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development and knowledge sharing in various sector technology-based, thanks to a broad network of international and national partners and an official role of intermediate body and technical supervisor in many technological national and regional initiatives, like smart city projects and MIUR call for proposals. That said, the Piemonte ICT Cluster is by all means worthwhile to be included among the selection of Innovage Good Practices for the following reasons:


the high relevance of the sector ICT in terms of eco-innovation and, smart homes and independent living.

the strong performance of the Piemonte ICT cluster in funding and implementing ICT EU, national and regional projects.

the proven capacity to link demand and offer of Innovation in the Piemonte region.

the establishment of stable cooperation among SMEs, bigger companies, research institutions and public administration needs.

the successful international matchmaking activities for small and medium businesses.

the ability to promote the economic development of the regional territory in all its different components but with a specific focus on SMEs.

the capacity to act as regional focal point for informing on all sort of funding opportunities and for sharing knowledge and transfer know-how and technology.

the success of TW either on selling Innovation services to the market and attracting a great amount of public funding.

the direct and indirect influence on regional strategic planning for what concern technological innovation.

Objectives of the practice

81 To gain a full understanding on the strategic and operative dynamics, the applied working methods, the governance structure and all other elements that make the Piemonte ICT Cluster and TW successful cases within the Italian panorama of R&IDCs. To isolate those valuable aspects of the Piemonte ICT cluster experience that are transferrable to different political contexts and socio-economic realities and, through them, give spin to positive emulation mechanisms into Innovage Learning Regions.

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