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The health system: public or private? Re: mainly public, secondary private • “Most of us could not afford private healthcare. Private for investigations, more than this we could not afford” (female, 51, employed) • “Because we live in Romania, people are poor, they do not have the money for private healthcare”

• “Most of us, the citizens of the country, are low income, so public first, compared to private” (female, 64, pensioner) • “Being left wing, I am for social insurance, health insurance, and for assisting the one that does not have 100 euro per day [for private]. So, if you go private, you have to pay any service, from opening the door to surgery. This is not the case in the public system, we paid insurance and I get the minimum [assistance]” • “First of all, every person should have access to healthcare, and than we should have a system that provides coverage, both financially [income wise] and throughout the country” 31

Changing the Future of Healthcare in Europe  
Changing the Future of Healthcare in Europe  

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