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Impact of Ecommerce on Business E-commerce has a big impact on the business landscape. Companies who have adapted ecommerce web development early on had experienced the positive impact of taking their business online. Others, who doubted the potential of e-commerce, are now in danger of going out of business. Now, acquiring an ecommerce web development is almost a norm. Almost all companies are going online to sell their products and services in order to survive the current unforgiving economy. It also helps that you can subscribe to web development services from countries like the Philippines where it is more affordable. E-commerce has a direct impact on marketing for your business: 1. New Sales Channel – An e-commerce website is a new portal where you can sell your existing products and services. With ecommerce web development, you do not have to build a physical store. Just by using your website, you can market your products, even without employees or store hours. Your business will not be limited by location. No matter how far, customers can reach you and buy your product. An e-commerce website is also cheaper to maintain than a physical store. 2. Product Promotion – A website is also a new way to advertise your business. As an advertising medium, you can be sure that the website will reach your intended market directly. It is also more interactive and you can have better control on the content. Plus, while viewing your ad, they can immediately buy the product on the spot. 3. Customer Service – Development for an ecommerce website is another way to serve your customers. It is a more convenient way to reach your business. They can also let you know of their concerns and feedback through your website. A website can strengthen your business relationship with your customers and improve your brand image. 4. Direct Savings – A website will allow you to reach new customers without the cost of a physical store. It gives you more direct promotion cheaper than mainstream advertising. These are just examples on how you can save money by having an e-commerce website. The cost of having a website is very trivial compared to the returns it can give your business. The savings will be better if you had the web development done from the Philippines. The Philippines is a bastion of skilled professionals in information technology. They are very adept, not just in web development, but also in mobile game development and mobile app marketing. FunGuy Studio is a game development studio in the Philippines, but they also have an extensive list of web development projects. As a premier game developer in the Philippines, they apply a creative and innovative approach in their e-commerce projects so it will be as engaging as their games. FunGuy Studio can help you elevate your business with an ecommerce web development.

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Impact of Ecommerce on Business  

Acquiring an ecommerce web development is almost a norm. Almost all companies are going online to sell their products and services in order...