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Funslurp Gag Gifts Gag gifts are good for laughs at any age, especially for those who are beginning to show their age. Over-the-hill gag gifts can really draw excessive laughter when used with good timing. Let’s face it, getting older isn’t something we look forward too, and we all dread everyone celebrating it with a “party” atmosphere, when we tend to be in a solemn state of mind. Surprisingly, finding a great gag gift for someone going “over-the-hill” requires very little thought. All you really have to do is think about the person you are getting the gag gift for, and ask yourself if the gag lines up well with their sense of humor. As well, here are some other good guidelines to contemplate: Are they male or female? Are they stodgy, lazy, or spontaneous? What do they try to ignore? Answering these questions can lead to some great gag gift ideas. The best ideas generally tease the person about their body condition (getting fatter), their teeth (rotting, dentures), their hair (falling out, losing), or their sex appeal (dogs run, people laughing). Here are some ideas that are rock solid when it comes to “over-the-hill” gag gifts: * Lost Count Candles: Most people would like to forget their actual age as they inch closer and closer to being over-the-hill. What better way to show you have actually forgotten their age, then by putting up candles that state “Lost Count”? * Farting Slippers: This is especially great for “old men” who already have a problem with flatulence. Give them a pair of these, and they can say it was the slippers, not them stinking up the whole room.

* Comb for Bald Men: We all know someone who is going bald, or is bald, and chances are they haven’t accepted it yet. Show them you really care. Get them a comb that helps them cope, and at the same time, points out that you know they are bald. * Old Person Diaper: We all know someone who states they’ll never wear a diaper when they get older. Well, now you can get the last laugh. If you buy them this diaper, not only will they have to wear it, but they’ll have to wear it in front of everyone at their “party”. Now they can’t say they’ll never wear a diaper again. * Pecker Detector: It is not uncommon for males to “have trouble finding” something. It is normal, but no man wants to admit it. Give them this gift letting them know, sometimes, you just need a little help finding the darn thing. It’s not lost, it’s just hiding. * Chattering Teeth: Dentures are natural when it comes to an aging person. Chattering teeth are a great way to let people know you care. . . yeah right! Give your denture wearer some chattering teeth and watch the jokes fly! As you can see, it’s not hard to find some absolutely hilarious “over-the-hill” gag gifts for your aging “party” person. It’s easy to get the party started once the gag gifts start coming out. Gag gifts are a great way to actually relieve the stress and worry for the aging person, and makes the “party” more enjoyable for everyone, especially for you, cause you get the last laugh! For a great selection of Gag Gifts for whomever is approaching the proverbial “hill”, visit and get the laughs rolling!

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