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STONEWARE Stoneware Lights by Melbourne Designer Adam Cornish are influenced by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi - the belief that there is great beauty in imperfection. Runner up at Corporate Culture’s Design Journey Competition 2012, Cornish exhibited the lights as part of a collective of awardwinning emerging designers at the Australian Pavilion of the 2013 London Design Festival. Each of Cornish’s lights is made from natural, locally sourced material with stoneware clay crafted in a way that intentionally retains tiny imperfections. Individual lines and ripples created by the hands of the craftsperson are retained, adding an individual quality to this tactile form. Designed for disassembly, all components are designed to be held together without the use of adhesives, allowing each element to be separated into their individual waste streams at the end of the pendants life. (Text by Katie O’Brien)

Furnishing International Spring 2013  
Furnishing International Spring 2013