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Special Production Based on our standard assortment and your specific needs, we can produce customized products for you within everything from T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts to towels and bags. T-shirts: 2.000 pcs. Polo shirts: 1.000 pcs. Sweatshirts: 750 pcs. Bags: 2.000 pcs. Delivery time Clothing with Sea freight approx. 3 months* Clothing with Air freight approx. 6 weeks* Bags approx. 4 months* * From approval of samples. Labels When placing a customized order of T-shirts, polo shirts or sweatshirts, the neck label will be designed exclusively in accordance with your wishes in order to make your article unique. Besides the neck label, it is also possible to add extra labels such as side labels or flag labels. Dying and Contrasts For customized orders, it is possible for you to choose either our standard textile colours or specific pantone colours chosen by yourself. You can choose to dye your special item in one colour, but it is also possible to create different contrasts by means of dyeing; sleeves, rib, collar, hems, piping etc. Print, Embroidery and Application Print, embroidery and applications are as well possible in regard to customized production. Samples Samples will normally be sent to you for approval. This way we make sure that everything is as it should be, and that no unexpected problems occur.

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