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Does anyone even read copy anymore? For those who do, we’ll try to keep it interesting. The new alba “me” or “media edition” is the culmination of over a year’s work by the Furni design team (consisting of Mike Giles and Devin Barrette) and the entire prototype development team and manufacturing processes department at Furni (consisting of Mike Giles, Devin Barrette and our buddy Daniel Finkelstein). As you can see, it’s a ridicously small team! (Mike and Devin also take the orders, fabricate the wooden cases, and package and ship the items too – Daniel, on the other hand, is a slacker. Obviously.) Why another alarm clock? Well, when you can’t find what you want on the market, you have two options: buy a cheap clock from Radio Shack and despise it until it stops working several months later and you throw it out, or make one yourself. We embarked on the

latter 6 years ago on a whim and have been refining the idea ever since. What can our new alarm clock do for you? Long story short, it’ll wake you up. Amazing, right?! In this day of “bigger, faster, more” Furni decided to focus on creating a product designed to do a simple task well. Sure, we added a few nice design elements, but this ain’t no fivein-one printer, fax, copier, breakfast maker, relationship fixing product. Instead, we simply designed a good looking alarm clock that will help start your day without a scowl on your face (which, come to think of it, could actually help improve relationships). But why can’t it make me breakfast? Realizing today’s mobile devices and mp3 players have more technology in their little chips than a

computer the size of a room circa 1950, we decided not to compete but rather enable these pre-existing devices to interact with our clock using a common 1/8” audio jack. So instead of integrating a MP3 player into our design, we simply allow you to use our clock as an external amplifying source for something you already own. We even took the time to develop an application that works with that phone made by the people with the fruit logo that lets you wake up to your own playlists, or for those savvy enough to record their own sounds, the option to wake up to whatever they want! We also have some really neat instructional videos on our website, to be all “Furni 2.0”… because that’s how we roll. We aren’t re-inventing the wheel; we are just adding a few more spokes to it.

ALBA "ME" Catalogue  

Companion guide to our ne ALBA "ME" alarm clock

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