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“Giving a hand to the needy”

Rise and Walk



Levántate y Anda

“Dando una mano al necesitado”

WHO? are we

Rise and Walk Foundation, Inc is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with tax exempt status, and the headquarters in Bridgeport, CT. It has a branch in Bogotá, Colombia.

help needy families by developing their OUR Tointellectual, psychosocial and financial MISSION: potential. Rise and Walk Foundation Inc. 971 Fairfield Ave. Bridgeport, CT 06605 Tel: (203) 521-0570


A WORD FROM THE FOUNDER Dear friends, In May 2013, Lucy, one of the beneficiary mothers in Bogota suddenly became sick. A short time afterwards, she passed away from cancer. She was only 55 years old. Lucy had been taking care of her two granddaughters since their mother had died tragically a few years ago. Lucy's death was quite a shock for everyone, especially because it happened so quickly. Staff, clients and volunteers mourned her death because she was so loved by everyone. Going through this tragic time made it clear to me how all of us in the foundation, whether in the US or Colombia, have became a close knit community and distance does not get in the way. The support and love during the time of loss made it apparent. Lucy was a warm, gentle and kind woman who was always smiling. She definitely made an impression and changed the lives of those who came in contact with her. During the mission trip, her granddaughters, Laura and Catalina, spoke to the missionaries. They expressed positive and grateful words toward the foundation and all those who supported them. When I heard them speaking, I realized that the foundation is doing much more than just providing assistance to a few people. We are sharing our lives and building a community and family. In giving and receiving, we are all being transformed. Now Laura and Catalina have the support of their peer families, the psychologists, social workers, volunteers and, of course, their sponsors to help them through this difficult time. They have a safe haven that has been provided to them through the efforts of all benefactors and volunteers that throughout the years have made this foundation possible. Indeed, we are learning that it takes a village to raise a family. For this reason, I want to thank each one of you who supports our cause because each year I am able to see how we are changing lives.

Hern谩n Boh贸rquez Founder Rise and Walk Foundation Inc. Maria Catalina, Laura and Lucy (R.I.P.) 3


Michele and Bryan—Mission Trip 2013

Michele Serino was a Kindergarten Teacher before she started her career in Human Resources over 30 years ago. Currently, Michele is a Human Resources Business Partner with AXA-Equitable, a French owned Financial Services Firm in Manhattan. Through her close relationship with Michael Calomino, Michele was introduced to the Rise and Walk Foundation several years ago. Since that time Michele has supported our organization with donations, 2 Sponsorships and joining us on two mission trips to Colombia, where she volunteered her time working with the Staff and the children in the Foundation. In her personal life Michele spends much of her time with her family. She has three children, six grandchildren and 2 foster grandchildren. When she is not with her family, Michele enjoys theatre and traveling and does both whenever time allows. Some of her travel time was spent in Haiti doing volunteer work after the earthquake and in Cuba with the Cuban Aids Project. 4

WHAT DO WE DO? We offer four different programs in our center in Bogotรก:


THE COUNSELING SERVICE PROGRAM offers psychological assessments, one on one counseling sessions, family therapy, vocational workshops, pet therapy, as well as workshops geared towards personal and intellectual development.


THE SOCIAL WORK PROGRAM seeks to improve the quality of life for our beneficiaries. It performs family interventions, teaching, and community organizing. We also offer our beneficiary families immediate assistance for urgent basic needs such as food and healthcare.

3 4

THE SMALL BUSINESS PROGRAM helps the parents of the children to start independent small businesses. Through the creation and implementation of self-sustaining micro-business projects, we seek to improve their income and, ultimately, help our families achieve financial independence. THE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM includes homework assistance, subject tutoring, English Club, recreational activities, sports, and arts and crafts workshops.


ACTIVITIES AND ACHIVEMENTS 2012-2013 Celebrating Christmas in 2012 The families celebrated Christmas with traditional novena prayers. Each person received Christmas presents sent by the sponsors in the United States. The children received clothes, shoes and toys and other families received a variety of gifts. The childern and their families were all very happy and thankful for their gifts.

At the end of 2012, the Foundation also recognized families for their responsibility, dedication and participation in our programs. 6

Doing Christmas Differently St. Paul’s on the Green Church in Norwalk designated Rise and Walk Foundation for the “Doing Christmas Differently” program for the second year. The parishioners donated or purchased school supplies for one of the beneficiary children of our foundation. The Foundation sent an acknowledgement of the gift to whoever was designated by the donor. They also sponsored some children or families. This project raised $4000 and 40 backpacks filled with needed school supplies for the children. We thank Fr. Nicholas Lang, rector, Mother Cynthia Stravers and the parish family of St. Paul’s for their continuing support of Rise and Walk Foundation.

New Backpacks for New School Year

The children in Bogota received the backpacks filled with schools supplies sent by St. Paul’s on the Green in Norwalk. The kids started their school year at the end of January.


Opening of the New Center In late 2012, the Foundation moved to a new location within the same neighborhood. The larger updated building enables us to offer more programs and childrens’ activities in a more organized and spacious environment.


Spanish Students raise funds

On January 29th, Trinity Catholic Middle School honored Rise and Walk Foundation at their International Dinner for a second year. It is a special evening that is organized by the middle school students and was attended by over 60 people. The students and their families provided a multi-cultural menu and showed their dedication to helping the needy. All profits will be donated to Rise and Walk Foundation. We thank teachers, Mrs. DeSantis, Mrs. Colihan, and their Spanish students for their support and participation. The students are pen-pals with our children in Bogota. The children of the Foundation are very excited to get their pen-pal letters and will respond now that their winter break is over.

Supper of Mercy Dan and Maria Renzulli hosted a Supper of Mercy at their home. It was well attended and all had a great time. They provided great food. The collected money was donated to the Foundation. We are grateful to Dan and Maria for their hospitality and thanks to all who participated. 9

Mothers Day Celebration On May 4th we head our Annual Mass and Breakfast honoring mothers. The event was at St. Margaret’s Shrine in Bridgeport and Fr. Edicson Orozco celebrated the mass. After a delicious hot breakfast, the rosary was said in the lovely grottos and gardens. It was a beautiful and inspiring day in honor of the Blessed Mother and all mothers living and deceased.

Successful First SoirĂŠe May 18th we held a cocktail party and silent auction. It was an elegant night of cocktails, wine and delicious appetizers. We had a wonderful opportunity to show people the work of Rise and Walk Foundation and the beautiful children and families we serve. There were about 90 in attendance, and for many it was the first event they have attended for our foundation. We are grateful to Steve Habetz for his generosity in allowing us to use his beautiful home for this event. 10

English and Art Classes Throughout the year children enjoyed the English and Art classes offered by the Foundation. These classes allow each child to learn different ways to express their ideas and dreams. The classes have been well received and we have seen an increase in the number of children from the neighborhood requesting to participate.


Life Project We offered workshops on the theme, "Life Project," where each child presented their story through a video or written report. The workshops enabled them to discover more about themselves and express their dreams to others.

Evangelization We held evangelization sessions for the beneficiary families that serve as a forum for reflection and expressing feelings. The families are also able to share and learn more about God through activities that are fun as well as inspirational.


Workshops for Mothers and Children We support personal and academic growth of the mothers and children of the Foundation through many different workshops around family and individual development. These workshops are conducted by our psychologist and social worker.


Marketing, Events and Publicity Rise and Walk Foundation has been improving the marketing strategies by using different forms of media such as websites, social networks, signage and printed media. During the week of the Mission Trip, we held a Bingo event. This has become a regularly anticipated event for the team and the community in which we serve. We participated in the Tenth Convocation Award for Early Childhood from the Éxito Foundation. We hope that this will result in more awareness of the Foundation leading to more donations and grants.

Bingo 2013


Happy Moments that Change Lives In 2013, we celebrated many important dates including Women's Day, Mother's Day and Birthdays.

Graduation of the Beneficiary Mothers Some beneficiary mothers of the Foundation received a diploma for completing courses we offered in business. These classes were conducted in partnership with the University Uniminuto. 15

Case Management and Home Visits The social worker continuously supports families in their development and visits each home to assess the needs of the families and connect them to appropriate resourses.


Photography Classes

This year we offered a new project through a photography class. We called this Project "“Through the Eyes of a Child." The project allows us to instruct children in basic concepts of photography and gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their reality through photos. We held a photo exhibit during the Bingo in June of 2013, where we displayed the childrens’ art and they explained the meanings behind their photos. 17

Mission 2013 During the week of the 15th to the 22th of June, the mission trip was held. Missionaries and children shared unforgettable moments and had many activities together such as English, art and music classes. They also had the opportunity to visit with senior citizens at the center for the elderly, Hogar San Mateo.


Day at the Playland Amusement Park During the mission trip, the children had the opportunity to enjoy the amusement park, Playland. The missioneers and the staff in Colombia shared time with the children and had a fun day of thrill rides, video games and activities.


Team work Colombia—USA While on the mission trip, the missioners from the United States had meetings with each staff member. This time was spent discussing what was working well and areas that may need more focus or change.


Tribute to Lucy Gonzalez This year we pay special tribute to Lucy Gonzalez, one of the beneficiary mothers of the Foundation who passed away in May of 2013. Lucy always had a smile on her face and had a lot of joy to share. We will always remember her fondly and will continue to support her granddaughters, Maria Catalina and Laura. May she rest in peace.

María Catalina Duarte Patiño wrote of her grandmother: “She was a wonderful flower that blossomed in each one of us, with her joy, laughter and happiness. This flower was a woman blessed by God, always thankful for having Rise and Walk Foundation by her side. Today I thank God for putting this Foundation in our path that so lovingly has welcomed us, given us support and always allows us to be there. The wonderful flower who was my grand mother keeps on blooming in the garden of our hearts and will always enlighten us from heaven to going forward.”


Presents the

Saint Catherine of Siena Award Benefactor of the Year / Colombia

Ana Luisa Porras In gratitude and appreciation for her most generous support to our Foundation

“Giving a hand to the needy� December 2012 22

Presents the

Saint Peter Claver Award Volunteer of the Year / Colombia

Maria Angélica Henao Mora In gratitude and appreciation for her commitment as a volunteer of our Foundation

“Giving a hand to the needy” December 2012 23

Presents the

Saint Catherine of Siena Award Benefactor of the Year to

REV. EDICSON OROZCO In gratitude and appreciation for his most generous support to our Foundation

“giving a hand to the needy� September 2013 24

Presents the

Saint Peter Claver Award Volunteer of the Year to

DANIEL AND MARIA RENZULLI In gratitude and appreciation for their commitment as volunteers of our Foundation

“giving a hand to the needy” September 2013 25

Board of Directors Hernán Bohórquez - Founder / President Hernán Bohórquez is the founder and president of the Board of Directors of Rise and Walk Foundation. Hernán graduated in February, 2010 from Fordham University with a Master of Arts in Religious Education with concentration in Youth and Young Adults. He also holds two Bachelor’s Degrees in Theology and Systems Engineering. Currently, Hernán works as a Program Director for Alpha Community Services –YMCA, helping homeless families. Marta Bernal - Vice President / Co-founder Martha is a Certified Public Accountant from the Externado de Colombia University. She also holds a certification in taxes. She was an auditor of different sport clubs, expert of the administrative tribunal, and Finance Director of a multinational company. Martha also studied Theology in Colombia. In 2004, with her husband Edgar, created Contaccount LLC, a company offering services in accounting, finances and taxes. Ellen Nardelli - Secretary Ellie has retired after working 30 years for the Diocese of Bridgeport. She also serves in Kairos Prison Ministry as the State Secretary serving in the federal and state prisons. She has been an active member of Rise and Walk for seven years and has served on the board for the last three years. She is the secretary for the foundation in the USA.. Ellen has enjoyed her many trips to Bogotá where she has had the opportunity to share with the families we serve. Edgar Bernal - Treasurer Edgar has a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá-Colombia. He has a degree in Radio and TV Production. Currently, Edgar and his wife, Marta, offer accounting and tax services though their company CONTACCOUNT LLC. Phil Adzima - Board Member Phillip has been an educator for over forty year in the private school system, spending 34 of those years in the Catholic School system in Connecticut. Degrees from Sacred Heart University and Fairfield University helped propel him into the field of education. He was principal of Saint Mark School in Stratford, CT. Phil lead Saint Mark School to the prestigious U. S. Department of Education's Blue Ribbon Award. In May of 2012, Phil was asked to be principal of Our Lady Star of the Sea School in Stamford, CT. Phil and his wife, Phyllis, joined Rise and Walk Foundation and in 2012 received the St. Peter Claver Award. Francisco Middleton - Co-Founder With over 30 years of international experience in general management, marketing, engineering and VLSI production, Francisco is currently a Managing Partner at Renoir Asset Management. . Prior to that Francisco held various V.P. level positions at TranSwitch Corporation. He received a B.S. from the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City and he has been awarded twenty US patents in telecommunications. Francisco volunteers with his wife, Rosa, at St. Rose of Lima Parish in Newtown CT, as well as, being one of the founding members of Rise and Walk. Michael Calomino - Board Member With over 20 years in Human Resources, Michael currently works at Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton as the VP HR, Fashion Division N.A. Michael has held other HR positions at Chanel, Inc., Henri Bendel, Victoria’s Secret, Ricoh Corporation and Champion International. Michael attended N.Y.U, majoring in French and received a B.S. in Organizational Management from Manhattanville College. Michael has been a volunteer with Rise and Walk since 2007 and visits the foundation each year to see the progress of the families and children.


We thank the

Active Members and Volunteers for their invaluable contributions, their generous support and for making the Foundation a part of their lives

Volunteers - USA

Committees - USA 1. Children’s Welfare Araseliz Fernandez Gustavo Lopez Marie Lopez Maria Lopez Carmen Rita Rodriguez Lucia Canas 2. Events Committee Ellie Nardelli Rosa Middleton Michael Calomino Phyllis Adzima Martin Rodriguez Leo Flor Rodríguez 3. Finances and Administration Marta Bernal Edgar Bernal Hernán Bohórquez Francisco Middleton Alba Deisy Tamayo

Phyllis Adzima Juliana Anduckia Tatiana Anduckia Andrea Bernal Araseliz Fernandez Gustavo Lopez Maria Lopez Marie Lopez Rosa Middleton Patricia Panda Thomas “DJ Mas” Perez Cesar Rendon Stella Rendon Daniel Renzulli Maria Renzulli Rosa Ribadeneira Carmen Rita Rodriguez Martin Rodriguez Leo Flor Rodriguez Yuliza Rodríguez Yelena Rodríguez Michele Serino Alba Deisy Tamayo Carmen Vargas Ken Vozzo Patty Vozzo


Advisory Board in Colombia Angélica Henao Angelica holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. She has devoted much of her professional life to the service of the foundation. From 2007 - 2011 she worked as the Executive Director, and Legal Representative of the Foundation. Currently, Angelica is a member of the advisory board in Colombia and is a sponsor of one of the children. She is a committed volunteer of the foundation. Ana Luisa Porras Ana Luisa has supported the foundation since 2012. She was recently elected to be the new Legal Representative of the Foundation for Colombia. Ana Luisa is an entrepreneur and owns a small business of Colombian products. She and her daughter Johana run a pastry shop that donates snacks for the children every week and prepares food for various events of the foundation. Her son Jhonatan Barbosa is a seminarian of the Diocese of Bridgeport. Leandra Isabel Barón Leandra is a Human Resources and Business Administrator. She works for the Ministry of Culture of Colombia. Belonging to the advisory board of the Foundation, is her way of contributing to social change. She finds it a rich and rewarding experience. Oscar Alberto Cerquera Arango Oscar is a Pharmaceutical Chemist with specialization in Business Management with over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing. Currently, He works for Orica Chemicals, a company headquartered in Australia and specializes in the distribution of chemicals. Oscar is happily married and has two beautiful daughters. José Trinidad Cabra Rodríguez Jose is an Industrial Mechanical Technician graduate of the SENA, with specialization in the development of products and software design. Currently, he works for Gricol SA where he serves as head of development department. He has 33 years of experience in the development of metal and plastic products for household appliances. In his long experience he has developed qualities such as leadership, autonomy, responsibility and personnel management which have made him a valuable addition to his organization


Staff and Volunteers in Colombia Volunteers

Administrative Team Ana Luisa Porras Legal Representative Alexandra Ramirez Accountant

Luz Mary Ariza Johana Barbosa Porras Clara Rodríguez Teresa Mora Ángela Duarte Oscar Henao Roger Avella María Fernanda Cabra María Alejandra Cabra Robespierre Lugo Barahona

Carolina Jiménez Cardona Manager of Marketing and Administration Luz Dary López Administrative Assistant Yasser Puentes Communications Human Development Team María Angélica Cabra Manager of Programs / Psychologist Stella Rodríguez Jiménez Social Worker Rodrigo Torres Music and Arts Adriana Lopez Ramirez English Club Evangelization Team Luz Dary López Yasser Puentes Comunidad Talitha Kum Fundación Jesús en ti

Sponsors and Benefactors Delma Bernal Sandra Suarez Grata Ligia Arango Jaime Bohórquez Giovanny Chitiva Romero Segura y CIA Romel Arenas Leandra Isabel Barón Oscar Cerquera Héctor Tobo Natalia Zambrano Lorena Orjuela Angélica Vanegas Angélica Henao José Cabra Luz Mary Ariza Angélica Henao Juan Carlos Pulido Romero Segura y CIA 29

How can you help? Our goal is to improve and extend the services we offer to families. With your support more families can make their dreams come true. You can make a difference by offering your time, talent or treasure: Time The Foundation offers different activities, where you can donate your time. Please include us in your prayers and you will be making a valuable contribution to our work. Talent You can share your knowledge and skills to strengthen the different programs of the foundation. We need support in event planning, marketing, grant writing, finances, fund raisings, and any new ideas that will benefit the Foundation. Treasure You can also contribute funds. We will accept your donations made out to the Rise and Walk Foundation, Fundaci贸n Lev谩ntate y Anda. We also accept some in-kind donations. Sponsor a child Your sponsorships allows a child to receive the following services: Homework assistance and Tutoring, English Classes, Arts and Music Classes Photography and Video Classes, Field Trips and recreational activities, Use of library and computer lab, School supplies, clothing and food. Sponsor a Family With your contribution the family receives services offered by the foundation such as: Counseling sessions, Case Management, Spiritual Support Emergency assistance: Food, Medicines, Transportation Contact us and we will extend all our information to become part of our helping hands. Ellie Nardelli (203) 521-0570 email: 30

SPONSORS OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES 2012-2013 Thank you for the generosity of the following people who have found it in their hearts to sponsor these needy families. Natividad Acevedo

Sherie Frumer Angela Gagliardo

John Paolicelli

Carol Galemba Johnny Gomes

Milton / Tanner Pedraza Msgr. Thomas Powers

Robert and Ginny Green

Diego y Lina Quintero

Ruthee Bayer, Frank Cacace

Tony and Joan Guerrera

Helen and Sam Rasmussen

Jeanette Boccuzzi

Jim and Doreen Hawkins

Daniel /Maria Renzulli

Eileen Brown Allison Calomino

Denise Hermina Lilian Revel Sandra & Lynnette Hernandez Mirta Reyes

Michael Calomino

Paul Hunter

Catherine Chappelka Robert and Kathy Chimini

Rev. Bob Kinnally

Maritn / Leo Flor Rodriguez Donald And Peggy Ann Rose

Santos & Lucy Cordero

Lisa Lake, Annie Collier Fr. Nick Lang

James and Kelly Rose Iraida Santos

Rocio De la Rosa

Frederika Leet

Michele Serino

Sergia Del Valle

Gustavo & Marie Lopez

Brendan Smyth

Rick & Cindy Drankoski

Carleen Lynden-Kluss

Paula Spremulli

Mary Jane Edwards

Fr. Mike Lyons

Cynthia Stravers

Carlos Alejandro Escallon

Lynden Magnoli

Daisy Tamayo, John Morales

Nemesio and Iris Febo

Ellie Nardelli

Cindy Vail

Phillip & Phillis Adzima Ana Arango Evelyn Barrios Barbara Bayer, John Mertens

Conrad and Mary Ann Ferland Lina Ochoa, Carlos Botero Carmen Figueroa James and Lourdes Ortiz Wallace Fray

Ray and Patty Panda

Lori Passoni

Ken and Patty Vozoo Mary Ellen Williamson St. John of Tuckaho


BUSINESS DONORS We thank the following organizations for their donations to the Silent Auction

The Village Inn—Lenox MA Bridge House Givenchy Emilio Pucci Peoples United Bank Bigelow Tea City Line Florists Contaccount, LLC Fairfield Consignments Macy’s - Trumbull

Massage Envy of Fairfield Secret Admirer, LLC Stew Leonard’s - Norwalk Tracey Nails - Fairfield Trader Joe’s - Fairfield Tourneau, LLC Vazzy’s Restaurant Chips Family Restaurant Paradise Pizza Ola Restaurant

GALA DONATIONS We thank the following people for their monetary donations

Ad Corp Latino

Amy Miller

Kate Adamson

Dominick and Michelle Modugno

Betty Freddino

John Palma

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horan

Lilian Revel

Rev. Michael P. Lyons

David Rich

Nikkia Martin / Dinushka De Silva

Robert Scinto

Rev. Gregg Mecca

Ed and Elaine Steiner 32

SILENT AUCTION DONATIONS We thank the following people for their donations to the Rise and Walk Foundation Gala

Phil and Phyllis Adzima Knettie Archard Hern谩n Boh贸rquez Marcia Calomino Michael Calomino Angie DeMello Rob and Karen Derleth Cindy Drankoski Carol Galemba Robert and Ginny Green Francisco and Rosa Middleton Ellen Nardelli Patty Panda Barbara Panek Michele Serino Michael Vecceerelli Dr. Matthew Vinosky Donor list does not include any donations received after Program printing. 33

BENEFACTORS September, 2012 to August, 2013 A very special thank you to the following people and organizations for their contributions to the Rise and Walk Foundation

Acevedo, Natividad Adamson, Katharine Adcock, Carol Adzima Phillip T. Alpha Community Services. Arango, Ana Arango, Camilo Archard, Philip Arsenault, Jhon & Pamela Aso-Colombo Hispano Americana Baez, Carmen Baiad, Anthony Barnum Ave. Cut-Off Auto Repair Barrios, Evelyn Berghuys, Corey & Michelle Serino Bey, Tamico Bigelow Inc. Bohorquez, German Bohorquez, Hernan Botero, Carlos Boyle, Brian Bridge House Inc. Bridgeport Diocesan Schools, Corp. Brown, Eileen Browning, Wayne C & R Cleaning Maintenence Cacace, Frank Cadavid, Maria E. Caldwell, Christopher Calomino Jr.,Michael Calomino, Allison

Calomino, Cindy Calomino, Michael Campe, Audre Capeci, Vera Carroll, Lawrence Carroll, Pamela Castellano, Maria Catugno, Stephen Chappelka, Scott Roger Chicos, Linda Chimini, Robert and Katherine Connecticut Custom Space Contaccount LLC Corcano, Claribel Cordero, Santos Corson, Mariotte Costello, Jan Crehan & Crehar Cricket Supplay Co De La rosa, Rocio De Santis Marie & Robert DelValle, Sergia Derby Limo LLC Derleth, Karen & Robert Donnelly, John Drankoski Richard & Cindy Driving Solutions, LLC Edwards, Mary Jane Escallon, Carlos Febo, Nemesio Ferland, Conrad

De Mello, Angie Fernandez, Araseliz Figueroa, Carmen Fletcher, Nancy & Gary Fonseca, Iris Fonseca, Sandra Freddino, Elizabeth C. Galemba, Carol Gannon, Mary Lee Giolitto, Robert Girot, Jacques Vincent & Donna Goldsack, Michele Gomez, Johnny Gonzalez, Isidra Gonzalez, Lydia Grady, Tim Green, Christine and Steven Green, Robert & Marion Guerrera, Anthony Guerrero, Anthony & Joan Habetz, Stephen A Handler, Susan and Robert Harkins, Michael Hawkins, James and Doreen Hernandez, Rosa Hernandez, Sandra Higuita, Monica Horan, Melissa & Michael James Castro Judice, Frank & Susan Kallaway, Margaret 34

BENEFACTORS Sep 2012 to Aug 2013 A very special thank you to the following people and organizations for their contribution to the Rise and Walk Foundation Kinnally, Robert Kurmay, Judge La finquita LLC La Sorpresa Restaurant Lang, Nicholas Lazowsky, William Leet, Frederika Leoke, Edna Lionetti, John Lopez, Gustavo & Marie Lopez, Maria Love, Beth Lyons, Michael Maitino, John D and Carola Mallon, Michael Mallon, Pauline Marrero, Carmen Martinez, Josefina Mazo, Angela McCarthy, Daniel and Ann McLaughlin Marsha Mecca, Gregg Mi Pueblo Restaurant LLC Middleton, Francisco Miller, Amy MIlord, Marie Modugno, Dominick Moncada, Cesar Montaperto, Steven/Margaret Morales, Amada Morales, Hoover and Nydia

Morales, Jhon-Alba D Tamayo Moreno, Eileen Morgan Marketing & Communications Moritz, Rosalinda Nardelli, Ellen Ochoa, Lina Orozco, Edicson Ortiz, James Packo, Ann Padilla, Yolanda Paleta, Judith Palma, Jhon Panda, Patricia Paolicelli, John & Mary Parish Of St. Paul's Church Passoni, Lorraime Pedraza, Milton Peoples United Bank Pierni, Gerald Raldiris, Carlos Renovacion Diocesana Renzulli, Maria Revel, Lilian Reyes, Mirta Rich, Cristin Gallup & David Barrett Rivera, Ana Rivera, Erika Rodriguez, Carmen Rita Rodriguez, Ernestina Rodriguez, Martin Rose, James and Kelly

Rose, Peggy Ann and Donald Rubero, Josefina Russ, Esther Salzman, Beverly Santiago, Sofia Santos, Iraida Santos, Juan Scinto, Robert D Serino, Michalle Shirley, Clifton Smyth, Brendan St Rose Of Lima Parish Stamford European Motors, Inc Steiner, Elaine & edward Stravers, Cynthia Ann Studley, Robert and Maribeth Tafoya, Catherine Taveras, Dora The Hispanic Commercial Guide The MBIA Foundation, Inc. Trejo, Rodolfo United Way Vail, Cynthya C Valencia, Stella Vega, Esther Velasquez, Mario Vozzo, Kenneth and Patricia Warner, Kelsey Watt, Carol williamson, Mary Ellen Zenhye, George 35

Have your name on our:

Tree Of Life Donor Wall ! We thank the following people who are already part of our tree:

1. Carol A. Alix 2. Edgar and Marta Bernal 3. Hern谩n Boh贸rquez 4. Wayne Browning 5. Michael Calomino 6. Father Gerald Devore 7. Monsignor Lawrence McMahon 8. Ellen Nardelli 9. Patricia Panda 10. Michael and Heliett Sanchez 11. Ministerio Intercesi贸n San Agustin 12. La Sorpresa y Mas Restaurante 13. Phil and Phyllis Adzima I.M.O. Dorothy Hastings Carswell 36

Annual Reporte 2012 - 2013  
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