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Growing trend of Funny Images, Pictures, Jokes and Internet Humor

In 90s and before, as I remember people used to share jokes in the free time and tried to laugh with each other. It was always fun to crack jokes in group and laugh together. In those days people had more time to spend with their friends and relatives and that is the reason why they enjoyed so much being social. In 90s the era of internet reached people and as internet grew up people started to move away from their social life. The internet not only took the social life of people it also took the way by which people laughed together. It’s a shame that today you will find these kinds of activities only in villages. The town people are no more interested in laughing and cracking jokes together. These days I feel that most of the time I am laughing alone while scrolling the Facebook down. I love to open my Facebook in the morning and check the updates. I have subscribed to various funny pages; they update lots of Funny Images, Pictures, Photos, Pics, Videos and Jokes etc . I just love to check them out daily and comment on them. I share Funny Pictures on my wall and my friends like them and comment on them but still I know a fact that we are laughing together at different places. We just pick our phones and tweet whole day and the best part is that we laugh whole day either we are together or not. The only thought that comes in my mind is that trend is changing so I should move on with the trend. After analyzing all the aspects I feel that it’s a good thing that we are part of internet humor and it keeps us laughing whenever we want. If I feel low or sad I just visit some of the funny websites or pages and they just make me laugh and set my mood. Another good thing about internet humor is that it is easily available and almost anyone with internet connection can laugh whenever they feel they should. In past there were few people who were avoided by the society or people just messed with them due to their problems, these people were afraid of talking with others. Now they have got their options, they know there are lots of things on internet and they only talk to people who know them. The trend has grown so much that few humor websites are in the list of top 50 or 100 lists. Now as we know that the trend has changed and people are moving with the trend, we should also try to move on. I know many people miss those days of sitting and laughing together but I am also aware that I have got a laptop and I miss my Desktop. This is part of life and the growing trend of internet humor will only help us to laugh. The trend will change soon and time will come that people will need other things to make themselves laugh but the main thing is that we are laughing and laughter is healthy.

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Growing trend of Funny Images, Pictures, Jokes andInternet Humor