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Lead Based Paint Hazard Control Grants Paint Hazard Control (LBPHC) Grant Program or the Lead Hazard This program provides funds for Reduction Demonstration (LHRD) comprehensive programs to idenGrant Program but not both. The tify and control lead-based paint maximum grant amount for new hazards in eligible privately owned rental or owner-occupied housing. applicants is $1.15 million for new applicants and $3.15 million for Broadly this program was cre- current or previous grantees. A ated in 2009 in order to improve minimum local match of 10 perhousing conditions across the cent federal funds is required. § country. Applicants can also re- More information is available at quest up to $150 thousand dol- lars through their applications to this program to address multiple health related hazards as identified in the Healthy Homes Production program. Up to $5,000,000 will be set aside specifically for new applicants to this program. Applicants an apply to either the Lead-Based

The Basics:


Not soon: Oct 6, 2011 Amount Available


Number of Awards

Many: 30 Agency

National Archives & Records Administration






Two months: Jun 9, 2011 Amount Available

Large: $100,000,000+ Number of Awards

Many: Unknown Agency

Dept. of Housing & Urban Development



Publishing Historical Records The Basics: This program provides funds to promote the preservation and use of America’s documentary heritage essential to understanding our democracy, history, and culture.

and other aspects of the national experience. The historical value of the records and their expected usefulness to broad audiences must justify the costs of the project. Cost sharing is required and can include both direct and indirect expenses, in-kind contributions, non-Federal third-party contributions, and any income earned directly by the project. The Commission ordinarily provides no more than 50 percent of total project costs for publishing historical records projects. This announcement is specifically for Colonial and Early National Period Projects. §

Grants are awarded for collecting, describing, preserving, compiling, editing, and publishing documentary source materials. Grants do not support preparation of critical editions of published works unless such works are just a small portion of the larger project. Projects may focus on the papers of major figures from American life or cover broad historical movements in politics, military, More information is available at business, social reform, the arts,

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2011-04 Midmonth Update  

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