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5 tips to turn your kid’s bedroom into a fun place

Decorating a kid’s bedroom from scratch can be quite tedious, given the small details that need to be looked into. These include furniture, upholstery, decorative items, colors and much more to ensure that in the end, the room looks like a fun place to be or their very own wonderland. Let us take a look at five tips, which will steer parents in this direction. 1. Work around a theme: Choosing a theme for your kid’s room is the most important factor and this is why it is at the top of this list. There are endless themes out there related to colors, hobbies, games, movies et al and all that you need to do is to pick the one that your kid will fall in love with instantly. In fact, why not let your child pick his or favorite theme(s) like basketball theme, superheroes theme, cartoon or fictional characters theme to name a few? This will act as the foundation of decorating the bedroom on which you have to work. 2. Choose the apt furniture: Buy lightweight, multi-purpose furniture for the bedroom, which are durable and easy to handle. Investing in high quality, neutral color bedroom furniture sets is highly recommended, as they will last for years and will not outgrow your child. For instance, think of large bunk beds can double up as bookshelves and contain storage drawers. However, always buy the study table set according to your child’s height and make it a point to replace it as he or she grows taller in the coming years. 3. Have fun decorating it: Order some funky lampshades, colorful rugs, soft toys and other cool collectibles and knick knacks that will add an element of fun to the room. Alternatively, you can paint the door with interesting patterns, hang an elaborate tapestry or go for funky, stenciled art work on the walls for this purpose. You can also put a showcase in the room where your child can place his trophies, medals, art work et al and retrospect at his or her achievements. The more fun you have decorating; the best will be the outcome. 4. Play with colors, shapes and patterns: This is a handy tip when it comes to painting the bedroom and buying the upholstery and other furnishings. You can even opt for ‘do-it-yourself’ for the same. Paint the walls creatively or select funky wallpaper designs for the same, create a

vibrant quilt, stitch curtains that will flow freely in the breeze, throw in some dainty cushion covers and change the entire look and feel of the room. If you are a pro in craft, then you can also up cycle stuff from your kid’s nursery and use them in the bedroom. For instance, you can turn a crib into a storage center for toys or accessories; use old clothes to create hand stitched soft toys and make many other goodies. This takes us to the next tip. 5. Get inspired: There are endless lifestyle blogs, magazines and websites that provide inspiration for kid’s bedroom decoration to millions of parents worldwide. All that you need to do is to go through them and get inspired. In fact, if you just sit for an hour and browse the web, you will get information galore, including video tutorials or images of DIY projects. Additionally, you can discuss or ask queries in various social media pages and forums and get feedback directly from the experts. This makes your task easier. To Conclude These are some of the tips that will come handy when you are redoing your kid’s bedroom. But don’t restrain yourself to these points and do a proper research before starting the work. Always remember that the more you think out of the box, the easier it will be to turn it into a wonderland or a fun place for your little one. Good luck in your endeavor! Author Bio: Daniel Rocks is a furniture expert and has worked with many furniture stores as a part of his career. He writes on furniture related topics such as dining table set and bedroom furniture sets among others. He also enjoys researching on latest updates in his niche and discussing them with his peers. Contact Information: The Furniture Trader 102-120 Cooper Street, (corner Miller Street) Epping VIC 3076 Phone: 03 9401 2666 Mail:

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5 tips to turn your kid  

This is because there are numerous factors to be looked after so that in the end, the bedroom turns out to be their favorite place, their ow...

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