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The Brand FURAHA means “happy� in Swahili, and we believe in spreading the joy from Africa to the world. In 2010 we launched our socially-conscious East African brand to combine delight in our African heritage with the joy of providing meaningful work for local artisans. We are best known for our kikapu a traditional handwoven raffia palm basket adorned in vibrant African prints and hand-woven textiles. All our products are hand-created pieces of art in a unique combination of mainly natural materials carefully tailored to bring you pleasure and help you shine.

Our mission as a brand is to create beautiful quality handmade products which transcend time, season and trends without compromising style while economically empowering small local artisans.

Our Bags All our bags come in a wide range of colors

Penelope Collection

The “Penelope� bag is our classic, all-time favourite bag and represents unwavering faithfulness to the art of weaving as traditionally practiced by women of Central Region in Uganda. FURAHA believes this simple, durable, beautiful bag embodies the strength of character of these women who are the backbone of their families and communities.

Colourful Chaos Collection

At FURAHA we are very conscious of the world around us and therefore make every effort to preserve our environment. This collection recycles fabric from scraps and cut-offs. Each cut-off is carefully hand selected, stitched and matched, making each bag unique. The bold colour combinations are bound to turn heads from a mile away.

Safari Collection

This collection is reminiscent of what Eastern Africa is renowned for - exotic wild life, safaris and dramatic natural landscapes. Every animal skin is unique and has been selected and produced from controlled culls of traditional breeds thus helping to preserve the value and health of these beautiful creatures.

Terra Collection

This bag embraces the beauty of the continent as demonstrated in its indigenous textiles such as the Bakuba raffia found in the Democratic Republic of Congo or the Bogolan raw cotton “mud cloth” from Mali. These textiles have dramatic geometric patterns which are as eye-catching today as when they first burst into the world’s view more than 100 years ago and stirred a passion for exotic African design that has influenced artists from Picasso to Basquiat.

Sierra Collection

This double-walled, raffia palm basket is very sturdy, ideal for grocery shopping in your Birkenstocks or hauling fruit and fine wine to that backyard barbeque while wearing Jimmy Choos. We decided to jazz up this ultimately practical carrier by covering it with a hand-crocheted exterior in fine wools. This bag is perfect for your modern life: it embodies rustic-urban chic, with a wink and a nod to the seventies earthmothers everywhere!

Mandy Collection

These straw baskets are hand woven by women in the south of Tunisia. The statement jewellery piece in this collection has been dexterously hand crocheted by artists in Uganda using stones, beads and seeds, blending the subtle mysteries of the Maghreb with the bold visions of Ugandan art. This piece is as complex and elegant as you are.

Sahara Collection

These bags are created by women in the south of Tunisia who delicately interweave fabric and straw in this surprising and pleasing design. The interlacing of straw and fabric creates intricate patterns of colour that are unique and eye-catching. Dress up, dress down; this bag moves from beach to office as smoothly as you do.

Our Espadrilles All our shoes come in a wide range of colors

Ana Collection

This comfortable high heeled wedge with a closed toe and ankle wrap laces is a favourite. The exterior is made with African fabric print or hand woven textile. The interior of the shoe has a cushioned insole and cotton lining which makes it very light and comfortable.

Mikki Collection

You can never go wrong with a classic. The insole of this traditional espadrille is padded and lined both inside and out with African fabric print or hand woven textile while the sole is made of vegetable jute with rubber. All natural, all the time; just like you.

Lili Collection

These bold ballet flats will leave you feeling like a princess. Put a unique spin on your traditional ballerinas with our African wax print fabric and hand woven textiles.

Our Sandals Mandy Collection

Siccy Collection

These stylish leather sandals are embellished with a jewellery piece stitched directly onto the raffia. Each unique composition has been dexterously hand crocheted with stones, beads and seeds by artists in Uganda.

We love the simplicity of this sandal named in honour of our chief weaver. This is an honest, practical and comfortable shoe whose simple leather sole and cloth-bound raffia strap makes any foot look casually elegant. As your mother always said: simple is beautiful, Dear! Make her proud, and enjoy the feeling of loveliness this shoe inspires.

Our Beach Wraps All our beach wraps come in a wide range of colors














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FURAHA is a socially-conscience East African brand that was launched in 2010 to combine delight in our African heritage with the joy of prov...


FURAHA is a socially-conscience East African brand that was launched in 2010 to combine delight in our African heritage with the joy of prov...