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women's fashion week Such as mobile phones have light and easy to play, Hermes push the hand of the simple and elegant design of this necklace to the main line, the brand spirit to the limit, this series is the designer the freedom of interpretation of the link, making the use of party line, Regarded as a true techno technological achievement! Silver as a metal Rarely Can Be Subjected to extended so fine processing. White gold diamond and gemstone rings Nausicaa series put together showing a rare human qualities. Silver necklace RMB 8.050 Nausicaa series white gold diamond emerald rings new pricing Nausicaa series of platinum diamond sapphire ring new pricing (all from Hermes) Texture of the eternal The long stirrup leather belt from A Whole cut down on the skin, Bringing strange illusion effect. In the waist, Giving the runway like a normal visual effects.Fashion Week EACH quarter, Will make a lot of people like luxury brands fascinated, drank After Reading EACH quarter the after the fashion show, People Will Pay Careful Attention To Each Other of the highlights of Fashion Week, it is accessories. Big luxury Hermes 2010 spring and summer women's fashion week has aussi Launched new accessories, the atmosphere elegant design Throughout The new series, an up and appreciate it.

Silver bracelet ATHENA This section benefited from a spectacular bracelet design for the spiral curve of the "square wire" and specifically the development of new technologies. Highly sophisticated links, so That pattern repeated in the infinite symmetry harmony - a continuous state of motion of the silver spiral pattern, the perfect counterweight year maintained by invisible ring. EVERCALF calfskin strap and lacquered materials Width of stack-like ring of different ornaments and wrist bracelets, create a distinct sense of mixed color and texture. This section the use of traditional Vietnamese craft paint, wood bracelets in two-color paint coating 10 times. The leather bracelet from the iconic Hermes saddle stitch sewing, with black, carmine "H", indigo and brown. NAPPA calfskin sandals The Ministry of sandals with high vaulted arch design and dark navy blue and unique. Two by a leather-wrapped pyramid profile "dog collar" stud WAS smooth rounded curves of the overalls Elements Involved in the breakpoints. CONSTANCE pocket alligator wallet With distinctive ring and full form, this Canon Easily open the herms wallet Constance series, and Provides storage of banknotes, coins and

credit cards more Than one space. This paragraph is a new series of small leather goods in the first.

women's fashion week  

Silver as a metal Rarely Can Be Subjected to extended so fine processing. White gold diamond and gemstone rings Nausicaa series put together...

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