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Design Strategy Presentation



Business Cards


Statement Of Intent

“A screen-based investigation of interactive graphics with a focus on functionality�

Things I wish I had made

An excellent mobile app that evolves with the user to increase funcationality.

Ready Steady Bang

A simple and fun game for mobile devices that spread virally because of a stong online presence.

One Design Company Website

A brilliant portfolio website that engages the viewer and encourages you to explore their work.

3rd Year Briefs Write & design a fully illustrated interactive children’s book for tablet devices.

iPad Children’s Book

Design a mobile app that promotes and encourages new ways for people to interact with the UK’s national parks.

National Park App

Create and application that delights & informs users while engaging them with the BBC’s content in new ways.

BBC App & Website

Re-design a popular printed magazine magazine for the iPad with a focus on ease of use.

iPad Magazine Redesign

Skills to develop


Web Design




App Coding


User Profiling

Dissertation: Work done

Decided on a focus on how technology is changing our everyday reality and what this means for the future. Found books that are relevant to my area of research. Found an interactive conference to try and attend in the US called ‘South by South West’.

Dissertation: Next steps

Contact people working within my chosen field to possibly interview. Start collecting quotes from my books and organising them into a clear structure. Book myself tickets to relevant events.

Companies & Studios to Contact Warp Records


Already made contact

Build excellent mobile apps

Currently working on new digital approaches to their work.

Create great websites Create exciting internal projects

Chambers Judd


Create interactive content

Create a wide variety of interactive content

Produce animations Experiment with social media

Look at how technology can intergrate into the real world


Design Strategy Presentation  

Design strategy presentation

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