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The game of Star Wars the old republic

Star Wars is a series of movies, which was first released in the year 1977. Since then, the movie has had many fans. Looking at the fan following that the movie had, the creator of the movie, George Lucas made more successive movies on the same lines. It was in the year 1982 that the Star wars video games were introduced. As the movies came up, there were sequels to the video games too. One of the most liked games is the Star Wars the old republic. This is a game, which has all the characters of the movie in it. The plot of the game also follows the plot of the movie. When the game is played, there is a twist at the end of the tenth level. As the gamer reaches this level, he is compelled to choose between the role of the SWTOR commando or the SWTOR vanguard. This is a very tough decision to make. Here, we will discuss about the SWTOR vanguard.

SWTOR vanguard is a character, which has a lot of power and respect. This character has a stock of huge and massive weapons, which can be used for mass destruction. He also has the power of fire and many defensive techniques. He can be very dangerous if he is faced directly. Some of the weapons are better seen than explained in words. Thus, you should experience the game to get to know the real power of the SWTOR vanguard.

While the SWTOR vanguard has a lot of power, there are also weaknesses, which can be capitalized on. The vanguard moves very slowly and swiftness is not a feature that he has. This is the advantage that the enemies of the vanguard have, in case you choose to be the one. The star wars the old republic is a game, which is available in the markets easily. They are also available online. This is a game, which can be enjoyed by children and adult game lovers alike. Thus, you can have a good time with this game with your friends and family members alike.

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The game of Star Wars the old republic