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7.4 Overview by type of instruments In this section, the proposition is to group the good practices collected by type of instruments

Type of instrument


GP1: Competency Center for Biomedical Engineering (CC BME) written by Development Centre Litija


GP2: eVia written by Regional

Innovative tool for the monitoring and rehabilitation of patients

Sectorial referent

Management of Social Services - Junta de Castilla y Le贸n and INTRAS Foundation

Governance model

Market driven actions


GP3: GAC written by Geroksipou municipality



Innovation tools

Target setting and planning, market driven, innovation tools, SMEs incubator, cluster Internationalisation

Health Factory creates a platform for research, education, innovation and start-up activity in the healthcare services and solutions industry. Its main focus is to utilize technology in healthcare. It combines technology, business and design

Innovative method on how to prepare the specifications for a regional funded programme, SME centric and friendly to companies. Market driven action




Marche Region and SVIM



GP5: Health Factory Initiative written by The Baltic Institute of Finland

GP6: ICE-T written by SEHTA


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06 11 gp catalogue es