton Park, Manchester | @parklifefest Parklife Weekender from the creators of The Warehouse Project launched in 2010 and has continued to rise to stratospheric heights from there on. Taking place early June it promises to be no exception with the best line-up on the UK festival circuit spanning all genres from dance, pop, hip-hop and indie. Headlining the two-day spectacular are none other than legendary US rapper Snoop Dogg on the Saturday and indie sensations Foals, on the Sunday. Other live highlights of the weekend include award-winning dance outfits Rudimental and Disclosure, along with success stories Bastille, London Grammar, Warpaint, Katy B, Chromeo and Clean Bandit. Flying the hip-hop flag along with Snoop will be an exclusive performance from Kendrick Lamar plus hip hop legends Public Enemy, as well as Danny Brown, Pusha T and Flying Lotus, who will be bringing the elusive Captain Murphy to the fold. Meanwhile electronic heavyweights such as SBTRKT, Moderat, and Jon Hopkins are all performances not to be missed over the weekend.

Known for their coveted dance offering and long-standing partnerships with heavyweights such as Now Wave, Ape & Metropolis and Crosstown Rebels, Parklife’s 2014 DJ line-up is second-to-none. Fans can catch acts such as Carl Cox, Jamie Jones b2b Seth Troxler, Annie Mac, Julio Bashmore, Maya Jane Coles, Bonobo, David Rodigan, plus a whole lot more. With so much on offer at the legendary Heaton Park including the launch of The Temple, a new 20,000 capacity outdoor stage, Parklife can promise an electrifying weekend like no other for discerning music fans across the UK. Tickets: £79.50 weekend, £49.50 a day. 047

SONISPHERE WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 4 - 6 July Knebworth House, Hertfordshire | @sonisphere For those that like it loud and heavy then Knebworth House is the place to be in July. The Prodigy will kick off the weekend with a bang on Friday night followed by Iron Maiden on Saturday night and Metallica closing the festival on Sunday. Also confirmed are Limp Bizkit, The Sisters of Mercy, Alice in Chains, Dream Theater, Devil You Know, Yashin, Ghost, Gojira, Karnivool, and Mastodon all as exclusives, as well as Wilko Johnson, Dog Eat Dog performing ‘All Boro Kings’, Electric Wizard, Anti-flag, Black Spiders, Brutality


Will Prevail, Empire, Krokodil, Raging Speedhorn, Reckless Love, Stampin’ Ground, TesseracT, The Defiled, Babymetal, Therapy?, Atari Teenage Riot. HIM are flying in from Helsinki, Finland for an exclusive one-off performance playing there only UK show of 2014. Oh and by the way, the Friday fancy dress theme is wrestlers. Tickets: £205 with camping.

Beat-Herder WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 18 - 20 July Ribble Valley, Sawley, Lancashire | @beatherder Renowned as one of the best parties of the summer BeatHerder is back this July in the beautiful setting of the Ribble Valley. This years line up includes: 2ManyDJs (DJ set), Eats Everything, Happy Mondays, Hot Since 82, The 2 Bears, The Bloody Beetroots, Jagwar Ma, Justin Robertson, The Orb, Boney M., Vitalic, Mr. Scruff, Dub Pistols, Klangkarussell, Greg Wilson, Bipolar Sunshine, DJ Format, The Utah Saints, Riva Starr, Goldie Looking Chain, Macka B. & The Roots Ragga Band Elite Force and Lisa Lashes. Beat-Herder is a completely different festival experience to any other with Herders enjoying 15 completely unique, craftsman built stages including the mighty Beat Herder Stage, the oriental mystery of The Fortress, the heady atmosphere of The Woods, the Trailer Trash Big Top, the cosy Snug, the incredible, authentic Working Men’s Cluband much more beside. Tickets: £112 for the three days incl camping.


Latitude WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 17 - 20 July Henham Park Estate, Beccles, Suffolk | @LatitudeFest Latitude returns to the idyllic grounds of Henham Park in Suffolk. The festival was voted ‘Line Up of the Year’ in 2013 and is firmly established as the UK’s favourite multi-arts destination, with bespoke performances carefully curated so that culture lovers can enjoy appearances from leading artists from the worlds of music, theatre, dance, literature, film, comedy, cabaret, poetry, fashion and art, from day to night, all over one weekend. Latitude 2014 features music from headliners Damon Albarn, The Black Keys and Two Door Cinema Club, plus Kelis, Haim, Royksopp & Robyn, Lykke Li, late night parties and a stellar comedy bill including Simon Amstell, Kevin Bridges and Katherine Ryan and much more! £187.50 weekend adult ticket. 050

Alt-Fest WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 15 - 17 August Boughton House, Kettering, Northamptonshire | @AltFestival Alt-Fest’s line-up features an allstar cast of everything alternative, stretching from the 80s right up to the present day. Forefathers of alternative sounds such as The Cult and Gary Numan will perform alongside super stars such as Marilyn Manson, and newcomers such as Fearless Vampire Killers. The myriad tribes of the alternative scene will assemble for Alt-Fest 15th - 17th of August 2014 at Boughton Estate in Kettering, weekend and day tickets are available now from Tickets: £115. 051

Reading Festival WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 22 - 24 August Little Johns Farm, Richfield Avenue, Reading Guests include Queens of the Stone Age, Paramore, The 1975, You Me At Six, SBTRKT, Warpaint, Netsky, Annie Mac, Royal Blood. It’s shaping up to be a big summer for Reading Festival what with Blink182 in their only UK shows of 2014 and Arctic Monkeys with an exclusive Festival headline set in England and Wales. Speaking to NME about Reading & Leeds, Matt Helders said: “We’ve got a lot of history with the festival. It’s the first festival I ever went to – we all went together as kids, with Nick as well. We were 15 or 16 and it was a big deal going to a festival like that on your own”. 052

After announcing a brief hiatus back in December, Manchester’s Courteeners will be heading to this year’s Reading & Leeds for an exclusive festival performance in England and Wales. Having first burst onto the scene with 2007’s ‘St Jude’, last year saw the band release their third Top Ten album ‘ANNA’ to their devoted throng of fans, as well as selling over 100,000 tickets. Their Reading & Leeds performances in 2009 and 2012 were highlights, with the crowd going mad for hits including ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ and ‘Lose Control’, and festival goers can expect even more from their sets this year. One of the breakout acts of 2013, The 1975 will return to this year’s Reading & Leeds Festivals. Following their huge success last year with a string of hits - ‘Chocolate’ voted ‘Number One Hottest Record of 2013’ by BBC Radio 1 listeners, ‘The City’, ‘Sex’ and ‘Girls’ - and a Number One debut album, the band are set to continue their ascendancy throughout 2014. Having sold out every UK gig put on sale to date, The 1975 will be a firm favourite on the bill this summer. The band comment: “We grew up going to Reading & Leeds Festival. It’s so humbling knowing we are going to play such a prestigious slot there this year. Cannot wait!” Tickets: £205 - plus booking fees.

Guests include Beck, Pet Shop Boys, Neneh Cherry,Steve Mason, The Radiophonic Workshop and London Grammar. The multi-award winning Festival No. 6 returns for a third year to to the beautiful location of Portmeirion, Wales the location for cult 60’s TV series The Prisoner. Festival goers can also expect pop up-theatre, intimate readings, film screenings, woodland trails, art installations, comedy performances, pop up woodland raves, kids mischief meadow, The Prisoner reconstructions, and more.

Festival No.6 WIN: 1 X pair of tickets 4 - 7 September Various venues, Portmeirion, Gwynedd, Wales @festivalnumber6

The acts will perform across the entire site, from the town hall to the Colonnade gardens, to the Estuary Stage and the promenade along the river, against a back drop of neoclassical architecture, sandy beaches and palm trees. Festival No.6 still has more announcements to make in the coming weeks, including a much bigger food line-up, including appearances from Michelin starred chefs and top food writers like Observer Food Monthly and The One Show’s Jay Rayner. Tickets: £175 including camping. 053


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Birmingham Beer Bash The Bond Co, Digbeth | @birminghamcubed Prices start from £8.50 24 – 26 July

A change has been happening in Birmingham of late. Punters in the city are becoming less thirsty for a pint of generic larger and are branching out to a different tipple to quench their appetite. The craft beer revolution was a long time coming for Birmingham, but following on from the openings of The Post Office Vaults, Brewdog, Cherry Reds and Pure Bar & Kitchen in the last few years/months, the city centre is now awash with a newfound love for delicious, beer boundarypushing tipples. Now in its second year Birmingham Beer Bash has exemplified this change more so than any other part of the city’s emerging scene. The brainchild of beer bloggers with a collective passion for interesting, independently produced keg and cask beer, its debut in 2013, blurred the eyes and stole the hearts of the hundreds that attended over the long-weekend. This year the three day festival returns in July to further satisfy the beer veterans and convince any unsuspecting craft beer virgins that there’s more to an ale festival than what’s on offer at every village hall up and down the country each summer. A host of UK craft breweries will be making an appearance including Magic Rock, Pressure Drop, Thornbridge, and Weird Beard, as well as local brewers, Purity. BBB will once again be combining the hop-laden beer consumption with equally delicious fare, available in the form of adventurous street food stalls and fine dining gourmet food pairing sessions held on each day – tantalising the taste buds even more, while also attempting to keep punters (relatively) sober. RT 055


The Balcony Brasserie Selfridges, Bullring, Birmingham


For an early dinner at The Balcony it’s understandably quiet with just a few tables taken. The Brasserie, which is housed within Selfridges fourth floor, has the slight transient feel of an airport lounge but it is comfy and stylish with a very pretty mural on the wall by an artist no-one could tell us the name of. Importantly it is relaxing and friendly with attentive staff that are chatty and more than happy to offer tips on cocktails to sample.

We’re trying to be healthy and stay away from midweek drinking so go for a very zingy Virgin Mojito cocktail (£5.50) which is full of vest and fizzy refreshment. However, it is hard to resist the ‘proper’ drinks menu so we give in and go for the Grapefruit and Basil ‘skinny cocktail’ (£9). It packs a punch with Bombay Sapphire mixed with grapefruit juice, fresh basil and a hint of pomegranate juice all served-up in a cute square jar. We decide to try the Seafood sharing plate (£12) to start - it’s delicious and just the right amount. The mackerel on toast was all out but it has been replaced with crab accompanied with avocado purée. The sharer includes smoked salmon and an update on the traditional prawn cocktail which is given a nice hit with a spicy Bloody Mary sauce. For the mains we opt for the Salmon fishcakes (£10). They look more like fish balls, and three large ones at that. The first is too heavy on the (chunky) potato and by the third they gradually get better but the balance isn’t right and there is not enough salmon to potato ratio. There’s a low carb take on a Thai green curry (£12) that comes with line caught monkfish but it just lacks that special Thai kick there is something missing (maybe not enough holy basil) - but the quinoa makes a change from sticky rice. Having been good with our healthy options all evening we go all out on a dessert (£6) to share and have a very tasty melting chocolate sponge with gooey chocolate oozing out. It comes with a pistachio ice cream that was gorgeous - one of these was plenty enough for two. We ended with another virgin cocktail and tried the Passion Must (£5.50). With fresh passion fruit, apple, pomegranate and lime it tasted like a bag of sweets and looked like a traffic light. The restaurant is open during store hours and serves early coffee, breakfast, brunch and meals throughout the day. Selected cocktails are just £5 between 5-7pm. We’ll definitely be back again when we’re on a Bullring shopping spree but we’ll give the fishcakes a miss.


Caitlin Moran Live New Alexandra Theatre @Newalex_Theatre 0844 871 3011 £22.90 16 July 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen: the bar is open, the wine is flowing, and so is the tongue of the witty and wonderful Caitlin Moran who’s letting loose for one night only in Birmingham. Named as one of Britain’s most influential women in 2014, and famed for her novel ‘How To Be a Woman’, Caitlin is one of Britain’s most scintillating and inspiring faces of feminism, and having wielded the power of pen for over two decades, she has a lot to say and she’s not afraid of say it! Caitlin has proved that where the media is concerned keeping tongue in cheek won’t solve anything. She’s a woman who’s happy to ask the questions everyone avoids: Why are there more news articles about Oprah Winfrey’s diet regime than China’s growing economic superpower? Why do we know the name’s of members of boy bands but not our local politician? No one is safe from Ms Moran’s genius, refreshing and sassy analysis: men, women, David Bowie or Sherlock Holmes. The night will also feature highlights from How To Be A Woman, Moranthology and Caitlin’s new book: How To Build A Girl. Caitlin is one of the most eye-opening and inspiring writers of our time, so what better way to spend an evening than with a few cheeky glasses of wine, laughter and thought-provoking debate with this fascinating woman herself? And remember, just because Caitlin’s a proclaimed feminist doesn’t mean this is a ‘ladie’s night’ only, for as the lady clearly addresses in her book: “I’m neither ‘pro-women’ nor ‘anti-men.’ I’m just “Thumbs up for the six billion.” CB 059


Fabulous Forties at Black Country Living Museum 19 - 20 July | 0121 520 8054 Evening tickets: Adults £15.95, Concessions £12.75, Young People £7.95 | A combined 2 day and Evening Ticket is available: Adults £25.00, Concessions £20.00, Young People £13.25 The sights and sounds of wartime Britain are being celebrated at the Midland’s historical attraction with forties glamour heading to the Black Country. Visitors can expect a nostalgic journey back to the sweet sounds of WW2 with wartime melodies taking centre stage. The 1940s weekend welcomes visitors to relive the era of wartime Britain as the squaddies, G.I.s and Land Girls, Canaries and a cavalcade of military vehicles patrol the streets. The wonderfully witty Dodging The Doodlebugs Variety Show will be paying homage to the stars of the 1940s whilst unique 1940s films will be played out to audiences in the Limelight Cinema.


Vocalist Laura Bill will shake up the summer season with an evening of sizzling forties songs and ‘Make Do and Mend, Home Front Kitchen and Beauty Tips’ for the ladies are just some of the entertaining topics on the menu. If fashion is more your indulgence don’t miss the display of vintage wedding dresses showcased in the chapel, or maybe a gander around the memorabilia market will ignite your 1940s flame.

BE Festival 2-13 July @befestival “Birmingham's International Theatre Festival, brings together the most daring and unforgettable new performances from across Europe, resulting in a programme of theatre, dance, circus, live art, installations, workshops and talks. Audiences are offered the opportunity to see four 30-minute long shows each night and to eat dinner with the performers at the interval, a truly unique experience.” Miguel Oyarzun, CoDirector

Shock & Gore July @ShockGore “The Midlands’ premier horror and fantasy festival offers up another blend of the weird, the wonderful and the just plain wrong. This year’s gathering will have something of a ‘witchy’ theme, so expect some spellbinding classics and

even a few kid-friendly witch flicks courtesy of KINO 10, plus there’ll be a live score to seminal BBC drama Threads, a lecture from horror expert Dr Karen Oughton, live Q&As, the annual Shock & Gore all-nighter and some exclusive previews.” David Baldwin, Festival Programmer TRANSIENT ART - Art Rave The Arches, Adderley Street, Birmingham July/August 2014 ART RAVE will involve around 25 artists showing painting, sculpture, film, performance, sound and installation over two weeks in the Summer and will include artist led workshops and talks. The opening event will include live music from up to 30 bands, all local to the Birmingham area, covering everything from jazz and soul to alternative rock and beyond. Keep an eye on the website for date information.

AUGUST Summer in Southside 2014 9, 16, 23 & 24 August Southside Spaces: Hippodrome Square, Inge Street, Hurst St and Arcadian summerinsouthside. com Free Southside comes alive again this summer with spectacular FREE outdoor performance! With a packed programme of events, come and join the enlivening festival atmosphere where you will find mind blowing physical theatre, thrilling dance, heavenly singing, clowning around and much, much more. For the latest announcements and programme developments keep an eye on summerinsouthside. com or join Birmingham Hippodrome on Facebook or Twitter for updates.


WIN TICKETS TO THE MAGIC OF MOTOWN’S REACH OUT® 2014 SHOW The Magic of Motown is coming to the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton on the 13th July with its all-new Reach Out 2014 Tour and we have two pairs of tickets to see the show to give away. The Magic of Motown 2014 Reach Out Tour brings to the stage 36 chart toppers back-to-back in one critically-acclaimed production. Direct from the USA, The Magic of Motown delivers five-star performances that authentically revive the style and sophistication of everyone’s favourite legends from the famous, Detroit-based record label. This year more number one songs than ever before feature. Classic hits from the Temptations, Four Tops, Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie and The Supremes are packed into the two-hour spectacular. To enter please answer this question: In which American city was the Motown label based? Send your answer by email to with your name, address and daytime phone number putting MOTOWN in the subject box. Closing date: 1/7/14. Winners will be notified within 2 days of the closing date. There is no cash alternative. To buy tickets contact: Grand Theatre, Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1DE - Tickets: £23.50, Box office: 01902 429 212 | 062

WIN TICKETS TO HOLI ONE BIRMINGHAM COLOUR FESTIVAL Area Guide and HOLI ONE Birmingham have teamed up to give four lucky readers the chance for them and their friends to attend this summer’s most colourful festival. On Saturday 28th June, thousands of people, all dressed in white, will come together to share music, dance, performance art and visual stimulation at the Rainbow Arena in Digbeth. Against a backdrop of dance and DJ music, revellers will get to throw and cover each other in brightly coloured powder, on the hour, every hour, creating an explosion of colour and excitement aimed at celebrating togetherness and everyday life. Four winners, with three of their friends, will win free entry into HOLI ONE Birmingham. For a chance to win, simply answer this question correctly: HOLI ONE recommends that a particular colour of clothing is worn at this event. What colour is it?a) Red, b) Blue, c) White How to enter: Send your name, date of birth (you must be over 18 to enter this competition), address and telephone number to: competitions@ putting ‘HOLI ONE’ in the subject box. Deadline for entry is: Monday 16th June. The winner will be notified via email w/c 16th June. The prize is entry into HOLI ONE Birmingham for four (4) people and three (3) of their friends. Tickets are priced from £27.99 per person and can be purchased at birmingham.


FASHION&SHOPPING Chloe, £176, £95 £24.99 £8.50

Urban Decay £38

Accessorize £25 £48

Festival Fashion £25

Biba at House of Fraser £89

Bank £14 £16 & £13 Bank £38

Bank £38


Emu Mirani £110 £29.99

Juicy Couture £120 £8

Tamaris £39.99 Accessorize £15

Cherry Blossom £14.95 Izabel £30 £18 Storm £119.99

Batiste £4.99

Muji £12.95 £36


Howick at House of Fraser £22 £80 Lush £6.75 £30

Festival Fashion

Linea at House of Fraser £45 Linea at House of Fraser £45 £29.95 mi at House of Fraser £25

066 £5

Office £84.99 £30

Superdry £44.99

Muji £19.95 £39.99 Wild & Wolf £24.95 Wild & Wolf £19.95 £295 £295


Venue Directory ART VENUES A3 Project Space

THE HERBERT Jordan Well, Coventry, CV1 5QP 024 7683 2386


Oozells Square, B1 2HS 0121 248 0708 | @ikongallery

BIRMINGHAM HIPPODROME Hurst Street 0844 338 5000 birminghamhippodrome. com

Unit A3 2 Bowyer Street, Digbeth, B10 0SA | @A3projectSpace Ikon Gallery Barber Institute Univeristy of Birmingham Edgbaston, B15 2TS 0121 414 7333 Bilston Craft Gallery

Mt Pleasant, Bilston, WV14 7LU wolverhamptonart. BM&G Chamberlain Square, B3 3DH | @BM_AG CUSTARD FACTORY Gibb Street, B9 4AA EASTSIDE PROJECTS 86 Heath Mill Lane, B9 4AR, 0121 771 1778 | @eprjcts Grand Union Fazeley Street Birmingham B5 5RS | @grandunionltd


The Lighthouse The Chubb Building Fryer Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1HT 01902 716 055 MAC Cannon Hill Park

AE HARRIS 110 Northwood Street Birmingham, B3 1SZ

BIRMINGHAM REPERTORY THEATRE Broad St, Birmingham, B1 2EP 0121 236 4455

VIVID PROJECTS Minerva Works, 16 Fazeley St, B5 5RT

RSC Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Waterside, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6BB

WARWICK ARTS CENTRE University of Warwick Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry CV4 7AL 024 7652 4524


Wolverhampton Art Gallery Lichfield St, WV1 1DU 01902 552055