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Objectives of the practice


Communication: development of a “common label” for a unique site through its potential for research and innovation and through its technological, industrial and clinical environment;


International development: provide specific assistance to companies willing to develop on international markets;


Collaborative projects: promote and support the participation of companies in multipartner projects at EU level;


Value enhancement of technological platforms: facilitate their use by companies; facilitate companies development through links with the platforms.



France , Rhône-Alpes Region, Grenoble – Isere


Detailed description of the practice


Medic@lps is an association created in 2000 to initiate and support the economic development of the Grenoble –Isère health sector.


Medic@lps represents:



4 universities and research centers

1 university hospital

55 companies and start-ups

5 major diagnostics companies: BD, Roche Diagnostics, bioMerieux,ST Ericsson

1 social protection group: Prémalliance

2 major European facilities: European Synchrotron Radiation Facility and Laue Langevin Institute

2 local authorities: Grenoble Alpes Metropole, Isère General Council

Process and detailed content of the practice: MEDIC@LPS provides services and tools to its members: •

activity and training workshops

BioBiz Club, club of industry entrepreneurs

access to local, European and international (Canada and the United States) networks for members (Boston Delegate, explorative mission in Japan, trade fairs and business partnering)

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