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LEFT TO RIGHT / Richard Jr., Andrew, Richard, Gabby, Matthew, David

Every new catalog year brings me the opportunity to share a vision that I hope will inspire and grow our Journey. The story of Fun Stampers Journey is one that I am always happy to share because it’s full of passion, people, love for the craft, and opportunities to make amazing happen. This year, I dreamed of a catalog that was going to take us on a creative journey like no other. One that would drive inspiration and motivation to not just live the journey but to truly bring paper to life. The amazing opportunity to bring ideas to life is one that I am blessed to live and share with each and every one of my Journey Coaches and their friends, family and customers.

As you look through my inspiration book and catalog, I know you will find the motivation and inspiration to capture special moments, send those heartfelt sentiments, and share your story. You will see my love for fashion and design come to life in addition to a few of my favorites along the way. A huge thank you to all my Journey Coaches for being a part of my life and living this journey with me. I hope you take the time to enjoy this beautiful inspiration book and catalog and dive into creativity as, together, we bring paper to life.


Enjoy the Journey,


Richard Garay President and Co-Founder

2017-2018 Inspiration Book & Catalog  
2017-2018 Inspiration Book & Catalog