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introduction For years skateboarding was the cause of rebeliousness and chaos for children. For years skateboarders where outcasts and trouble makers in communities world wide, we all know that when there is something new....People are going to be scared of it and blame it. Now skateboarding has a place in society, It is becoming rich in culture and it is creating options for young kids all over the world that don’t have a chance.Innes skateboard clothing is at the forefront of this culture and makes strives to excel its brand to make sure the culture stays rich and inspiring to communities world wide.


research 1.1 theme 1.2 abstract 1.3 research paper standards 2.1 color palette 2.2 logo 2.3 typography 2.4 texture

development 3.1 logo development 3.2 moodboards

3.3 demographic

table of contents

design solutions 4.1 app 4.2 website 4.3 social media closing 5.1 references




research 1.1 theme 1.2 abstract research paper 1.3


old logo

The INNES logo is a swallow. It symbolizes honor, faith, love, and hope, and represents everything from luck to loyalty.. It can serve as a reminder of family, friendship, and trust.(hensley, 2013)

new logo

i.nnes i.nnes i.nnes full name logo

black and white

black and white

full color

full color

minimal size



1.2 abstract Innes skateboard clothing represents the heart and sole of a culture that is based off of individual and artistic expression. Innes clothing works hard to stay a step a head of the skateboard game with clothing that creates futures while embracing the growth of the skateboard past. Chaotic collages of newspaper clippings and ruff sketch typography mainly found in the basic foundation of a piece of artwork is the style that is being provided from Innes clothing. Innes is going to embrace the process that built this industry such as the older generation with unique color palettes and retro graphics that this once young generation grew up seeing on an everyday basis along with new and innovative ways of using these retro themes like using them for Ipad and Iphone covers. Innes is a style of clothing that can be had in all cultures ranging from young teenagers to the blue-collar worker who needs good strong clothing on a daily basis, with Innes all cultures will benefit from the versatile feel that can compliment anyone who is looking for a basic look to a loud and creative approach to their wardrobe. Innes is the core of skateboard culture needs whether it is for clothing or for knowledge of the history do to the owner Matt Hensley who is one of the innovators of skateboarding. This Campaign will put Innes in the forefront of its competitors by researching all aspects of the skateboard culture along with the future trends and past innovations to collectively give the industry a Clothing company everyone will love.

conclusion In order for Innes to grow into a household name it has to focus on new and improved ways of expression with style and artwork along with comfortable and durable clothing. After research on social networks with in the skateboard industry most companies with a higher following from constant contact have established themselves in the industry, It is important for further examination into social media along with investigations in future social network

It is important that Innes clothing speaks out load to their demographic


while innovating new ways to speak to young skateboarders utilizing social networks, video magazines, and video streaming channels, this will set the tone for the future and help older generation demographics get in contact with future networking as well. Innes has a very basic foundation for a color palette, which will be broadened by utilizing earth tones, and deep rich complimentary colors that connect with today’s standards with in the industry. The company will embrace a more chaotic approach of typography and logo by separating the brand from silhouetted swallow birds and creating an abstract version of the swallow and changing the typography from the solid white to a sketch art representing the artist value of skateboarding. Skateboarding is about the process and what you learn while learning to skate, skateboarding is also an art form to Innes demographic and the process of a painting or piece of art is a sketch. It is important to recognize that the world of skateboarding has grown into a culture and its time for Innes to embrace it.


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