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Challenge Cost Share The Basics: This program provides funding opportunities for both wildlife and habitat conservation and visitor services (outreach and education) in National Wildlife Refuges in the northeast.


More information is available at

Amount Available

Small: $600,000 Number of Awards

Many: 70

All projects must be on or near National Wildlife Refuge land. To progress in the application process, get in touch with the appropriate refuge field station. Note that all National Wildlife Refuge are mandated to have comprehensive conservation plans (CCPs) created by 2012, and so this is the final year of this competition before the CCPs are instated. This program has a cost share of 50 percent. §


Soon: Apr 25, 2011 Amount Available

Small: $750,000 Number of Awards

Medium: 10


Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service



Drug Free Communities Mentoring The Basics: This program provides funds to existing DFC grantees to assist (mentor) newly forming coalitions in becoming eligible to apply for DFC funding on their own.


It is expected that grantees will 1) strengthen their mentee coalition’s organizational structure, 2) increase their mentee coalition’s leadership and community readiness to address youth substance use problems in the mentee’s community, and 3) assist the mentee’s coalition in working through a strategic planning process that will result in a comprehensive community action plan. In FY10 there were 16 new DFC

p.47 ~ The Fundbook | January 2011


Dept. of Health & Human Services Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration


Two months: Jun 1, 2011

mentoring grants and 7 mentoring continuation grants. § More information is available at

May 2011 | The Fundbook ~ p.47

2011-04 Midmonth Update  
2011-04 Midmonth Update  

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