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introduction For years skateboarding was the cause of rebeliousness and chaos for children. For years skateboarders where outcasts and trouble makers in communities world wide, we all know that when there is something new....People are going to be scared of it and blame it. Now skateboarding has a place in society, It is becoming rich in culture and it is creating options for young kids all over the world that don’t have a chance.Innes skateboard clothing is at the forefront of this culture and makes strives to excel its brand to make sure the culture stays rich and inspiring to communities world wide.

research 02 1.1 theme 1.2 abstract 03 1.3 research paper 04- 07 standards 2.1 color palette 09-10 2.2 logo 11-12 2.3 typography 13-14 2.4 texture 15-16

development 3.1 logo development 3.2 moodboards

3.3 demographic

table of contents

design solutions 4.1 app 4.2 website 4.3 social media closing 5.1 references


research 1.1 theme 1.2 abstract research paper 1.3


1.1 theme Innes is a leading provider of skateboard clothing and skateboard accessories for the industry all over the world; Innes operates to maintain strong quality skateboard clothing while offering raw and old school ideas to new age consumers.

1.2 abstract Innes skateboard clothing represents the heart and sole of a culture that is based off of individual and artistic expression. Innes clothing works hard to stay a step a head of the skateboard game with clothing that creates futures while embracing the growth of the skateboard past. Chaotic collages of newspaper clippings and ruff sketch typography mainly found in the basic foundation of a piece of artwork is the style that is being provided from Innes clothing. Innes is going to embrace the process that built this industry such as the older generation with unique color palettes and retro graphics that this once young generation grew up seeing on an everyday basis along with new and innovative ways of using these retro themes like using them for Ipad and Iphone covers. Innes is a style of clothing that can be had in all cultures ranging from young teenagers to the blue-collar worker who needs good strong clothing on a daily basis, with Innes all cultures will benefit from the versatile feel that can compliment anyone who is looking for a basic look to a loud and creative approach to their wardrobe. Innes is the core of skateboard culture needs whether it is for clothing or for knowledge of the history do to the owner Matt Hensley who is one of the innovators of skateboarding. This Campaign will put Innes in the forefront of its competitors by researching all aspects of the skateboard culture along with the future trends and past innovations to collectively give the industry a Clothing company everyone will love.



1.3 research

i.nnes skateboard clothing

To know the experience of INNES you need to feel what needs to be felt, the good and the bad, the pain and the glory but first you must ask yourself if it’s going to be worth it but the answer is evident ….yes. The problem that is in question to be solved is the connection of new age skateboarders with the history of skateboarding and the lack of support from such a diverse culture. It is very important that skateboarders of today help take care of the sanctity of skateboarding by preserving the quality of its history. INNES clothing has this capability but has not reached out to the masses as expected like most competing companies have. To be able to meet the goals of INNES, it is an obligation to support the future skateboarders, The main objective is to be able to get the name INNES out there to the masses and to show the future skateboarders that skateboarding is not just tricks, style and popularity, we need them to know it’s a family, a culture and most importantly a way of life. This Paper will show the value, the core and the explanation of how INNES clothing will bring life back into skateboarding along with its history. The project will offer a substantial amount of history to entice future generations to keep the quality of the brand and the quality of the art top notch. This paper will discuss the weakness, strength, the unique value of the brand and ways to transform it into a sought after company. With social networks, websites and the growth of online and video magazines this project has the means and the power to put the art and sanctity of skateboarding back in the hands of its culture. Legendary Skateboarder Matt Hensley, who paved the way for street skaters all over the world, and his brother who is musician Chris Hensley own INNES skateboard clothing company. INNES is a Scottish clan name of their late mother Sharon that they both thought was a great foundation to honor her by

starting a company together. The INNES clan motto is “BE TRAIST” meaning trustworthy, The INNES logo is a swallow bird that symbolizes honor, faith, love and hope and represents everything from luck to loyalty. It can serve as a reminder of family, friendship and trust. When asked why the swallow, Matt responded, "They are extremely loyal and are never in one spot for to long- a feeling I can relate to, as I was lucky enough to have had the freedom to live out of vans, buses, and motels since I was a kid."The INNES brand represents an outlook that has always been inspired by real music and skateboarding. The aim is to provide people with honest clothing that has an attention to detail and classic style (Matt Hensley, 2013). In most cases it is easy to research companies and history of success with in most industries, skateboarding is different, skateboarding is so young that it barely has such a thing called a history which is so important to those involved to preserve. Some of the most important assets of this company are the fact that Matt Hensley does own it and it has a basic foundation of appeal, in other words it’s at a solid starting line with the look and the feel of the company. After researching through successful companies that have really set the tone for the market, there is an article about Nike skateboard shoes and some of the things they did to innovate in the skateboarding market “collectors and sneakerheads” come back religiously to discover the newly released shoes” (Tim Barber, 2005) Every month Nike releases a new shoe that is only run for that month which becomes a collectible series of SB shoes. Using this technique we reach out to our demographic by running special edition products that represent the growth of the industry such as throwback graphics and logo’s including some of Matt Hensley’s board graphics and T-shirt graphics along with his signature red plaid flannel look that he always wore when skating.

1.3 research cont. When you first introduce yourself to a culture such as skateboarding, you have to look deep inside yourself to find the direction you want to set forth upon with in the culture. Skateboarding is not a culture that creates same shirt wearing men, talking the same language, and skating the same spots, Skateboarding is a representation of what the world would like itself to be; Independent with in each individual, cultural, spiritual and most importantly unified with in all the cultures skateboarding provides. What makes INNES different from its competition is the versatility of its support for all cultures. “The INNES brand represents an outlook that has always been inspired by real music and skateboarding” (Matt Hensley, 2013). Although INNES is versatile with in the skateboard culture its time to put a stamp on its own culture with in skateboarding and the best way to do so is to get them while they are young. The target audience is going to be skateboarders in their mid teen years when young men and woman are developing their sense of individualism and by tapping into this age, INNES can become a household name for the future skateboarders who keep developing the culture of skateboarding. The importance of this project reflects mainly on where skateboarding is today. Skateboarding started off as a rebellious way of life and to go against the grain while at the same time expressing the individualism of the person skating, now skateboarding has turned into one of the fastest growing sports getting recognition from primetime television coverage. Skateboarding also has created athletes with multi million dollar shoe deals to young kid as well as young adults. Skateboarding even has an internationally recognized holiday on June 21st, which is go skateboarding day. This is the point in a culture that could become very bright in the future or explode from a growth that is entirely way too fast, which leads to believe if we can keep the sanctity of skateboarding alive and healthy cheers will be had to a bright and strong future. Since 1996 Innes has been trademarked as a company that only utilizes the black and white color palette along with a burgundy type accent color. “Color is the visual component people remember most about a brand followed closely by shapes/symbols then numbers and finally words” (Jill Morton, 2012). Which rarely is established in most of the Innes design. Along with a basic color scheme, Innes skateboard clothing takes the solid color approach focusing all media and apparel on a solid black base with white logo style. “Research has reinforced that 60% of the time people will decide if they are attracted or not to a message - based on color alone!” (Jill Morton, 2012). With this said it is important to expand on a more diverse color palette such as earth tones and deep-pigmented primary colors, this will reach a more diverse group than the original black and white palette. Color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent (Source: University of Loyola, Maryland study). Innes clothing uses the swallow bird for a logo, which according to Matt Hensley is because it shows everything from luck to loyalty. The swallow bird should stay as the logo for Innes clothing but with a make over. The logo now is a silhouetted swallow which is going to be turned into more of an abstract logo, possibly designed from skateboard parts such as wheels, trucks, bolts and screws. The texture of Innes clothing is going to still utilize solid colors but behind the logos and typography there will be more texture such as newspaper clippings preferably dealing in historical factsof skateboarding. Other textures will be brush strokes with Innes imprinted with in the stroke, And negative prints or reverse prints. The placement of these prints and textures will be in different areas of the ads or clothing like on the hip of a shirt or on the bottom right of an ad representing the hip logo style clothing.



1.3 research cont. Typography is a very vital part of design that can set a project apart from the rest, good or bad. After researching the top 50 best skateboard logos of all time, it is apparent that the only thing in common with each one is that they are truly unique from one another. This being said there is also a form of chaos with in each logo and there is a very subjective definition for the typography used over the years. The typography will be sketchy and bold; it will represent the pure aspect of skateboarding like a sketch of a painting before it becomes painted. The bold typography will come in the form of letters cut out of news paper as well as a bold type clean basic look such as Gothic or Times New Roman depending on the texture in the background of the logo. “Millennial, born between 1978 and 1994 (currently ages 16 – 32), were the first generation to be “raised” on the Internet and represent a substantial portion of Internet users” (Roy Moreion). The demographic that Innes needs to reach out to is young skateboarders averaging 13 to 25 and old school skateboarders ranging from 26-40 these demographics are the perfect range to meet the goals of Innes. These demographics are also the ages that are utilizing social networks the most 26-34 years of age topping that chart. For Innes the power of media is in their hands according to the statistic of youtube there are over one billion visits to you tube each month, over six billion videos are watched each month. 70% of you tube traffic comes from out side the U.S. and its localized in 56 countries. The best part of youtube is that it reaches more 18-34 years old than cable networks. These statistics are with in Innes wheelhouse and with creative video ads and short films this could enhance the recognition of Innes as a core skateboard brand. Although paperback magazines are not as popular as they once were, Skateboard magazines ventured into the digital world with digital press and video magazines. Statistics show that Thrasher Magazine one of the original skateboard magazines has over thirty eight thousand members just on their forums alone with two hundred and thirty five new members in September not to mention how many subscribers they have to their digital and paperback magazines. The point to this is with the digital era we can pump up advertising for a smaller budget and still connect with the demographic goals.



In order for Innes to grow into a household name it has to focus on new and improved ways of expression with style and artwork along with comfortable and durable clothing. After research on social networks with in the skateboard industry most companies with a higher following from constant contact have established themselves in the industry, It is important for further examination into social media along with investigations in future social network innovations. It is important that Innes clothing speaks out load to their demographic while innovating new ways to speak to young skateboarders utilizing social networks, video magazines, and video streaming channels, this will set the tone for the future and help older generation demographics get in contact with future networking as well. Innes has a very basic foundation for a color palette, which will be broadened by utilizing earth tones, and deep rich complimentary colors that connect with today’s standards with in the industry. The company will embrace a more chaotic approach of typography and logo by separating the brand from silhouetted swallow birds and creating an abstract version of the swallow and changing the typography from the solid white to a sketch art representing the artist value of skateboarding. Skateboarding is about the process and what you learn while learning to skate, skateboarding is also an art form to Innes demographic and the process of a painting or piece of art is a sketch. It is important to recognize that the world of skateboarding has grown into a culture and its time for Innes to embrace it.



standards 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4

color palette logo

typography texture


2.1 color palette

The other colors with in the color palette will be used for the multi “I� logo and for seasonal use.


Predominant colors

The predominant colors will be used for the single “I” logo as well as at least one of the multi “I” logo.


old logo

The INNES logo is a swallow. It symbolizes honor, faith, love, and hope, and represents everything from luck to loyalty.. It can serve as a reminder of family, friendship, and trust.(hensley, 2013)

new logo

i.nnes i.nnes i.nnes full name logo

black and white

black and white

full color

full color


minimal size

2.3 typography


The logo is a lower case “i” with a period after it in bauhause 93 the full name logo is also an “i” with a period after it along with the rest of the names spelled out in lower case bauhaus 93

bauhaus 93



When first starting out as a skateboarder you are looking at the world the same as everyone else. when you start to learn the ways and means of skateboarding you start to look at the world different...more creative. where standard society sees a bench a skateboarder sees an oportunity for new tricks or lines. The idea behind bauhaus 93 is just that...We might see letters but to skateboarding bauhaus 93 can represent skate spots and skatetricks do to its curvitures and open ended style.

2.4 texture

The textures for Innes range from decomposing metals, painted canvases, wood grain, burlap, and cardboard textures


rusty metal woodgrain burlap

painted canvas


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