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Alexa Alexa is the ultimate flexible daybed. Arranging the cushions as you like for your day to day needs, opens up a world of possibilities where Alexa can be used as a sofa, a daybed or simply a bed. Its light appearance does not compromise on seat comfort – it is designed to have the comfort of a sofa and the shape of a day bed.

Modules Daybed

202 x 102 x 40

Back cushion 71 x 40 x 17

Support cushion big with handle

Support cushion big 90 x 31 x 22

Support cushion small 51 x 16 x 13

90 x 31 x 22


Back Cushion (C2) The back cushion consists of a mix of feathers and ball fibre.

Foam Firm - C1 Seat Cushion The seat cushion consists of elastic cut cold foam covered with fibre padding.


Support Cushion The back cushion consists of a core in cold foam covered in fibre padding.

Upholstery Fabric Available in our full range of fabrics and leathers, Alexa lets you take your creativity to a whole new level. Freely mix fabrics and leather in different colors to create your unique piece of furniture.

Brushed chrome black

Support cushion big Support cushion small


Back cushion

Support cushion big

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Alexa 2018  

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