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Eden CaliforniWAH

Eden Glow Plug



RECOMMENDED FOR: Bass and guitar players alike who want to add another freaky dimension to their sound. VERSATILITY: Envelope filters are, to say the least, not everyone’s cup of tea. There are as many players out there that are trying to emulate Bootsy as there are those who are not but if you fall into the former category then the Eden CaliforniWah is probably the first and last place you should look. Not only is it great for saturating in that psyched out, classic envelope sound, with the ability to dial it back to sit behind your clean tone as much as is desired, but it also works great as a top boost if you wind the low point all the way to the top of the dial. USABILITY: If ‘bao-baoow’ is what you’re looking for then that’s exactly what you’ll find,

along with every variation on that theme imaginable. The ‘voice’ toggle is great for adding width to the filter and the controls are simple. With the flick of a switch you are in control of one of the deepest Q’s imaginable. CONSTRUCTION: It’s a tidy little unit; about as wide as a standard Boss pedal. Custom built to be stomped on in the most fevered moments of the set, it’s all finished off nicely with the calm, dreamy, California palm tree decal. OVERALL: A sneaky little box containing enough wild and freaky tones to make you consider buying that sequined jumpsuit you’ve had your eye on. BY LUKE SHIELDS

RECOMMENDED FOR: Players looking for that mythic halfway point between full dirt and clean tonality. VERSATILITY: There’s a lot going on in this unassuming little black box. Housing a single 12AX7 tube, one of the most relied upon in the tube world, you have at your feet the most effective way to have the best of both worlds. Far from the typical set of controls the Glow Plug gives you the ability to regulate how much is pushed into the front of the tube, whereabouts you sit in the low-mid frequency range, the over all volume output and, most importantly, the balance between dry and wet signal. This means that you can mix all the grit and power of the tube in with a good amount of definition from the direct signal for the perfect amount of rumbling, fireside, warmth.

USABILITY: Its less a question of usability and more about how essential the Glow Plug will be to your pedalboard once it’s locked in. Simple controls give you as much flexibility as you could possibly ask for and, once dialed in you can be assured that sitting in front of even the nastiest solidstate head you’re going to sound warm as a mother’s love. CONSTRUCTION: Low profile, solid steel chassis and the unflinching build quality David Eden is famous for. OVERALL: The best way to warm up your tune without unnecessary heavy lifting. BY LUKE SHIELDS

Two Notes Le Bass

Hotone Bass Press



RECOMMENDED FOR: Many bass players take advantage of DI signals to the PA system for added volume and punch, but often miss out on tone and grit in that signal. This is the pedal that changes all of that, allowing you to leave the big rig at home and let the PA handle the volume. The Le Bass has you covered for the tone.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Bass players, when you have overloaded your pedal board with too many effects and still need some extra control, or if you are looking for a compact pedal solution for ease or portability, the Bass Press is going to come to the rescue offering wah, volume and expression options.

SOUND AND VERSATILITY: Both modern and classic sounds are readily available in this pedal. As a preamp designed specifically for bass, the Le Bass is ready to emulate those big amps you wish you were playing. A modern, hi-fidelity punch can be achieved in one instance, or a more classic, almost distorted and thick overdrive that enters into the realms of a synth tone can be found at the other end of the spectrum.

SOUND AND VERSATILITY: The Volume part of this pedal is excellent in that it does not ‘suck’ your tone as your pull the level back like many passive volume pedals can do. The wah function is quite the opposite and really goes to town on your tone with a fairly aggressive sweep tailored for bass, keeping the bottom end tight and unaffected.

USEABILITY: This is probably the most readily usable pedal in the entire range as bass player so often run a signal direct to the PA to begin with. What this offers over any other DI those is amp tone, loads of amp tone. It is like harnessing several great amp rigs and having them all fed into the PA from your bass. The only thing you need to do is choose the tone you’re after. CONSTRUCTION: As bass players don’t always have pedal boards in their setup, there is every chance

this unit might just end up on the floor by itself, and not on a pedal board. That said, it is ready to be left on the floor, trampled on, kicked about and generally abused without fear of anything. OVERALL: This is a breath of fresh air for bass players who are so often left out of the pedal design process. Modern and classic tones, MIDI implementation and some serious growl to bring your instrument forward in the mix are all on offer here. BY ROB GEE

USEABILITY: You can forget the concern about the size of the pedal being an issue in use. It certainly takes up less space on your pedal board, but when you place your foot over it in the right position, it behaves and feels just like a full sized wah or volume pedal would. Keeping the heel forward to ensure you rock on the pivot point naturally. CONSTRUCTION: It’s built into a compact yet tough little housing. The rocking motion is smooth and can be easily tighten to suit your

needs if you want more tension. The on/ off switch is easy to engage without needing to apply overly ridiculous amounts of pressure with your toes too. OVERALL: This is a clever way to solve a number of solutions for bass players who have limited space. Although you can only set it to one of the three functions, there is no reason why you couldn’t have a couple of these on your board for both volume and wah without taking up too much room. BY ROB GEE

MIXDOWN #266 // JUNE 2016 // PG.49