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ABOUT US / Mission, vision and values

MISSION VISION & VALUES MISSION. Working to constantly increase our social base, to prioritise our scientific research endeavours and to consolidate our current lines of work.

VISION. To make leukaemia a disease that is 100% curable for everyone and in all cases.

VALUES. Independence: We are an independent foundation exclusively governed by independent individuals from the scientific, professional and business world with no type of political or institutional agenda.

Commitment to scientific research: As part of the public sector, we concentrate our efforts on ensuring that the scientific research progresses as fast as the public resources allow on projects in this field.

Rigour & transparency: As we ask society for help in order to be able to continue progressing with our mission, our duty is to give a clear, detailed response regarding the use of the funds entrusted to us, working with the utmost professionalism at all times.

Provision of quality & personalised responses to enquiries: We are all united in our desire to eradicate the disease. As such, respectful treatment of others is essential for us to help each other and to provide support to sufferers of this illness and to respond to questions about its defining characteristics. To achieve our goal of making leukaemia a disease that is 100% curable for everyone and in all cases.

Protection of Josep Carreras’ reputation: The Foundation benefits from the reputation and name of Josep Carreras and as such we have a responsibility to protect and make good use of his name as we undertake our work. Commitment: Our Foundation is committed to the mission it has pursued since Josep Carreras founded it and for which we actively continue to strive today.

Annual Activity Report 2015  
Annual Activity Report 2015