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THE INFO BOX What you need to know to enter the Show ‘N Shine or a Cruise

Function 4 Junction 2018 Friday-Sunday June 1-3


The Friday Evening Cruise runs from 6:30pm until 9:30pm. The Saturday Evening Cruise begins at 6pm and lasts until 9pm. The Show ‘N Shine is held on Saturday from 8am until 4pm. The awards ceremony is held at 3pm in front of the announcer’s booth at the intersection of 6th Ave and Greenwood St. Raffle winners will be announced there at 3:30pm.


Pre-registration is available through May 12, 2018. After May 12, registration forms must be filled out on the day of the event - NO EXCEPTIONS. For the Friday Evening Cruise, register at the Bi-Mart parking lot on 6th Ave in Junction City. On Saturday, Cruise registration is open from 8am until 7pm on Greenwood St between 4th Ave and 5th Ave. Drivers must be licensed and must present vehicle registration for proof of eligibility. We now accept credit cards.


In the Show ‘N Shine, all makes and models are invited! In the Friday Evening Cruise, vehicles must be 1975 and newer. In the Saturday Evening Cruise, vehicles must be 1974 and older. 4WD vehicles and motorcycles are not allowed in either Cruise.

Cruise Rules:

All local laws will be enforced. While cruising you must follow all traffic laws, including all traffic lights. No breaking traction, no hydraulics and no open exhaust is allowed. All passengers must remain seated. If any rules are violated, you are at risk of being kicked out of the Cruise and may also be ticketed by law enforcement. No throwing of candy!

Show ‘N Shine & Cruise combo – $30

Download and print a registration form online at or phone Dan Alley at 541-954-0762

Function on the Web Go online to for info and photos. Download and print our registration form to learn when, where and how you can register quickly for this year’s event. Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with news! Crystal Freeman of Willow Creek Creative updates and maintains our website and helps document the Show ‘N Shine every year. Her web design company is online at

Credits Chief Editor Scott McKinley of McKinley Printing

Copywriter Print Production Rob Lafferty of Moon Valley Press Photographers Gary Breedlove Chris Garza Bill Haney Jamie Hooper Dale Rowe Richard L. Smith Advertising Sales Heather Hess Cover Artist Brian Campbell of Blue Moose Graphics Magazine Printer Oregon Web Press Shirt Prints Bryan Cunningham of Eugene Silkscreen Inc Award Plaques Delp’s Awards Web Design Crystal Freeman of Willow Creek Creative

The 4th annual Truck Function in Junction has photos and details online at Photographer Jamie Hooper of Digital Dreams has an excellent archive of photos from past years posted at To view this entire magazine as well as past issues onscreen, you can download a PDF file at



Editor’s Choice: Race Ready ’69 Chevelle car has a full interior, including back seats with seat belts. That Function editor way the whole family can cruise Mike and Tiffany Johnsgard’s including his daughter Kaylee 1969 Chevelle definitely stands and son Cameron. Mike’s wife out at the local car shows. Tiffany can also be seen racing Mike says “it’s not a show-car” the Chevelle. In fact she was and in this case it really doesn’t the first one to drive it below matter. the 11.5 mark. The car didn’t The first thing that draws have a roll bar that day, and attention to the ‘69 is the black the track officials wouldn’t let Northbound Hwy 99 layer of rubber that has coated them Route: run anymore. Just that Detour 5pm-10pm the back fenders. This comes one quick pass, and back to Southbound Hwy 99 from melting some huge slicks the trailer. Detour Route: 5pm-10pm at the drag strip. Unlike some of the cars Mike Johnsgard displaying what 568 hp can do at the track Mike first found the Chevelle at the shows, this Chevelle at Dan’s Automotive in gets driven often. For general 358 HWY • Junction Springfield, in 99S February of 2004. City • 541-998-2371 this car weighs, but it’s solid enough to cruising Mike can get away with SinceFencing then, the carHWY has gone nine all the torque without breaking. 358 99S •through Junction City •handle 541-998-2371 Pets using pump gas. At the track he uses race motor the first month For traction Mike had the car fitted fuel that costs more than twice as much Farm Animal swaps. Health It started Pet Propane out with a 350, which was for as the supreme you can buy at the local Home & Garden FarmPropane swapped Hay, Alfalfa, Straw with the biggest set of slicks that would Purina® a 396. Then came nitrous 402,Boots and go in the fender Home a & Garden wells. They are 28x11.5 station. It can be in the ball park of seven Clothing fed Muck Hay, Alfalfa, Straw Purina® Animal Health Organic Gardening after that a 454. The ninth built 15’s on a 15x10 rim that provide a full dollars a gallon. A neat fact is that the Muck Bootsmotor, Organic Gardening Wood Stove Pellets Leanin’ Tree by Grant Springer, is a 454 that is on 121/2-inch of contact with the pavement. Chevelle can use almost an entire gallon Fencing Wood Stove Pellets Delivery ServiceDelivery Service its third season. Mike says this motor is When he hoods up at the track these just doing the tire warming burnout and M-F 8:00-6:00 • Sat. 8:00-5:00 • Sun. 1:00-5:00 Mon –and Satcouldn’t 8am-6pm • Sun “bulletproof” be happier. The 1pm-5pm tires provide enough grip to pull the front quarter mile pass. 454 has been bored out and turned into right off the ground. With the help of all “It’s an old school classic,” Mike says. “I a 468 that is fed by a 1090 cfm Demon this traction the ‘69 has been driven to a was raised in these. People respect these carburetor. On the dyno at Garage 808, best time of 9.94 seconds in the quarter cars and love ‘em. I bought the ‘69 to use the Chevelle produced 568 horsepower mile. it, drive it, and love it.” at the rear wheels! For safety, the ‘69 has been equipped If you want to see this guy in action Many things have been done to this with a roll bar. It’s also a requirement at just go to this years’ Pinks, Armdrop car to withstand the massive power and the track if you run faster than 11.5. The Racing event, in Woodburn. It’s a two-day torque. It has been equipped with a Ford event with a $10,000 prize. You can also James D. Marci 9-inch rear end that has been narrowed look on You Tube under Johnsgard and four inches and has a set of 4:11 gears.The541-998-3300 see a few clips of him racing. He will also transmission is a built up two-speed billet be at a three-day event in The Dalles. It fax 541-998-3322 powerglide, a model that is very popular starts with a show & cruise the first day, with the drag racers. The driveline93150 was Prairie Road and ends up with drag racing at the local taken out of a five-ton flatbed truck and airport runway. Last year Mike was the OR 97448 cut in half to fit under theJunction Chevy. It City, is “fastest car at the track” and is a local very heavy, and adds to the 3,800 lbs. that racing at “Pinks” armdrop style favorite. Josh Gagner

JNR LLC Truck & Trailer Repair

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Function Junction

Function Junction

Coffee House on Sixth map not to scale

Espresso • Wine • Beer Soups • Sandwiches • Salads 170 W 6th Avenue


1425 Ivy Street 541-998.6500

541.998.9700 93192 Prairie Rd JC

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Welcome to the Function 4 Junction

he biggest little car show in the Willamette Valley just no hydraulics; no open exhaust allowed; and all passengers keeps growing and adding new events! Last year featured must remain seated. (see rules on pg. 3) the first Friday Nite Cruise, a special event that a lot of folks We are finally able to accept credit cards! You can now have been asking us to put together. The process took a long use your card for any and all purchases and donations, which time, but the Function 4 Junction Cruise is finally a two-night should make life a little easier for everyone. event. This year we’ve become partners with the vineyards who The format and times haven’t changed at all this year; we’re make up the Prairie Mountain Wineries group to offer a Poker adding to the event, not modifying it. As always, cars of any Run for the first time. This will be a Sunday daytime event year, make or model are eligible to enter the Show ‘N Shine, that runs until 3pm. Cars of any make or model can cruise a our all-day Saturday street show held in downtown Junction half-dozen vineyards in the foothills of the Coast Range west City. of town, draw a playing card at each stop and build a poker Also as usual, the Cruise that follows the Show ‘N Shine is hand that might win a cash prize. (see pg. 10) restricted to any make or model of automobile from the year We continue to host a Saturday Swap Meet each April in 1974 or older. And once again, no 4-wheel drive vehicles or the Junction City High School parking lot that features a 5am motorcycles are allowed in the Cruise. early-bird start and lasts until 4pm. As with all F4J events, The Friday evening Cruise a majority of the proceeds will go to support our College is restricted to vehicles made Scholarship fund. And we have a raffle to offer once again. Function4Junction from 1975 right up to today’s As always, you can go to to Board of Directors latest models. All other Cruise find registration forms and information for all of our events. rules apply: it will run from We’ll see you all again this year! Dan Alley 6:30pm until 9:30pm; no Dan Alley, President President breaking traction or burnouts; Function 4 Junction Corrie Lucas Vice President Cindy Alley Secretary Kari Rae Treasurer This year we will once again hold a Scholarship Raffle. The pool of prizes has grown to more than $1800 in gift cards, merchandise Bob Bell and services donated by nearly three dozen area merchants. Those Chris Brown numbers will keep growing right up until the day of the drawing – Jack Brown Saturday, June 2. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5, and can only be found at the heart of the Greg Dudley Show: the info booth in the US Bank parking lot at Sixth & Greenwood. Credit cards accepted. Jim Foster Prizes? If you like Dairy Queen’s Blizzards, you might win 50 coupons worth $3.50 each. Margaret Foster Golfers have a chance at a round for two at Fiddler’s Green. Brooks Auto Parts is offering Gary Jones a Car Care package of floor mats, cleaner and more. Hungry? How about lunch for two at Ally Lucas Junkyard Extreme or Fin’s Drive-In, and a chance at dinner for two at the Texas Roadhouse? Randy Thom There’s so many prizes available that your odds of winning are pretty good. Don’t miss out!

Scholarship Fundraiser Raffle

Long Tom Grange June 1-3 9am-5pm daily

25855 Ferguson Rd Junction City

Find new treasures, antiques, household things, plus Scentsy, LuLaRue, Paparazzi and many vendors with handmade soaps, lotions, dog toys, knits and garden art! Even a snack bar! for info

Take 99W, turn west on Ferguson Rd., go approx. 7 miles to the Grange

Promoting the economic growth of our region 341 West 6th Avenue in Junction City



May 30, 2015

May 30, 2015

A B rief H istory

rom its first event in 1995, the Function 4 Junction has been a celebration of American automobiles. It serves as a showcase for the craft of auto restoration and the passion that people have for their favorite make and model of car. But it’s mostly a chance to have fun while taking in the scene, examining and talking about cars and doing good things for the community in the process. It all started with a cruise along River Road south of town and an informal show in whatever empty field could be secured. Since 2006 the Show ’N Shine and the Cruise have been held within the Junction City limits, using the main street of our Willamette Valley town as the cruise route in the early evening. The Show ‘N Shine has grown so large that it needed to move from the high school fields onto paved streets downtown. As many as 15,000 people now show up every year to get a close look at perhaps 600 classic cars and watch the cruisers roll through town. It’s the second-largest event held in Junction City every year and has become one of the most popular car shows in Oregon. 2017 offered the first Friday evening Cruise for newer car models. The Show ‘N Shine goes on all day Saturday, centered in the heart of town. Awards are presented in the afternoon, then everything changes as people gets ready for the main event – the classics go Cruisin’! Spectators line both sides of Ivy St, the local name for the four lanes of Hwy 99 that run through town. The Cruise traditionally begins at 6pm with two antique fire trucks leading the way. Automobiles of every make, model and vintage at least 25 years old cruise up and down the main drag until darkness falls and the Cruise ends. In 2018 the fun will continue into Sunday with the inaugural Prairie Mountain Wineries Poker Run, a daytime event that sends cars winding through the wooded hills and valleys of the Coast Range west of town. With the support of thousands of classic and custom automobile fans, many local businesses, local service groups and volunteers, and hundreds of cruisers from near and far – the 2018 Function 4 Junction promises to be another memorable weekend for Oregon’s automobile enthusiasts!



ver the years, it’s always been a core bunch of hard-working volunteer crews who make the Function 4 Junction possible. With two Cruises to manage now and with the first annual Poker Run to coordinate, this year those crews will be doing more than ever before. It’s volunteers who control the flow of traffic and monitor all the parking areas. People donating their time are the ones who operate barricades, provide information to cruisers and guests and register every vehicle. As the non-profit Function has grown, so has the need for more volunteers. There are positions available on the board of directors for anyone who wants to help with the planning and staging work that goes on all year. And there’s never enough volunteers on the day of the event, even though working the show and cruises can be more fun than just watching them.

F4J board members are only one of the volunteer groups that sell raffle tickets and distribute this free magazine in the month before the Function. They supervise the crews who set everything up on the morning of the event; they help judge the Show ‘N Shine entries and they even clean up the downtown streets after everyone else has gone home. The local business community plays a huge part in making the event possible by advertising in this magazine and by contributing a range of goods and services that is too long and wide to list. Some downtown storefronts close up shop and take the day off to enjoy the fun, while others stay open, get real busy and have their best single day of sales all year. The commitment of those business owners helps make the Function a successful day for everyone. special thanks goes out once again to Jeff Prociw of the state Transportation Department, Junction City planner Jordan Cogburn, and all


photo by Dale Rowe The husband & wife team of President Dan Alley (above with web designer Crystal Freeman) and Secretary Cindy Alley (below) provide most of the planning and logistics needed to make the Function 4 Junction a safe and enjoyable event.

the crew at the city’s Public Works department. They make sure we are in compliance with all of the rules involved in staging an event of this size.

We now accept credit cards for all purchases and donations!

Advertise Your Classic Car Online! • • • • American Barricade Company is a family-owned business. From barricade rental to sales, we are committed to work zone safety and certified in traffic control. Thanks for letting us keep you and everyone else safe on our roads!

60 Grimes St



1989 & older cars, trucks & projects Our website offers online advertising for: Classic cars, trucks & projects for sale FREE “Cruise News” listing of car events Banner advertising for classic car shows, cruise-ins, rod runs, swap meets & auto related businesses Design & printing for business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards, posters, banners, stickers, magnets & more Business & personal calendars with advertising

contact David or Kelly 503-577-3100 PO Box 1285 Gresham OR 97030

company, Willow Creek Creative. 9 As a volunteer Crystal also represents the organization at the annual Education Together scholarship awards program in May, and is usually the spokesperson for local media news reports about the various events associated with the F4J. Along with her husband Nate, who is also a professional photographer, Crystal makes photo by Bill Haney the rounds of the Show every Volunteers do all the work but also have year. Their photography has been a big share in the fun. featured in at least a half-dozen of The Junction City Police Department these magazines since they first started has always supported the Function. They coming to the event. This year, it’s their Crystal Freeman’s reflective do a terrific job of keeping the event safe yellow ‘55 Ford truck (shown in their ad self-portrait in 2015. for the thousands of people who spend below) that you see gracing our cover. their day in Junction City, enjoying what “We’re really honored to have our truck with a 3-speed on the tree.” has become one of the most popular car on the cover,” Crystal said. “We plan to “It’s a good, old truck with a little bit shows in Oregon. bring it this year and enter it in the Show of modern flair that we plan on selling, ost of the people who’ve been ‘N Shine.” and it should be for sale at the Function. involved with the Function over “She is a numbers-matching slightly This truck is a perfect platform for the years have volunteered for the same modified 1955 Ford F100,” Nate someone to take it to the next level. All two reasons Crystal Freeman continues explained. “We’ve had it for about the tough stuff is done, and it’s ready for to help out long after her half-dozen fifteen years, although it actually a front clip and big block.” years of service as a board member. belongs to my father, Doug Freeman. It It’s a cover girl. It’s for sale. And it “We love the event because it raises was completely disassembled and had could become yours... money to provide scholarships for local a ton of sweat and youth,” said Crystal. “It’s also like being many hours put into part of a family, because Dan and Cindy it. It was painted Ford Lightning Alley are such nice people.” A talented artist, photographer and Yellow at the old graphic designer, Crystal created three Gibson Ford shop. covers for this magazine from 2008- Most of the work 2010. She now manages the entire on this truck was online presence of the Function, from done by us or by Let us handle your website the website to the Facebook page and local shops and news announcements sent out over craftsman. It has needs so you will have more social media through her web design the 272cu Y-block


time and money to spend on your favorite four wheels.



Prairie Mountain Wineries Poker Run

First annual event offers a week-long window to cruise some vineyards, taste some wine and support a worthy cause The newest addition to the weekend of events sponsored by the Function 4 Junction is a unique type of Poker Run. In this version, drivers will visit five different wineries in the foothills of the Coast Range and try to fill out a winning stud poker hand by drawing one card at each stop. Players will need a stamp card and a designated driver for this event, one who can avoid the temptations of the grape for at least one afternoon. All of the proceeds from the raffle will go towards the F4J Scholarship Fund that helps local students pursue a higher education (see pg. 12).

Drivers and players can visit any of the participating Prairie Mountain Wineries as early as Saturday, May 26 and right up through the final day of the event on Sunday, June 3. At every stop, draw a playing card from their deck and have your draw stamped on your card. Do that once at each winery and if your final hand is a high one, it could win a cash prize. Stamp cards will be sold for $20 and are available at Pfeiffer Winery and Bennett Vineyards, or in Junction City at The Courtyard on Sixth or at McKinley Printing on 5th Ave. Stamp cards will be available any business day after April 14. The grand prize is $500 for the card with the highest poker hand. The next two highest hands will receive $200 and $100 respectively. There will also be a special prize for the lowest hand submitted. Same-day registration will also be available from 8am until noon on Sunday in the parking lot behind the Junction City Library on Greenwood St. between 7th Ave. and 8th Ave. Winning hands will be announced at 3pm. All winners must be present to claim their prize.

Cindy Robinette


Branch Manager Junction City Office 234 West Sixth Junction City OR 97448


Function 4 Junction Scholarships


2017 program helps five young people gain a higher education

he Function 4 Junction is free for spectators, but the nonprofit organization behind all the events does raise money through entry fees, raffle tickets and ad sales in this magazine. Since 2005 a large portion of those funds have gone to support a college scholarship program administered by the Education Together Foundation. In 2016, the Truck Function in Junction joined the program. Every year an amount ranging between $1,000-$2,500 is awarded to several students who live within the Junction City School District. The number of scholarships and the amount of each grant depend on the funds raised each year and on the number of eligible applicants. In 2017 the F4J was able to support a total of five scholarships. Awards Night was held in May at the First Baptist Church in Junction City. Former F4J board member Crystal Freeman presented awards on behalf of the organization. Four scholarships were in the amount of $1,000 and went to Bailey Maxwell, Dulce Vaca, Elizabeth Knope and Jake Wiser. In addition, the Truck Function awarded $1,5000 to McKayla Edwards. All scholarships awarded by Education Together’s committee portraits by Jamie Hooper Bailey Maxwell, top left; Dulce Vaca, center left; McKayla Edwards, bottom left; Elizabeth Knope, top right; Jake Wiser, center right.

require students to have high grade-point averages, plus they must submit a personal essay and a summary of their future goals. Although it’s not a requirement, the F4J scholarship gives special consideration to applicants interested in pursing a career in automotive-related industries. “A personal essay is the crucial element in determining scholarship winners,” said Gary Nelson, president of Education Together. “It gives the best insight into the character of each individual and what they hope to accomplish in the near future.” Last year, thanks to the support of sponsors, Education Together was able to award surpass its record of $88,000 to provide scholarships and grants to dozens of deserving students and local educational organizations. “In the past few years we’ve widened our parameters,” said photo by Crystal Freeman Nelson. “However, As a beneficiary of the Miss Oregon we wouldn’t exist at all if it weren’t for Scholarship Program, Harley Emery, individuals and groups Miss Oregon 2017, came to the Tri-County Chamber last year to like the Function 4 promote all scholarship programs. Junction who provide Ms. Emery made plans to speak at the money that funds this year’s Show ‘N Shine but will be all of our awards.” unable due to schedule conflicts.

Call Gary Nelson Visit our website

503-581-4078 PO Box 523 Junction City, OR 97448

A non-profit corporation providing educational scholarships and grants to residents of the Junction City School District since 1987

Old-Time Value & Service Today’s Technology

We are Proud to Function in Junction Former Gibson Service Manager and Technicians are here to serve you Bradley Helms ~ Ford Senior Master Technician ~ 35 years experience Dennis Dudenhoefer ~ Master Certified Technician ~ 33 years experience Vance Klohn ~ Parts & Technician ~ 30 years experience

Sam and Jadine Steinhauer ~ Owners Office ~ 541.998.1603 Cell ~ 541.206.9177 93126 Prairie Road, Junction City East of Barncraft on west side of Prairie Road

We would like to thank our customers, old and new, for all your support

“May your life be blessed with every mile...”


Show ‘N Shine photography by Chris Garza, Bill Haney, Jamie Hooper, Rob Lafferty and Dale Rowe

Shaun AmyDavis Davis Amy &and Shaun

Second generation generation owners owners of Second of Davis Cabinets in Junction City Davis Cabinets in Junction City


The 2017 Function 4 Junction Show ‘N Shine drew about 10,000 visitors to the streets of downtown Junction City once again. The weather was typical for Willamette Valley springtime – almost perfect for car owners and enthusiasts alike. As always, there were cars of nearly every make and model and plenty of home-built rods among the 400 entries parked throughout five blocks of town, on full display for some very close viewing...

Viking Inn welcomes you! Join us at our newly remodeled location, open now under new ownership and new management Proudly serving a great selection of local brewery craft beers on tap Offering a fantastic menu full of options for every member of the family!





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It’s hard enough for our team of judges to pick the best car in each specific category even with each other’s help, but the President’s Choice and Editor’s Choice are one person’s decision drawn from every car entered in the show. Here you can see our editor, Scott McKinley, talking with some owners about their rides as he walks the entire show and examines every car on every street. Every year, F4J president Dan Alley does the same... Browse all locations & services at:

Hot at the F4J? Visit our Root Beer Float Booth at Lochmead Dairy , 1120 Ivy St

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Ken Jones and his 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad Station Wagon scored a rare double prize last year, taking home Best of Show and Best Interior awards by Rob Lafferty

Ken Jones of Walterville knows exactly what he likes to see in a classic automobile - clean and smooth exterior lines, paint that gleams, an immaculate interior and a spotless engine compartment – so that’s how he builds his cars. Apparently, car show judges like what they see when Ken brings his project to a show. That’s certainly been the case at the F4J Show ‘N Shine, as Ken took home the Best of Show and the Best Interior awards last year with his 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad Station Wagon. It may well be the cleanest vehicle you’ll ever find outside of a showroom, much less at an outdoor car show after a morning rain shower. continued on page


feature photos by Jamie Hooper of Digital Dreams


Camp Sunshine 2018 Registration Information June 25 - August 24

2018 Camp Themes

Grades K-6th $100 per week Scholarships Available *Teen Helpers Needed* Breakfast & Lunch Served Camp held at Junction City Community Center 175 West 7th Avenue

“Super Sleuths” “Saddle Up” “Fantasyland” “Superheroes and Villains” “World of Wacky Adventures” “On the Move (Sports)” “Disco Days” “Camp Sunshine’s Got Talent” “Surfin’ Days”


For More Information Call the Junction City Community Center at 541-998-4767

30 continued from page


The Nomad was an unusual model to begin with, a two-door, six-passenger car that was part of the popular Tri-Five Chevys produced from 1955-1957. Tri-Fives were available with the first version of Chevrolet’s small-block V-8. The Nomad was actually considered to be a sporty automobile and might be the coolest production wagon ever built. The first Nomad was the concept of designer Carl Renner, working under Harley Earl. That concept combined a Corvette front end and a station-wagon rear, but the production models were based on the Bel Air front. About 8,386 were built in 1955. The exterior body of Ken’s masterpiece has been “... slightly modified from the original,” he says with a smile. “I do that to all my cars. I just like that sleek look.” There are no door handles or key locks, and no visible gas tank opening. The doors open with a remote controller and you fill the tank through an re-plumbed fuel opening hidden behind a taillight that also opens with the remote.

In addition to being without a blemish, the color is a unique mix he created – now called “Ken’s Lime” – under a pearl coat. It’s set off beautifully by the off-white roof and light grey interior and upholstery. “Jon Lind of Camp Creek did the interior and upholstery,” said Ken. “His amazing work always wins awards. The chassis was customized by Art Morrison.” continued on page 32


Proudly serving Junction City and the surrounding areas!



continued from page


Ken built his first hot rod back in 1989, a ‘34 Ford that he still owns. There’ve been a half-dozen other cars that followed over the years, each one built to Ken’s high standards and personal taste. The Nomad was purchased five years ago from a friend in Junction City. It was in bad shape, really rough inside and out, and it took Ken twice the time he usually spends on a project car to get the Nomad ready to show.

It also took a good chunk of money, enough that Ken’s wife, Susan, dubbed the a car a “Doughmad”. Some of the unique touches include a chrome bar coming out of the dash that serves as the shifter. There’s a video screen built into the center console that allows passengers to watch programs from the back seat. Under the hood is an LS3 Corvette engine seated inside a spotless compartment. Ken is a hands-on car builder who takes a lot of pride in doing as much work as possible himself. He’s also an automotive artist with his own clear vision of how a classic car should look. If we’re all lucky, he’ll bring his next creation to a future Show’N Shine for everyone to enjoy...

Patricia Stein Advertising/Calendar Coordinator 360-331-4766 (home • 10am to 9pm) •


photos by

Crystal Freeman and Richard L. Smith

Ken Jones has a knack for building awardwinning automobiles such as this 1935 Ford dark metallic green pickup truck that was the Best Interior winner at the Show ‘N Shine in 2013. Ken also built an impeccably detailed 1955 Chevy 210 (top photos) that is now owned by Jeff & Tina Parrett of Walterville. They brought it to the Show in 2012 and left with both the ‘50s Modified Runnerup and Best Interior awards.

Summertime is a fun time to cruise out to our casual country setting ...

June 3 ~ Function 4 Junction Winer y Poker Run July 15 ~ Poker Run and Car Show (Run for Yaakov) July 22 ~ Habitat for Humanity Blues Build Concert New Friday Cruise Nights to be announced!

25974 Hwy 36 Cheshire 541.998.3336



Joe & Sherry Davis brought their 1952 Chevrolet Bel Air Deluxe to the Show ‘N Shine and went home with the People’s Choice award by Rob Lafferty


nyone who’s been to the F4J during the past three years will probably recognize the passionate work of Joe and Sherri Davis of Albany – after all, they‘ve brought three cars to the Show ‘N Shine since 2015 and won four awards. Last year, they earned the prize many car owners covet the most

at a show – the People’s Choice Award. Their 1952 Chevrolet Bel Air Deluxe was not as big a project as some of their past restorations, and it wasn’t in their plans to buy any car when they first saw it. But they had just unexpectedly sold one of the other six cars they’ve restored because, as Sherry said, “Someone made us an offer we just couldn’t refuse.”

“The Bel Air was actually in decent shape when we bought it,” Joe said. “It was a SoCal special we found in Visalia and it was being offered by just the second owner. Underneath it was all stock and looked new, very little rust. The motor was already souped-up and in perfect running condition. We had to continued on page


feature photos by Jamie Hooper of Digital Dreams


continued from page

This 2018 book compiled and published by Linda VanOrden includes history and actual stories about growing up and living in the greater Junction City Area in the 20th Century; 8.5x11x1 inches, 383 pages, 207 illustrations, fully indexed.


AVAILABLE AT: Camas Country Bakery Primtiques Flourish Mercantile Guaranty RV Travel Store To contact the Author/Compiler Linda VanOrden,


locate a lot of re-chromed parts like door handles and window cranks from all over the country, but the upholstery only needed to be shampooed three times before it looked nearly new. My friend Bob and I spent about six months working on the car.” Joe Davis and Bob Wood have worked on cars together since they met by chance at the 2012 Function Show ‘N Shine. Joe and Sherry were making the transition to riding on four wheels after a lifetime of rebuilding and riding Harleys, including numerous trips to Sturgis. They got into a conversation with Bob, who was showing his ‘57 Chevy that year. “We had a great time walking around the show for the first time and seeing all the cars, but Bob was the only person we talked with,” Joe said. Over the past half-dozen years the two men have spent so many hours together restoring classic cars that Sherri had a sign made which now hangs outside the shop behind their house. One look into the interior of the Bel Air and even a car show beginner can tell that it’s been modified. Cars didn’t come with a swamp cooler, a TV antenna with a


small viewscreen, or pipe holders as stock equipment in any era. It may not be in stock condition any more, but it’s one of the coolest interiors you’ll ever see. In April of 2017 the Bel Air was ready to show, so they took it down to Redding in California for the Kool April Nights show where it promptly won the “Class Act” award. A few weeks later, Show ‘N Shine guests got a close look at this fine vehicle. With more than 400 cars to choose from, for the Davis’ Bel Air was their favorite. Here’s one more look, just for you...

Crushed Quarry Rock Riprap Quarry Run

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Serving Lane, Linn & Benton Counties since 1946


At the 2015 Show ‘N Shine. Joe and Sherri’s beautifully customized 1935 Ford 5-window Coupe Model 48 Ford (photo right) took home the Editor’s Choice and Best Wheels & Tires awards. The following year they brought a 1954 Ford Victoria Crestline (bottom right) that took top place in the 50’s Stock category. For the 2018 Show, Joe & Sherry will roll up in a deep-blue 1937 Chevy Master DeLuxe (below). Keep an eye out as you walk through the show this year, or check the awards ceremony – there’s a very good chance you’ll see them there...

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Jim and Suzanne Basile brought their immaculate 1961 Corvette to the Show and – no surprise – went home with a top award


im Basile had one small complaint about the photos taken of his awardwinning 1961 Chevrolet Corvette at last year’s Show ‘N Shine – he thought the car looked a bit dusty after a full day on the streets of Junction City. That’s because he didn’t have a chance to wipe the car down as he usually does, with a baby diaper and a special detailing spray that makes the finish sparkle. Jim’s attention to detail and quest for perfection is what caught F4J president Dan Alley’s eye, and he picked the spectacular blue-and-white Corvette for his President’s Choice award. It was the first year that Jim and his wife Suzanne had brought their car to the Function from their home in Albany. “1961 is my favorite year for the Corvette,” Jim said. “It was the last year for the optional dual-quad carburetors, stainless trimmed coves, cove spears and the option of having those coves painted a different color. It was the first year for the four round tail lights and the fine-mesh grill – and it has a trunk.” Jim spent two full years doing a ground-up restoration of the ‘Vette to


photos by Jamie Hooper of Digital Dreams and courtesy of Jim Basile

get the perfect look he had in mind. “When I bought the car in 2007 it did not have the original engine or transmission. When new, these cars were not available with power steering, power brakes or air conditioning. It does have both a hard top and a soft top.” As you can imagine, the Corvette is kind of a garage queen. Jim says that he’ll take it out about once every month

“...on a sunny day” for a ten-mile loop near their home. Afterwards he doesn’t wash it, but wipes it down completely to maintain the finish. “It’s won an award in every show I’ve entered,” Jim said. “It was that color of blue against the white detailing that first got my attention,” said Dan Alley. “I always loved that body style, too. But it was

the clean, crisp and almost pristine condition of the entire car that really won me over. It was close to perfection in every little detail.” Jim and Suzanne hope to come back again this year, so if you didn’t see their showcase ride last year, you may get the chance to get a close personal look in 2018. Chances are, you’ll find them at the awards ceremony once again...


615 Holly St Junction City


155 N 3rd St Harrisburg


24957 Hwy 126 Veneta


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Jim and Suzanne’s 1961 Corvette has won a shelf full of top awards including several “Best of Show” at events around Oregon and two ”First in Class” trophies at the prestigous Concourse d’Elegance show in Forest Grove.

The Specs

• Custom-ordered polished aluminum Edelbrock Chevrolet 350 CID, 363hp includes dual-quad carburetors, roller camshaft & lifters, polished C-26 Dual Quad intake manifold (oil filler boss at front) and headers. • Serpentine belt pulley system includes polished aluminum, 1-wire 140 amp alternator, water pump, power steering pump, Sanden AC compressor and power steering. • Independent front suspension from Jim Meyer Racing with power rack & pinion steering, power disc brakes, QA1 adjustable coil-over shocks, sway bar and dual master cylinder. • 700R4 automatic transmission with overdrive. • Alpine AM/FM/CD stereo with Alpine amplifier in the carpeted trunk, plus eight speakers (two in dash, two in kick panels and two in each headrest).


Y our L ocaL W aLk -I n S peed S hop 1045 Arrowsmith




Dan & Robyn Marsh caught our editor’s eye with their classic 1960 Chevrolet Impala by Rob Lafferty


classic Impala is one of a few iconic cars that evoke memories in just about everybody who sees one. This full stock restoration of a 1960 Impala that won Editor’s Choice in 2017 is one of those four-wheeled time machines that can take viewers back five or six decades with just a glance. Dan Marsh was growing up in Junction City when this Impala was first rolling the roads of Lane County. He lives in LaPine now with his wife Robyn, but he came back to a barn in Veneta to find his

feature photos by Jamie Hooper of Digital Dreams

dream car. It had been sitting next to a barn, actually, under a tarp since 1985. Dan’s restoration was the first major work done to the vehicle. Here’s the story of that restoration in his own words: “I chose to build a ‘60 Impala partly because I was born in 1960 and partly because I remember my parents owning a black ‘60 Impala with a red interior. I


The Specs

1960 Chevy Impala. Cascade Green. 400 cubic inch small block Chevrolet engine with GM fast-burn aluminum heads, GM aluminum intake, Holley 750. Approximate 545 hp. Drive train: Tremec TKO 600 5-speed manual transmission, Mcleod dual friction clutch, Quick time scatter shield. Ford 9” rear end with 389 posi-trac. Wildwood 4-wheel disc brakes, Custom 4-link suspension with Ride Tech air ride, Ride Tech air management system. Flowmaster exhaust. Boyd Magneto wheels; 20x10 rear, 18x8 front.

love the wild-looking rear end of the car, the roof line and all the chrome and stainless. “Building a 1960 is not the easiest car, though. There are not a lot of restoration parts out there. Trim is almost impossible to find and replacement sheet metal is limited. “I acquired my Impala in September of 2012. I was really fortunate to find this ‘60 complete, although it was minus motor and tranny. The car had all the trim and despite its age was in very good condition. “When I got the car home I immediately started the teardown process. I removed the body from the frame and attached the body to a rotisserie. I completely disassembled the frame and sent it off to be powdercoated. With the frame out of the way I stripped the inside, outside and even the underneath of the car down to bare metal. “The ‘60 had never been repainted so stripping off the original paint was fairly easy. The most timeconsuming part was all the removal of the undercoating. The body was then coated with epoxy primer. I painted the underneath in single-stage paint. I completely assembled the frame with motor, transmission, rear end and air ride, then placed the body back on the frame. “Fine-tuning of the bodywork and paint was done by my long-time friend Jim Purcell, the owner of Lost in Time Restoration. I chose to go with the original color of Cascade green with a custom green for the roof, body accents continued on pg 48


continued from pg 47

and interior. Mckenzie Plating re-chromed the original bumpers and polished all the aluminum and stainless. Mr. C of Springfield built the healthy small block. Mike Starks, who I bought the car from, is a guru when it comes to 1960 Impalas and was helpful in supplying hard-tofind parts. Special thanks go to Robin, my wife, for supporting me in building the car and never asking me how much!” Editor Scott McKinley talked about choosing Dan’s car for his award: “To me, 1960 was the start of the best decade in automotive history and this Impala shows that – low, wide and sleek body styles with designs and trim that reflect the coming of the Jet Age. Full-size Chevys were frequently described as ‘jet

smooth’ in their advertisements then. “1959-60 was quite a change in body styles for Chevy compared to the boxy look of ‘55-’58 models, particularly the ‘batwing’ tail fins. I think people either loved or hated the body style of those two years. I like both, but feel that the ‘60 Impala and its slightly redesigned and refined look from 1959 is a perfect example of the style and elegance of it’s time. “So congratulations to Dan and Robyn Marsh and their beautiful 1960 Chevy Impala, the 2017 Editor’s Choice Award winner.”

community spirit “I traded my tractor for the car. Living in Central Oregon the tractor was useful for plowing snow. I remember my wife asking me how I was going to plow our driveway without a tractor. Needless to say, I still use a snow shovel and the ‘60 sits tucked away in the winter.” ... Dan Marsh

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In 2017 the Function 4 Junction grew in a muchanticipated way. The owners and builders of recent-model automobiles have long been asking for a chance to go Cruising just as their classic counterparts have been able to do since the F4J began. They got that chance last year as cars lined up for the inaugural Friday Cruise up and down Junction City’s main drag and through some of the residential streets. Dozens of models from 1975 and newer years rolled out, including a few that looked to be fresh off the showroom floor.


photography by

The spectator turnout didn’t match the crowd that shows up every year for the regular Saturday Cruise, but the first Friday crowd was full of enthusiasm and made plenty of noise whenever their favorite vehicle rolled past. 77 cars were entered in the Cruise while an estimated 1200 people came out to watch the parade of cars that will one day be classics in their own right. This year we expect more cars and a larger crowd, so be sure to save your spot early on Friday, June 1 to see the show...

Gary Breedlove, Jaimie Hooper and Dale Rowe



吀攀氀㨀 㔀㐀㄀ⴀ㌀㐀㈀ⴀ㠀㐀㄀㠀  ∠  㤀㘀  圀椀氀猀漀渀 匀琀⸀  䔀甀最攀渀攀Ⰰ 伀刀  㤀㜀㐀 ㈀  ∠  眀眀眀⸀攀甀最攀渀攀猀椀氀欀猀挀爀攀攀渀⸀挀漀洀




490 Ivy St. • 998-3717

The guys at Top Flite Automotive have had the pleasure of working on the vehicles of the community and surrounding areas at their downtown location for more than 31 years by Rob Lafferty

Spend more than three decades running an auto repair shop located right on Main Street in a small town, and you get to know the local car crowd pretty well. They certainly get to know you, too. That’s what Mike and Dave Adams have done by continuously operating Top Flite Automotive in the heart of Junction City for the past thirty-one years. The two brothers have worked on as many as 20,000 different cars over those years at their shop on the corner of Ivy & 5th. A lot of those cars ended up cruising past Mike & Dave’s place every spring during the Function 4 Junction, including Mike at the wheel of his 1948 DIVCO dairy delivery truck conversion while Dave was driving his highly customized 1962 Chevrolet short-wide pickup truck. Dave’s pickup and Mike’s delivery truck are beautifully finished, award-winning pieces of local automotive history. Their stories are wellknown by now to a lot of locals, so here’s the short versions: “My truck has won more than 70 awards,” said Dave.”But we’ve both reached the point where we don’t enter shows much. We still like to do the Cruise, that’s fun.” “My truck has won quite a few awards, but certainly not that many,” Mike remarked, to


Photographer Curtis Reed featured Mike’s van in this 2010 road-bending, fish-eye lens panoramic view of the Cruise. More recently, Richard L. Smith captured this view of Dave’s truck in the light of sunset on a Wednesday evening Cruise-In at their corner lot.

which Dave quickly added, “Well, you didn’t show it as much.” The truck started life as a Detroit Industrial Vehicle Co. milk delivery truck, but it first came to Mike as a parts truck. “In 1990 or so I saw one for sale in Eugene, it was a 1952 model, still drivable but it needed work,” Mike said. “I purchased it and another truck that came with it, a ‘48, which was meant to be used for parts. Soon after that I needed some money to pay my children’s medical bills, so I sold the ‘52 to a couple in Medford. “About two years later I brought the ‘48 into the shop and started doing what needed to be done to it. It was a lot of work. I finally got it painted about ten years ago, but I’m really not done working on it yet.” continued on pg 56

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continued from pg 55

Dave’s truck has a story, of course, and the end result is a vehicle modified far beyond its outward appearance. “Going back to 1989, Ben Kokkler used to bring his ‘62 Chevy short-wide into our shop once every year to get air in the tires,” Dave said. “It was original and all banged-up, but he hardly drove it anymore. I fell in love with the truck and offered to buy it, but Ben just laughed and said no. This went on for three more years, and he said no each time. “Then one day in 1992 he came in and asked me if I would give him $600 for the truck. I couldn’t get the cash out of my wallet fast enough! My wife Jenn and I wanted to build it into a classy old pickup that looked somewhat stock, but really wasn’t even close. I would say that eighty percent of this truck

is modified. “It looks mild and sweet, but can show a nasty side in a flash. There’s enough horsepower that Jenn can easily smoke the rear tires whenever she wants. As for me, well, I don’t do such things...” It’s such an iconic local truck that the Function board chose Dave’s Chevy as one of the two pickups to be the illustrations on the cover of this year’s magazine. About five years ago the brothers decided to start hosting a “Wednesday Nite Summer Cruise-In” – an informal gathering of car lovers on the warm, dry evenings of summertime. Instead of rolling out for a cruise, drivers have an open invitation to cruise in to the Top Flite shop from 6pm until about 9pm and hang out with people who share their passion for motor vehicles of every kind. Dave can’t figure out why it took them twenty-five years to get the idea to hold a car Function one evening a week. “I gotta tell you – and I know Mike agrees with me on

Junction city Affordable Post Frame & Stud Frame Building Packages to protect your investments, hobbies & family fun!

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93166 Prairie Rd Junction City (south of town then east off Hwy 99)

Loyal Order of Moose

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Lodge 2238 Chapter 487 The Loyal Order of Moose is a private fraternal and service organization founded in 1888 and dedicated to bettering the lives of children and the elderly in need, to helping make our local and international communities better places in which to live and raise families, and to providing wholesome family recreation at a modest cost.

427 Front St in Junction City



this – the people who come here on Wednesday nights are the nicest people, and it’s so much fun. They thoroughly appreciate the fact that they can come hang out and share the hobby of hot rods and automotive creativity with one another on Wednesday nights.” It’s a great place for anyone who’s currently working on a project car and looking for special parts or some experienced advice. There’s a very good chance you’ll learn exactly what you need to know from somebody who’s just hanging out that night and has been in your same spot, or meet someone who can steer you in the right direction. A final word from Dave: “Mike and I would like to thank all of you who have supported us and allowed us the privilege to serve and help you with your automotive needs throughout the past thirty-one years.”

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Sometimes it’s not about the cars, but all about enjoying an evening cruise around town with friends and with family of all ages and kinds...


twirling sisters

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Every minute there was something for everyone to see, either on the street or on the sidewalk...

Come Join Us at the 58th Annual

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Dale Rowe likes to get right in the midst of things to get good photos, including the middle of the street where he found a unique perspective on the scene and the people who make the Cruise come alive... all photos by Dale Rowe

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Photographer Richard L. Smith has the knack of finding a unique perspective and capturing just the right moment...

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Alex Lucas en la maĂąana



Extreme Burgers and Brats

by Rob Lafferty

Rolling north out of Junction City on Hwy 99E, drivers soon pass by the tiny township of Lancaster (pop. 30). They can see a triangle-shaped piece of land where Noraton Road and Lingo Lane come together on the west side

of the highway. It’s impossible to miss – there’s an airplane fuselage sticking straight up out of the roof of a small building fronted by cars parked in every available space. It’s called Junkyard Extreme Burgers & Brats and much of the time, every outdoor table will be full with people having a great, big lunch in the shade. For more than a decade, the rather remote spot is where Craig and Kim have served up some of the best burgers and hot dogs you’ll find anywhere. You can take chef Guy Fieri’s word on that. Fieri is the host of the television series “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives”on the Food Network. He came to Oregon in 2014 because so many people had written to the show insisting that he come out and try the amazing food at this little roadside diner. Craig and Kim started the Junkyard as basically a high-end hot dog cart. Craig had come home to Oregon after years of working in

the music business in Nashville, and after their daughter Alexa was born they bought “...a custom-built race trailer from a guy down the street.” They quickly gutted, remodeled and outfitted the trailer. Craig’s mother actually owns Lancaster – it’s been in their family since 1945 – so that settled the question of where to set up their little kitchen on wheels. continued on pg 70


continued from pg 69

Buy Local Buy Local Buy Local

Buy Local Buy Local Buy Local

It opened with the name “Junkyard Dogs” on May 18, 2006 and was an immediate success, so before long they were able to add burgers to the menu. Six years later a dining room became necessary after county officials took notice of their operation and made them build up the place to meet county codes. “We filled the dining room Photos courtesy of Kim and Craig, who just with shabby chic junk, art, want to feed you some really good food... antique collectables and just downright weird stuff,” said Craig. “All clean, re-finished and very cool. Upon reopening we introduced our new designer burger line and fried cheeses, then pumped up our brats, dogs and fries menu, too.” The visit by Fieri came after the TV show’s production company got curious over the hundreds of emails and photos sent to their Chicago office by happy customers who raved about the food. They decided to do a show after realizing that the diner was producing excellent food from a tiny kitchen and doing it in a most unusual location.

Two Floors of Fun Shopping

Craig and Kim decided to feature their impossibly large, 5-1/2 pound DDD Burger stuffed with Craig calls “...our one-of-a-kind methodology” along with the item that he considers their greatest creation – Grill Fried Cheese Crust Pizza. Fieri’s reaction? “Let me get this right. Your mom owns this little town in the middle of nowhere and your kitchen is built in a race trailer and you’re creating one-of-a-kind, unique dishes here...” He was absolutely right, and after sampling the food Fieri declared the creation to be the best of the Big Burgers he had featured in 330 episodes since the start of Diner’s, Drive-In’s & Dives. His review had a huge impact.

The CourTyard on SixTh Always Something New

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Open 9am-6pm Monday-Saturday Watch For All Our Upcoming Events!! Fun Fun Fun


“We had to close the driveup window and actually turn some customers away due to the overload of people,” Craig said. “It’s a very good feeling to see some recognition and appreciation for our work. We absolutely love our customers and make no mistake about it, they have helped make us a success story. We cannot thank all of you enough. We also want to give big thanks to our overworked but friendly staff who are the heart of the Junkyard brand.” Kim and Craig aren’t content with their success. “We’ve partnered with NY businessman Terry Sweet as well as Atlanta-based consultants to begin a franchising process,” Craig announced. “Stay tuned for a release date coming later this summer.” The news will be posted at or on their Facebook page, but don’t just wait for it. The next time you want to take a drive and have a burger or a brat, head for the Junkyard, eat until you’re full, then go home happy...

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Best Rat Rod 1929 Ford Pickup Ragtop Ken & Lynn Parsons, Salem

Best ‘40s Modified ~ Best Wheels & Tires 1947 Ford Convertible ~ Brad & Tamara Wheeler, Springfield

Best ‘20s-’30s Stock 1935 Plymouth Lona Feldman, Eugene

Best ‘20s-’30s Modified 1925 Ford Model A Truck Stan Fisk

Best Paint 1968 Mercury Cougar Bob & Patty Wheat, Eugene

‘20s-’30s Modified Runnerup 1931 Ford Model A Robert Cummins


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Orange Julius




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Dairy Queen Junction City

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Best ‘50s Modified ~ 1956 Chevrolet Brad & Vickie Wood, Bakersfield

Best ‘50s Stock 1956 Ford Thunderbird Larry & Eva Wickizer, Eugene


Function Junction


Function Junction

Best Engine 1955 Chevrolet 210 ~ Steve & Muriel Nunez, Eugene

Best Truck Modified 1954 Chevrolet Pickup Kreg & Joan Stueve, Philomath

Best Truck Modified Runnerup 1949 GMC pickup ~ Corey Jones, Eugene


Best 40’s Stock 41 Coupe Master Deluxe David Metcalfe, Springfield

Best ‘60s Stock 1961 Chevrolet Corvette Rick Siel, Eugene

Best Pony Car Stock 1968 Shelby GT John Clarenbach, Eugene

Best ‘60s Modified 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle ~ Patty Rigsby, Eugene

Best Pony Car Modified 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Kevin Bethel Lebanon



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40’s Modified Runner-up 1948 Chevy Sedan Ron Gleason, Aumsville 60’s Modified Runner-up 1960 Ford Starliner Caroline Thiery Best 70’s Stock 1972 Chevy 220 Pickup Paul Wooley, Eugene Best 70’s Modified 1972 Chevy C10 Cheyenne Super Brad Rogers 70’s Modified Runner-up 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Bob Moore, Springfield Best Trucks Stock 1951 Chevy Glenn McIrvine Pony Car Modified Runner-up 1963 Chevy Nova Joe Tatum Cheshire Best Motorcycle 2015 Harley Roadglide Robert Brown, Eugene Rat Rod Runner-up 1928 Ford Bobby Brown, Eugene

Scholarship Fundraiser Raffle

The pool of prizes has grown to more than $1800 in gift cards, merchandise and services donated by nearly three dozen area merchants. Those numbers will keep growing right up until the day of the drawing – Saturday, June 2. Tickets will only be sold during the Show ‘N Shine that day. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5, and can only be found at the info booth in the US Bank parking lot on the corner of Sixth & Greenwood.

Remembering Bob Lee

The local community of car lovers lost a friend last October when Bob Lee passed away at age 78. Bob and his wife Terry were married for 55 years and lived in Junction City since 1968. Bob and Terry are widely-known in the RV world. Bob was a founding partner in the original Monaco Coach company; he was a co-owner of the Oregon Motor Coach Center and in the 1970’s he became the founder of Country Coach Motor Homes in Junction City. In August of 2000 Bob was inducted into the RV/Motorhome Heritage Foundation Hall of Fame. Bob was honored by the local Chamber of Commerce with a Distinguished Service Award in 2006 for his community involvement. He served on the board of the Chamber and on the Junction City Council. Terry has been the matriarch of the Country Coach owners club since its inception. Brad Waring, the Oregeon RV Alliance director, once described her as “...the great woman who stands beside every great man!” Everyone connected with the Function 4 Junction remembers Bob quite well. Along with his brother,

Ron, they both had a passion for classic automobiles and finelybuilt motorcycles. “Bob loved cars, especially Corvettes,” said Terry. “He loved motorcycles and he loved Junction City, too. Bob bought a lot of cars over the years and worked on them himself in his younger days. He kept a hanger at the airport which was always full of classic and custom cars.” At one time Bob and Ron tried to start a late-summer version of the Function 4 Junction, but the one-year experiment didn’t go well. “It rained all weekend and they lost a lot of money,” Terry recalled. “They didn’t try doing that again.” Along his journey, Bob built some of the finest motorcoaches on the road today, pioneered motorcoach technologies while building a high-end manufacturing business and helped shape an industry. He also made lifelong friends across the nation. Bob Lee will be missed...

Terry and Bob Lee

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Profile for Function 4 Junction

Function 4 Junction 2018 magazine  

The annual magazine of the Function 4 Junction Car Show 'N Shine and Classic Cruise through the streets of downtown Junction City, Oregon.

Function 4 Junction 2018 magazine  

The annual magazine of the Function 4 Junction Car Show 'N Shine and Classic Cruise through the streets of downtown Junction City, Oregon.