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EC O - U N E SC O C l u b s i n Ac t i o n ! Proudly supported by About ECO-UNESCO

ECO-UNESCO is Ireland’s Environmental Education and Youth Organisation affiliated to the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations (WFUCA). ECO-UNESCO raises environmental awareness, understanding and knowledge in young people, promotes the protection and conservation of the environment and promotes the personal development of young people. ECO-UNESCO runs the Young Environmentalist Awards, ECO-UNESCO Clubs, ECO-Explorers Kids Camps, delivers environmental workshop programmes, offers training programmes and develops educational resources.

What is ECO-UNESCO Clubs in Action?

ECO-UNESCO in partnership with Toyota Ireland, is offering ECO-UNESCO Clubs across Ireland the opportunity to access Seed Grants to carry out an environmental activity and link in with their local Toyota dealerships.

What kind of activities is the Seed Grant for? Seed Grants can be used for a range of environmental awareness activities and should fit into one of the categories below. Activities are aimed at raising awareness in your locality on an environmental issue. They can be day-long or week-end activities. For more information please see the Clubs in Action Seed Grant Application Form. There are 6 categories under which Clubs can apply for Seed Grants. One proposal may be submitted per club. The project categories are as follows: 1. Energy Saving 4. Local Clean-Up 2. Recycling 5. Tree Planting 3. ECO-Transport 6. Other Environmental Awareness Raising Activities There are three levels of awards. Clubs may apply for a Gold, Silver, or Bronze award • Gold Seed Grant €500 - €1,000 • Silver Seed Grant €250 - €500 • Bronze Seed Grant Up to €250

Clubs in Action Showcase

The Clubs in Action Showcase will take place in November 2012 and is a great opportunity for all of the successful ECO-UNESCO Clubs to show off the hard work that they have done. Each group will produce a colourful and artistic poster display to be featured at the showcase event. For more details on the requirements and dimensions please refer to the application form.

Toyota Dealerships Support ECO-UNESCO Clubs in Action

Toyota Ireland’s network of dealerships can provide a support system to the ECO-UNESCO Clubs in Action. Each club is invited to contact their local dealership to present their proposal and invite the dealership to participate in the Clubs in Action mission. This provides an opportunity for Toyota dealerships to strengthen their support for a local initiative that aims to increase environmental awareness. Toyota Dealership Support System for ECO-UNESCO Clubs in Action: • Employees acting as volunteers • Assistance with promotion of project • Skills and resources of Toyota staff • Training and knowledge transfer • Dealership showroom facilitating event Find your local dealer at

Timeline for Clubs in Action 2012

Receive info pack Make contact with dealer Present your Clubs in Action activity to dealer Finalise Clubs in Action Plan Submit your Seed Grant application Successful applications announced at Young Environmentalist Awards Carry out your activity Submit final report Clubs in Action project showcase

February February February / March March / April April 2nd May 8th June to October October 26th November

Contact ECO-UNESCO for more information: Email: clubs Tel: +353 1 662 5491