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COLLAGE Dinosaur Designs has launched their first furniture collection titled Liquid Moon and Collage. Creative Directors Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy have taken the brand’s iconic resin materiality usually reserved for jewellery and homewares, and produced a collection of visually tactile and texturally lustrous side tables. The beautifully refined pieces are made by hand and produced in their Sydney based studio with each piece being one of a kind. Olsen’s Liquid Moon tables are organic in structure, with spindly-like spider legs inspired by the fragile strength of nature. Colour palette evolves from deep browns and oranges referencing earthy materiality, with the luminosity of the ocean explored with clear, dusted and frosted blues. Floating Lilypads inspired Ormandy’s Collage collection (pictured), with graphic disc like patterns perching upon carved leg supports. The circular details celebrate materiality with the bold colours expressing key junctions. On other pieces these connections blend seamlessly into a beautifully consistent materiality. Both collections are available in a variety of colour combinations and materials from Dinosaur Designs. (Text by Katie O’Brien) Spring Issue 2013

Furnishing International Spring 2013  
Furnishing International Spring 2013