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Annual Review

2012 /2013

The Funding Network’s 10th Birthday Party, July 2012

The Funding Network & The Elders Collaboration, July 2012

Photo: Jeff Moore, The Elders

About us

“The type of support TFN provided is catalytic. It provided the springboard for us to raise the larger sums of money needed to undertake pilots, trials and eventually roll-outs on the ground.”

The Funding Network (TFN) brings people together at live events to raise vital funds, transform lives and create lasting social change. Since 2002, TFN has staged exciting, public events open to all, where individuals can:

• meet extraordinary people working in young charities at the front line of social change • discover their imaginative solutions to the pressing problems in our world today • experience the thrill of live crowdfunding, allowing their donations to have a far greater impact together than is possible alone. From its headquarters in London (kindly hosted at Brunswick Group offices), TFN runs stimulating crowdfunding events across the UK. The flagship London events are open to all, supplemented by additional events tailored for specific audiences, particularly Youth TFN for younger people and Strategic Funding Group for higher level donors.


TFN is a membership organisation and membership is open to all. TFN maximises its impact through innovative collaborations (such as the event with The Elders pictured above) and works in partnership to support the spread of its model internationally.

Jane and Simon Berry, Cola Life, an independent non-profit organisation that works with Coca-Cola in developing countries to distribute innovative pods filled with social products (such as rehydration salts) to save children’s lives.

“The Funding Network provides an efficient and enjoyable opportunity to meet and support a diverse group of smaller charities. It’s a simple idea, always impeccably organised. I leave the events feeling inspired by the charities and the other donors I’ve met as well.” Alan Hodson, TFN Member

“In an age of considerable austerity, TFN provides a beacon to what is possible.” Jon Snow, Patron


TFN’s ten year impact report, released to coincide with our anniversary in July 2012, revealed that TFN’s influence on charities, donors and the third sector as a whole has been significant;

• 62% of charities supported report that TFN funding enabled them to leverage additional funding from other sources, notably big funders

• 51% of TFN members continue to support projects and charities they met through TFN • 66% of TFN members give more to charity as a result of their participation in TFN.

This report looks at the 12 months from 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013. This has been an exciting year of growth at The Funding Network as we made huge strides in our mission to transform lives through our pioneering live crowdfunding events. This year, our groups across the UK, Australia, Bulgaria and Canada brought together 1,225 people* at 37 events to raise £959,000 for 147 charities. Every donation made at TFN, whether £10 or £10,000, was appreciated and helped the all-time total raised (since we began in 2002) to exceed £5,000,000 in support of 750 local, national and international charities. More people than ever were introduced to the joys of coming together socially in order to support innovative young charities in our core funding areas: health, education, livelihoods, human rights, crime reduction and peacebuilding, environment and climate change, and inclusion. Together we’ve supported outcomes as diverse as crime prevention by helping ex-offenders back into work (Working Chance), increasing social mobility across the UK (Future First) and ending female genital cutting in Senegal (Orchid Project). *many of these people attended multiple events

TFN funding has a powerful multiplier effect: a TFN event will have up to 100 attendees, a single grant to a charity can comprise as many as 60 individual donations and funded projects will support the needs of hundreds, even thousands of individuals. At a time when the evidence indicates a fall in charitable giving, TFN’s achievements are impressive. We continue to make a difference to young charities at the front line who are doing inspirational work, and ultimately to people’s lives in the UK and abroad. TFN’s strength is its network – extraordinary members who find and select projects, generous corporate hosts, collaborative charity partners, committed trustees, dedicated staff and of course enthusiastic supporters who turn up to experience the value of giving together. Thank you. Join us to discover catalytic new charities and create lasting social change: come to an event, support TFN as a member or help us to spread the word – we’d love to have you on board! Michael Maynard, Chair, The Funding Network


Key facts

Since 2002, TFN has brought together approximately 5,500 unique donors at 170 events to raise £5.5 million for 750 charitable projects.

We are delighted that 94% of organisations funded at TFN since 2002 remain active today.

1,225 37 £985,000 147

people supported TFN events in 2012/13

TFN events staged in 2012/13

raised through TFN events in 2012/13

charities funded at TFN events in 2012/13


880 £132,000 of TFN members give more to charity as a result of TFN

new givers in 2012/13

18 39%

raised at our highest grossing event ever in November 2012

new events launched in 2012/13

of Youth TFN attendees supported projects after events

New TFN International Events 2012/13 Canada (Toronto), Australia (Melbourne, Perth, Sydney), Bulgaria (Gabrovo, Ruse, Sofia, Varna, Yambol) New TFN International Events 2013/14 Bulgaria (Stara Zagora, Burgas), Romania (Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca), Serbia (Belgrade), South Africa (Cape Town, Johannesburg) and USA (New York)


The cost of raising funds

Although this is an objective that has been enshrined within TFN since it was founded, the advent of International, with its early-stage “investment” characteristics (and considerable call on the resources of all TFN employees and trustees) has made its achievement more of a challenge. Nonetheless, with funds raised of £959,000 and costs of £185,000 we have still managed to just keep below the 20% threshold.

In 2006, when TFN was run by volunteers and a part-time administrator, we raised £267,000 from seven events (primarily London-based). In 2012/13, with 3.5 full-time equivalent employees, TFN and its affiliates raised almost £1 million from live crowdfunding events across the UK, Australia, Bulgaria and Canada. This was a 25% increase on the previous year. The Funding Network receives no government funding. In 2012/13 we raised £82,000 from our levy on funds raised plus membership and attendance fees. This covered almost 55% of our aggregate staff, event and other costs (excluding direct International costs, where there is no associated income). Whilst there is a desire to keep this percentage as high as possible the trustees have to ensure that this is not achieved at the expense of material funds raised. We try to get the right balance. One metric that ensures the trustees remain focused on achieving this balance is the desire to keep our expenses below 20% of funds raised.

Our audited accounts reflect only those events for which we process the pledges made. Accordingly, funds raised at all our International events (where the payments are handled locally) do not go through the main body of the accounts but are recorded by way of a note to the accounts; in 2012/13, TFN International contributed £244,000 of total funds raised. Our total International costs in 2012/13 were £36,000 – the costs of a part-time employee and travel costs (a TFN representative has attended the vast majority of our International events to date). We secured additional grant funding to cover these direct costs for three years (2013-15) after which we will fully assess the impact of our International strategy and the necessity, if any, for further funding. We remain extremely grateful for the on-going support of our members and funders, the latter of which currently comprise Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, City Bridge Trust, Belron World Conference Foundation and for our International activities, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and the Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust. We also recognise with gratitude the estate of Venetia West in supporting the activities described in this report. Simon Wheatley, TFN Treasurer and Senior Banker, SEB


Looking to the future 6

Other plans for the year ahead include:

• spreading our live crowdfunding model to new audiences around the UK, from Newcastle to Northern Ireland (in collaboration with Community Foundation for Tyne & Wear and Northumberland and Northern Ireland Community Foundation)

• innovative partnerships to uncover new ways of creating change, such as supporting campaigning documentaries with Channel 4’s BRITDOC • nurturing younger philanthropists, through City Funding Network in London as part of the prestigious City Philanthropy initiative with our funders City Bridge Trust, and also launching Youth Funding Network (YTFN) in Oxford.

It’s been a momentous year at TFN and we have exciting plans for growth in 2014. Members are the lifeblood of our work and we continue to focus efforts on growing and supporting our members. Without members we would not discover new charities to support, have a donor-led selection process or be able to generate income towards our operating costs, not to mention have advocates to introduce us to friends, colleagues and other networks. We will build on this year’s successful new initiative for members, TFN Tuesdays (learning events to deepen engagement and develop philanthropy at all levels). The pipeline for these events in 2013/14 includes documentary screenings, site visits to funded charities and talks from notable academics, as we are always keen to ensure that membership is a stimulating and valuable experience.

Our international work continues apace and we aim to build on the groundwork laid in 2012. We will strengthen international groups already active and have plans to launch in Romania, South Africa and USA, amongst others. Frederick Mulder, our Founder and Ambassador will continue to fly the TFN flag at these events (pictured with projects in Bulgaria). I think you’ll agree that there is much to celebrate and also to anticipate! Sonal Shenai, TFN Executive Director

Fred Mulder talks to the charities at a TFN event in Bulgaria

Our impact

TFN supports projects that have the potential to enable enduring positive transformation for individuals, communities, and/or society and the environment. This year’s impact on charities includes the following:

Changing behaviour and preventing violence

Former gang members from two violent rival Birmingham gangs are providing new role models to change the mindset young people who perceive criminal lifestyles to be their only option. Since receiving funding at TFN last December, One Mile Away has successfully leveraged further funding and want to spread its model nationally. Simeon Moore, co-founder (pictured), has since delivered a talk at TEDxBrixton.

Trialling scalable new solutions to pressing problems

MAC-UK’s groundbreaking mental health work successfully engages with some of the UK’s most excluded and deprived young people. Since receiving funding in September 2012, MACUK has won 5 prestigious awards from Ben & Jerry’s, Guardian/Virgin and others; its approach is also impacting policy and creating change at a local and national level. Charlie Alcock, founder, is pictured.

Improving lives and helping communities

Busoga Trust’s three new wells provide 3,910 people with access to safe water in Uganda (see TFN funded well in Kigulu A village pictured). Since receiving funding in July 2012, Busoga Trust has been shortlisted as Charity of the Year at the Charity Times Awards in 2013 and the Small Charity, Big Achiever category at the Third Sector Excellence Awards 2013.

Changing social norms

Vital communication and advocacy work by Orchid Project and grassroots partners in local communities is helping to end female genital cutting (FGC); 5500 Senegalese communities have already publicly declared their abandonment of the practice. TFN funding in November 2012 unlocked further funding for Orchid Project through Funderbirds and the Network for Social Change, as well as media coverage in the London Evening Standard and Spear’s Magazine.

“We are continually inspired by the philanthropists who make up The Funding Network.” Julia Lalla-Maharajh, Orchid Project founder


Our impact

TFN also enables members to support small charities, to join with others in an interactive, crowdfunding experience and to give more effectively. This year’s impact on individuals includes the following:

Discovering small charities:

“We value the connection with TFN as we are concerned about all aspects of environmental and social sustainability. We are always interested to learn of creative and innovative solutions aimed at preventing or mitigating the environmental damage caused by climate change as well as projects which seek to utilise trade and other commercial relationships to offer communities sustainable routes out of poverty.” John David, Investment Director, Rathbone Greenbank Investments

Rathbone Greenbank Investments is a Corporate Member of TFN and supports TFN by sponsoring events in London, Oxford and Bristol. Staff attend funding events and are involved in donating to projects.


Making giving interactive:

“My favourite parts of a TFN event are meeting like-minded people, hearing the charities pitch and getting a chance to ask questions.” Sanjay Joshi, TFN Member

Sanjay Joshi became a TFN Member in 2012 and participates in Youth TFN (for younger givers), City Funding Network (for City professionals) and TFN (the flagship London group).

Educating donors:

“I’ve received the education of my life through TFN. I’ve discovered causes and made the most wonderful friends. TFN provides a structure to my giving.” Frances Carey, TFN Member

Frances Carey has been an active Member of TFN since 2005, hosted events at her home for TFN’s Strategic Funding Group (for higher level donors) and helped TFN access further funding for its international expansion. She has been a supporter of educational charity CAMFED since discovering it through TFN in 2006.


Charities supported at TFN in 2012/13 and over time

Supported charities

2012/13 funds raised by geography

All time funds raised by geography

The Americas £32,357

The Americas £367,423

Global £44,793

Global £484,769

Africa £267,268

Africa £1,248,260

UK & Europe £377,356

UK & Europe £2,156,226

Asia £52,798

Asia £671,591

Australia £146,600

Australia & Oceania £146,600

2012/13 funds raised by geography

All time funds raised for beneficiary groups

Women £138,337 Children & young people £367,852 Refugees & Asylum seekers £24,290 Prisoners & Ex-offenders £49,782 Local community £204,874 Disabled £16,243 Elderly £17,283 Homeless £40,417 Global community £62,093

Women £469,432 Children & young people £1,809,884 Refugees & Asylum seekers £152,038 Prisoners & Ex-offenders £233,689 Local community £1,556,795 Disabled £142,119 Elderly £56,445 Homeless £174,027 Global community £480,410

2012/13 funds raised for key needs

All time funds raised by need

Livelihoods £85,343

Livelihoods £786,655

Crime reduction & Peace Building £49,782

Crime reduction & Peace Building £385,226

Inclusion £154,420

Inclusion £976,571

Education £285,288

Education £1,140,402

Human Rights £56,039

Human Rights £334,246

Environment / Climate change £10,794

Environment / Climate change £492,797

Health £279,505

Health £958,941

Need groups explained:

Health: Projects that support the provision of healthcare, resilience to disease and health education. Education: Projects that support improved access to and quality of education.

Environment/Climate Change: Projects that address the causes and/or mitigate the impacts of climate change, protect the environment and promote sustainability.

Inclusion: Projects that support marginalised groups to participate fully in society. Human Rights: Projects that educate and advocate for human rights.

Livelihoods: Projects that support economic resilience and sustainability.


All charities supported by TFN groups in 2012 /13

This year, TFN supported 147 charitable projects working locally, nationally and internationally to create social change. 361 Energy Action TFN Devon Amici Camping Charity TFN Toronto Arete Youth Foundation TFN Sofia Bail for Immigration Detainees TFN London Battersea Arts Centre TFN+ (Battersea Arts Centre) Batyr – Being Herd TFN Sydney Be the Good Hero – Bulgarian Red Cross TFN Sofia Busoga Trust City Funding Network (London) Cecily's Fund City Funding Network (London) Changing Tunes TFN Bristol Circle Sports TFN London Classmates Focus TFN Sofia Colombian Caravana UK Lawyers Group TFN London Concert in Budapest TFN Ruse Dance Festival from 5-85 years old TFN Gabrovo Deki TFN Bristol Developments in Literacy (DIL) TFN+ (Ashmore Group) Different but Equal TFN Sofia Elays Network TFN+ (Battersea Arts Centre) Enabling Enterprise TFN+ (Addidi) Equal Start Association TFN Gabrovo


Eradicating Ecocide TFN London Face the Future Foundation TFN Toronto FairPensions (now known as ShareAction) TFN London Fight for Peace TFN London Findacure TFN London First Story TFN+ (The Elders) Food Within TFN Sydney FoodCycle TFN+ (Addidi), TFN London, TFN Bristol Free City Tours TFN Sofia Fundasaun Alola, Timor-Leste TFN+ (Ashmore Group) Future First TFN London GASP Motor Project TFN Surrey Going to School TFN London Haller Foundation TFN London HALLF TFN Devon Hanger Arts Trust TFN London help2read TFN London Helping the Burmese Delta TFN London Historical Walk of Racho Kovacha, founder of Gabrovo TFN Gabrovo Ice&Fire TFN London InCharge TFN Sydney Institute for Market Economics TFN Varna Just for Kids Law TFN London, TFN+ (Addidi) Kaleidoscope Trust TFN London Kamila Group for Kraj Theatre TFN Ruse Karin Dom Foundation – Generations Bridge TFN Varna Katherine Lows Settlement TFN+ (Battersea Arts Centre) Keeping Abreast TFN Norfolk Knyazhevo Neighbourhood Project TFN Sofia

Ladies Innovative Atelier – Club Single Parents TFN Varna Laughter Yoga TFN Yambol Laura Vicuna Foundation (Philippines) TFN+ (Ashmore Group) Life Through Art TFN Sofia LifeCycle TFN Bristol Liquid Connection TFN Surrey Little Hands Tell a Story TFN Sofia Lively Minds Youth TFN (London) London Gay Men’s Chorus TFN London Lorna Young Foundation TFN London MAC-UK TFN London MANGRO Project TFN Oxford Multiculti Map of Sofia TFN Sofia Mobile GP TFN Perth Moroccan Children's Trust TFN London Move Your Money Youth TFN (London) Movement for Hope Youth TFN (London) National Association for Foster Care TFN Sofia New Media Yakoruda Multi-culti TFN Sofia New Stars Association TFN Melbourne News Circles Community Foundation TFN Toronto NOFA Youth TFN (London) Norfolk Hospice – Tapping House TFN Norfolk One Mile Away TFN London Orchid Project TFN London, TFN+ (The Elders) Orienteering for Everybody TFN Gabrovo Orpheus TFN Surrey Parents Committee of Cricket Daily Nursery TFN Yambol Partnership for Children TFN London

PEPY Youth TFN (London) Peter Tatchell Foundation TFN London Physically Active Youth TFN Toronto Pier of Ruse TFN Ruse Play for Life TFN Melbourne Pregnancy Choices TFN Norfolk Raising The Village TFN Toronto Recreation of Historic Battle at Shipka Peak in Sara Planina TFN Gabrovo Regenerate TFN+ (The Elders) Rehab Hall for Disabled Children TFN Gabrovo Remade in Edinburgh TFN London Renaissance Foundation TFN+ (Addidi) Reprezent Radio City Funding Network (London) Reprieve TFN London Room 13 TFN Bristol Ruse Badminton Sports Club TFN Ruse SAFE TFN London SafeHands for Mothers TFN London Sahel Eco TFN London Sawa World TFN London Simply Counselling TFN Devon Sofia Pride 2012 TFN Sofia SOS St Giles TFN London South East Asia Investigations into Social and Humanitarian Activities TFN Perth Spear TFN+ (Addidi), TFN+ (The Elders) Startupnow TFN Oxford STEP TFN Norfolk StreetDoctors Youth TFN (London) Student Funders Youth TFN (London) Sunrise Multicultural Project TFN Oxford

Tea Leaf Trust Youth TFN (London) Teaching English to Kindergarten Students TFN Gabrovo Tender TFN+ (Addidi), TFN+ (The Elders) The Biography Program TFN Melbourne The Hackney Pirates TFN+ (Addidi), TFN+ (The Elders) The Imagination Games TFN Perth The Lightbox TFN Surrey The Malpa Project TFN Sydney The Matthew Project TFN Norfolk The Nasio Trust TFN Oxford Tutu Foundation TFN+ (The Elders) UpCycle Youth TFN (London) User Voice TFN London Utano TFN London Vision Housing TFN London Weenthunga Health Network TFN Melbourne Westnell Nursery TFN Devon Widows Rights International TFN London Women & Children First TFN London Women's Budget Group TFN+ (Addidi) Women’s Initiative Group in Botevo TFN Yambol Working Chance TFN+ (Addidi) World Medical Fund TFN London XLP TFN+ (The Elders) YMCA Gabrovo TFN Gabrovo Youth Initiative Group Math High School TFN Yambol Youth Organization – Wild Bulgaria TFN Yambol Youth Unlimited TFN Toronto Zanders Community Foundation TFN Perth Zaytoun TFN London

+ denotes special events with partners for specific audiences

TFN Founders Dr Frederick Mulder CBE Dr Paul Kelland Polly McLean Sue Gillie TFN Trustees Michael Maynard, Chair Simon Wheatley, Treasurer Jan Stimpson Jackie Higham Jonathan Wilkinson Nick Merriman Rosalind Munro Torsten Thiele TFN Team Sonal Shenai, Executive Director

Charlotte Milner-Barry, Membership Coordinator Eugenie Harvey, Project Director, TFN International

Karen Millen, Development Manager


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