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Not soon: Nov 29, 2011 Amount Available

Small: $5,000,000 Number of Awards

Unknown Agency

Dept. of Housing & Urban Development



Emergency Capital Repair Grants for Multifamily Elderly Housing Projects The Basics: This program provides funds to make emergency capital repairs to multifamily projects that are designated for occupancy by elderly tenants.

“Emergency capital repairs” are repairs at a project to correct a situation that presents an immediate threat to the life, health and safety of project tenants. Applications are processed on a firstcome-first-serve basis, so while the closing date for applications is almost a year away, it is best to apply as soon as possible. The maximum grant size is $500,000 with no local cost match requirement. §

Planning and Local Technical Assistance Programs Opportunity a Comprehensive Economic Development (CED) plan will allow The Local Technical Assistance the local community to more efProgram helps community leaders fectively pursue additional funds create regional economic developfrom the EDA and other agencies. ment plans in order to stimulate and Total funds will be divided beguide the economic development efforts of a community or region. tween the six regional offices. Subject to the availability of appropriTechnical assistance grants are ations, there will be approximately perfect for smaller communities to 4.5 projects per region. § pursue because they can generally More information is available at demonstrate the greatest need for such technical assistance. A typical project might include figuring out how to better utilize an abandoned facility in the area in keeping with a larger regional strategy. An additional positive aspect of this program is that once created,

The Basics:

p.42 ~ The Fundbook | May 2011

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Amount Available

Small: $1,350,000 Number of Awards

Medium: 27 Agency

Economic Development Agency



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2011-04 Midmonth Update  

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