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How to Become a Better Game Programmer Among all the jobs in game development, the game programmer faces the lion's share of challenges and pressure. As the backbone of mobile game development, a game programmer cannot afford to be complacent. He must always try to improve his knowledge and skills. Striving to become better will not just make his job easier, but can also improve his outputs. Here are some tips on becoming a better game programmer: • Seek out constructive criticisms – Even the best game developers have something they should improve on and the only way to know what those areas are is by listening to criticisms. Sometimes, it is hard to listen to critics as we are very protective of our work, but negative feedback can be opportunities for improvement. Another set of eyes may see something that we might miss and asking for feedback is a great way to see the areas we need to improve on. Showing our work to other developers is one way to get constructive criticisms, but sometimes other people from different disciplines like artists or producers can reveal valid points by looking at it on another perspective. • Keep on learning – Mobile game development is a fast-paced dynamic industry. Something new is always cropping up and we have to keep up with the latest developments. Learning is a never ending-process is you are a game developer. Keep on reading about your craft. Attend seminars given by other programmers. Master new programming languages. Learning something new about game development will keep you out of the rut and keeps you ahead of the game. • Understand your teammates work – Game development involves various jobs. As the programmer, you collaborate with the graphic artists, sound engineers, and marketing people, then put every aspect together and make it work. Knowing and understanding how your teammates do their tasks can have a big impact on you work. Perhaps you know a simple tool that can make the artist's job easier so they can give you the artworks faster. Perhaps understanding how mobile app marketing works, can help you integrate it better on your codes. Spend time with your teammates and ask questions about their tasks, it will give you a deeper understanding of mobile game development beyond programming. It will also lead to better work quality for the whole team. Mediocrity does not have a place in game development, especially since the industry is very competitive. As game developers, improving ourselves should always be on our to-do list. In Philippines, there are a lot of kids who want to turn their passion into a career by becoming a game developer. FunGuy Studio, an iphone and android app development company can make their dreams come true. At FunGuy Studio, we do not just hire good developers, but we also train them to become better.

How to Become a Better Game Programmer