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1) Climbing ladder with 3 ropes without handrails

2) 12-ropes net with double way

3) Bridge with vertical logs

4) 6-ropes net for single way

5) Swinging triangles

6) Seesaw with swinging logs

7) Horizontal Ladder (wall bars)

8) Seesaw made of swinging tablets

9) Bridge with double way of vertical logs.

10) Tibetan rope bridge with horizontal long logs

11) Tibetan bridge with ropes

12) Steel cable step with single liana

13) Tablets bridge

14) Tibetan rope bridge with horizontal swinging short logs

15) 2-ropes climbing ladder with handrails

16) Rope way without liana

17) 3-ropes way in 1 row

18) Descent sheave

19) Vertical logs way with liana

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