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Rob Green - CV Interactive Designer I’m an interactive designer based in Leeds who creates functional, user-centered solutions to a variety of problems. My main focus is screen-based media but I also consider the form and context of all the interfaces and services I design.

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Throughout my degree I have become primeraly focused on interactive design in my studies and practical development.

I am currently finishing my degree, but the studio is run similarly to a real design company. We collaborate with and crit each others work which has helped me become a strong communicator.

I strive to create engaging, usable interfaces that delight the user while providing added functionality or access to services. I am looking to join a creative company that will allow me to produce innovative interactive solutions corroboratively and/or individually to the design problems I am faced with.

Before stating college I worked over summer (2006) on as a web designer along side their inhouse graphic designer. During my last two years at college (2007-2009) I worked for Orchid Pubs as a waiter which taught me key team working skills.

Skills & Processes Here are some of the skills & processes I have developed so far: - Working with a course mate to propose/design a mobile app for warp records that won at the YCN student awards. - Designing to communicate for a specific purpose & audience through contextual research of the problem. - Generating concepts around an initial brief and then developing them towards the most effective solution. - Creating prototypes and mock-ups of my interface ideas to test the suitability and usability of their design. - Working within teams of designers with different strengths to complete several group projects. - Worked within many different areas including posters, silk-screens, packaging, books, illustration, web, apps and animation. - Presenting my ideas and projects clearly though many group critiques with other designers.

Software Know-How Over the years I have been learning a variety of software and have always picked up new programs quickly. These include: Photoshop

Illustrator After





Widows & OSX

Office Suits

Education (2009-current) Leeds College of Art Graphic Design BA (Hons) (2006-2009) Carmel College, St Helens Graphic Design - A English Language - B Photography - C Art Foundation - Merit (2001-2006) De La Salle, St Helens 7 GCSE’s including: Graphic Products - A English (Double Award) - A Maths & Science - B ICT GNVQ - B

Warp Records App Background A collaborative brief with LCA colleague Paul Brandreth. The brief was set by Warp Records through the Young Creative Network’s awards competition.

Concept To create and promote a reward scheme for Warp customers that works through a codesystem accessible through a mobile application and website. These designs went on to be commended at the YCN awards.

Blue Balloon Tablet Book Background This project consisted of proposing an interactive iPad version of the popular children’s book ‘The Blue Balloon’ by Mick Inkpen.

Concept My goal was to make an engaging, intuitive reading experience for a young audience that made use of the different sensors available such as the touchscreen, gyroscope and microphone.

Top Ten Future Technologies Background As a uni brief I was asked to propose a TV shows following the form of ‘Top Ten...’ and then produce an animated title sequence & packaging design for it.

Concept I decided to base my sequence and packaging design around the idea of a show titled ‘Top Ten Future Technologies’. The show would be shown in the evening on the Discovery Channel.

BBC Bitesize App Background Based on a previous D&AD brief to propose an app for one of the BBC’s online services, I set myself the challenge of designing an app for their GCSE bitesize revision service.

Concept My design features engaging, colour coded subject illustrations to keep the content organised and the user interested, subject selection, statistics from the in-app module tests and suggested revision topics to help guide their progress.

Make Tea Not War Background This collaborative uni brief asked us to create something that would help first-years during their start at uni.

Concept We decided to create a tea-set packaging design with the aim of helping people get along with their flatmates at the start of their first year in halls. The idea is to share a cup of tea and talk differences over; to make tea, not war.

A3 portfolio draft 1  

A3 portfolio draft 1

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