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Create an application that delights & informs users while engaging them with the BBC’s content in new ways. I will design an iPad app that connects with the BBC Bitesize service.

BBC App 1

BBC App 2

Design a mobile app that promotes one or more of the UK’s National Parks and encourages new ways for people to interact with them. I want to design an app that makes use of all the different environmental sensors in smartphones to create a game or guide for the user.

National Park Mobile App

Create an interactive version of a popular children’s book for the iPad making full use of the touchscreen and other capabilites of the platform. I want to create an interactive experience using the story and illustrations from the “The Blue Balloon” children’s book.

iPad Interactive Children’s Book

OUGD301 - Crit 1 Boards  

OUGD301 - Crit 1 Boards