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What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the words “private hospitals�? (focus groups) Group

Word, image association


high costs, inaccessible; not always justified; materially augmented personnel; comfort; luxury; business; new


luxury, other conditions compared to the state system; more safety, respect for patients and the other way around; spent money; on time, good conditions; decency; respect, cleanliness; a lot of money paid by patients for the same thing that is done in the state system


very good conditions; substantial payment; a lot of money, conditions; public money; advanced technology, good doctors; ostentatious consumption; qualified personnel, expertise, a lot of money


special treatment, modern, high-tech, frightened doctors; cleanliness; ok but some are focused only on image; career, efficiency; high prices; better conditions than the state system, attention, no kickbacks 22

Changing the Future of Healthcare in Europe  
Changing the Future of Healthcare in Europe  

Study led by Fundația Stânga Democratică, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Romania >>> A Leap Fo...