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10 What’s your favourite time of day? Definitely early morning. I’m not always out and about at that time but when it happens I feel like a champion. What’s on your desk right now? A pile of junk. If you mean the projects we are undertaking, there’s a couple of great house extensions wrapping up on site and a wonderful collection of projects on the way. What do you see when you look out at the world from where you sit? I can see ERA cafe and with it the promise of an egg and bacon wrap. It’s like a gravitational field that traps me in its orbit every morning. What motivates you? We want to make things. It’s the most rewarding undertaking that I can think of: bringing something into being. What are you most passionate about? I suppose you might say that I’m passionate about a lot of things, but finding the right

Spring Issue 2013


Questions with Aaron Peters balance is the difficult part. I want to have a fulfilling professional career and spend as much time as I can with friends and family. I’d guess that most people feel the same way about their lives. Who/what are your key influences? I could give you a shopping list of architects with Louis Kahn, Caruso St John, Alvar Aalto and Edwin Lutyens at the top – but I’ll throw in Bill Watterson as I think Cavlin and Hobbes is a perfect thing. I could give you another shopping list of authors, but the names I would choose would probably sound pathetically clichéd. In your mind, what is the most critical problem facing us in the future? How can design intercept with that? The next great leap forward in our profession will be in tackling the global challenges of sustainability. I think the next Le Corbusier, should we have one, will be the first group or individual to find a way of incorporating and expressing this through their work.

Left to right: Paul Owen, Stuart Vokes, Aaron Peters

What’s your most essential piece of equipment? We’re all tied to computers, but I love pulling out my carpenter’s pencil. What are you most proud of? It’s not something I think about, but I’m constantly amazed at how fortunate my life has been: great wife, great friends, and great practice. What now? How do you see the road ahead? We’ve recently finished our first major non-residential project for the University of Queensland. I’d say that sustaining a balance of residential and non-residential project into the future would be a significant goal.

Furnishing International Spring 2013  
Furnishing International Spring 2013