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Game Development Company: Enjoy, Work, and Play It’s no doubt that playing games on your mobile phones or tablet is fun. But do you know what’s more exciting? Working for game development companies. Mobile game development is an exciting industry. Millions of apps get uploaded each day and everyone is on the look out for the next big app that will go viral all over the world. Now, wouldn't it be cool if you are the one who created that app? You do not have to go to Silicon Valley to create games that the whole world will get addicted to. You can be a game developer right here in the Philippines. Working for game development companies cannot only be financially rewarding, but it can also be a fun and enjoyable career. There are various jobs in game development. You do not have to be a programmer to take part in creating games, the process also involves artists, musicians, and producers. And do not forget about the important mobile app marketing, where marketers make sure that gamers will be aware of the games and download it. The people you work with are part of the fun. Because of their diverse talents, you can meet a lot of interesting people who will surely make your everyday work life far from boring. Game development companies also foster a relaxed and creative work atmosphere. Most game studios do not have the stiff and formal structure of traditional businesses. Game companies encourage free flowing of ideas, creative exchanges and self-expression. Teamwork is also vital, and clearly work becomes easier if you like the people you work with. Mobile game development can be quite challenging and game development companies make sure that the atmosphere around the studio can reduce stress so everyone can keep working at their optimum level. But make no mistake, mobile game development is different from playing games all day. It is serious work that demands dedication and perseverance. Many challenges will come your way and long working hours are inevitable. But if you have passion for making games, you will surely enjoy being in the game development industry. FunGuy Studio, an iPhone and Android app development company based in the Philippines, knows what it is talking about when it puts fun in its name. The company is all about creating games and having fun, and clearly, the fun and relaxing atmosphere is very evident in their Manila game studio.

Game Development Company: Enjoy, Work, and Play  

A discussion about the experience working in a game development company in the Philippines. Here are some ideal qualities that you should l...

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