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on e-health, eGov, smart grids, etc‌). e. Keeping the elderly independently longer at home: GOOD (some projects are focused on energy efficient buildings, mobile solutions, embedded systems domestic solutions. f.

Acceptance by the elderly of technology and policy VERY GOOD (see ADAMO project, the output is well accepted by olders and is being sold on the market).

g. Minimising energy, contribute to sustainability: VERY GOOD (TW is focused on energy efficiency buildings, green and smart manufacturing, embedded system). h.

Degree of Innovation (in governance, fundraising, financing instruments, marketing, internationalisation, processes, services, etc) EXCELLENT.


Lessons learnt from the practice


Win wing character of the cluster: participative and high level of coordination of the key innovation stakeholders;


High impact of projects at regional level on MSMEs and innovation


Interclustering activities is an added values as well as the activity at EU and interregional level


Contact information

Cluster Manager: Gianmarco Piola (



Other possible interesting information




Other sources of information: TW brochure, Piemonte ICT Cluster Year Book, PPTs (all downloadable from the above websites)


ADAMO project : consists of a watch (whose design was thought not to be in any way a factor that can lead to a state of difficulty of the wearer) and a base station that is installed in the living environment of the person and that can establish a connection to a service center (a health center in the community). The system is capable of reading people’s primary physiological parameters, as well as gathering information about their surrounding environment in order to automatically identify anomalous situations and send requests for help to the operations center.

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