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Furman University Panhellenic Recruitment Guide 2013-2014

Furman University Panhellenic Recruitment Guide 2013-2014


Panhellenic Executive Council From left to right : Dana Duffett, Morgan Crego, Gillian Small, Danielle Bereznay, Madilene Lake, Kellie Bingham, Katie Jo Jones, Chelsea Jasper, Kristin Tanabe, Makenzie Beam Not Pictured: Amanda Soule

Dear Potential New Members, Welcome! My name is Kellie Bingham. I’m a a senior Biology major from Cayce, South Carolina, who loves cooking, shopping, and all things Disney Princess (Especially the Little Mermaid and Tangled!) I am so glad that you’re interested in Greek life here at Furman, and I am excited to serve as your Panhellenic Council President! The Panhellenic Council is a group of dedicated Greek women from all six sororities who are committed to making the overall sorority experience the best it can possibly be. We strive to promote friendship, leadership, sisterhood, and philanthropic outreach through the greater Panhellenic community. Once you become a member of a sorority, you are also a member of the Panhellenic community. These women will be your support system and your friends, helping to shape your experience for the next four years. As president I am more than excited about being a part of the 2013-2014 Panhellenic Executive Council. If you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Kellie Bingham Panhellenic President


THE PANHELLENIC COUNCIL FURMAN’S PANHELLENIC CREED The purpose of the Furman Panhellenic Council shall be to foster high ideals of friendship, promote educational and cultural interests, create a true sense of social responsibility, and develop the finest qualities of character. It shall also be our purpose to develop qualities of unselfish leadership among our members, and to encourage them to assume, with integrity and devotion to moral and democratic principles, the highest responsibilities of college women. Our members will strive to form life bonds of friendship, mutual support, opportunities for self-growth, respect for intellectual development and an understanding of and an allegiance to positive ethical principles. We believe in holding ourselves to the responsibility of doing our best in whatever we undertake, always remembering that leadership requires confidence tempered with humility and courage blended with tolerance. We believe that we must strive to become a well-balanced Council by first, strengthening our own character and personality; second, watching our attitudes toward our fellow-beings; third, recognizing the value of high educational standards; and fourth, developing faith and loyalty. May we strive each day to seek more earnestly the honorable and beautiful things. May we each day through love of those within our Council, learn to know and understand better those outside our Council. May we strive each day to become truer, wiser, more faithful, more loving, and more noble. To live constantly above snobbery of word or deed; to place scholarship before social obligations and character before appearances; to be, in the best sense, democratic rather than 'exclusive', and lovable rather than popular; to work earnestly, to speak kindly, and to act sincerely.   We as a Panhellenic Council strive to promote these ideals to all women on campus both as a body and as individuals.


ACADEMICS Academic achievement is of the highest importance for all sororities. All of our chapters emphasize the importance of high academic achievement and challenges each of their members to live up to her highest academic potential. While the implementation of this academic importance varies by chapter, all choose to recognize academic achievement of their members and provide aid to those who may need assistance. In addition to chapter recognition, the Panhellenic Council rewards all of these outstanding women! Whether it is cupcakes or banners hung in the Dining Hall, Panhellenic makes sure that their hard work is noticed. And the hard work has paid off! In March of 2013, the Furman Panhellenic Council was awarded an academic excellence award by the South Eastern Panhellenic Conference. This award honored Furman’s Greek women for collectively having a higher grade point average than our university’s undergraduate women’s average for the past two consecutive semesters.

LEADERSHIP The Furman University Panhellenic community is incredibly passionate about fostering future leaders and providing its members with a wealth of leadership opportunities. Whether it is within a scholastic honors society, sports team, or one of Furman’s other student organizations, Panhellenic women serve in a variety of leadership roles on campus. Aside from leading within the community, Greek life provides college women with the opportunity to discover and define one’s leadership potential. Each organization provides its members with a variety of leadership opportunities within the sorority. From President to Social Chair to Philanthropy committee member, each woman has the opportunity to positively impact her Greek community through her leadership skills.


ACTIVITIES Most, if not all, Panhellenic organizations encourage their members to become involved with at least one other on campus organization. In doing so, the Panhellenic community is encouraging each member to continue developing her individual talents and interests outside of the sorority. Individually, Panhellenic women are actively involved in clubs and organizations such as Student Government, FUSAB, International Justice Mission, the Shucker Leadership Institute, sports at the Division I, club, and intramural levels, a variety of political organizations and campus ministries, and a number of service opportunities.

PHILANTHROPY Every Panhellenic organization at Furman supports its national philanthropy through fundraising and service projects. Through their time and financial contributions, sorority members are dedicated to helping those in need. The sororities host a variety of fundraisers, such as competitions between all of the Greek organizations, charitable dinners, and various sports tournaments, in order to raise money for their organizations. All of the money raised goes directly to the philanthropy effort. Chapters also donate their time to local philanthropies to help with the betterment of the greater Greenville community. Members serve in a variety of positions and spend countless hours providing aid to these organizations. Collectively, Panhellenic is a proud sponsor of the National Panhellenic Council’s philanthropy Circle of Sisterhood. Through numerous fundraising events the community at large helps to financially provide the opportunity for young women in developing nations to further their education. Additionally the Panhellenic community participates in campus wide philanthropic efforts such as Relay For Life. FURMAN UNIVERSITY - 4

SOCIAL In addition to leadership and philanthropic service, sororities provide a fun, social atmosphere for their members. The goal of every chapter is to bring groups of like-minded women together while instilling values, traditions, and lasting friendship within their members. Social events of all kinds allow for women to develop meaningful relationships within their chapter, the Panhellenic community, and the Furman University campus as a whole. At Furman, each chapter has a social policy in place in order to promote enjoyable social activities in a safe environment. The university has policies in place that oppose the misuse of alcohol and maintains that all chapters, individual members and guests must abide by state and local laws as well as university regulations. The Panhellenic Council is committed to helping its organizations maintain balanced social programs which ultimately contribute to the personal development of its members while not detracting from the university’s education mission. The overarching purpose of social opportunities is to create an environment that stimulates personal growth and a positive experience. The social opportunities are varied and endless – there’s always Each sorority provides its members with a unique something to do! experience, but the common thread among all organizations, regardless of the letters, is sisterhood. This special bond between sorority members, and Panhellenic women at large, helps to create a distinctive and welcoming community. Sisterhood demands a respect for each other and under no circumstance will individual chapters, the Panhellenic Council, or Furman University tolerate any form of hazing. Hazing can be defined as any situation, activity, or action that intentionally causes pain, embarrassment, or harassment to another woman, regardless of willingness to participate. As a sisterhood, we look to build each other up, not tear each other down, and help each individual become the most successful and confident woman that she can be. Sororities were founded by like-minded women who wanted to create a support system and build lifelong friendships in addition to pursuing intellectual, social, and moral development. Furman’s Panhellenic community expects its members to strive for academic achievement, demonstrate responsible citizenship, show concern for the rights and needs of others, and provide leadership by promoting self-respect.




Α Alpha (al-fah) Β Beta (bay - tah)

Active: A sorority woman who has been formally initiated by her chapter. Alumna: An initiated sorority member who is no longer in college but can provide recommendations for her sorority. Bid: A formal invitation to join a sorority or fraternity issued by the Panhellenic Council or by an individual sorority or fraternity. Chapter: a local group of a national organization, designated by its own Greek Letter Name.

Γ Gamma (Gam-ah) Δ Delta (del-tah) Ε Epsilon (ep-si-lon) Ζ Zeta ( zay-tah) Η Eta (ay-tah)

Continuous Open Bidding: An opportunity for chapters who are not at quota or total to extend bids to women who did not join a sorority during formal recruitment.

Θ Theta (thay -tah)

Fraternity: The name that applies to all Greek letter organizations and is characterized by a ritual, pin, and strong bond of sisterhood.

Κ Kappa (kap-pah)

Greek: A member of a sorority or fraternity Interfraternity Council (IFC): An umbrella organization that presides over men’s fraternities, each of which is autonomous as a social, Greek letter society of college men, undergraduate and alumnae. Initiation: The formal ceremony which brings new members into full membership of a sorority or fraternity. Intentional Single Preference: When a Potential New Member attends more than one Preference Round event but only lists one choice on her Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement. This is strongly discouraged as it limits the chances for receiving a bid.

Ι Iota (eye- o- tah)

Λ Lambda (lamb-da) Μ Mu ( mew) Ν Nu (new) Ξ Xi (zie) Ο Omicron (omi-cron) Π Pi ( pie) Ρ Rho (roe)

Legacy: A Potential New Member whose grandmother, mother, or sister, is an alumna or active of a particular sorority. A sorority is not obligated to pledge a legacy, and as a legacy a Potential New Member is not required to pledge a specific sorority. Each organization has different requirements when it comes to legacies.

Σ Sigma (sig -mah)

Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA): Also known as a PRef Card, each Potential New Member completes an MRABA after Preference Round to state her membership preferences. The Potential New Member ranks the sororities she would accept a bid from and signs it to state she will accept a bid from any sorority she lists.

Φ Phi (fie)

Τ Tau (taw) Υ Upsilon (oop-si-lon)

Χ Chi (kie) Ψ Psi (sie) Ω Omega (o-may-gah)


Panhellenic Exec.


President Kellie Bingham

VP Membership Madilene Lake

New Member: One who has been accepted as a member of a sorority or fraternity. After a period of education about the sorority she may be initiated. New Member Educator: The individual who is the liaison between the new members and the chapter. This individual is responsible for implementing and monitoring the new member program and preparing the new members for initiation.

Head Pi Chi Chelsea Jasper

National Panhellenic Council (NPC): A conference body composed of all 26 members of women’s fraternities, each of which is autonomous as a social, Greek letter society of college women, undergraduate and alumnae.

VP Finance Makenzie Beam

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC): A national conference body composed of the nine historically, predominately African American Greek letter organizations at both the college and alumni level.

VP Communications Amanda Soule

VP Community Relations Dana Duffett

VP Social

Panhellenic Council: The governing body of the woman’s fraternities on Furman’s Campus. This includes the executive board and chapter representatives Panhellenic Exec: The ten members of Panhellenic Exec lead the Furman Panhellenic Council. The President, Vice-President of Recruitment, and the Head Pi Chi have disassociated from their chapters during both formal and informal Recruitment to oversee the process. Pi Chi: The name given to a sorority member who has disaffiliated during Recruitment to assist Potential New Members.

Danielle Bereznay

VP Public Relations Kristin Tanabe

VP Service Morgan Crego

VP Scholarship Katie Jo Jones

Potential New Member (PNM): A woman who is participating in the Recruitment Process and wishes to explore the possibilities of sorority membership. Every freshman girl, whether she intends to go through Recruitment or not, is considered a PNM until the closure of the Recruitment registration period. Quota: The number of women that a sorority may pledge during recruitment. Recommendation: A letter written on behalf of a PNM by an sorority alumna introducing and recommending a PNM for membership within her sorority. Recruitment: A function whereby undergraduates interested in a sorority meet with the members, learn more about the organizations, and ultimately join an organization.

VP Woman’s Issues Gillian Small THE 2013 PANHELLENIC GUIDE - 7

PI CHIS Hello lovely Potential New Members! My name is Chelsea Jasper and I am a senior chemistry major from Fort Mill, SC. I am honored to serve the Panhellenic Council as Head Pi Chi for this year. A Pi Chi, or Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor, is a mentor and guide to a group of women planning to go through the recruitment process. When you enroll for formal recruitment, you will be assigned two Pi Chis who will take you through the process of joining a sorority chapter. Each Pi Chi is a member of a Panhellenic chapter but has disassociated during the fall semester to be an impartial representative of Greek life. Your Pi Chis will hold meetings where they will provide information on the recruitment process and oer you the opportunity to ask questions that you may have. The amazing team of 23 Pi Chis works hard to make sure that January formal recruitment runs smoothly and is a great success for everyone!

2013 - 2014 Pi Chis Makenzie Beam Kellie Bingham Caroline Brown Margaret Caulkins Lauren Dengler Christina Dorismond Allie Flett Miranda Flowers

 I am here as a resource for all of you, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to chat about the recruitment process or just college life in general! I look forward to meeting you in the fall when you sign up for Panhellenic recruitment! Chelsea Jasper Head Pi Chi

Brittany Fulton Maddison Hall Caroline Harris Elizabeth Hawthorne Abby Henry Chelsea Jasper Susannah Kelly Caddie Kropp Madilene Lake Katherine Martin Lindy Reynolds Gina Sanitato Suzy Schmalbeck Madi Smith Katie Spradling Annelise Weir


INFORMAL RECRUITMENT PANHELLENIC NIGHTS During the fall semester, the Panhellenic Council hosts “Panhellenic Nights” to give PNMs the opportunity to get to know upperclassman Greek women. Held on Wednesday nights during the fall, each Panhellenic Night will be co hosted by 2 sororities and be a relaxed, fun, evening! These events are by no means mandatory, but PNMs are strongly encouraged to attend in order to have a better understanding of the different sororities and the wonderful women that belong to each one! Panhellenic Nights Fall 2013 All Panhellenic Nights are scheduled for 6:30pm in the Watkins room unless otherwise noted

Sep. 11 Sep. 18 Oct. 9 Oct. 23 Nov. 13 Nov. 20 Dec. 4

INFORMAL EVENTS During the fall semester each of the sororities will host a number of informal events for the PNMs. Like Panhellenic Nights these informal events are meant to help make the PNMs feel more at ease about the recruitment process. All of these low stress events are intended to show you more about the personality of each chapter’s individual members as well as the chapter as a whole. This way you have a better idea of what it would be like to me a member of a specific chapter and are more comfortable with the recruitment process. These events are by no means mandatory, and PNMs are only encouraged to attend. Not attending does not have any repercussions when it comes to formal recruitment. THE 2013 PANHELLENIC GUIDE - 9

FORMAL RECRUITMENT ROUND ONE: OPEN HOUSE During Open House you will visit all six sororities for 30 minutes each. These parties are intended to introduce you to each chapter. They will begin with the chapters clapping and cheering. Don’t be nervous – the girls are just excited to meet you! You will then be introduced to a number of sorority members. Conversations will be light and most likely the girls will ask you questions about yourself. While this may seem a little awkward, and repetitive as the day goes one, the girls just want to get to know you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! These events are short, so just relax and enjoy meeting everyone.


During Philanthropy round you will visit up to 5 sororities for 35 minutes each. These parties are intended to give a PNM better insight into each chapter’s philanthropic involvement. At each party the chapter will show a multimedia presentation to introduce their national and local philanthropies to the PNMs. These presentations, in addition to showcasing the philanthropy, should capture the spirit, values, and personality of the sorority. This is a great round to ask about other activities the sorority is involved in such as service projects and campus organizations.

ROUND THREE: SISTERHOOD During Sisterhood round you will visit up to 4 sororities for 45 minutes each. These parties are intended to give you a better understanding of the chapter personality. At each party the chapter will perform a skit as well as songs and dances that showcase the qualities of the sorority and the unique sisterhood developed within each group. This round is meant to be slightly more serious in terms of conversation. The idea is to help you really figure out where you feel most comfortable and what sorority has values and a personality that align most with your personal belief system.

What To Wear Round 1: You will be given a recruitment T-shirt that you will wear for this round. Jeans, cords, khaki pants, are all appropriate. Flats or boots are appropriate footwear.

Round 2: This is another casual round where nice jeans, a cardigan, a cute shirt or blouse, and comfortable shoes are appropriate.

Round 3: This round is a little more formal, so a casual dress, skirt and top, or nice pants and top are appropriate. Heels can be worn but are not required. FURMAN UNIVERSITY - 10

FORMAL RECRUITMENT PREFERENCE TEA During the final round of Recruitment, Preference Tea, you will attend a maximum of 2 parties which are each an hour long. These rounds are much more serious than the other three and are intended to help you make your final decision. At each of these parties carefully consider how comfortable you feel with each group of women, for they could be your sisters. Consider what qualities you have in common with these women, and if you feel that they truly bring out your best “you.” Each sorority will present a ceremony, usually consisting of speakers and singers. The sisters will tell you what it means to be a sister of their organization as well as what makes the organization truly unique. When making your decision, recall previous Recruitment rounds and think about what you liked best about each group. Consider why you would like to be a member of each organization and how comfortable you felt at each party. While the ultimate decision can be a difficult one, remember that there is not necessarily a “right” choice, and that a group you may not have strongly considered earlier in Recruitment may be the perfect place for you!

What To Wear Pref. Tea: This is the most formal round. Appropriate outfit choices include a cocktail dress and dress shoes. Bid Day: On Bid- Day you will be given a T-shirt. Appropriate outfits include pants/skirt and a top that is easy to change out of.

Signing the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement: The preferential bidding system is a method in which Potential New Members preferences are matched to sororities' preference lists. Following your last Preferential Round event, you will meet with your Pi Chis to sign a Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA). You must maintain complete silence between each Preferential Round event from the time you leave your last event until you sign your MRABA. You may ask your Pi Chi or any Panhellenic Executive Council Member for assistance. However, remember the silence period is important to ensure that your decision is yours and yours alone. On your MRABA you will be asked to list, in order of preference, the sorority(ies) you wish to join and you will sign your MRABA with the understanding that you are willing to accept a bid from the group(s) listed). If a bid is extended to you from one of your choices and you decide not to accept it, you will not be eligible to participate in Continuous Open Bidding and or Recruitment for one year. Remember that the decision you indicate on your MRABA is binding for you year. If you attend more than one Pref Tea your Pi Chi will encourage you to list more than one sorority on your MRABA to maximize your opportunity to receive a bid. Once you have signed and turned in your MRABA it cannot be change. If there is any problem with your MRABA only a Panhellenic Executive Member or your Pi Chi will contact you about it.


BID DAY With the end of Recruitment comes Bid Day! On Bid Day you may receive an invitation to join a particular sorority. If this is not the case, you will be notified beforehand by your Pi Chis in order to discuss various options. If you receive a bid, your bid invitation will list the sorority that has been selected during the mutual selection process. Once all of the new pledge classes have been assembled you will go and meet the rest of your new chapter! Bid Day is a time for fun, pictures, entertainment and new friendships. You will have the chance to meet and become better acquainted with the other new members and the older sorority women. Bid Day can be somewhat overwhelming – don’t be nervous! Everyone is just incredibly excited for the new members and the end of the Recruitment process. Do not feel as though you have to meet every older sister at one time! This day is incredibly exciting and marks the end of Recruitment and the transition into sisterhood. These girls will be your sisters, friends, and support system throughout college and beyond as an alumni network.

PNM CODE OF ETHICS Choosing to go through recruitment is a great opportunity to develop friendships and create life-long bonds. However, as a PNM there are certain rules you are expected to follow. These rules are in place to give you the best possible Recruitment experience possible. Failure to abide by these rules may result in your removal from the recruitment process. Potential New Member Code of Ethics: 1. I will attend all events to which I receive an invitation. 2. I will behave respectfully towards myself, other potential members, chapter members,

recruitment counselors, and university staff at all times. 3. I will act respectfully and politely when attending all events. 4. I will not discuss my opinion of any sorority participating in Recruitment with other

potential new members. 5. I will not discuss or reveal a known affiliation of any recruitment counselor or Panhellenic Exec member with other potential new members. 6. I understand that if I am matched with a sorority and receive a bid, I am bound to that group and am therefore considered ineligible for an invitation for membership from any other sorority for a year.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Choosing to join a sorority is a big commitment. Here are some questions (and their answers!) that are frequently asked about recruitment! If I choose to go through recruitment am I obligated to join a sorority?

What do I do if I am a legacy for a particular sorority?

No. If you choose to go through recruitment you are not obligated to join a sorority. it is Panhellenic’s sincerest wish that you find a sorority to call home, but we also realize that the Greek community isn’t for everyone.

Simply indicate your legacy affiliation on your recruitment registration card!

What is the financial requirement for joining a sorority? The financial requirement varies by chapter. Please see pages 15 - 20 for the chapter pages! If you have more questions, feel free to contact the sororities individually. I’ve heard that sororities have various reputations. How do I handle this information? And what if I only want to be in a specific sorority? Try to go through recruitment, both formal and informal, with an open mind. While the opinions of others can be helpful when trying to make such an important decision, ultimately the only person that can make it is you! By keeping an open mind you have the opportunity to make the best choice for you. What do sororities look for in potential members? Each sorority looks for potential members whose values align with those of their specific organization. As you go through rounds you will be able to tell which sorority’s you feel most comfortable with and it will seem more like a natural fit.

What are letters of recommendation and do I need them? Letters of recommendation are letters written on your behalf by an alumni for a specific chapter. The purpose of these letter is to help the sororities get to know you a little bit better! It gives the perspective of someone who knows you on a more personal level. Letters of recommendation should be sent to the individual chapters prior to the start of recruitment. While letters of recommendation are good, they are by no means necessary! What if I have a hard time making a decision about a joining a sorority? Your Pi Chis will be there for you at all times! Remember these Panhellenic women have disassociated from their chapters to provide unbiased guidance for you through the entire recruitment process.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact : Madilene Lake - VP Recruitment Cameron Smith - Greek Life Advisor Trone Student Center 206 THE 2013 PANHELLENIC GUIDE - 13

HELPFUL TIPS 1. Go into the process with an open mind and a good attitude. 2. Discuss your feelings about a sorority or a certain event privately with one of your Pi Chis. 3. The Rules of Respect are in place to protect your rights and opinions. Chapter members are expected not to violate them and thus PNMs are asked to hold themselves to the same standard. 4. Be realistic about what sorority members you are most comfortable with. Be mature in your decision making and try not to let others opinions and past experiences influence you. 5. Academics are very important to all chapters. The average GPA for sorority women is roughly a 3.0. Make sure to ask about study halls and tutoring within the chapter. 6. Many sororities have payment plans and are willing to work in order to find a way to make financial work. 7. Take notes after each party so that you can go back and look at them later. Include the names of the girls you spoke with, details about the conversation, and any memorable details. These notes will be helpful when making decisions later. 8. Ask questions! Not only does it show interest, but it might help you learn more than you thought you would. 9. Look at each sorority as a whole. Do not judge a group based on one member. Likewise, do not judge one girl based on a rumored reputation of her affiliation. 10.If you go to the wrong event by mistake or any conflicts occur, find a Pi Chi. They know how to fix the situation! 11. Sorority girls are just as nervous as you are! 12.Recruitment is a mutual selection process - you are selecting a sorority and they as a group are selecting you. 13.Do not interpret any remark made at an event/ recruitment party as assurance of an invitation to another event or a bid. An individual member has no way of truly knowing these things. 14.Do not discuss boys, alcohol, religion, money, politics, or chapter bids. These are sensitive topics that have the potential to make people uncomfortable so they should not be discussed during recruitment. 15. Be polite, regardless of whether you like the chapter or not.You may be surprised and end up really liking the conversation you had down the road! 16.Smile and be yourself ! Do not feel like you have to pretend to be someone you’re not. 17.Double check your schedule and be sure you know where you’re going each day! 18. Do not assume legacies always join that specific chapter. Regardless of what you may hav heard, chapters are not required to offer bids to legacies.


ALPHA DELTA PI Hey Everyone! Welcome to Furman! We are excited that you are interested in joining Greek community and learning more about our organizations! Alpha Delta Pi was founded on May 15, 1851, at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia. We hold the distinction of being the first secret society in the world for college women. The Furman chapter of Alpha Delta Pi prizes a well-balanced life. While together we strive for similar values such as faith and loyalty, we are truly a diverse group of women. We represent almost all majors and many athletic teams, and we hold numerous leadership positions in organizations across campus. We are devoted to many philanthropic causes such as The Ronald McDonald House, Relay for Life, and two other organizations founded by women in our chapter. Last year we raised over $22,000 for Relay for Life! We are extremely proud to call each of our members a sister and we are excited to welcome a new class to our sisterhood! We hope that you have a wonderful semester at Furman, and we cannot wait to get to know you! Pi Love, Katie Smithgall President

Chapter Name: Eta Phi Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi Nickname: ADPi Colors: Azure Blue and White Symbols: The diamond and our mascot, Alphie the Lion Public Motto: We Live for Each Other Philanthropy: The Ronald McDonald House Charities Yearly Dues: $450 per semester, $900 per year



CHI OMEGA Welcome to Furman! We're so excited to have you at Furman, and even more excited that you are interested in joining our Greek community. Greek life at Furman is so much more than just a friend group and a social calendar; it provides the opportunity for service, campus involvement, and personal growth. Chi Omega has been one of the defining aspects of my Furman experience, and I hope you can learn more about who we are and what we stand for over the next couple months. Chi Omega was founded in 1895 at the University of Arkansas and has grown to be the largest women's organization in the nation. Our national philanthropy is MakeA-Wish, and our chapter is lucky enough to grant one child's wish to go to Disney World each year. Locally, we also work with an after school program that serves underprivileged elementary children. Our chapter members are very involved in other organizations on campus, dedicating their time to much more than Chi Omega. We can't wait to get to know you this semester, and we hope we'll be able to show you how much Chi Omega can mean to you. Claire Chipman Chi Omega President


Chapter Name: Epsilon Lambda Nickname: Chi O Colors: Cardinal and Straw Symbols: Owl, Skull and Cross bones Public Motto: Sisters inspired by our values who serve the world while keeping Chi Omega ever at heart. Philanthropy: Make-A-Wish Foundation Yearly Dues: $800 per year


DELTA DELTA DELTA Hey Y’all! We  are  so  thrilled  that  you  are  interested  in  Greek  life  at  Furman   and  want  to  learn  more  about  our  Tri  Delta  chapter  on  campus!     Tri  Delta,  as  a  national  sorority,  was  founded  in  1888  at  the   University  of  Boston.  At  Furman,  Tri  Delta  Girst  came  to  campus  in   1994. We  partner  with  our  local  philanthropy,  The  Frazee  Dream  Center,   as  well  as  Tri  Delta’s  national  philanthropy,  St.  Jude  Children’s   Research  Hospital,  to  raise  funds,  awareness,  and  contributions  of   service  to  beneGit  these  worthy  causes.    Our  members  are  involved   in,  and  hold  leadership  positions  in,  a  vast  array  of  campus   organizations,  and  we  are  devoted  to  our  involvement  on  campus   as  well  as  service  in  the  Greenville  community.     The  sisterhood  within  our  chapter  is  genuine  and  unique,  and  we   share  a  perpetual  bond  of  friendship,  as  we  steadfastly  love  one   another.    We  wish  you  the  best  of  luck  this  semester,  and  look   forward  to  getting  to  know  you  this  year!!

Chapter Name: Gamma Xi Nickname: Tri Delt Colors: Silver, Gold, Cerulean Blue Symbols: pansy, pine, dolphin, pearl Public Motto: Let us Steadfastly Love One Another”

Philanthropy: St. Jude Yearly Dues: $880 per year (active) $795 for new members


Delta Love, Rebecca  Crowe President


DELTA GAMMA Hello Class of 2017! I am so excited to have you at Furman! Delta Gamma was founded in 1873 in Oxford Mississippi by thee girls on a cold winter night. . Our badge, the golden anchor, is the age old symbol for Hope. Delta Gamma is the only women’s fraternity that has founded its own philanthropy, Service for Sight. Zeta Upsilon’s local philanthropies are the School for the Deaf and Blind in Spartanburg, SC and the Seeing Eye. Every year we hold fundraisers on campus like A Night for Sight, which is a silent auction and Anchor Splash, which is almost a full week of nautically fun activities including pool games and Dunk-a-DG. Through out the year we write letters to veterans serving abroad, make and send valentines to students at the School for the Deaf and Blind and build care packages to send to battered women at an Atlanta shelter. DGs  at  Furman  love  to  give   back  and  do  good  on  campus,  in  the  Greenville  community,  and  all  over   the  country.     We  are  also  involved  in  Intramural  sports  on  campus.  Soccer  and   Bowling  are  probably  our  favorite  events  although  we  participate  in  as   many  as  possible.  Last  year  we  took  second  place  in  Homecoming  after   building  an  awesome  Reptar  Dloat    and  Hey  Arnold!  DH  poster.  We  love   to  spend  time  together  at  our  fall  retreats.  I  hope  that  you  all  go  Greek  so   that  you  can  experience  the  love,  joy  and  support  I  have  found  in  my   own  organization.  I  wish  you  all  the  best  possible  freshman  year!   Best, Caroline  Poole President  


Chapter Name: Zeta Upsilon Nickname: DG Colors: Pink, Blue, Bronze Symbols: Anchor Public Motto: Do Good Philanthropy: Service for Sight Yearly Dues: $800 per year


KAPPA DELTA Hi y’all! We are so happy y’all are interested in Greek Life on campus and we are excited to tell you more about our Kappa Delta Chapter. Kappa Delta was founded in 1897 at State Female Normal School in Longwood, Virginia. Kappa Delta - Zeta Pi Chapter at Furman was established in 1994. Currently, KD has over 100 members involved all over Furman’s campus ranging from FUSAB to academic honor societies to multiple varsity sports. KD hosts numerous philanthropic events throughout the year—the biggest being Shamrock ‘N Run in the fall, which benefits Prevent Child Abuse America and our local affiliate, the Julie Valentine Center. We also celebrate International Women’s Friendship Month, as you will soon see on campus in the month of September! Our chapter is filled with an extremely diverse group of women involved all across campus. We are all tied together with our common bond of sisterhood. Each of us is so thankful for the laughter and friendship we have gained through our beloved Kappa Delta. We cannot wait to meet all of you in the coming months and look forward to your involvement in Furman’s Greek Life! Love in AOT,

Chapter Name: Zeta Pi Nickname: KD Colors: Olive Green, Pearl White Symbols: Nautilus Shell, Dagger, Teddy Bear, Katydid Public Motto: “Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest” Philanthropy: Girl Scouts of America, Prevent Child Abuse America, Julie Valentine Center Yearly Dues: $800 per year $485 for new members


Katie Core President


KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Welcome Class of 2017! We are so glad that you’re interested in becoming a member of the Greek community. Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded as a women’s fraternity in 1870 – years before the word “sorority” would even be introduced. At Monmouth College in Illinois, six exceptional women decided to express their belief in a women’s potential to impact the world. Our founders had been taught to love learning and literature. They chose to make academics and leadership central elements of Kappa Kappa Gamma’s values. Whether or not our founders imagined the ultimate size and scope the organization would achieve – now 140 chapters strong – they clearly believed in a women’s potential to inspire others and impact the world. We, as sisters of today, share their beliefs, and have found with preparation and sisterhood, we can do just that.Here on Furman’s campus our sisters are involved in a whole number of clubs and organizations. In addition to impacting our college community, we love being involved in the Greenville community through our philanthropy efforts. Best of luck this semester and we cannot wait to meet you in January! Best, Victoria Garrett President


Chapter Name: Eta Alpha Nickname: KKG, Kappa Colors: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Symbols: Key, Owl, Fleur-de-leis Public Motto: Aspire to be Philanthropy: Reading is Fundamental Yearly Dues: $721 per year $523 spring semester (New members)


2013 - 2014 Recruitment Team Madilene Lake (Vice President of Recruitment), Kellie Bingham ( President), Chelsea Jasper (Head Pi Chi)

Hello! My name is Madilene Lake and I am beyond thrilled to be serving as the Vice-President of Recruitment for Panhellenic this year. A little bit about me: I’m a Communication Studies major from Roswell, GA who has a weakness for good coffee and anything monogrammed. While we understand that the Greek system is not for everyone, as the Vice President of Recruitment, and on behalf of the entire Panhellenic Council, we sincerely hope that you choose to become a member of our Greek community by going through the recruitment process. It is an opportunity to become involved on Furman’s campus in a truly unique way. The Panhellenic community fosters individual growth, leadership, sisterhood among it members. It’s purpose is to create a unified, uplifting and supportive environment for all sorority women on campus and allows for all involved to become something bigger than themselves. Hopefully this guide has given you a look into what it means be be a member of our Greek community here at Furman! I am here as a recourse for you about all things recruitment. Please do not hesitate to email me or stop me on campus if you see me to ask any and all recruitment questions you may have. I can’t say enough how excited we as a Panhellenic Council are to welcome you, the class of 2017 to Furman. Best of luck during this fall semester and we look forward to seeing you during formal recruitment in January! Madilene Lake Vice President - Recruitment


Furman University Panhellenic Council 2013 -2014 Recruitment Guide Cover photo is an original watercolor done by Furman Panhellenic Alumna Evelyn Henson

Furman Sorority Recruitment Guide 2013 2014  
Furman Sorority Recruitment Guide 2013 2014  

Everything you need to know about going through sorority recruitment at Furman University.