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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas a S o u th D a k ota State U n i v e r sit y Ch r i s tm a s T a l e

‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the dorms, not a student was sleeping because they couldn’t keep warm.

T hey were shivering and sniffling and lying in their beds, while visions of fleece sweatshirts danced in their heads.

T hen all over campus there rang such a clatter, the students sprang from their lofts to see what was the matter.

T hey rushed to the Commons, sprinting with all their might, to find Santa flying straight toward the Campanile’s light!

T he sleigh crashed and tumbled as presents flew all around. T he reindeer became tangled and fell straight to the ground.

It was the red beacon that led them astray. For Santa thought it was Rudolph coming their way.

“I guess that’s not Rudolph!” chuckled Santa with delight. “He’s supposed to be here, helping me see through the night.”

T he students all smiled but then something caught their eye. Up high flew a different colored light in the sky.

“Is that Rudolph?� asked Santa, as a reindeer landed in the snow. He was decorated in Jacks spirit, from his antlers to his toes.

He wore a Jacks cap, Jacks scarf, and a Jacks crew. And when Santa asked, “What happened to your nose?” Rudolph said,

“I’d rather glow blue.”

The End

Credits: Story by Bria n Brua, Fused Inter a ctive Illus tr ations by Ad a m Prunt y, Gia nt Le a p D esign Pa ge & Cover D esign by Ch a d Riedel, Fused Inter a ctive Pub lished by Ja ckr a b b it Centr a l, So uth D a kota State Universit y www.sds tate.ed u

'Twas the Night Before Christmas  

A South Dakota State University Christmas Tale

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