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Swimwear worn how it’s meant to be worn As summer approaches I’d like to introduce a new idea: not shoving your swimmers up your butt in some weird Instagram-wedgie situation. If you want to show off your butt, just buy a G, you guys. HOT

Princess Markle

General Pants Co. General Pants Co. is helping add a few names to the nice list this year, with the launch of its Just Be Nice Christmas campaign. Over the course of December, the retailer is asking customers to help spread the festive spirit by donating $1 to The Lighthouse Foundation alongside each purchase. The initiative is running both in-store and online, and for every $1 donated, General Pants Co. will pledge an additional $2. The Lighthouse Foundation is committed to providing homes and therapeutic care for homeless young people from backgrounds of long-term neglect and abuse. GENERALPANTS.COM.AU

Ol’ Megs is like the relatable version of Kate, who always seemed a little stuffy to me. “He proposed over a roast chicken,” has become laid back #relationshipgoals for all the right reasons. HOT

Kylie Jenner’s bebe So… is she pregs or not? I don’t even care anymore. MEH

Kowtow x Gidon Bing Upon laying eyes on Kowtow’s collaboration with Gidon Bing, we just about melted. Branching out from clothing, Kowtow’s partnership with the New Zealandbased ceramics studio focuses on understated craftsmanship and minimalist design. The release features four essential objects in pastel pink, bone crackle white and navy. Starting at just $40, it’s safe to say we’ll be adding the whole range to our collection before Christmas. AU.KOWTOWCLOTHING.COM

Bloggers who post too much Instagram spon If every second post is paid for, why are we even following you? If I wanted that kind of saturation of paid-for posts, I’d spend more time on Facebook. Scratchies? Health insurance? Ugh. NOT

Christmas carols Making your anxiety-filled present-shopping excursion even worse, since forever. NOT


Fashion Journal 175  
Fashion Journal 175